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C6 Crazy upgrade

Returning to the courtyard, Ye Tianze entered his room and stayed inside until night time before stealthily leaving. Taking advantage of the darkness, he disguised himself and left Shitai City.

An hour later, Ye Tianze arrived at the Shitai Mountain outside the city.

The three great family s of the Shitai County divided into a corner, and each of them had their own hunting area. The size of the hunting area also signified the strength of the family.

Standing at the entrance of the Shitai Mountain, he looked at the mountain range before him. Ye Tianze was bold and heroic, ordinary people would not dare to come hunting at night, because spirit beast of the same level were in no way inferior to Human Clan of the same level.

Moreover, at night, the spirit beast's perception power was far stronger than the Human Clan. However, Ye Tianze was not here to deliver the spirit beast's head, but to hunt it.

Although his Huntian War Body did not even manage to temper the first stage, his Heaven and Earth Spell was still the bane of spirit beast of the same level.

Just as they entered the mountain, a pair of eyes locked onto Ye Tianze, and immediately after, a black figure flashed by.

Under the night, two sets of green glowing eyes, accompanied by the huge black shadow, pounced towards Ye Tianze.

"Good job." Ye Tianze had no intention to dodge. Taking out a tungsten steel large gun, he thrusted at the black figure.


It was a Ash Wolf, its dense fangs flashing with a cold light, it opened its mouth and bit towards Ye Tianze's neck, its body was at least twice as big as him.

Ye Tianze's figure flashed and dodged the Ash Wolf's fatal strike.

The Ash Wolf landed on the ground, its eyes releasing a ghastly green light, as though it had magic. It turned its body, and once again pounced towards Ye Tianze.

But his reaction was even faster, he activated Heaven and Earth Spell and enveloped the area.

Under the influence of the Heaven and Earth Spell, the Ash Wolf's body clearly trembled in midair as panic appeared in its eyes.

Ye Tianze immediately seized the opportunity and pierced his throat with his spear.

"First level sixth stage, too weak." Ye Tianze said.

A first rank spirit beast was equivalent to a Foundation Establishment stage expert and a Grade Two Spirit Beast was equivalent to a Awakening Realm.

Although spirit beast of the same level were far more powerful than cultivator, Ye Tianze cultivated in the Heaven and Earth Spell. As long as they were to cover his body, the spiritual blood would be affected and would immediately reveal its flaws. It was naturally impossible for Ye Tianze to be his match.

Moreover, Ye Tianze had the Eighth Order of a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Against a first stage sixth stage Ash Wolf, even if he didn't use the Heaven and Earth Spell to affect the movement of its spiritual blood, just his flesh would be enough to kill it.

However, Ye Tianze did not come to the Shitai Mountain at night to practice his martial arts. He came here to raise his strength, so he did not want to waste time.

Taking out his dagger, Ye Tianze quickly cut open the Ash Wolf's blood vessel, then activated the Heaven and Earth Spell to refine the blood inside the Ash Wolf's body.

An ordinary person would directly drink the spirit beast's blood, but Ye Tianze's Heaven and Earth Spell could directly refine a blood qi from a Ash Wolf's body. The effect would be better than directly drinking the blood, so under the tempering of the Heaven and Earth Spell, it would not produce any impurities.

Very quickly, all of the Ash Wolf's blood qi were refined. The nine spiritual blood in his dantian were all upgraded, but the effect was very weak, because the Azure Wolf's Rating was too low.

"If only there was a storage ring." Looking at the Ash Wolf on the ground that had already become a dried up corpse, Ye Tianze felt that it was a pity.

Right now, he was lacking everything. Even if he could get the furs back, it would still be worth a lot of money.

Sensing the unending movement in his surroundings, Ye Tianze held onto the spear, his eyes revealed a strange light: "In fifty thousand years, all the living beings in this land will tremble once again because of the Huntian War Body."

In the early hours of the morning, Ye Tianze stood atop a small mountain, the blood and energy in his body boiling.

In just a few short hours, he had killed a total of 108 first grade spirit beast, and one of them was even a second grade spirit beast.

"It's still too slow. If it's past life, after these few hours, it's enough to kill thousands of first rank spirit beast." Ye Tianze said to himself, "However, this is not to say that I am currently weaker than past life, I have just adapted to the body, and after a period of time, I can completely surpass the strength of past life at this stage."

If anyone heard these words, they would definitely be scared to death. One must know that in Shitai City's monthly hunts, there were at most a thousand or so prey hunted by one family.

After resting for a while, Ye Tianze activated the Heaven and Earth Spell, causing the baleful qi on his body to disappear, and then rushed back to the Shitai City.

An important part of a baleful qi's ring was to refine its body with blood essence and to temper its bones with a baleful qi.

To live a life of blood was to die. To live a life of blood was to live a life of blood.

As the baleful qi penetrated his bones bit by bit, Ye Tianze's body began to tremble. It was like countless needles piercing into bones, causing the pain on any part of the body to be incomparable to the pain on bones.

The harder the bone, the stronger the willpower. was able to rise from the weak points to become a first generation Human Emperor, and was not relying on great luck, as every step he took had a blood imprint on it.

The piercing pain lasted for more than two hours, the baleful qi s were all refined into bones, and Ye Tianze's face was extremely pale.

Although the stage did not increase, his strength had a substantial increase. If he used his current strength to exchange blows with Ye Tianqing, then Ye Tianqing would not be as simple as just having his hand bones shattered. His entire arm might have been shattered.

After breakfast, Ye Tianze went back to the clan. When those disciples of the clan saw him appear, they no longer dared to point fingers like they did before, and all of their faces revealed expressions of reverence.

"As expected, only strength can win over respect." Ye Tianze did not mind as well, and went to the entrance of the Celestial Spirit Room once again.

It was still the same two guards from before, but his expression was completely different from yesterday. Ye Tianze did not say anything, took out his Token and entered the Sky rank cultivation room.

"Tell me, how long will he be staying this time?" A guard looked at his back and asked.

"He can't possibly last more than six hours. After all, the effects of the pill have already been displayed to the limit. It's impossible for him to step into the Awakening Realm anymore." Another guard said.

"Sigh, what a pity for these spiritual energy, it's all wasted."

"Not to mention three days, even if he was given three months, he still wouldn't be able to absorb all the spiritual energy inside."

While the two guards were talking, a commotion broke out in the distance. The two of them looked over and saw a tall and straight teenager was walking over.

"It's the Young Master Tianxin!"

"His strength has increased again, he's actually already awakened a fifth step."

"It is said that after the Spirit Building Stage, Young Master Tianxin's wind spirit blood was already perfect."

"Doesn't that mean that the Young Master Tianxin is about to catch up to the Young Master Tianhai?"

Amidst the discussions, Ye Tianxing walked in front of the guards and the two guards immediately stood up with faces full of respect.

"I heard that wild species stayed in the Sky No. 1 Cultivation Room for six hours yesterday?" Ye Tianxing asked.

"wild species?" The guard suddenly thought about what happened yesterday, and said: Young Master Tianxin is talking about Ye Tianze right?

"Hmph, a wild species with a surname Ye?" Ye Tianxing said coldly.

The two guards looked embarrassed, but one of them said, "Young Master Tianxin is right, he did indeed stay here for six hours yesterday, and ? He just went in again. "

"En!" Ye Tianxing frowned, the moment he thought about what happened that day, his anger rose, "It's just asking for sympathy from the Ancestor, that's all. Today, I will let him see, what is strength, open up another Celestial Spirit Room, I want to go in and cultivate!"

Seeing Ye Tianxing entering, the two guards had strange expressions. A child of the Ye Clan, who were lining up to go train, suddenly exploded.

's words were heard by a lot of people, and were spread far and wide, immediately attracting the attention of the higher ups of the Ye Family. Everyone could hear that Ye Tianxing was obviously trying to use his own strength to humiliate Ye Tianze.

After all, Ye Tianxing's Perfect wind spirit blood was made from Ye Tianze's wind spirit blood that had built their spirits.

"I wonder, Young Master Tianxin, how many hours are you able to stay inside this time, will you be able to break the Young Master Tianhai's record?"

"The Young Master Tianhai is a three elemental spiritual blood, and gold spirit blood is also perfect. When we first set the Awakening Realm, we had already stayed inside for more than twenty-four hours. This record has never been broken by anyone of the same generation."

"That may not be the case. The wind spirit blood of the Young Master Tianxin are now also perfect, and when my Human Clan cultivates, even if she Awakens the third set of spiritual blood, she is still a first tier spiritual blood. It is said that he received personal guidance from the Ancestor and cultivated in the ancestral land for a few days."

Following the continuation of the discussion, the topic quickly shifted towards Ye Tianxing and his two brothers. As for Ye Tianze?

No one seemed to think that he was able to surpass the two most dazzling geniuses of the Ye Family.

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