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C3 Mine Is Mine

Ye Family's best spiritual room was given to the most talented disciples to cultivate. The reason Ye Family was able to become the Shitai City's hegemony was because of this spiritual room.

"In your dreams!" Ye Tianxing couldn't stand it any longer.

He took away Ye Tianze's spiritual blood and was already at stage three.

His best spiritual room had been shut down for nearly half a year, so it was all prepared for him.

Right now, Ye Tianze wanted to train in the spiritual room, so of course he couldn't agree.

"Agreed." Ye Family Patriarch said.

"Ancestor!" The clan elders tried to dissuade him.

"Is This Old Man's words useless?" Ye Family Patriarch had a cold expression and the elders immediately lowered their heads.

Seeing Ye Tianxing's face filled with unwillingness, he continued, "Don't the Celestial Spirit Room have two? You can use it with him. "

Ye Tianxing's face was gloomy. He wasn't afraid that Ye Tianze would surpass him by sharing the spiritual room with him. He just felt that Ye Tianxing had taken what was his.

Even if it was only a few family s' spiritual energy, it was still his.

Saying that, Ye Family Patriarch threw out a few items and said: "So, are you satisfied?"

"Thank you, Ancestor." Ye Tianze took it.

"This matter shall come to an end. In addition, This Old Man does not wish for the things that happened here to be spread out." Ye Baitian looked at him deeply and then disappeared.

"Little wild species, you won't let this matter go just like that!" Ye Tianxing looked at him coldly, "Ancestor can't always protect you like this."

"Heh." Ye Tianze sneered, "Mine, is mine. I will get it back sooner or later."

"Once the spiritual blood is completely drawn, you will never be able to step into the Awakening Realm, and you still dare to boast so shamelessly?" A young man mocked.

"If not for Ancestor's appearance, I would have crippled you today. After I fuse with your spiritual blood, Phoenix Fairy Feng would be perfect. I only need one move to defeat you!" Ye Tianxing had a face full of confidence.

With today's shame, he did not think that his strength was weak. It was just that he underestimated his opponent too much. He didn't even feel like he lost because he didn't fully display his strength.

"Let's wait and see!" Ye Tianze said.

"In half a month, it will be the clan Great Examination. I hope that you can still be as stubborn as you are now." Ye Tianxing sneered and turned around to leave.

Seeing the group of people leaving, Ye Tianze thought of the annual clan Exam.

In the's test, one would test the strength of every single stage. If one failed to meet the requirements, they would be kicked out of the clan, and would no longer be protected by the clan.

Without the protection of the clan, he had to leave the Shitai City and survive on his own.

"Hur hur, I'm not sure who will be out by then." Ye Tianze sneered.

He did not put Ye Tianxing's threat in his eyes at all. As long as he had enough time, Ye Tianxing would only be left far behind.

After everyone had left, Ye Tianze returned to his room, sat cross-legged on his bed and took out his pill.

"These Qi Boosting Pills are enough to recover the eight weakened spiritual blood!"

The pill melted immediately after it entered his mouth, and the boiling hot energy flowed into his body. He quickly circulated the Heaven and Earth Spell and used the medicinal power to enter his eight extraordinary meridians.

The cultivation of the Great Wasteland World was determined by one's innate talent. The five big clans all had the same talent: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Dark.

Depending on the talent, the awakened bloodline would also be different.

Most people could only awaken one kind of spiritual blood, and there were those with poor aptitude who could not awaken the spiritual blood, and could only be reduced to mere mortals who could not cultivate.

This was his spiritual blood. If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to activate the spiritual blood's spirit stones.

But Ye Tianze was training the Heaven and Earth Spell.

past life Ye Tianze had nothing, and created his own Heaven and Earth Spell, stealing the heavens, stealing the earth, stealing the blood of spirit beast and alien clan, smelting them into his own body, creating Huntian War Body s that were invincible in the Wasteland.

One could imagine how domineering it was.

As for the most heaven defying part of the Heaven and Earth Spell, it was not something that could seize spiritual blood s and fuse them. Instead, it was something that could disrupt the movement of the enemy spiritual blood s, reaching a certain level of stage, coordinating with the Huntian War Body and even controlling the movement of the enemy body s.

past life Ye Tianze used the Heaven and Earth Spell to fight against the alien clan and spirit beast, and he was extremely dissatisfied. Even if the stage was higher than him, in the end, because the spiritual blood's circulation was restricted, he was killed.

As the pill consumed it, the eight spiritual blood in Ye Tianze's body gradually recovered and the loss of the spiritual blood was also consolidated.

After his spiritual blood fell, his Cultivation Level dropped from the first stage of awakening to the fourth stage of Foundation Establishment. Even if he used the Heaven and Earth Spell, and used the blood from the spiritual blood that had yet to awaken, it was only a temporary measure.

And now, his stage could be considered to have truly stabilized.

"If Ye Tianxing gets punched by me right now, he'll definitely have his ribs broken." Ye Tianze let out a breath of impure air.

Although he was still at the fourth level of Foundation Establishment, he was now several times stronger than before.

After meditating for a while, Ye Tianze took out another bottle and poured out a blood-red Dan Wan. It seemed to be the size of a thumb, but it contained a blood qi that was ten times bigger than the Qi Boosting Pill.

"Unfortunately, it doesn't contain any attributes." Ye Tianze said in disdain, "If I were to refine it, its grade would be at least ten times better than the current one."

If A child of the Ye Clan heard his words, he would definitely vomit blood. One must know that this was the Essence Blood Pill that many people yearned for day and night.

It was no wonder. The Essence Blood Pill that Ye Tianze had seen all had attributes. In his era, only the Essence Blood Pill with attributes were the ones that had attributes.

For example, cultivator who specialized in Wind spiritual blood would choose the wind attribute materials to refine the wind attribute Essence Blood Pill and refine the spiritual blood within his body.

The Essence Blood Pill in front of him, however, had no attributes.

Once the Essence Blood Pill was consumed, Ye Tianze instantly felt a blood qi ten times more vigorous than the Qi Boosting Pill enter his body. Immediately, he felt as if all the meridians in his body were about to explode.

Unless someone was guiding the stage of Foundation Establishment, no one would take the risk to use the Essence Blood Pill. It was because the blood qi was too violent, it was not something that the Foundation Establishment stage cultivator could bear.

However, Ye Tianze knew that he had only fallen into the stage. Under the nourishment of the Blood vitality Pill, the body had already recovered, and he also had the heaven defying Heaven and Earth Spell.

When he was channeling the Heaven and Earth Spell, the berserk blood energy was immediately controlled by the tyrannical Heaven and Earth Spell, and slowly flowed into his dantian.

The nine beams of light in his dantian started to absorb the blood qi and became brighter and brighter, as if it was showing signs of condensing.

Only the azure light was still weak.

His stage, however, rose rapidly. As the spiritual blood nourished his flesh, his stage broke through the fifth level of Foundation Establishment from the fourth level and into the sixth level. Finally, he entered the seventh level of Foundation Establishment and stabilized.

However, the Essence Blood Pill's immense medicinal power had not been absorbed.

It was not that he did not want to absorb it, but the current body could not absorb such a huge amount of medicinal power.

That is, Ye Tianze, with the Heaven and Earth Spell, can store the medicinal power in the body and digest it step by step.

However, even if it was not completely absorbed, the body was still full of vitality. He slowly stood up and punched, the air around him immediately making "hu hu" sounds.

The strength of a seventh level Foundation Establishment cultivator was in no way inferior to his previous Awakening Realm.

As he moved, his body made a "crackling" sound. This was a sign that the blood qi had refined its way into the flesh.

That handsome face gradually turned red, his sword-like eyebrows coldly raised, and his pair of jet-black eyes flickered with a deep light.

"In the end, his spirit was still stolen. Although he did not destroy the Wind spiritual blood's foundation, he is still too weak." Looking at the weak cyan light, Ye Tianze sighed, "It seems that I can only hope to recover in spiritual room."

With the talent of a Nine Veins spiritual blood, as long as one of them was destroyed, it would not be perfect.

A few days later, Ye Tianze walked out of his room and prepared to go to family to cultivate. He only had one Essence Blood Pill left on him, and that was in order to break through to the Awakening Realm realm once again.

If it was in the past, Ye Tianze simply didn't have the qualifications to enter the family's cores area.

However, Ancestor's Token was unobstructed, and he quickly arrived at the Plaza where the spiritual room was. There were already many disciples of the family gathered here.

When they saw him arrive, it immediately caused an uproar.

"This little wild species really dares to come."

"Don't provoke him, he has Ancestor's Token on him, he can cultivate in Celestial Spirit Room for three days."

"Celestial Spirit Room has been cultivating for three days? This guy really dares to ask for it. Could it be that you don't know that the Celestial Spirit Room has been sealed for half a year already, and the spiritual energy inside are all prepared for Young Master Tianxin? "

"Hehe, with his talent, even if he wants it, so what? Does he dare to enter the Celestial Spirit Room to cultivate?"

"That's right, although the Celestial Spirit Room is abundant in spiritual energy, if the stage is too low, it is impossible to control the berserk spiritual energy, and there is a high chance that it will cause one's cultivation to go berserk."

Just then, young man walked out from the Earth spiritual room. Seeing Ye Tianze appear, his eyes revealed surprise, but it quickly turned into disdain: "Who allowed you to come here?"

"It's Master day qing. Looking at his aura, he should be awakening his bloodline very soon."

"I think I watched him enter yesterday. After calculating, he actually stayed in the Earth spiritual room for a day."

"It can't be, he only stayed for half a day last time, this time he can stay for one day?"

"Master day qing's aptitude is only slightly weaker than Young Master Tianxin's. Once he awakens his bloodline, he will be able to amaze everyone with a single brilliant feat."

"Look, Master day qing went over. Usually, Master day qing doesn't like him. I wonder how Master day qing will deal with him." The crowd discussed.

Of course, Ye Tianze knew him. He was called Ye Tianqing, and had bullied him a lot in the past. Every time, Ye Tianze would choose to let him go, but in return, Ye Tianqing would become more aggressive and become more unscrupulous.

Furthermore, the reason why Ye Tianxing thought of using his own race's bloodline to forge perfect spirit blood s was because of Ye Tianqing's idea!

However, he did not reply and directly ignored him.

Seeing that he was ignored in front of so many people, Ye Tianqing became angry. "Young Master, I'm talking to you. Are you deaf?"

"What a good dog that doesn't block the path!" Ye Tianze said coldly.

"What did you say?" Ye Tianqing looked at him in disbelief.

"I said, good dogs don't block the way!" Ye Tianze said coldly.

"You're courting death!" Ye Tianqing flew into a rage as he punched towards Ye Tianze's face.

However, Ye Tianze did not dodge, and took out the Token that Ye Family Patriarch gave him from his sleeve.

Ye Tianqing, who was originally overbearing, trembled in fear when he saw the Token. Of course he recognized the Token, there was no one in Ye Family who did not know of it.

However, since he used too much force, it wasn't that easy to retract his fist. He could only pass by Ye Tianze, but Ye Tianze reached out a leg.

Ye Tianqing, who was caught off guard, immediately fell to the ground and fell flat on his face.

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