Heaven-defying War God/C2 The Lin Family Is in Trouble
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Heaven-defying War God/C2 The Lin Family Is in Trouble
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C2 The Lin Family Is in Trouble

Wai Xiao's words immediately attracted everyone's attention.

"Stinking brat, what nonsense are you spouting?!" Lin Yu's cousin was called Lin Jian. He tugged on the collar of his shanzhai Armani shirt, pointed at Wai Xiao and yelled fiercely, "What right do you, an outsider, have to criticize my family? Get out!"

"Get out, or else don't blame us for being impolite!" Lin Jian's father, who was also Lin Jian's father, stared at Wai Xiao with an unfriendly expression, and snorted coldly. "You, an outsider, don't even care about the matters regarding our Lin Family!"

Hearing this, Wai Xiao sneered and mocked, "What are you guys playing around with me for? If you have the ability, go and rescue your second brother!"

"Also, I'm not an outsider. I'm Wai Xiao!" Wai Xiao's eyes were like torches as he spoke word by word like a loud bell.

"What?!" It's him! "

"Wai Xiao? It's the ingrate adopted by number two? "

"Why is he back!"

When Wai Xiao revealed his identity, it instantly caused a huge uproar. Lin Jian's father and the rest's faces also changed.

"Xiao Xiao, are you really Xiao Xiao?! "Child, when did you come back?" When Lin Yu's elder uncle found out Wai Xiao's identity, tears immediately started to appear in his eyes. He choked with sobs and asked, "Little Yang, how did Little Yang die?"

"You're Wai Xiao?!" At this moment, Lin Jian raised his voice and walked over with an unfriendly expression. He grabbed Wai Xiao by the collar and snapped with a sinister smile, "My cousin entered the army together with you. Tell me, how did he die?"

"Let go!" Wai Xiao frowned and said coldly.

Lin Jian didn't do anything, but he felt a bone-piercing chill. He felt his entire body go cold, as if he had fallen into an icehouse. All the hair on his body stood up!

"This fellow is just a smelly soldier. Does he dare to make a move in front of so many people!?" Lin Jian thought for a second, then sneered and slandered, "You entered the same school as my cousin, so you must know what's going on. You don't dare to say it, could it be that my cousin was harmed by you …"

Hearing Lin Jian's words, a trace of coldness flashed across Wai Xiao's eyes. He stretched out his hand extremely quickly and grabbed Lin Jian by the neck. He said coldly, "You are courting death!"

When he said that, Wai Xiao's whole body was emitting a frightening killing intent. Lin Jian was scared senseless because he had the illusion that if he didn't shut his mouth, Wai Xiao would really kill him!

"Wai Xiao, if you have something to say, then say it. Do you know that killing people is against the law!?" Lin Jian's father screamed out when he saw his son being grabbed by the neck by Wai Xiao.

Wai Xiao's gaze was like lightning. He looked at his uncle and said, "Uncle, I will explain to you Yang Zi's situation in the future. I just want to know what happened to Uncle Lin and the others."

"Xiao Xiao, let him go first." Lin Yu's uncle laughed bitterly, and said helplessly, "You should have heard of Lee Family before, it's one of the three great families that monopolizes more than half of our real estate development projects, and has a huge power that can cover the sky with one hand!"

Wai Xiao frowned slightly, but still released his grip and asked: "Was it done by the Lee Family?"

"It is said that when the second young master of the Lee Family was born, a strange phenomenon occurred. An expert advised, saying that his life was the life of his father and mother, and that he would only be able to return after twenty-three years of age."

Lin Yu's uncle shook his head and sighed helplessly.

"Two years ago, he was brought back by the Lee Family, but who knew that after marrying two wives in a row, he would both die suddenly in a short period of two to three months?

"How do they know Xiao Yu is a pure Yang?" Wai Xiao raised his eyebrows. A person with eight words, Pure Yang or Pure Yin, was extremely rare, but how did Lee Family learn about Xiao Yu's birth date?

The moment Wai Xiao said these words, Lin Jian immediately took half a step back, and his uncle's gaze looked at him as well, and he said furiously: "It's all because of this bastard. After finding out that Lee Family had recruited all of the girls with eight words of pure Yang, he revealed Xiao Yu's birth to Lee Family for the sake of a hundred thousand gold!"

"Who? Who said I was the one who revealed it!?" Lin Jian hid behind his father and said guiltily.

"It's you! "Don't think I don't know. You secretly asked number two something, and even said something about helping Xiao Yu pray for her!" Lin Yu's uncle became angrier and angrier as he spoke. He pointed at him and gnashed his teeth, wishing that he could peel off his skin!

"Big brother, what's wrong with Xiaoyu marrying!" At this moment, Lin Jian's father snorted, and looked at Wai Xiao in dissatisfaction, "Xiao Yu will marry the rich lady, and we can all bask in the glory, Lee Family promised us each a house, what can you do to listen to this brat, what can he give us?!"

"That's right. Her uncle, you can't block everyone's path to wealth!" Lin Yu's second aunt held her waist and looked at Wai Xiao with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes, "If you guys don't agree, then go and rescue Xiao Yu and the others. But I did say in advance that if you mess up the wedding and the house that Lee Family promised to us is gone, you guys will have to compensate!"

Listening to them, the old man in his fifties was filled with grief, but there was nothing he could do. He could only hate himself for being so powerless. It was as if all the strength in his body was sucked out as he let out a heavy sigh.

"Uncle, the wedding is today, right?" Wai Xiao ignored the others and looked at his uncle who was over a hundred years old. "Don't worry. With me here, no one can force Uncle Uncle Lin to follow Xiao Yu!"

"Wai Xiao, I'm warning you, don't meddle in other people's business!" Hearing Wai Xiao's words, Lin Jian immediately became anxious. He pointed at Wai Xiao and berated him, "Lee Family is not something that you can offend. If you dare to stand in our way of money, we will fight you to the end!"

"That's right, if you want to provoke Lee Family, don't bring us along!" Lin Yu's second aunt had her hands on her waist as she stared at Wai Xiao with dissatisfaction, "I don't care. If you dare to meddle in other people's business, then don't even think about coming out of this door today!"

Lin Yu's uncle sighed. Although he didn't want Xiao Yu to jump into the fire, he couldn't just watch Wai Xiao die either. He shook his head and said: "Xiao Xiao, don't be rash.

"Lee Family? "Is it very strong?" Wai Xiao sneered. If he did not provoke them, how would he know how strong Lee Family was!

"I, Wai Xiao, will definitely interfere in this matter!" After that, Wai Xiao swept his eyes over everyone and walked out. Since you guys aren't willing to tell me, then I'll look for myself. With such a big matter, are you afraid you won't be able to find out?

"Everyone, stop him!" Seeing that Wai Xiao was going to disrupt the wedding, Lin Jian rushed forward.

No matter what, they couldn't let Wai Xiao mess up the wedding. Otherwise, it wouldn't be as simple as not getting the house. The anger of Lee Family was definitely not something ordinary people like them could bear.

To them, there was nothing bad about Lin Yu marrying into a family. Instead, it was themselves who got the house, so why wouldn't they?

Furthermore, in their eyes, Wai Xiao was just an outsider. If Wai Xiao was really going to cause trouble at the wedding, Lee Family would definitely vent their anger on them. Where would they go to find such a rich relative?

"Scram!" Wai Xiao frowned and kicked Lin Jian's lower abdomen.

Bang! With a dull thud, Lin Jian was sent flying and crashed into the wall.

"Wai Xiao, you actually dare to hit someone!" Seeing that, Lin Jian's father immediately pointed at Wai Xiao and cursed, "You ungrateful bastard with a mother and no son, our Lin Family is not bad to you, if you dare to act so recklessly, it will only harm us!"

"You really are an ungrateful person. You are just a smelly soldier, what right do you have to fight with Lee Family? At that time, not only will you be sending yourself to your death, you will also implicate us. You truly have ill intentions!" Lin Yu's second aunt blocked the door as she stared at Wai Xiao ferociously. She pointed at the window and yelled, "If you don't want to live anymore, you can go and jump off the building. Don't implicate us!"

"Cough cough, everyone attack together. I don't believe that he can still make a move against the elders!" Lin Jian crawled up from the ground while clutching his lower abdomen and shouted loudly while pointing at Wai Xiao.

Hearing this, Lin Jian's father immediately echoed: "Everyone attack together! If he dares to hit us, then he's committing treason! We can call the police to arrest him!"

The others also frowned, their faces full of anger. If they really allowed Wai Xiao to provoke Lee Family, then they would all be in for a ride of misfortune!

Could it be that this fellow thought that his brain was stupid when he became a soldier? How could a poor soldier like him provoke Lee Family!

Thinking of this, Lin Jian's father and the others immediately rolled up their sleeves and approached Wai Xiao.

"What are all of you doing?!"


Wai Xiao frowned and a cold light flashed in his eyes. Just as he was about to attack, he heard two loud shouts coming from outside the door!

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