Heaven-defying War God/C15 If You Have the Guts to Wait for My Big Brother to Come Back
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Heaven-defying War God/C15 If You Have the Guts to Wait for My Big Brother to Come Back
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C15 If You Have the Guts to Wait for My Big Brother to Come Back

The dozen or so thugs had already arrived in front of him. At this critical moment, Wai Xiao's figure suddenly flashed and he passed the first person like a ghost.


At this moment, time seemed to freeze. Those thugs seemed to have turned into transparent people. Wai Xiao walked past the crowd calmly and slowly towards Lee Jie.

"You, what are you doing?!" When Lee Jie realized something was wrong, Wai Xiao had already arrived in front of him, scaring him so much that he hurriedly took a few steps back.

Wai Xiao sneered, a cold light exploded out of his eyes, and said coldly: "What do you think I am going to do? Don't you think that I'm the only one who will take me down? "

As soon as he finished his sentence, Wai Xiao stepped forward and grabbed Lee Jie's left shoulder and squeezed with all his strength!

Ka-cha! *

Lee Jie's forehead immediately broke out into a cold sweat and his face instantly turned pale.

"Ah!" Only after hearing his scream did the thugs react, and their expressions changed greatly, "Young Master Li! Let go of Young Master Li!

"You bunch of trash can't even catch a single person, what's the use of me raising you all, I … "Ahhh!" Lee Jie stared at the group of thugs with a pale face and could not help but curse.

But before he could finish, he felt another wave of pain from his right shoulder. He fell to the ground and didn't use any strength in his hands. The heart-wrenching pain almost made him faint.

"If you dare to hurt me, my father and my big brother will not forgive you!" Lee Jie's face was filled with pain as he stared at Wai Xiao and yelled.

Ever since he returned to the Lee Family, Lee Jie had not been bullied in the slightest. Whoever dared to disrespect him would get beaten up, and at this moment, both of his hands were crippled by Wai Xiao. How could he endure such humiliation!

"Your big brother? is that guy who holds a high position in the Lion Legion? " Wai Xiao glanced at Lee Jie.

"That's right, my big brother will be back in two days. If you have the guts, wait for him to come back. He won't let you off!" Lee Jie stared at Wai Xiao. The pain brought about by his arms made him want to die!

"You're coming back in the next two days?" Wai Xiao's eyebrows twitched and a hint of ridicule appeared on the corner of his mouth, "What a coincidence, I had something to ask him."

"Who do you think you are to speak to my big brother like that?!" Lee Jie stared at Wai Xiao with a ferocious expression.

Thinking about his big brother, Lee Jie suddenly gained courage, and laughed coldly: "I advise you to let me go, or else if my big brother comes back, you're dead for sure. If it's not just you, even your Lin Family …"

Hearing Lee Jie's words, Wai Xiao frowned. Two killing intent shot out of his eyes and a kick landed on Lee Jie's neck, directly sending him flying.

Unexpectedly, Lee Jie's legs kicked and his neck tilted, causing him to faint from the kick.

A terrifying killing intent filled Wai Xiao's eyes. He hates people who threaten him the most, especially … Threatening his family!

Thinking of this, Wai Xiao strode over like a meteor and picked Lee Jie up. With a sneer, he looked at Li Xiao and said coldly, "Return and tell your family head, come to Meihu Villa's central island and apologize within three days, otherwise … …" He will never see his son again! "

With that, Wai Xiao lifted Lee Jie up from the ground and threw him into the taxi.

Noticing Wai Xiao's gaze, Li Rui immediately shivered and almost jumped up from the ground. He didn't dare to talk back to Wai Xiao and hurriedly bit the bullet, saying: "Don't, don't kill me, I, I'll definitely pass on the message to the family head!"

Wai Xiao glanced at Li Xiao and coldly said: "Scram!"

Hearing Wai Xiao's words, it was as if Li Xiao had received a pardon. He hurriedly brought everyone to the car and left without looking back.

Liu Jiao's eyes widened, she never thought that Wai Xiao would actually treat people with Lee Family in such a way. She pointed at Wai Xiao, who was acting fierce, but was actually weak inside: "You, you treated Second Young Master Lee Family like this, when Young Master Lee Family comes back, he won't let you off!"

Wai Xiao turned his head and glanced at her. The cold look in his eyes was suffocating. It was as if the temperature in the surroundings dropped!

"You, what are you looking at, do you still dare to hit me?!" Gritting her teeth, she said, "Young Master Lee Family is my brother-in-law, he's the leader of Lion Legion. If you dare hit me, he'll definitely not let you off!"

"Enough! Liu Jiao, what the hell are you doing?! " Wang Zhou's face alternated between green and white. He suddenly raised his head, pointed at Liu Jiao and yelled, "Brother Xiao is my classmate, today's accident is also our responsibility. It's already pretty good that Brother Xiao didn't make us pay!"

"Good, you trash. You dare to talk back to Jiao Jiao!" Before Liu Jiao could say anything, her mother stretched out her hand to slap Wang Zhou and scolded him, "You son of a b * tch, eating and drinking from us is something our family bought. You still dare to speak to outsiders?!"

Seeing this scene, Wai Xiao frowned, grabbed Liu Jiao's mother's wrist and shouted coldly, "Today's matter has nothing to do with Wang Zhou, I only want to ask you, do you want to compensate for this car, or not?!

"On what basis should I compensate you? The responsibility clearly rests with you!" Liu Jiao's expression changed. She crossed her arms over her chest and snorted coldly. She looked like a stubborn dead duck.

Hearing Liu Jiao's words, Wai Xiao looked at Wang Zhou with a questioning gaze.

"Brother Xiao, you handle it. Don't worry about me." Wang Zhou smiled bitterly.

"You, Wang Zhou, are you a man or not? Why are you so useless!" Seeing that Wang Zhou didn't care anymore, Liu Jiao's face was livid. She raised her hand and slapped Wang Zhou.

Wai Xiao took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Liu Jiao. He grabbed her wrist, narrowed his eyes, and said coldly, "Don't think that I wouldn't dare to do anything to you just because you're a woman. Wang Zhou is my friend, and if you dare to be disrespectful to him in the future, Lee Jie's fate will be the same as yours!"

"Also, although I don't hit women, I've never shown mercy to lowly women." With that, Wai Xiao shook off Liu Jiao's wrist.

"Don't let me say it a second time." With that, Wai Xiao ignored Liu Jiao and her son and patted Wang Zhou on the shoulder.

He could help Wang Zhou once, but he couldn't help Wang Zhou for the rest of his life. This kind of thing still depended on Wang Zhou's opinion, so he patted Wang Zhou on the shoulder and said in a low voice: "Choose for yourself, if you need money, just tell me."

"You! "Humph!" Liu Jiao stared at Wai Xiao with reddened eyes, but didn't dare to say anything else. She unwillingly took out five red boards from her bag and threw them on the ground with a snort. She clenched her fists as she returned to the car.

The taxi driver hurriedly picked up the money.

… ….

Wai Xiao returned to the taxi, closed his eyes and suppressed his thoughts.

This was the only clue he had so far, and if he wanted to interrogate Lee Family from its mouth, Lee Family's eldest son was no doubt the best candidate. It was very possible that Lee Family was related to Lin Yang's disappearance.

"Young man, I don't think those people are easy to mess with. You'd better call the police." Along the way, the taxi driver hesitated for a long time before gritting his teeth and persuading.

Wai Xiao opened his eyes and looked at the driver. He shook his head with a smile and said, "Don't worry, Uncle. They won't dare to do anything to me."

"Sigh …" The taxi driver didn't say anything after hearing Wai Xiao's words.

Very quickly, the car stopped outside the Meihu and villa area.

Wai Xiao didn't say anymore and directly carried Lee Jie into the villa area. He would be staying here for two or three days to suppress his injuries and face Lee Family's eldest son. Wai Xiao knew very well the principle of using all his strength to fight a lion and a rabbit.

While thinking, Wai Xiao carried Lee Jie to the interior of the villa complex. With his identity and proof of identity, he quickly arrived beside the Meihu.

I heard that it used to be a natural lake, and after doing it and going through human expansion, it became a beautiful scenery of the Meihu Villa District.

To reach the center island of Meihu, one needed to row a boat through the ferry to be able to reach the center island. Thus, Wai Xiao did not hesitate and headed straight for the ferry in front of them.

"Halt, who are you?!" When he got close to the ferry-crossing next to the Meihu, Wai Xiao was stopped.

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