Heaven's Chosen/C1 I Wish You Were Real
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Heaven's Chosen/C1 I Wish You Were Real
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C1 I Wish You Were Real

"The moon is beautiful tonight," he heard the man from his dream say and felt a hand holding his own.

"Yes, it is."

He watched as the wind played with long black hair and the sleeves danced softly. He could barely make out who it was, but he looked forward to sleeping every time just to be here with him. There was something about this man that made him feel safe.

"Who are you?"

Every time he questioned this, he received no answer. The man reached out to tuck a strand behind his ear. A sigh escaped his lips as he closed his eyes feeling the fingers rub his ear.

"I wish you were real…"

"Come find me there."

He opened his eyes and moved closer to the man he was infatuated with.

"Where? Where can I find you?" He questioned the warped voice.

"I will be waiting," he felt hands smooth across his face, "It has been so long."

He blinked trying to clear the distorted figure, "You've been telling me this all this time. You are just my dream. I don't know you, but… I have fallen in love with you."

"Soon, my love."

The figure closed in and he felt his eyes closed as lips touched his forehead. The smell of wood and plum trees filled his nose. So familiar, yet so strange.

"I have waited for many years," the voice sounded sad and he felt an ache in his heart, "Will you not return to me?"

Fingers ran through his hair before cupping his cheeks. Breathe tickled his nose as the person moved closer, enveloping his sense of smell once more.

"Come back to me again," the voice whispered, "I won't let you go again."

Lips moved in closer until-

The sound of the bell ringing signified the end of the school day, jolting him from his sleep. A boy with short platinum blonde hair blinked as he sat up straighter. Looking around, he saw eyes on him and he flushed embarrassed. Did he… fall asleep again?

"Bai Lan, I would like to speak with you."

His orange eyes blinked over to see a frown on his teacher's face. Gulping down, he waited until his classmates emptied the class with whispers and shaking their heads. He stood flustered and headed to his teacher with his head down.

"You have been sleeping in class a lot lately. Is there something you want to tell me?"


"Have you been staying up? Playing game late? Not sleeping enough?"

His teacher interrogated and he tightened his hold on his strap.

"I ask for your forgiveness, teacher. I sleep enough, but I just feel more tired lately."

"Is it your heart again?"

The concerned from his teacher made him smile.

"Thank you for worrying, teacher. I am alright."

"You know that is why I do not wake you up when you snore away sleep talking about your fantasized lover," she said it casually and Bai Lan flushed deeply.

'Sleep talking again? How embarrassing,' he wanted to cover his face.

"Be sure to rest enough, Bai Lan. If you sleep again, I would have to wake you. You have been a distraction for the students and myself."

He nodded and bowed.

"Please forgive me, teacher."

"Eh? Why do you always speak so formally," his teacher waved him away, "Just take care of yourself. Now go. Enjoy your day."

"Thank you," Bai Lan bowed again and heard the sigh from his teacher. He left out of the school and ran a hand through his hair.

'I do think about him too much… I should focus in school and graduate, but…' his mind played images of his infatuation and his cheeks were dusted in red, 'He is so handsome and kind…'

'Stupid, Bai Lan, he is just a dream,' he shook his head reprimanding himself.

Letting out a sigh, he was on his way out of the gates when a girl tugged on his arm. Turning to her, she was staring at him with redness against her cheeks.

"Ah Lan, um…" the girl stuttered, "Do you want to go to the café tomorrow?"

He just stared at her and noted that she was cute, but-

"Sorry. I will be busy," he let her down slowly.

"We can… we can go a different day," the girl tried and he felt his lips thinned.

"I am not interested, sorry," he apologized and the girl scowled at him.

"All you do is daydream. You will always be alone Bai Lan!"

The girl ran off and he watched her receding form with a deep sigh. Alone… he was, wasn't he? Maybe he should try with someone and see if it would work out, yet something was telling him he already belonged to someone else.

"Ah Lan, another girl huh?" His classmate and good friend Fu Meng walked over with a grin.

"Are you jealous?" His other good friend Jia Le joked.

Both were the most beautiful in the entire school and why they were his friend also confused him, but here they were walking over to him with smiles. He smiled back and waved at them.

"I think I made her cry."

"It isn't your fault, Ah Lan," Jia Le patted his shoulder, "Don't think too much on it."

"I'm not surprised you got asked again," the popular boy grinned wrapping an arm over his shoulder, "Ah Lan is quite a catch."

"Please, let us not speak like that," Bai Lan smiled and pushed the arm off him.

"Ah, sorry A Lan. I forgot you don't like to be touched."

"It is alright."

"Ah Lan, let's go to the roof tonight," the pretty girl suggested sweetly.

"The roof?"

"The whole double moons thing," the popular boy said, "Apparently we could see it through a telescope."

"Oh right," Bai Lan nodded as they headed down the street, "Are you sure there will be one? Our professor is… strange."

"Might be, but we should still check it out," Fu Meng said.

"We'll bring the telescope and food, you just show up A Lan," Jia Le smiled again and he hummed.

'Come find me there,' the voice in his dream floated through his mind, and he found himself wondering if he would find out who it was. He could feel his face warming up with the thought of finally meeting the man in his dreams.


When he got home, it was quiet. His foster parents were full-time workers and he was alone most of the time. Lying on his bed with the white walls around him, he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.

He felt fingers stroking his face lightly as it trailed down the curve of his neck. Fingernails scrapped lightly down his nape and he shivered opening his eyes. A blurry image of his dream lover was lying beside him in a luxurious bed. His eyes trailed down to see his lover's almost bare chest. The red robe slipped down strong shoulder, revealing firm muscled arms.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

His eyes snapped back to the blurry face before him and he wanted to hide his face.


He heard the chuckle from the man and felt fingers wrapped around his. His hand was lifted to place on smooth skin. He felt as if his heart was going to give up on him at any moment. The man glided his palms down long neck and paused where he could feel the beating organ of his infatuation.

They've never… gone this far before in his dreams. They would kiss lightly, hold one another, but this was… this was-

"I miss you."

His eyes returned to the face and he bit his bottom lip.

"I miss you too."

He licked his lips when the man moved in closer, squishing his hand in between their bodies. Breath fanned over his face and he fluttered his lashes as his eyes moved to where lips were on the blurred face.

"It is time," Lips touched all over his face and his heart was beating faster, "Be with me, my love."

"Yes," he breathed back and felt lips on his. His eyes closed and felt the deepening of the kiss, as tongue licked his lips for entrance. He parted his lips and-

Bai Lan jolted awake when the sound of his phone rung.

Laying back down, he breathed deeply to calm his heart. He turned over to grab his phone and looked to see who it was.


"A Lan, did you sleep again? Are you not coming?" He could imagine the frown on his friend's face.

"Forgive me," he got off the bed to look out the window, "I will be right there."

"Alright, hurry up."

He hung up the phone and left the empty house. Running down the street, he turned to corner and thought he saw an image of his infatuation. Dark hair and red robe, he stumbled in his run. When he blinked, the image was gone.

'I am… I am going crazy,' he rubbed his face and paused, 'What if… what if I will see him.'

With that thought, his heart quickened and his cheeks warmed. Heading up to the roof, he saw his friends chatting. They heard him entered and they brightened up greeting him.

"You made me worried, A Lan," Jia Le pouted behind her smile.

"My apologies, A Le. I fell asleep."

"Always sleeping."

"Sleeping beauty," Fu Meng grinned, "Come. Let us enjoy a meal before it is time."

He nodded and joined them in eating the meal prepared for this occasion. There was a white box and he went to reach for it, but the female pulled it back.

"For later, A Lan."

"Alright," He let out a laugh and they finished their meal. As Fu Meng went to steadied the telescope, he helped Jia Le clean up the space.

"Jia Le," he said softly, "When will you ask Fu Meng out?"


His friend stilled and stared at him with wide eyes.

"We have been friends for a while. I know you care deeply for him."

"I do, but… he is not the one I wish to love, A Lan."

Before the blonde could question further, the popular male called out to him. Bai Lan smiled and went to his friend.

"Oh, you have a piece of rice on your hair," the young man reached out and pulled the piece out of his hair, "… there."

"Ah, thank you, A Meng," he smiled and pointed to the telescope, "Did you get it ready?"

"Hm, yes. Take a look."

Bai Lan felt his heartbeat skipped and looked through the lens of the telescope that faced the moon. He couldn't help the smile on his face when he noticed the thin outline of another moon, almost twinkling at him.

'I guess that teacher wasn't crazy after all,' he thought and found his heart stutter when he saw red near his view. Pulling back from the glass, he looked before him to find nothing. He clutched his heart as the beating became more erratic. Scrunching his face, he took a deep steady breath.

"Hey," he turned to his friends and froze.

There were rose petals on the ground and they both were holding a heart shaped cake. Blinking in confusion, he searched their faces to note the redness on their cheeks and the tip of their ears.

"A Lan," the girl started, "We've known each other for a long time and well…" she grinned, "I really like you and want to be more than friends."

'Oh…' he wanted to run away, 'didn't they know…'

"A Lan," the guy smiled as well, "Same as Jia Le. I like you a lot. Let's go out on a date."

'What was happening?!' He stepped back from them and saw their smiles faltered.

"Look, I…" he looked at them with sadness, "Your both really nice and everyone in school likes you, but…" he let out a sigh, "I just see you as my friends and nothing more. Please forgive me."

"A… ah, okay," the girl sounded and pushed the rest of the cake for the male to hold, "I'm going… I'm going to go."

Then she took off and Fu Meng also excused himself as he placed the cake on the floor and left. Alone on the roof, he sighed looking at the moon. He… he liked his friends, but not in the way that they wish. He felt his heart belonged to another, a man in red and black hair.

"To have fallen in love with a dream," he shook his head with a sigh. Staring up at the double moon, he hummed to himself a tune that would not leave his head. He felt his heart constricting and he fell to his knees gripping it tightly. He could feel his heart giving out and he closed his eyes as he laid down on his side.

His eyes were staring at the moon.

'Where are you?' He questioned and felt his breathing slow. As his heart began to stop, he swore he felt fingers running through his hair and the smell of plum blossoms around him.

Then there was silence.

The smell of roses filled his nose and he opened his eyes. He took in the lavished room he was in. His head moved to his left to see a girl and he jumped out of the bed in shock.

'Who is this!' He looked down at himself to see him still dressed in… something, 'What is going on? Is this… is he being punished?!'

He quickly went to the door looking for a knob but saw no handle. He heard the bed move and he panicked.

'How do you open this thing!' He was pushing against it and realized it was a sliding door.

"Honey, wha-"

He heard the girl say, but he was not staying to hearing it all. He ran out, down the hallway, and out the big doors with handles.

"Where… where am I," he whispered out loud taking in everything. He was no longer home.

New chapter is coming soon
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