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C9 Acuteness

The clan's examination was coming up soon, and the entire Ye Family, from top to bottom, was bustling with activity.

There were a lot of people gathered outside the spiritual room. Many of them had used up their entire year of cultivation just to increase their cultivation a little. They were hoping that they would be able to achieve good results in the exam tomorrow.

Some were happy, some were worried. Many of the A child of the Ye Clan s that left were not as happy as when they first went in, but some were filled with confidence when they came out.

When they saw Ye Tianze walking over, they immediately started discussing amongst themselves.

"Coming so early, it seems like Young Master Tianxin already knows his results."

"Haha, although he is currently at the Foundation Establishment Eighth Order, he did, after all, have awakened his spiritual blood before. The clan's test also needs to be calculated based on his Awakening Realm, so naturally he would be anxious."

"If you fail the test, you will be kicked out of the clan. Without the protection of the clan, you will have to leave the Shitai City to fend for yourself."

"What's the use of holding your foot for a while? Tomorrow will be the big exam. "

"I'll struggle until I die."

Hearing their discussion, Ye Tianze did not mind, he directly walked towards the Celestial Spirit Room, and when the guard saw him take out the Token, he could not help but sigh, revealing a pitiful look in his eyes.

Just then, someone suddenly walked out of Celestial Spirit Room.

"Hahaha, Celestial Spirit Room is indeed extraordinary. It has only been four hours, and I have already awakened to the Second Order!" Seeing him walk out, everyone present was shocked.

Their gazes all landed on Ye Tianze's body with a 'whoosh', because the one who came out was none other than Ye Tianqing.

"There's going to be a good show now. Master day qing just awakened his spiritual blood two days ago, and it's a high level earth spirit blood too."

"It seems like he entered the Celestial Spirit Room and trained for eight hours straight, breaking the previous record."

"Four hours!" It is no wonder that you are a high ranked earth spirit blood. Even if Ye Tianze went all out and tamed so many pill, it would only take six hours. "

"This guy is really pitiful. Not only was his spirit stolen, he even offended the Master day qing. I'm afraid that this time, there won't be any good results."

As expected, after Ye Tianqing walked out, his gaze immediately locked onto Ye Tianze. He was indeed a little fearful that he would use Foundation Level Nine.

But it was different now. After he had awakened the spiritual blood, he had cultivated in the spiritual room for eight hours and broke the previous record.

Looking at Ye Tianze, his gaze instantly turned ice-cold. That day's humiliation, was still fresh in his mind: "Tian Tian Tian, you will not leave, hell has no doors, you will barge in. Little wild species, if I don't beat you to the point of kneeling and begging for mercy today, I won't be called Ye Tianqing!"

"Is that so?" Ye Tianze originally wanted to go to the spiritual room and spend the rest of his time there. However, after hearing this, he stopped and said, "Defeating you only requires one move!"

"You're courting death!" Ye Tianqing roared, the Qi and blood in his body bloomed, he waved his fist and struck at Ye Tianze.


After the slap, everyone thought that Ye Tianqing had hit Ye Tianze, but upon closer inspection, they realized that it was not like that.

Ye Tianqing's mouth was full of blood as he laid on the ground. A five fingered, blood-red mark on his face was extremely eye piercing.

"What just happened? Was I wrong? "

"You didn't see wrong, Master day qing lost, yet again ? "Another slap ?"

"Foundation Establishment stage, you don't even have the strength to fight against Awakening Realm?"

The A child of the Ye Clan s outside the spiritual room all had their mouths wide open. Before they could clearly see what was going on, the battle had already ended.

If Ye Tianze lost, they would have taken it for granted.

Right now, Ye Tianqing had the strength of a Awakening Realm who had awakened a high level earth spirit blood, let alone a rank two.

They did not even see how Ye Tianze had made his move clearly. If they had not heard the sound and seen the five finger marks, who would have thought that he had been slapped in the face?

"How is this possible ??" "How is this possible!?" Only now did Ye Tianqing come to his senses, as a complicated expression surfaced in his eyes. "How can I not defeat a waste like you?

The anger made Ye Tianqing lose his mind, the earth spirit blood surged, its body released a faint yellow light, all its energy was gathered on its fist, and it fiercely smashed towards Ye Tianze.


Another slap on the face. At the same spot, Ye Tianqing fell to the ground once again.


Accompanying the blood clotted were a few shattered teeth. Ye Tianqing trembled, and his pair of cold and fierce eyes became lost. He was stunned by these two slaps.

When he finally regained his senses, he felt the fiery gazes of the surrounding people stabbing into his body like thorns.

He couldn't believe that he had actually lost to the same person twice, and that he was just a small fry that he normally didn't care about.

"He lost, he doesn't even have the strength to fight back ?"

"Good ?" "So fast!"

"To be defeated by a Foundation Establishment stage waste at Awakening Realm and even received two slaps on the face. This is simply humiliating!"

This time, they could see clearly, it was not that Ye Tianqing was not strong enough, but he was too slow, so slow that he could barely keep up with Ye Tianze's movements.

"Does this feel bad?" Ye Tianze moved closer to his ear and said coldly, "This is called living a life worse than death, don't be in such a hurry to surrender, this is only the beginning."

Looking at his back, Ye Tianqing suddenly remembered the previous threat, and felt his blood run cold.

Ye Tianze turned to the guard post and asked: "How much time do I have left?"

"This ?" The guard swallowed his saliva, still in the state of shock from before. "There's still ?" "Twelve hours."

"Oh." Ye Tianze thought for a while, then casually threw the Token on the table and said, "Then it's all used."

Seeing Ye Tianze walking towards the spiritual room, the guards were stunned. It was not only him, the other A child of the Ye Clan s outside the spiritual room were also stunned.

"Did I hear wrongly? Did he say that he would use them all?"

"You did not hear wrongly, he asked the lord guard. The lord guard said that there are still 24 hours left, he said ?" All of them have been used! "

"This... How is that possible? No matter how strong his physical body is, he can't possibly last more than twenty-four hours. That is the record of the Young Master Tianhai. "

He thinks that by defeating the Master day qing, he can break the Young Master Tianhai's record? Hmph, I think it's impossible for him to even break the Young Master Tianxin's record. "

Outside spiritual room, was an uproar, especially Ye Tianqing, he had still not come out from the shadow just now, his gaze on Celestial Spirit Room was extremely complicated.

"Impossible, it's impossible for him to surpass the Heavenly Star Realm. He's just a waste whose spiritual blood has been snatched away!" Ye Tianqing roared in his heart.

However, the burning pain on his face kept reminding him.

After Ye Tianze walked into the spiritual room, the news of him defeating Ye Tianqing once again shocked the entire Ye Family.

But before the Ye Family could recover from the news, they heard another piece of news. Ye Tianze wanted him to train in the spiritual room for twenty-four hours.

"This guy is obviously targeting Heavenly Star. It's a pity that he still hasn't realized reality."

"I think it's not that he didn't realize reality, he just wanted to risk his life. If he could break Heavenly Star's record and get Ancestor's attention, maybe he would still have a chance to survive tomorrow during the test."

"Hehe, Ancestor is not a Idiot, he's just a waste whose spiritual blood has been snatched away. No matter how strong he is, he won't be able to step into the Awakening Realm, and Heavenly Star's current wind spirit blood is already perfect.

"That's right, Tianxin is from the direct line of descent, and he's just a wild species. It's impossible for him to break the record, so what can he do about it?"

The expert s quickly understood Ye Tianze's intentions, but none of them held any hope for him. No matter how weak Ye Tianxing was, in the future, he would definitely be strong, and no matter how strong Ye Tianze was, he would definitely be crushed by Ye Tianxing.

What's more, Ye Tianxing was not weak now.

"What?" This little wild species has defeated Tian Qing again, and it was with just two slaps? " After hearing the news, Ye Tianxing frowned his brow.

"That's right, Young Master. The body of this kid can be said to be terrifying. He didn't even manage to touch his sleeves before he was knocked over with a single slap." the servant said.

"Looks like he really consumed all of those pill. Otherwise, how could he possess such terrifying power in such a short period of time?" Ye Tianxing said with a cold face.

"Not only did he defeat the Master day qing, he had even threatened to train in the Celestial Spirit Room for twenty-four hours!" the servant said.

"Hehe, something that does not know its limits, even if he used up all two Essence Blood Pill s, it would still be impossible for him to stay inside for five hours." Ye Tianxing sneered, "Don't bother with him, no matter how big the commotion he made today, it is useless, I will still be stepping on him tomorrow!"

"Go and wait outside the spiritual room. In less than five hours, he'll come out with his tail between his legs." Ye Tianxing sneered.

At the same time, more and more people gathered outside the spiritual room. Although the people of Ye Family did not hold much hope for Ye Tianze, it did not hinder them as they came to watch the show.

"Six hours have passed." An elder said.

"He stayed inside for six hours. That's his limit. He should be coming out soon."

Everyone's eyes were focused on the door of Celestial Spirit Room, hoping that Ye Tianze would come out, but that door did not budge.

"Eight hours ?" "It's over ?"

"He consumed so many pill, it's not a miracle that he could last long. Otherwise, how could he have defeated Tian Qing?"

"Yes, that's right. There are ten Qi Boosting Pills, two Essence Blood Pill s, and they have been cultivating in spiritual room for a long time. Their bodies have been refined to the point where they far surpass average Foundation Establishment stage cultivator.

Everyone present heaved a sigh of relief when they heard this.

Ye Tianqing, who was sitting on the ground, shivered. Ye Tianze had broken his previous record, and he was in the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, as time passed, eight hours quickly passed by and the great doors of the spiritual room still did not make any sound.

"Five... "It's been five hours." An elder held on to the time, his tone turning serious.

The people who were sure that Ye Tianze would definitely come out immediately shut their mouths, but they were not convinced.

"The Young Master said that five hours is his limit. Two Essence Blood Pill s are enough for him to hold on for five hours. After those five hours pass, he will come out." A voice sounded.

Everyone looked over and recognized him, he was Ye Tianxing's personal servant. His words immediately calmed them down.

However, the door didn't open as the servant had expected. Time flowed on, and soon, five hours had passed.

Plaza was quiet, the servant who just spoke had an ugly expression, and turned to look for Ye Tianxing.

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