Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C8 Iron-clad overlord spear
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Heaven-defying Saint Emperor/C8 Iron-clad overlord spear
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C8 Iron-clad overlord spear

A surge of fighting spirit surged out from Ye Tianze's body, the wind spirit blood s that had been strengthened to the third stage activated, causing a green light to shine around him, causing the body s to become extremely agile.

The Lion and Tiger pounced over once again. Ye Tianze dodged with ease.

The wind spirit blood was boiling, causing Ye Tianze's speed to increase by more than a fold. In almost an instant, he had already arrived behind the Lion and Tiger, instigated the fire spirit blood to boil again, and fiercely thrusted his spear into the Lion and Tiger's butt.

"Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!"

This was the Heaven and Earth Spell. It was able to easily change the boiling state of the spiritual blood in the body, something an ordinary person was unable to do.

"Snatch my life!" Under the guidance of the Heaven and Earth Spell, all the baleful qi on his body gathered onto the spear.

This was Ye Tianze's past life, the nine lances in the sky that he was so proud of. Soul Chasing, Destroying, Army Destroyer, Demon Fighter, God Slaying, Heaven Destroying, Earth Exterminating ?

The nine lances in the sky was Ye Tianze's creation. Although it was said to have nine forms, it was actually only seven, because at the peak of his life, he had only created the seventh form.

Even though with his current physical body, he was unable to fully display the strength of the nine lances in the sky, and because he was extremely familiar with the past life, and had created his own marksmanship, this life-stealing move gathered all of the strength in his body into this spear.

The King of Hell called you dead at midnight, so he won't let you live at night.


Under the influence of the Heaven and Earth Spell, the Lion and Tiger paused for a bit, and then, the spear passed through it.

But what was unexpected was that when the Lion and Tiger erupted, it directly knocked Ye Tianze and the spear out of his hands.

Without waiting for Ye Tianze to react, he brought the spear and escaped into the forest.

"Where do you think you're going?!" Ye Tianze chased after him.

In the end, his strength was still too weak. Or else, he would definitely be able to kill the Lion and Tiger with his Life Snatching Spear. Moreover, he realized that the Lion and Tiger was far stronger than he had imagined, and it seemed like it was about to break through to the third grade.

"If I let this beast advance to the third grade, will I still be alive?" Ye Tianze chased after him at full speed.

After a few miles, Ye Tianze realized that the Lion and Tiger had disappeared. If not for the traces of blood on the ground, he would have suspected that the Lion and Tiger had come here.

"En!" After carefully observing his surroundings, Ye Tianze suddenly felt that something was amiss, "This is ?. The Confusion Formation? "

The formation was split into two types, one was laid down by a person, and the other was born from the world, but it couldn't be hidden from Ye Tianze's eyes.

"Was it laid down by someone? Could it be that the Lion and Tiger was raised by someone? " Ye Tianze was suspicious.

If it was really like that, then it would be troublesome. With the Lion and Tiger's strength, the people who raised it would definitely be able to suppress it.

Very quickly, Ye Tianze found that something was amiss, because there were barely any traces of humans around, and the formation looked to be on the verge of collapse.

"Life and death will always be decided by fate, the rich and the powerful will always be within themselves!" Ye Tianze leaped up and entered the formation, but realised that it was a cave that was isolated by the formation.

The cave was not pitch black. A fluorescent light shone from the walls of the cave and from the depths of the cave came a low growl.

He walked into the depths, only to see the Lion and Tiger curled up into a ball. Upon seeing Ye Tianze, it immediately raised its head, with its eyes filled with viciousness.

The tungsten steel spear had already snapped, but what surprised Ye Tianze was that deep within his cave, a flower had actually grown. The petals of the flower continued to wrap around each other, making "chi chi" sounds.

"thunbergii radix, good stuff!" Ye Tianze's eyes lit up.

thunbergii radix contained an enormous amount of Thunder Spirit Seed. It was precisely the herbal medicine that strengthened the thunder spirit blood and refined it into a pill, the effect would double.

To Ye Tianze who possessed the Nine Veins spiritual blood, this was a rare item.

But what was even more shocking was not the thunbergii radix, but the two corpses protected by the Lion and Tiger not far from there. One of them was still in good condition, and it could be seen that it was the skeleton of a spirit beast, only leaving behind a layer of skin.

The other one was completely broken, but its bones were extremely hard. There were many teeth marks on it, and it still emanated a terrifying aura.

Beside the corpse was a box. Beside the box was a black stick.

Just as Ye Tianze was staring at these things and sizing them up, the Lion and Tiger leaped up. Its body was covered with flames, and unexpectedly doubled in size.

"Burning the spiritual blood, this is... We are entering the third grade! " Ye Tianze's face turned ugly.

The cave was extremely narrow, and although the Lion and Tiger could turn around to do so, it was extremely difficult.

But he knew that it would be even more difficult to defeat the Lion and Tiger now.

But the moment the Lion and Tiger pounced over, Ye Tianze also went over to welcome it. When the Lion and Tiger pounced at him, he slipped past it ahead of time.

When the Lion and Tiger turned around, Ye Tianze had already arrived on top of the stick that was stabbed into the ground.

Seeing that the Lion and Tiger had turned around, Ye Tianze activated Heaven and Earth Spell and used all his strength to pull the stick out.

However, he discovered that the tip of the spear had appeared in the soil! It was a spear!

Ye Tianze subconsciously swung it, and let out a low shout: "Duel for your life!"

Under the influence of the Heaven and Earth Spell, the Lion and Tiger obviously slowed down by half a beat as it pierced through the air and through the body of the Lion and Tiger that was pouncing towards them.

With a "whimper", the Lion and Tiger fell to the ground.

"I almost burped!" Ye Tianze gasped.

If this was a iron rod and not a spear, then this spear wouldn't even be able to pierce into the body of the Lion and Tiger which was burning its blood and using the third grade.

Ye Tianze let out a long breath and sized up the thunbergii radix. This was a precious medicine used to cultivate thunder spirit blood, looking at the lightning spirit wrapped around it, it was obvious that it was about to mature.

"This Lion and Tiger is guarding the thunbergii radix and didn't even dare to eat it until it died. It must want to wait until the thunbergii radix matured before entering the third grade. If I let it swallow the thunbergii radix, then the burping would be me." Ye Tianze was glad that he could not do so.

He did not pluck the thunbergii radix, as the flower would take some time to mature, so his gaze landed on the gigantic skeleton, which was obviously a spirit beast.

"At least sixth-grade!" The aura that came from the bones shocked Ye Tianze, "Sixth Rank Lion and Tiger!"

"Yi, this is ?" Ye Tianze quickly shifted his gaze and saw another skeleton. This was obviously the skeleton of the Human Clan.

On the skeleton, Ye Tianze found an unremarkable ring, "storage ring!"

Ye Tianze immediately took the storage ring. He couldn't bear to part with it, his past life couldn't even be bothered to use this kind of storage ring to directly create a new world in his body.

But it was different now, after he was reborn he was completely poor, and looking at this storage ring, he was even more intimate than when looking at that thunbergii radix.

As a drop of blood fell, Ye Tianze wiped away the remaining will from the storage ring. When he saw what was inside the storage ring, he was a little disappointed.

Just then, Ye Tianze remembered the box, he opened it to look.

Inside, there was a simple jade chip. Other than that, there was also a piece of paper.

It was written in blood: "I am the Sect Leader of Tie Yi Hall, being chased and killed by my enemies, and have been stranded here. Upon entering the cave, I met a sixth stage ninth stage Lion and Tiger, and after a great battle, I beheaded it, injuring it further. However, I found out that the young beast exists in the cave, and could not bear to kill it, so I knew that I was not able to leave its corpse intact ?"

At the end, he hoped that a fated person would come here, kowtow and acknowledge him as his teacher, pass on his legacy to others, thus avenging Yun Yun.

"Forget it, I'm afraid you won't be able to take it." Ye Tianze joked, "If you want to take revenge, then help me take a look when I'm free."

Originally, he did not think that the jade chip in the box was anything amazing, but when he saw the contents of the secret manual, he was impressed: "Iron-clothed overlord lance, Interesting, but compared to my nine lances in the sky, it's still far from being able to compare, but compared to Ye Family's half-baked cloud gun, I don't know how much stronger it is!"

Putting all the corpses into the storage ring, Ye Tianze looked at the black iron spear. It was said that this was the first generation Patriarch of the Tie Yi Hall, and it was made from outer space meteorite, weighing at least 300 kilograms.

"If not for the Huntian War Body, we would have already lost." Ye Tianze looked around, but suddenly realized something strange, "This spear... "No, it's not some outer space meteorite at all. It's not even opened!"

Ye Tianze could acutely feel that the pitch-black thing outside was not some outer space meteorite at all, but was a layer of impurity that had been wrapped around it.

However, just this layer of impurities was extraordinary. If this layer of impurities were removed, it would definitely be shocking.

"This is definitely a supreme treasure!" Ye Tianze thought.

His past life also came from a spear, so it could be said that no one in the world understood guns better than him.

Putting away the things inside the cave, Ye Tianze looked at the thunbergii radix in front of him and hesitated: "Although I can pick it now, if I pick it before it matures, the effects would be a lot weaker."

Thinking about the Confusion Array outside the cave, Ye Tianze decided to pick it after the thunbergii radix matured.

The day after tomorrow was the clan's Great Examination, and this thunbergii radix would take at least a few more days to mature, he still had one more important thing to accomplish during the clan's Great Examination, and he definitely could not miss it.

After leaving the cave, Ye Tianze reinforced the Confusion Array, causing it to appear more concealed on the outside.

When he returned to the courtyard, the sky was still dark.

Ye Tianze started to look through the jade chip s. The overlord lance s were divided into five different types: determination of troops, Cloud Piercer, Wave Surge, Xiao Tian, Overlord, and Five Style marksmanship.

Although he could not compare to the nine lances in the sky, Ye Tianze could not use it in front of others. Although no one in the Shitai City would be able to see it, but he was not afraid of ten thousand.

But this Tie Yi overlord lance was different, even if it was revealed, it could still explain clearly.

woke up from his cultivation two hours later. His body was glowing with a fiery red light and the temperature of the room had instantly increased by several times.

In these two hours, he had thoroughly studied the overlord lance and also refined all of the Lion and Tiger's blood essence.

When he absorbed the blood essence, the fire spirit blood went from the first stage of strengthening to the fourth stage of strengthening directly, higher than the wind spirit blood's Rating.

"It's not in vain that I took such a big risk. The effect of the mutated spirit beast blood essence is much better than that of normal spirit beast!" Ye Tianze said to himself.

Seeing the color of the sky outside, Ye Tianze got up and left the room, rushing straight for spiritual room.

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