Heaven-defying War God/C8 Episode of Internal Injury
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Heaven-defying War God/C8 Episode of Internal Injury
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C8 Episode of Internal Injury


Bang!" "Hmph, what big words you have there. I want to see just how long you can take!" The man in the suit sneered, and ridiculed with his hands behind his back, "No matter how powerful you are, can you still be an enemy of my entire Lee Family? Our Lee Family can easily crush you all to death!

"I advise you all to stop this senseless struggle. A bunch of ants want to control their own destinies." As he said this, the suited man waved his hand and shouted, "Attack together! I don't believe that they can even fight a hundred of them!"

"Yes sir!" Hearing their boss's words, the black-clothed men all immediately nodded their heads.

Even though Chen Ye had previously shocked them, they were not ordinary people. At this moment, they had already recovered and pulled out a shining machete from their waists before charging in.

Seeing this, Chen Ye's expression changed. These people actually dared to barge into the house using a controlled knife in broad daylight. He was not afraid of these people, but there were still a lot of ordinary people in the room.

"Everyone retreat!" Wai Xiao stared at the man in a suit with a dark expression. However, the man's words were still echoing in his heart.

However, he had to deal with these thugs first. Wai Xiao suppressed the shock in his heart and said to Lin Yu and her family, "Hide in your room, I'll deal with them!"

"Brother Xiao!" Hearing Wai Xiao's words, Lin Yu bit her lower lip and shouted at the man in the suit, "All of you stop, I will follow you back. As long as you let Brother Xiao go, I will follow you back!"

"Otherwise, I will immediately die in front of you!" As she finished her sentence, Lin Yu took out a fruit knife and pressed it against her neck.

"Xiao Yu, don't mess around! "Quickly put down the knife" Lin Chong's face changed dramatically when he saw his daughter holding the knife to her neck.

When the suited man saw this scene, he couldn't help but frown. If Lin Yu really committed suicide, then his cousin wouldn't be able to break the Yin Sha and his uncle would definitely vent his anger on him.

"Stop!" The suited man squinted his eyes and stared coldly at Lin Yu. After a moment, he said, "He must come back with me and kowtow in front of my uncle to apologize. He might still be able to live!"

"I can guarantee it. That's about it." The suited man said with a sneer as he held his hands behind his back.

He naturally wouldn't let Wai Xiao off just because of Lin Yu's compromise. What he said now was just a strategy to delay the war. As long as Lin Yu was willing to return with him, then the mission would be completed.

Wai Xiao suddenly sneered. Without turning his head, he said: "Little sister Xiao Yu, don't worry about me, just with the few of them, they are not qualified to be my opponent!"

"Ye Zi, Yun'er, anyone who enters this place will be killed!" As Wai Xiao finished his sentence, two cold glints shot out of his narrowed eyes. Crazy killing intent immediately filled the surroundings.

Chen Ye's and Wen Yun's expression changed slightly. They immediately felt the killing intent coming from Wai Xiao. Knowing that their teacher was really angry, they did not dare delay and hurriedly cupped their fists, "Yes, Teacher!"

"Hmph, ignorance!" Hearing Wai Xiao's words, the suited man sneered, "Attack! Beat these three reckless people to death!"

As soon as his voice fell, the black-clothed men raised their machetes and rushed forward.

The many relatives of Lin Family immediately screamed and hid inside the house. Lin Yu was also dragged back by her parents to the room, and could only watch Wai Xiao and the other two get drowned by the thugs.

"Kill!" Seeing that the thugs were about to charge over, Chen Ye suddenly shouted and his body burst out with an extremely strong aura, as if it had turned into a fierce tiger. He didn't retreat but charged forward and threw a punch towards the big men.

"You're courting death!" Wen Yun similarly narrowed her eyes and scolded softly with a frosty expression.

Her steps were nimble, like a leopard walking in the darkness, ready to strike at any time.

Two men against more than a dozen thugs, but they were not afraid at all. They directly clashed with them, and the battle was about to start!

It was too late. It was too soon!

Chen Ye's fist seemed to carry a tremendous force. With one punch, he sent the man in black flying. Fresh blood mixed with tooth fragments flew in the air.

Chen Ye was like a ferocious tiger rushing down the mountain, charging into a group of lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered. Chen Ye was like a ferocious tiger rushing down the mountain, rushing into a group of lambs that was waiting to be slaughtered.

On the other hand, although Wen Yun's movements were not as unstoppable as Chen Ye's, they made one's heart palpitate even more. Her moves and moves seemed to be created to kill people, and if it were not for the blood splattering on the ground after killing someone, she would probably have directly killed them.

"Ah!" Wen Yun screamed as her foot swept past and a large man was sent flying. His face was covered in blood and a layer of his skin had been torn off.

Wai Xiao stood in the middle of the crowd. His terrifying killing intent surged. He stared at the man in the suit with a chilling glint in his eyes. It was as if the surrounding temperature had been lowered.

The dozen thugs rushed over but didn't touch Wai Xiao even a little bit. Wen Yun and Chen Ye were like a tight and seamless net, blocking everyone one Zhang away from Wai Xiao.

"You, you …" All the hair on the man in the suit stood up. Although he couldn't feel the surging killing intent, his heart started trembling uncontrollably and he couldn't even speak properly.

Wai Xiao suddenly let out a smile. However, it was a very cold smile, like the snow in winter. He said lightly: "I tried to persuade you, but unfortunately you didn't listen."

His brain exploded as if it had exploded. Looking at his subordinates who were beaten into a mess by Chen Ye and Wu Cuihong and not even having touched Wai Xiao's clothes, his whole body suddenly trembled. He realized that he had kicked an iron plate!


Wai Xiao's eyes narrowed slightly. His arrogant aura surged along with a terrifying killing intent. It seemed to have turned into an invisible blade that could kill gods and devils alike. It instantly landed on the suited man's body.

Plop! The suited man's face turned pale. He felt as if his body had been struck by a mountain. His entire body was in pain as he staggered and fell on his feet.

"Cough cough …" Suddenly, Wai Xiao frowned. He felt an intense pain in his chest and a trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

Wai Xiao's face immediately turned pale. He frowned as his injuries became more and more serious since he went berserk last time.

"A bunch of trash! Get up! He's injured! Let's attack him together!" The man in the suit climbed up from the ground, sweating. Thinking about how he was scared to the point that he sat on the ground, he felt his face burning hot. Seeing Wai Xiao spitting blood, he immediately sneered and said, "Bullsh * t, go to hell!"

With that, the suited man picked up a machete from the ground and rushed towards Wai Xiao.

The sharp blade of the machete drew an elegant curve in the air as it ruthlessly slashed towards Wai Xiao's forehead. It looked like it was about to land on Wai Xiao's head.

"Teacher, be careful!"

"You're courting death!"

Wen Yun and Chen Ye turned around at the same time. When they saw the blood at the corner of Wai Xiao's mouth, their expressions changed!

However, no matter how fast Wen Yun and Chen Ye were, the two of them were human after all. How could they be faster than a machete that fell heavily?

Wai Xiao could only watch helplessly as the machete fell. However, his eyes were still tightly shut, as if he didn't notice the approaching danger.

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