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C7 Lion and tiger

After entering the spiritual room, Ye Tianze sat cross-legged and cultivated. Although the spiritual energy had recovered a lot, compared to yesterday's spiritual energy, it was obviously weaker by a large amount.

He did not know about Ye Tianxing's arrival, and even if he did, he would not care so much. His goal was to use his remaining time to absorb the spiritual energy s from the spiritual room to nourish his own fire spirit blood and wind spirit blood.

However, he realized that it took him less than an hour to absorb all the spiritual energy in the spiritual room.

"If you want to cultivate the first stage of Huntian War Body, this little bit of spiritual energy, is still too far away." Ye Tianze was a little helpless.

On the contrary, he was using the pressure from the spiritual room to start refining the spirit beast's blood essence that he had absorbed last night.

Following the circulation of the Heaven and Earth Spell, all the pores on his body opened up, each spitting out and absorbing, causing the pitch black liquids s to be expelled from the pores.

These were the impurities in his body, and also the impurities left behind by the spirit beast s' blood.

When these impurities were expelled, the entire spiritual room was immediately filled with a fishy stench.

Ye Tianze felt his entire body becoming lighter, his stage also leveled up, he was not far from reaching the peak of the Foundation Level Nine.

Six hours later, the pressure had already reached its limit.

Ye Tianze stood up, raised his fist, and immediately, a sonic boom could be heard.

"Without the spiritual energy, there's no point in continuing on. It's better to come back tomorrow." Ye Tianze thought, then left the spiritual room.

The current spiritual room didn't have much effect on him. Ye Tianze, who had cultivated the Huntian War Body, was not afraid of the increasing pressure either.

On the contrary, yesterday night, when he hunted spirit beast on the Shitai Mountain, he had the feeling that he found the past life. With the Heaven and Earth Spell in his possession, as long as he did not challenge that type of high grade spirit beast, spirit beast of the same level could only be slaughtered by him.

To the people of the Shitai City, the Shitai Mountain was extremely dangerous, but to Ye Tianze, that place was like a treasury that he could snatch away.

Walking out of the spiritual room, Ye Tianze found that the outside world was full of people. He thought that it was the same situation as yesterday, but when he saw Ye Tianqing who was in the crowd dodging his gaze, he knew that it wasn't so.

After recording the time from the guard, Ye Tianze, who was about to leave, heard some soft discussions from the crowd.

"It's still six hours. It seems like Ye Tianze won't be able to break this shackle."

"It's already been almost six hours since the Young Master Tianxin entered, and this has already broken his previous record, I wonder if he can surpass Ye Tianze."

"It's only a matter of time before he surpasses Ye Tianze. After all, with his talent and strength right there, it'll all depend on how long he can stay this time."

"If I can catch up to Young Master Tianhai for twenty-four hours, Young Master Tianxin will have a chance of becoming his disciple."

Although these people's voices weren't loud, it was obvious that they wanted to talk to Ye Tianze. As they spoke, they sneaked a peek at Ye Tianze's face, but they discovered that there wasn't the slightest change.

Ye Tianze did not pay any attention to those twelve hours of records. If he wanted to stay inside for twelve hours, he only needed to open all of the Heaven and Earth Spell s, and it would be easy.

When he heard about Full Moon Sect, he became slightly interested, but it was only interest. His mind was still thinking about hunting at night.

Seeing him leave just like that, the crowd was in an uproar.

"It seems like he has already given up. He doesn't even have the confidence to stay here and wait for Young Master Tianxin to come out."

"I think he won't be able to accept this fact. After all, the Young Master Tianxin took his spiritual blood and forged his own perfect spirit blood."

"Shh, lower your voice. If the elder hears it, I'll have to slap your mouth."

After six hours had passed, the surrounding crowd finally sighed a breath of relief. If Ye Tianxing couldn't even stay inside for six hours, then that would really disappoint them.

But then, they became even more nervous.

"It's been twenty hours, Young Master Tianxin. If you persevere for another four hours, you will soon catch up to Young Master Tianhai!"

"The pressure is getting heavier and heavier. I don't know if I can hold on."

"Even with this record, it should be enough to make him look down on the younger generation of Shitai City."

Just then, the Celestial Spirit Room's door opened, and Ye Tianxing slowly walked out, a majestic Qi emitting from his body.

A green mist surged out from his body. This mist was extremely light and agile. As he raised his hand, a gale blew past the faces of everyone present. All of the younger generation members were trembling in fear.

"The boiling of blood vessels, and it is a perfect wind spirit blood that is boiling, and... Just the awakening of the fifth stage is enough to cause the spiritual blood to boil! "

"Although it only lasted ten hours, but ?" This power ? I'm afraid that in the younger generation, there is no one who can be his match! "

The faces of the disciples of the Ye Family were filled with reverence.

"Awakening the fifth stage is already enough to become a boiling of blood vessels. perfect spirit blood are truly terrifying. If they are to reach the ninth stage, I'm afraid that no one in the younger generation of Shitai City will be able to defeat them ?"

Some of the elders present also revealed looks of surprise.

Very quickly, Ye Tianxing retracted his Qi, walked to the guard's side, and asked: "That little wild species came out right?"

The guard replied awkwardly, "He's already out. It's still six hours."

Hearing that, Ye Tianxing laughed out loud: "waste, that's me."

His gaze landed on Ye Tianqing who was in the crowd and said, "Tian Qing, aren't you going to awaken your bloodline soon? I'll give you time, go train on Sky rank. "

Ye Tianqing's eyes immediately lit up and he rushed over. After being humiliated by Ye Tianze yesterday, his state of mind was almost about to collapse.

"Ye Tianze, just you wait! Once I enter the Awakening Realm, I will return yesterday's humiliation tenfold!" Ye Tianqing secretly thought in his heart.

Ye Tianze got the news the next morning from a servant. He had just returned from hunting in Shitai Mountain.

The entire Ye Family was talking about Ye Tianxing breaking the record, it was hard for him not to know.

Regarding this, Ye Tianze only laughed coldly, "waste? In a few days, you will know that in my eyes, you can't even be considered a waste! "

In the days, he would go to the spiritual room to absorb the spiritual energy to nourish the spiritual blood. But after that, he would only be in there for two hours at a time, because the effects were too weak.

In the remaining time, he would meditate at home, study martial arts, and draw a map of the Shitai Mountain so that he could hunt at night.

Time flew, there were only two days left before the family's examination.

Ye Tianze went to spiritual room to cultivate during the day and rushed there during the night.

After these few nights of hunting, even though his stage did not break through, his strength had already reached a terrifying level.

It had to be known that these Grade Two Spirit Beast were all equivalent to expert s of Awakening Realm, and they were even stronger than expert s of ordinary Awakening Realm.

Therefore, he no longer had any interest in ordinary Grade Two Spirit Beast. Only those Grade Two Spirit Beast with attributes would be able to attract his attention.

Ye Tianze was very clear that in order to nourish the spiritual blood, he needed to find a matching spirit beast.

As a result, after adapting to the battle of the Grade Two Spirit Beast, he had killed almost all of the spirit beast with the fire attribute in this area once, and among them, there were more than ten fire attribute spirit beast.

This was an advancement that only occurred in the Awakening Realm Realm.

There were a total of nine stages in the Awakening Realm Realm, and every stage strengthened the Innate spiritual blood. Ye Tianze's fire spirit blood had already reached the first stage strengthened, and his wind spirit blood had already been strengthened to the third stage.

Because of the relationship with the Nine Vein spiritual blood, his blood could boil a long time ago, the only thing left was to strengthen the spiritual blood to the ninth stage.

But he knew, it was extremely difficult to strengthen every type of spiritual blood to the ninth stage.

Although the Shitai Mountain was big, they were unable to gather all nine spirit beast s with different attributes, especially the rare Lightning Attribute and the Light and Darkness Attributes.

However, Ye Tianze did not rashly run to the area of Grade Three Spirit Beast. Grade Two Spirit Beast and Grade Three Spirit Beast were of completely different levels, even if he had Heaven and Earth Spell, which could affect the circulation of spirit beast's vital energy and blood, he could only protect himself. It would be very difficult to kill the Grade Three Spirit Beast.

After a short rest, Ye Tianze began to hunt.

If someone was here, they would have definitely discovered that the tungsten steel spear in his hand was seriously worn out.

As long as they used their Huntian War Body s, they would release a huge number of baleful qi s along with their tattered clothes, just like barbarians.

However, its sturdy body was like a dormant volcano, seemingly capable of destroying the world.

After walking around for a long time, Ye Tianze still did not see a single Grade Two Spirit Beast with an attribute.

Looking at the map he drew, Ye Tianze laughed bitterly: "These guys, as long as they feel the baleful qi on me, they will be like mice seeing a cat. If this goes on, they will leave empty-handed."

Just as Ye Tianze was hesitating on whether or not he should enter the s of the Grade Three Spirit Beast, a low and deep roar echoed.

"Hmm, there's also spirit beast?" Ye Tianze's face was filled with suspicion, he grabbed his spear and rushed over.

He saw a four Zhang long spirit beast that was drinking water by a pond. This spirit beast looked like both a lion and a tiger.

"Lion and Tiger, second stage ninth stage!" Ye Tianze's face revealed a smile.

Lion and Tiger s were far more powerful than ordinary spirit beast s. This was a hybrid between a tiger and a lion, but it was even fiercer than a tiger and a lion. A second stage ninth stage Lion and Tiger, a normal Grade Three Spirit Beast wouldn't dare to provoke it.

"No wonder he's so arrogant." Ye Tianze walked to the stone behind him.

Almost immediately, the Lion and Tiger discovered Ye Tianze, followed by a deafening roar. Its eyes were intelligent, and when it sensed the baleful qi on Ye Tianze's body, it became a little fearful, but it did not retreat.

"Kill!" Ye Tianze activated the fire spirit blood on him and thrusted his spear forward. It was the Ye Family's cloud gun.

There were four levels to martial arts cultivation: elementary, intermediate, high, and Grand Perfection. However, Ye Tianze knew that there was a stage, which was the legendary Extreme Dao.

Ye Tianze had already trained the cloud gun to the Grand Perfection, so he was only a step away from the Extreme Dao.

fire spirit blood was boiling, his body was ignited in flames, and the moment the spear appeared, it was like a gigantic fire dragon.

However, the Lion and Tiger did not dodge, and used its claws to smash down at Ye Tianze. With a "clang" sound, Ye Tianze felt a sharp pain from his palm, and the attack was deflected.

The Lion and Tiger leapt up, its huge body pouncing towards Ye Tianze, its sharp claws, was much sharper than Ye Tianze's tungsten steel spear.

What was even more frightening was that the Lion and Tiger's body was actually set ablaze, turning it into a fire beast in an instant. The surrounding temperature instantly increased by a dozen degrees, as if it had entered the mouth of a volcano.

At the most critical moment, Ye Tianze's figure twisted, and narrowly avoided the attack. He turned and thrusted his spear: "cloud gun, second style!"

The cloud gun had a total of nine forms, and the second form was a Back Thrust. He had thought that he would be able to stab the Lion and Tiger, but the Lion and Tiger's reaction was even faster.

"Damn it!" Seeing that the other party was rushing towards him again, Ye Tianze jumped onto a large rock.

The Lion and Tiger did not let him off. The flames on its body rose, leaving behind traces of burning wherever it passed. It pounced over, and with a "boom" sound, the boulder was smashed into pieces by its two claws.

Standing far away, Ye Tianze revealed a grave expression on his face, "Looks like I have to bring out my true strength!"

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