Heaven-defying War God/C5 Thousands of Fingers
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Heaven-defying War God/C5 Thousands of Fingers
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C5 Thousands of Fingers

Looking at the bend of Wai Xiao's leg, Lee Jie's face revealed a sinister smile. Just now, Wai Xiao had made him lose all his face, but now, he could only kneel down in front of him.

"Teacher, how can you kneel to this trash if you don't respect the heavens and the earth!" Chen Ye gritted his teeth, wishing that he could grind Lee Jie into dust.

"Hahaha, no matter how high your martial arts are, you still have to kneel in front of me!" Lee Jie laughed with a hint of ridicule on his face.

Below the stage, Lee Yu's gloomy face relaxed a little. He stared at Wai Xiao and sneered: "This is the result of provoking my Lee Family. Today, none of you should even think of leaving!"

Seeing that Wai Xiao was about to kneel on the ground, the people from Lee Family all let out a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, a beam of light shot out of Wai Xiao's narrowed eyes.

His leg fiercely stomped on the ground, and his entire body shot out like a cannonball, instantly arriving beside Lee Jie. He grabbed Lee Jie's throat and said coldly: "Nobody move, otherwise I will kill him!"

"Jie'er!" Lee Yu was the first to react, but when he spoke, Wai Xiao's hand was already on Lee Jie's throat.

Aunt Li also stood up and shouted anxiously, "Let go of my son!"

"You want me to release your son?" Wai Xiao squinted his eyes and exerted a little force with his hand. Lee Jie's face immediately turned red and he could no longer breathe.

"Don't, don't kill me!" Lee Jie held Wai Xiao's hand tightly and shouted with a terrified expression, "Dad, Dad, quickly save me!"

Mother Li's face was full of fear. She quickly waved her hand and said anxiously, "As long as you release my son, I will immediately release them!"

"Madam!" Lee Yu frowned when he heard what Mother Li said.

He was sure that Wai Xiao didn't dare to kill anyone and didn't want to compromise. But since his wife was a mother and loved her children, how could she still have any sense?

"Let Uncle Lin and Aunt Lin go first!" Wai Xiao put his hand on Lee Jie's neck and said coldly.

"Alright, release!" Hearing Wai Xiao's words, Mother Li immediately scolded the bodyguards, "You guys, let go of those two!"

"We can't release it!" Lee Yu coldly snorted, pointed at Wai Xiao and said, "Son, you better release Jie'er now, or I'll make you die a graveless death!"

"Your son is about to die, why aren't you letting him go!"

Before Wai Xiao could say anything, Aunt Li pointed at Lee Yu's nose and cursed, "Our son suffered for so many years outside, do you still have the heart to see him get hurt?!"

"You, you stinking woman, you really want to embarrass my old Lee Family completely!"

Hearing his wife berating him like this, Lee Yu frowned, and anxiously clapped his hands, "In front of so many people, if we compromise, how would the outside world view our Lee Family, would we still have our Lee Family's face left!"

"Besides, how can you be sure that he will let Jell go?" Lee Yu rubbed his forehead and said helplessly to his wife.

"I promise, as long as you let Uncle Lin and Aunt Lin go, I will absolutely not touch a single hair on his head!" After hearing Lee Yu's words, Wai Xiao knew that he couldn't let Mother Li give up. What he wanted was to save Uncle Wu and Aunt Li, not to injure Lee Jie.

"You, I don't care, your son is about to be strangled to death, what face do you have!" Mother Li clenched her fists and shouted at the bodyguards, "Release him now, or I will ask you what happened to my son!"

"This …" The four bodyguards looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

"Lee Yu, if something were to happen to my son today, I wouldn't be living anymore!" Seeing that the old man was still indifferent, Mother Li stomped her feet and pointed at Lee Yu as she cried.

Lee Yu frowned as he listened to the discussions around him. He knew that today, Lee Family would lose their face no matter what, so he clenched his teeth and waved his hand helplessly. "Release them, release them!"

Hearing Lee Yu's words, the four bodyguards let out a sigh of relief. They put away the sabers on Lin Chong and his wife's necks, pushed them away and said, "Let's go!"

Wai Xiao's gaze turned sharp, but he could not help but heave a sigh of relief internally. He put his hand on Lee Jie's neck and whispered to Lin Yu, "Xiao Yu, come with me."

"En!" Lin Yu nodded her head heavily.

Wen Yun and Chen Ye supported Lin Chong and his wife as they followed.

"If you dare to play any tricks, even if I, Lee Yu, am completely exhausted, I will never be able to get around you!" Lee Yu forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and scolded with a sullen face.

As they walked out of the Elegant Luck Restaurant, Lin Yu and Lin Chong couldn't help but shed tears. It felt like they had survived a disaster.

"Yun-er, go drive!" Wai Xiao looked at Wen Yun and then kicked Lee Jie in.

"Hurry up!" After kicking Lee Jie in, the five of them immediately ran out of the hotel.

At this moment, seven or eight black business vehicles suddenly drove over from the distance. Wai Xiao knew that something was wrong and immediately shouted, "We shouldn't stay here any longer. Let's go!"

Even though a Kalman King was supposed to sit on five people, with such a valiant body, let alone six, even two more would be more than enough!

With a wild roar, King Kalman left a trail of black marks on the ground and sped off into the distance.

Lee Yu rushed out with his men, but all he saw was the back of King Kalman. He pointed at the black commercial vehicle fleet that had just stopped and shouted, "Chase them down! Don't come back if you don't bring them back to see me today!"

… ….

Wen Yun's driving speed was very fast. Lin Mu and Lin Yu hugged each other and cried. They were already prepared to resign themselves to their fate, but they didn't expect Wai Xiao to suddenly come back.

"Xiao'er, tell uncle the truth. How did Xiao Yang die?" Lin Chong took a deep breath, lowered his head and asked in a deep voice.

Hearing Uncle Lin's words, Wai Xiao slightly frowned but didn't answer. Instead, he asked, "Uncle Uncle Lin, why did everyone insist that Yangzi was dead?"

"This …" Lin Chong hesitated for a moment and then said, "It's a message from the Lee Family that Little Yang has been killed while on a mission!"

"Because Lee Family's eldest son is in the lion army, everyone believes without a doubt!" Thinking of this, a hint of hope suddenly flashed across Lin Chong's eyes.

"Could it be..."

"Uncle Uncle Lin, I dare not speak carelessly about Yangzi's life and death!" Wai Xiao took a deep breath, looked at Lin Chong and his wife, sighed, and told them everything that had happened.

When they found out that their son had only lost contact with him during the mission and that there was no news of him, the old couple clenched their fists as a glimmer of hope once again flashed in their eyes!

"Uncle Lin, Aunt Lin, don't worry!"

Wai Xiao looked at the two of them with a grave expression, he gritted his teeth and said, "As long as Yangzi is still alive, I will bring him back alive and well!"

"If anything happens to Yangzi, I will take good care of the two elders, and … I will definitely uncover the mastermind behind all of this and avenge Yangzi! "

Very quickly, the car stopped at the residential building in Lin Family.

"Teacher, it's very likely that the Lee Family people will find this place, so …"

After parking the car, Wen Yun frowned. After hesitating for a moment, she said, "For the sake of little sister Yu'er's safety, let's go somewhere else!"

"If they want to come, just let them come!" After hearing Wen Yun's words, a trace of coldness flashed across Wai Xiao's eyes.

"But …" Wen Yun gritted her teeth, but before she could finish, Wai Xiao interrupted her with a wave of his hand, "If they dare to take a step into the Lin Family, then I'll make them restless!"

"Teacher, Wen Yun and I will definitely do everything we can to protect our Lin Family!" Chen Ye gave Wen Yun a meaningful glance and respectfully cupped his fist as he bowed.

Even though Wen Yun could see that her teacher was angry, she was still unconvinced. She frowned slightly, gritted her teeth, and clasped her fists.

… ….

The relatives of Lin Family were still waiting in the living room, each of them unable to sit still. When they saw Lin Chong and his wife returning with Lin Yu, the group of people's faces immediately changed.

"Second brother, why are you back?!" Lin Yu's third uncle was the first to greet him, frowning as he asked.

Lin Chong originally felt warm when he saw all his relatives. However, after hearing his third brother's words, he immediately frowned and asked: "Third brother, what do you mean by that?"

"Second Uncle, you guys didn't really escape from the wedding, did you?" Lin Jian looked at Lin Yu with a dark expression. If it really was like this, then it would be troublesome, "If Xiao Yu runs away like this, Lee Family will definitely not let us off!"

"I think, it's not that you guys are worried about the retaliation from Lee Family, but you're worried about the house that the Lee Family has promised you?" Hearing Lin Jian's words, the corner of Wai Xiao's mouth revealed a hint of ridicule as he said lightly.

Seeing that the main culprit had appeared, Lin Jian's brows immediately furrowed, but he was also afraid of Wai Xiao. He first retreated half a step, and then, with an overbearing tone, he shouted: "It's all your fault.

"That's right, if Lee Family is to be blamed, can you bear this responsibility?" Hearing his son's words, Lin Jian's father immediately agreed.

"Enough, shut up!" Suddenly, Lin Yu's uncle stood up and threw his walking stick on the ground.

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