Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C4 Celestial spirit room
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C4 Celestial spirit room
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C4 Celestial spirit room

"Little wild species, I'll kill you!" After being embarrassed in front of so many people, Ye Tianqing's face was flushed red.

However, a few A child of the Ye Clan s stopped him. Seeing the Token in Ye Tianze's hands, Ye Tianqing trembled once more, "Where did you get that Ancestor Token from?"

"None of your business." Ye Tianze said.


"Brother Qing, calm down. You've been in closed door cultivation recently, don't you know what's going on ?" A few people standing to the side immediately explained what had happened a while ago.

"The Heavenly Star Seizing Spirit succeeded?" Ye Tianqing suddenly realized something and laughed coldly: "So it's like that, using Ancestor's Token s to fake its might, what skills do you have? If you have the guts, you can just keep Ancestor's Token s and fight me fair and square!"

"I'm not going to fight you right now, but the time is not right yet." Ye Tianze sneered, "But you must remember today, because today, you will turn the darkest page of your life!"

That pair of eyes caused Ye Tianqing to feel goosebumps.

Seeing Ye Tianze walk towards the entrance of the spiritual room, Ye Tianqing clenched his fists so hard that they made "ka ka" sounds, and said coldly: "All of you, queue up. If anyone dares to give the spiritual room to him, they will be making an enemy out of me, Ye Tianqing!"

The entrances to the two great spiritual room s were immediately filled with people, with the most number of human and land numbers. Only outside of the Celestial Spirit Room, there was no one.

Those who just walked out of spiritual room, immediately gave spiritual room to familiar people.

"So what if you have the Ancestor Token, can you even enter the spiritual room?" Ye Tianqing shouted in anger.

Ye Tianze had a face full of disdain, as he walked straight towards the famous spiritual room.

"This guy, don't tell me he really wants to enter Celestial Spirit Room to cultivate?" The surrounding disciples exclaimed.

"He went ?" He went to the Heavenly Ranking, has he gone mad? Could it be that he doesn't know that Heavenly Ranking's spiritual energy is extremely berserk and is under a lot of pressure, that it's not something he can withstand? "

"When the guards tell him what's going on, he'll come running back with his tail between his legs."

"To attract attention." Ye Tianqing said coldly.

At the entrance of the spiritual room, two guards coldly swept their gaze over him, and said expressionlessly: "Token."

When Ye Tianze took out the Token that the Ye Family Patriarch had given him, the two guards didn't look any better.

One of them said, "Heaven, Earth, and Human, you can choose to use any of the three spiritual room s. The word 'Heaven' will only last three days, the word 'Earth' can be converted to six days, and the word 'Human' can be converted to nine days."

"I want to get into the 'Heavenly' number." Ye Tianze said.

One of them said with a cold face: "Let me remind you, Celestial Spirit Room is for expert s with Awakening Realm and above, you don't have the qualifications to enter."

"Am I not qualified to enter, or am I not allowed to?" Ye Tianze asked.

"I'm just reminding you!" The guard was annoyed.

"Thanks for the reminder." Ye Tianze said firmly, "I want to enter the number one Sky!"

"Hur hur." The guard sneered. "The asterisk is at the central entrance. The timer starts from the moment you entered."

Just as Ye Tianze walked into the Celestial Spirit Room, one of the guards snorted and said: "You're courting death, is it even possible for him to enter the Celestial Spirit Room?"

"Don't worry, he'll come out with his tail between his legs in a moment." Another guard said.

The people lined up outside the spiritual room were in an uproar. They thought that Ye Tianze did not know how powerful the place was and thus would go there, but they never thought that this guy actually went in.

"Could it be that the guards didn't tell him of the power behind it?" Someone guessed.

"Impossible, the guard said so much to him. It's obvious that he told him. This guy probably doesn't listen to the guard's advice."

"Don't worry, he'll be out very soon. How can he withstand that much pressure?"

While everyone was discussing, Ye Tianqing felt as if a fly flew into his mouth: "Let's see how long you can stay inside!"

Upon entering the spiritual room, Ye Tianze immediately felt a wave of pressure. The body felt like it was carrying a mountain, and its breathing became heavy.

"As expected, the longer you stay in there, the greater the pressure." Ye Tianze slowly walked deeper in.

The reason Ye Family was able to become the hegemony was because there was a natural Spirit Spring at the bottom of the house in Ye Family.

The spiritual energy could nourish the spiritual blood, and even in the Ye Family, it would only open once every three months.

Sky, ground, and person. These three words meant Rating, and the higher the Rating, the greater the pressure, but the spiritual energy inside was also more plentiful.

But that did not mean that, the more spiritual energy there was, the better it was. If he could not control the berserk spiritual energy, it was very likely that he would have Qigong deviation.

"Rumor has it that the Spirit Spring of the Ye Family have gathered the two types of spirit children, Wind and Fire. I wonder if that is true or false." The reason why Ye Tianze wanted to train in the spiritual room was mainly to recover his own weak wind spirit blood.

Other than the spirit blood of a wind attribute spirit beast, this Spirit Spring was the best one to recover.

Ye Tianze sat on top of the prayer mat in the spiritual room. Taking a deep breath, he said, "Mn, as expected, it is a Spirit Spring that gathered the two types of spirit seeds, fire and wind. Unfortunately, it is only a low level Spirit Spring."

If one wanted to absorb the spirit children in the spiritual energy to become a nourishing spiritual blood, it was not as simple as swallowing and spitting. According to the cultivation method and Rating, the weaker one was, the slower they would decompose, and the better they would decompose.

If the spiritual energy of the Spirit Spring did not contain a spirit child who had a bloodline, then the only thing they could do was to refine their physique.

When Ye Tianze closed his eyes and channeled the Heaven and Earth Spell, he immediately felt a large number of green and red spirit seeds floating around him, gathering like stars.

This was the tyranny of the Heaven and Earth Spell. Not only could it control spiritual blood s, it could also control spirit seeds.

He dared to arrogantly enter the Celestial Spirit Room to cultivate, and it was naturally because of the Heaven and Earth Spell. Furthermore, he possessed the Nine Vein spiritual blood, and cultivate it.

I am afraid the spiritual energy is not enough, how can I let myself go berserk?

As for the gradually increasing pressure, it was even more so that he did not put it in his eyes. To refine Huntian War Body, what he needed was pressure!

After a moment of silence, Ye Tianze opened his mouth and inhaled. The Spirit Children that were normally hard to catch were all controlled by the Heaven and Earth Spell and gathered around his body.

The tyranny of the Heaven and Earth Spell made it impossible for these Spirit Children to escape. When the Spirit Child was absorbed, the light that represented the two spiritual blood s, Wind and Fire, would immediately pull the Spirit Child over like a magnetite.

The fire spirit blood began to grow bigger, and the wind spirit blood was still recovering. After the spirit child was absorbed, the strengthened spiritual blood began to produce new blood, and the new blood converged onto the whole body, beginning to replenish the body.

At this moment, if someone was beside Ye Tianze, they would definitely be shocked. Other than the heavy breathing, one could also hear the sound of flowing water.

This was a sign of the boiling of blood vessels. Only by reaching the Awakening Realm and awakening the spiritual blood, then, step by step, would one be able to strengthen the boiling of blood vessels, and then, the boiling of blood vessels would be able to use the spiritual blood's power.

Similarly, boiling of blood vessels was an essential part of the next stage. If one could not enter the next boiling of blood vessels, then they would not be able to enter the next stage.

His body was like an ancient beast, every single pore on his body was breathing, and with the absorption of large amounts of spiritual energy, the previously foggy spiritual room began to become clear, and the pressure on spiritual room became greater and greater.

Six hours later, the number of spiritual energy in the spiritual room grew fewer. Although the Spirit Spring was still growing, it was no longer able to keep up with Ye Tianze's absorption speed, and the pressure inside finally made him feel a little more pressured.

If anyone from Ye Family saw this, they would definitely be scared to death.

"This Spirit Spring is still too weak." Ye Tianze sighed.

The red light in his dantian suppressed the other light beams, and the originally weak green light rays gradually merged with the other light beams. fire spirit blood had already reached the edge of awakening.

"I've finally recovered." The effect of these six hours of cultivation was huge. The wind spirit blood was the bloodline he was most worried about, and it had also recovered to its original state. There was no longer any risk of its foundation being destroyed.

"boiling of blood vessels!" A low shout.

The blood from Ye Tianze's body immediately bubbled out like scalding water.

In almost the exact instant of the boiling of blood vessels, his entire body was covered in a cyan mist, and like a flowing wind, the entire room emitted a "hu hu" sound.

The body suddenly became as light as a leaf floating in the air.

This was the boiling of blood vessels. Only by reaching the Awakening Realm would one be able to direct the boiling of blood vessels, but not everyone was able to do it like Ye Tianze, who could directly use the boiling of blood vessels.

Ye Tianze activated the wind spirit blood's Boiling, because only the wind spirit blood had awakened, there would only be wind around it, and its body would feel light and graceful. The wind spirit blood represented speed, and if the spiritual blood was strong enough, combined with battle techniques, it could even release terrifying wind blades.

With the recovery of the spiritual blood and the pressure of the spiritual room, which helped him absorb the Essence Blood Pill's energy, his stage went from the seventh level of the Foundation Establishment stage straight into the Foundation Establishment Eighth Order.

"Although it's only Foundation Establishment Eighth Order, my strength is no weaker than a rank 2 Awakened." Looking at the spiritual room's thin spiritual energy, Ye Tianze got up, "It's only a waste of spiritual room's cultivation time to continue staying here, it's better to wait for the spiritual energy to grow a little more, then come in."

"Let's go to Shitai Mountain to kill some spirit beast and refine the first stage of the Huntian War Body first."

Ye Tianze did not know that the outside world was in an uproar.

Whether it was the guards of the spiritual room or the disciples of the clan, everyone believed that Ye Tianze would come out of the Celestial Spirit Room very quickly with his tail between his legs.

But they never would have thought that there would be no movement at all at the main gate of the Celestial Spirit Room.

"What's going on? Why is he still not coming out after so long?"

"Even with Master day qing's strength, he can only stay inside for two hours. Could it be that his strength surpasses Master day qing's?"

"He might be holding on for his life, but the pressure from the spiritual room will increase over time. It will increase exponentially, and I'm afraid he'll die from the pressure."

"If the guards don't save him, this guy is dead."

"Humph!" It would be best if he died inside, otherwise! " Ye Tianqing sneered.

Hearing the discussions, the two guards looked at each other, and simultaneously thought of Ye Tianze's arrogant appearance when he went in, and were somewhat gloating.

However, with the passage of time, four hours soon passed. Not only did the number of people gathering outside not decrease, but instead there were signs of increasing.

But very few people thought that Ye Tianze would be able to survive, and even if he could, he would be completely crippled.

When the third hour had passed, no one thought that Ye Tianze was still alive. The two guards also felt that it was enough.

If this was delayed any longer, there would be suspicions of dereliction of duty.

They walked towards the entrance of the 'Heavenly' cultivation room. Everyone's attention was focused on the door to the 'Heavenly' cultivation room. A strange expression appeared on their faces.

However, before the guard could enter, a person slowly walked out.

After clearly seeing his appearance, the Plaza was dead silent, and the A child of the Ye Clan s were even more dumbstruck.

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