Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C2 Blood-colored killing intent
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C2 Blood-colored killing intent
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C2 Blood-colored killing intent

"How stupid, did he think that someone in the clan would come to save him?"

"Don't even think about your status. He's just a wild species, who would care about his life and death?"

"If we anger the Young Lord, I'm afraid we won't be able to keep our lives this time."

The two subordinates laughed at him. They thought that Ye Tianze was bringing in so loudly, hoping that someone would come to save him.

With a thrust of his spear, he used the third form of the Ye Family's cloud gun. Adding to the fact that he was already at the third level of the Awakening Realm, even without the boiling of blood vessels, Ye Tianze would not be able to block him.

However, Ye Tianze was not anxious, when the spear pierced over, as if he knew where the spear was heading towards, he dodged it in advance.

The moment the spear missed, he gathered all the energy in his body and fiercely punched Ye Tianxing in the lower abdomen.


Ye Tianxing took a few steps back. If not for the spear in his hand, he would have fallen to the ground by now.

"This... "How is this possible!?"

"Young Lord's cloud gun, has already been cultivated to Intermediate. I heard that it will advance to Advanced very soon, but ?"

"Am I dreaming? Not only did the Young Lord not take any advantage, he even took a punch from the little wild species!"

The two subordinates were dumbstruck. They did not expect Ye Tianze to actually be able to dodge this spear, much less repel Ye Tianxing.

More and more people rushed over, and there were even some elders. They also happened to see the scene before their eyes, and couldn't help but reveal shocked expressions.

"What a cheap trick. Let's see how many of my shots you can dodge!" Ye Tianxing clenched his teeth, and attacked again, "Die!"

This time, Ye Tianxing did not underestimate his opponent.

"Advanced, Heavenly Star's cloud gun, has been trained to a high level. I never thought that not only is he gifted, but he also has such a high level of attainment in martial arts."

"The difference in strength between the two of them is too great. If this Dragon Sneaks into the Cloud, I'm afraid the battle will come to an end." A village elder sighed.

Facing such an aggressive spear strike, Ye Tianze did not dodge at all. He stood there like a mountain, the blood on his body flowing in reverse, and his eyes gradually turned blood-red.

"In the end, it doesn't change anything."

"Too weak, if he still has his previous strength, maybe he still has a chance. Once the spiritual blood is taken, the falling stage will be irresistible."

Because of the stage, the clan elders had confirmed that Ye Tianze's spiritual blood had been stolen, but they did not plan to stop him.

But just at that moment, the scene changed. Ye Tianxing's spear had pierced straight through Ye Tianze's body, but the scene of blood splattering all over did not happen.


Unknowingly, Ye Tianze strangely appeared at Ye Tianxing's side, raised a fist, and smashed it onto Ye Tianxing's face.

Ye Tianxing was dazed for a moment, before he could react, he was sent flying with his gun.

"This ?" There was dead silence in the yard.

If it was said that they had not been able to clearly see that fist earlier and felt that it was a coincidence, then they had all clearly seen that fist that had landed on their faces now.

From the start, in Ye Tianze's eyes, there was no trace of panic, the strange movement, made it so that he could not take in the entire scene.

On the other hand, although Ye Tianxing's strength far surpassed Ye Tianze's, he was like a Child dancing with his broadsword, looking extremely clumsy.

"How is this possible, how is this possible!" Ye Tianxing crawled up from the ground, a little panicking.

He could be said to be stealing a chicken from Ye Tianze with that punch, but if he said it again, it would be hard to explain.

"It's a weakness, Ye Tianze managed to grab hold of the weakness of the spear of Heavenly Star, which was why he was able to dodge and counterattack."

"That's right, it is indeed a weakness. Although this Dragon Submerged Cloud is fast, its intention is too obvious. As long as we grasp the opportunity, avoiding it will not be difficult."

"But he's still so young, how could he have such high attainments in martial arts? He needs to at least cultivate his cloud gun to the Grand Perfection in order to see through his weakness!"

The clan elders talked about it, the more they discussed, the more shocked they were, and the way they looked at Ye Tianze was different from before.

"Little wild species, I'll show you what true strength is!" Previously, Ye Tianxing had underestimated his enemy and did not use his full strength.

As soon as he finished speaking, the blood in his body surged, faintly flashing with a cyan light, his speed was more than twice as fast as before, the sign of a spiritual blood boiling.

"This is using the stage to crush them."

"Even if I can see through the moves, I'm afraid I won't be able to dodge them. After all, the difference in strength between the two stage s is too great."

The clan elders discussed softly. Some of them were already hesitating, wanting to stop Ye Tianze, but once they thought that Ye Tianze had already been robbed of his spiritual blood, they gave up on that idea.

Ye Tianxing was the son of the Family Head. Offending him meant offending the Family Head, and for a Ye Tianze whose spiritual blood had been snatched away, he would never be able to step into the Awakening Realm again, and it was truly not worth it.

"Heh." Ye Tianze's eyes turned red, "It's time to end this!"

However, when the two of them clashed again, Ye Tianxing's spear was suddenly held in mid air by a powerful arm.

"Get out of my way, or else ?" Ye Tianxing struggled a little, and when he saw the person holding the spear, he trembled in fear. Ancestor... "

Suddenly, a elder appeared in the courtyard. His clothes were plain, but he did not get angry.

"Greetings Ancestor!" The people of Ye Family all bowed in greeting.

The person who came was Ye Family Patriarch, the number one expert.

The Ye Family Patriarch was expressionless. With a light flick, the spear in Ye Tianxing's hands immediately left his hands and took a few steps back.

"So powerful." The blood color in Ye Tianze's eyes slowly faded and he retracted the killing intent in his heart.

Seeing Ancestor appear, Ye Tianxing immediately retorted: "Ancestor, I am not trying to harm Tian Ze on purpose, it's just that when I was taking out the spiritual blood, I drew a lot of fumes.

"Shut up!" Ye Family Patriarch said coldly, "Are you that free?"

"I ?" Ye Tianxing still wanted to explain, but when he felt the cold intent, he could only lower his head.

"Ye Family Patriarch no longer looked at him, and turned to look at Ye Tianze. His deep eyes revealed a sense of surprise:" You have suffered, but this matter concerns your clan's reputation, so you can forget about it.

"A clansman whose spiritual blood was snatched away almost lost their lives, yet their enemy kept bullying them, killing them to keep their mouths shut. In the end, this matter will be resolved. If word of this gets out, I'm afraid ?" Ye Tianze said calmly.

"How dare you!" How dare you threaten Ancestor! " A clan elder shouted in anger.

"I'm just stating the facts." Ye Tianze said.


"Enough!" Looking at Ye Tianze, Ye Family Patriarch was shocked.

No one in the entire Ye Family dared to look straight into his eyes, but the teenager in front of him was neither humble nor arrogant.

"This kid ?" Ye Family Patriarch's heart was filled with suspicions, as she said, "It's useless to ask Tianxin to return the spiritual blood to you now. Moreover, with his talent, she can bring honor to clan in the future, so it won't be a disgrace to your spiritual blood."

After pausing for a moment, the Ye Family Patriarch continued, "But what you said is reasonable, it is unfair to let this matter rest, so, the clan can give you some compensation."

"I want ten Qi Boosting Pills and two Essence Blood Pill." Ye Tianze didn't expect that the Ye Family Patriarch would punish Ye Tianxing so he wasn't too surprised.

If he could get his hands on these pill, his weak eight spiritual blood would immediately recover. Using the Heaven and Earth Spell, he could take another step forward.

"Agreed." The Ye Family Patriarch replied.

"How can I do that!"

"Ancestor, you can't do that. He's just a waste whose spiritual blood was snatched away. Even if he consumed the pill, it would be a waste."

"Forget about Qi Boosting Pills, Essence Blood Pill?"

Essence Blood Pill s were also very rare in the Ye Family, and would only be rewarded if they contributed greatly to the family, or if their talent was extraordinary.

In the past decade, the only person who received the Essence Blood Pill's reward was Ye Tianxing's brother, Ye Tianhai.

As the eldest son of the Ye Family, Ye Tianhai had already reached the Foundation Level Nine at the age of ten, and had awakened three attribute spiritual blood, namely Gold, Fire, and Earth.

When he turned eighteen, he was already at the seventh level of Awakening Realm and was accepted into the sect by the Heavenly Dragon Country s. He could be said to be the strongest genius in the history of the Ye Family.

Just as they were discussing among themselves, Ye Tianze continued. "Other than that, I want to borrow clan's best spiritual room to cultivate for three days!"

"Si!" Everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air. Could it be that this fellow ate the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard? How dare he make such a request!

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