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C5 Humiliation


After a long period of silence, the Plaza erupted into an uproar.

Looking at Ye Tianze who was walking out, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

"Six hours, he really did stay inside for six hours, moreover ?" And it wasn't damaged in the slightest. "

"Is this really the waste whose spiritual blood was snatched away?"

"Unbelievable, even in Young Master Tianxin, the highest record he had right now was only four hours, but he had six hours, and he didn't show any signs of fatigue at all."

Looking at Ye Tianze, A child of the Ye Clan had a complicated look in his eyes, especially Ye Tianqing, he still had not recovered from his shock.

"This wild species!" Ye Tianqing felt as though he had swallowed a fly, and only after a long while did he calm down, "However, with my current strength, staying in there for six hours, isn't too difficult, it's just that I am unable to enter the Celestial Spirit Room!"

"You ? Are you a human or a ghost? " A guard swallowed.

"Humans." Ye Tianze felt that his question was extremely idiotic, "Can we go now?"

It was only then that the guard realized he had lost his composure. "You ?" You can leave at any time. As long as there's no one in the spiritual room, you can come over for the rest of the time. "

Ye Tianze nodded and walked towards the crowd.

"Little wild species, you stop right there!" An ear-piercing sound rang out.

Ye Tianze frowned, he looked towards the origin of the voice, only to see Ye Tianqing walking out from the crowd: "Do you dare to put down Ancestor Token, and fight with me?"

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar as everyone looked over.

"As you wish!" Ye Tianze sneered.

They never thought that Ye Tianze would actually dare to accept Ye Tianqing's challenge. One must know that when Ye Tianze saw Ye Tianqing in the past, it was as if he was a mouse that saw a cat, hiding as far away as possible.

Ye Tianqing also did not expect Ye Tianze to dare accept the challenge. Originally, he just wanted to humiliate him a little, he was at a loss of what to do.

Very quickly, he reacted, as though he was afraid Ye Tianze would retreat, he anxiously said: "Don't say that I bullied you, if you were able to take three blows from my hand today, I will let you live, and if you can't take three, you will crawl under my pants ten times, kneel on the ground again, and kowtow ten times!"

"To deal with you, I only need one move." Ye Tianze crooked his finger at him.

"You're courting death!" This movement angered Ye Tianqing, his figure flashed, and a fist flew towards Ye Tianze's face.

The Ye Family was most proficient at using the marksmanship, and no one in the Shitai County did not know of its sharpness. Ye Tianqing's punch contained the moves of the cloud gun as well, adding the power of his own Foundation Level Nine, the punch was filled with vigor.

Even a hundred pound stone board could be smashed apart.

However, Ye Tianze did not dodge, and faced Ye Tianqing's attack with his own, but instead, struck out with his own fist, which was not in the slightest fancy, but was completely clashing head on.

"You're courting death!" Ye Tianqing's face was gloomy.

When the onlookers saw this, they were shocked, but they quickly rejoiced at his misfortune.


When the two fists collided, it was like two iron hammers smashing into each other. An explosive sound was produced in the air, causing one's eardrums to hurt.


At the very moment after their clash, the sound of bones breaking came out. Unsurprisingly, the teenager started ridiculing him, but in the next moment, their smiles froze.

"Ah ?" A miserable howl rang out.

Ye Tianqing was sent flying by the punch like a kite with its string cut. Ye Tianze stood on the spot and casually retracted his fist.

"This... What happened? "

"One ?" One move? "

"No ?" Didn't the spiritual blood s get taken away? Is... Why is it so strong!? "

"The last time he fought with Young Master Tianxin, he completely took advantage of it. But this time, he directly confronted Master day qing!"

If not for Ye Tianqing's pig slaughtering howl still continuing, they would have suspected that they were seeing things.

Ye Tianqing stared at Ye Tianze, the pain on his face was incomparable, his hand was shattered by the punch as he stared at Ye Tianze in fear and fear, as though the punch just now was not directed at his fist, but at a mountain.

"Foundation Establishment Eighth Order, you actually recovered your Foundation Establishment Eighth Order!" Ye Tianqing did not dare believe it.

"What?! He actually recovered his Foundation Establishment Eighth Order?! His spirit was taken away, didn't he fall down to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment Stage?"

"It must be those pill and the spiritual room. They must have used the pressure of the spiritual room to refine the medicine within those pill so their strength can be restored to the current stage."

"That's not strange, but with his Foundation Establishment Eighth Order strength, how could he possibly defeat the Master day qing in one punch? You have to know that Tian Qing has Foundation Level Nine, right?"

"After all, he had awoken the wind spirit blood. Once he recovers, he will definitely be stronger than a normal Foundation Establishment stage expert. Unfortunately, he will never be able to enter the Awakening Realm again in his lifetime."

Just as the audience was discussing amongst themselves, Ye Tianqing, who had been pushed back, moved in a flash and threw another punch.


Ye Tianze did not dodge nor avoid it. Instead, he similarly responded with a punch, and an even louder explosive sound than before sounded out. Ye Tianqing was once again sent flying.

It was indeed a direct confrontation between fists, but the Foundation Level Nine Ye Tianqing was like a kite with its string cut, completely unable to defend at all.

"What a terrifying strength!" A A child of the Ye Clan said while trembling in fear.

bang bang bang *

Before Ye Tianqing fell to the ground, Ye Tianze had already arrived beside him. He continuously punched him several times, and when he finally fell to the ground, he raised his hand and slapped his face.


This loud and clear slap stunned everyone present. One must know that Ye Tianqing was usually rampant in the Ye Family, other than a genius like Ye Tianxing, there were very few people who dared to provoke him.

But today, the weakest person in the Ye Family had actually defeated the most unreasonable person, and even slapped him in front of so many people.

Ye Tianqing himself could not believe it. His eyes were wide opened, and he was even more shocked than if he had been defeated by Ye Tianze, "You dare slap me!"

If he was beaten up by an elder, it would be fine, but the one who hit him was the Ye Tianze that he was used to bullying.

He crawled up, wanting to fight with Ye Tianze, only to see Ye Tianze slap him again.

"Pow." Another resounding slap on the face. The same person, the same smell, was only a different half of the face.

The Plaza was dead silent.

"Remember what I said before?" Ye Tianze slightly smiled, "It's not that I don't dare to kill you, it's just that I want to let you live for a few more days to experience the pain I felt back then."

"Enjoy it. This is just the beginning!"

That smile made all the hair on Ye Tianqing's body stand up, as if he was not facing someone of the same generation, but a great devil king who had experienced an Asura Purgatory!

Looking at his retreating back, Ye Tianqing finally understood why Ye Tianze said "The time is not right", it was not because he did not dare, but because there were not many people left at that time.

Ye Tianze was waiting for this opportunity to slap him on the face when everyone gathered outside Celestial Spirit Room because of him entering. This would cause him to lose face in front of the young generation of the entire family.

He would never be able to raise his head again!

As expected, the news of Ye Tianze defeating Ye Tianqing spread throughout the Ye Family very quickly, but not a single person believed the description of the A child of the Ye Clan present.

It was only until they saw Ye Tianqing, whose hands had been shattered by the shock, that they understood that what they had said was not the least bit false. Instantly, Ye Tianze's name once again became the focus of the Ye Family.

"Do you know that Ye Tianze defeated Tian Qing?" In the study room of the Ye Family, the Ye Family said.

"Oh." However, Ye Tianxing, who was sitting at the side, remained calm.

"Don't underestimate your opponent." Ye Family said.

"Underestimate your opponent?" Ye Tianxing laughed disdainfully, "Is a person who doesn't have a spiritual blood or a waste worthy of being my enemy? No, he's only fit to be under my foot! "

"Being confident is a good thing, but you mustn't be conceited." The Ye Family said, "Don't forget what happened that day. This kid was hidden so deeply, to actually cultivate the cloud gun to the Grand Perfection!"

"So what if he cultivated the cloud gun to the Extreme Dao? In the end, we are still unable to step into the Awakening Realm. " Ye Tianxing said coldly, "After the guidance of Ancestor, this child's wind spirit blood has already reached perfection. The two great spiritual blood have already shown signs of boiling, and stepping into the Cauldron Condensation is just around the corner."

"The wind spirit blood is perfect! The two spiritual blood s are boiling! " Even as a Family Head, he could not help but be excited, "It's not a waste of father's hard work."

"Right, after the family's test, it'll be the competition for the hunting area." Ye Tianxing said worriedly, "Several large powers are keeping their eyes on our Ye Family's territory, is father prepared?"

"Hehe, don't worry, your Big Brother said in his letter that he would come together with the Full Moon Sect's expert when hunting area is fighting. He doesn't care what other tricks the other great powers are pulling, how could he possibly win against the Full Moon Sect?" The Ye Family sneered.

"Full Moon Sect!" Hearing these three words, even the arrogant Ye Tianxing revealed an expression of reverence.

"The reason why the Ancestor has personally given you pointers to improve the spiritual blood is actually to help you join the Full Moon Sect as well." Ye Family said, "You must not disappoint Ancestor."

Ye Tianxing did not answer, but his face was brimming with confidence.

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