Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C20 Free hand sword
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C20 Free hand sword
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C20 Free hand sword

Ye Tianze waited patiently. No matter how dazzling the light was, no matter how terrifying the sword might was, he could not move.

"What a pity!" Ye Tianhai thought that he had been scared silly by the sword force and thus had no power to resist. He could not help but sigh.

But, when the sword slashed down, he saw Ye Tianze put down the spear, raised his hands, and pincer towards his sword.

This made him a little surprised. He thought that Ye Tianze wanted to use his hands to block the attack, but in the end, he still increased his strength a bit and slashed down.

He was very clear that this sword strike was not only for his brother, but also for the family.


When the sword slashed down, it actually produced a collision sound. The sound waves radiated in all directions, causing the people on the drill grounds to feel pain in their eardrums from the shock.

"This... "How is this possible!?" Ye Tianhai was a little dumbstruck.

The scene in front of him scared him, this "peerless genius." Not only did his sword of confidence fail to work, it was blocked instead.

If he had used his weapon to block, he would not have been this shocked, but his opponent had used both hands in a cross stance to block the longsword that he had chopped down.

The terrifying sword beams wreaked havoc on Ye Tianze's body, causing his clothes to become clothes that didn't twitch on his body, revealing his sturdy body that emitted a sense of oppression.

However, what made Ye Tianhai even more shocked was not the sword that he had blocked, but the terrifying opponent's flesh.

However, when the shattered granite sword beam landed on Ye Tianze's body, it merely left a few small and fragmented wounds, and did not cause any fatal damage.

Even though the injuries were constantly being sustained and even though Ye Tianze looked like he was struggling to block them, what he saw was a pair of calm eyes that did not waver in the slightest.

The people of On the Campus thought that the battle would be over with this sword strike, but when the sword light became weaker, they opened their eyes, stunned.

This scene on the kung fu stage caused everyone on the drill grounds to stare with wide eyes. The only sound that remained in the entire drill grounds was the beating of the sword beams.

"I... I must be dreaming... It must be a dream! "


Some people slapped themselves in the face, but they felt a burning pain. However, their hearts were shaken, making them feel as if they were dreaming.

This scene was simply too inconceivable. A person whose Foundation Level Nine had been snatched away by a spiritual blood was actually able to block one sword strike with his two hands, and it was even a sword strike with a sword beam attached at that!

"He blocked it ?" "Hold it with both hands ?"

"How terrifying is this guy's physical body?! He actually withstood this sword with his bare hands!"

"Is he a spirit beast? No, even spirit beast s do not have such a terrifying flesh! "

After a short period of silence, the On the Campus was in an uproar.

"This is impossible!" The Elder Qiu stood up after a long silence. He turned his head to look at the Ye Family Patriarch and asked, "Ye Baitian, this junior of yours, what kind of monster are you exactly? How could the Human Clan possess such a terrifying body!? "

Hearing Elder Qiu's doubts, the shocked Ye Family Patriarch finally regained his senses. At this moment, his intestines were turning green with regret, but he did not know how to reply.

"He is the Human Clan!" The Hall Master of the Human Emperor suddenly stood up, "It's just that his physique seems to be more special than the average Human Clan, which is why he could survive after Spirit Plunder.

Elder Qiu was immediately speechless. If not for the regretful look on his face, he would have suspected that this was a trap set up by Ye Family Patriarch to train Ye Tianze.

"What kind of physique can make a person's body comparable to a spirit beast's?" The Elder Qiu asked.

Hall Master of the Human Emperor did not answer, but on his bitter face, there was confidence, and there was no change in his expression.

This made Elder Qiu somewhat angry, but he still calmed down. Looking at the arena, he said: "Ye Tianhai, haven't you eaten? A perfect spirit blood, a Cauldron Condensation expert who had already transformed into a Spiritual Energy, couldn't even kill a Foundation Establishment stage waste? When you get back to the sect, where do you think you are?! "

The moment Elder Qiu said this, the people of On the Campus reacted. It was obvious that Full Moon Sect was not prepared to let Ye Tianze live.

Not to mention that the Elder Qiu was very tactful, even if he said that he wanted to kill Ye Tianze, no one would dare to say anything.

The two family s remained silent as they faced each other, while the people from Ye Family kept their mouths shut.

Ye Tianhai, who was on the kung fu stage, felt a terrifying pressure. Ever since he had entered the Full Moon Sect, the Elder Qiu had never addressed him by his full name.

This was using the entire Ye Family to threaten him. If he did not kill Ye Tianze, the Full Moon Sect would not mind sacrificing his so-called "peerless genius", and would not mind getting the Ye Family removed from the Shitai City.

"Why are you struggling?" Ye Tianhai did not know why Ye Tianze had such a terrifying power, nor did he know why his body could resist the sword aura.

But he knew that with Ye Tianze's current strength, he wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

"If you had entered the Awakening Realm, perhaps you would still have a trace of hope, but unfortunately ?" Ye Tianhai sighed, and immediately injected the Spiritual Energy.

Ye Tianze who was struggling to hold on in the first place had his hands trembling, sword beams wreaked havoc on his body, causing his flesh to be covered with wounds.

"It's over, this time Ye Tianze is completely finished, with such strength, why did he not hide?"

"That's right, if we keep holding back for a while longer, when the people from Full Moon Sect leave and reveal ourselves in front of him, my Ye Family will have two absolute geniuses."

"Even if I've died once, I was still too young. The blood qi Fang Gang only had the thought of revenge in his mind, which in the end led to the current conclusion!"

"In my opinion, he is stupid, stupid to the extreme, and caused my clan to fall into such a predicament!"

Some people thought it was a pity, but there were also people who thought that Ye Tianze was the blood qi Fang Gang, and there were even clan elders from the Ye Family who thought that Ye Tianze was a brainless idiot.

But just at that moment, Ye Tianze, who was on the kung fu stage, laughed, "I said it already, this is not enough!"

Ye Tianhai was startled, he shook his head helplessly, but just as he was about to speak, the situation suddenly changed.

Ye Tianze's trembling hands suddenly stabilized, his bent legs under the pressure, slowly straightened up.

"You ? "You ?" Ye Tianhai opened his eyes wide.

What he felt was an immense force lifting his sword. No matter how much strength he used, he was unable to slash through it again.

"I still need to thank you. If it wasn't for your sword strike, I wouldn't have been able to completely refine all the medicinal power remaining in my body." Ye Tianze's gaze was calm, and the corner of his mouth formed a slight smile, "Isn't it just Awakening Realm?"

With that said, Ye Tianze swung both of his hands, and the sword between his hands, was instantly flung to the side.

If not for the power of inertia, and the sword slashing onto the kung fu stage, creating a three meter long gully, people would have thought that Ye Tianhai was releasing the water.

But in fact, that was not the case. Not only did the kung fu stage have a ravine slashed out, the ravine even continued to spread, causing the entire kung fu stage to crack.

Without waiting for Ye Tianhai to pull the sword out of the ravine, Ye Tianze took out a bottle of medicine from the storage ring and consumed a blood-red pill.

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