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The next day, Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xuanyuan Zi Lin left with their four maids and headed for the Profound Essence. This was the place that they had agreed to meet up with Xuanyuan Wen Jing and the little fatty. Along the way, Xuanyuan Zilin was especially excited and would laugh from time to time. After all, this was the first time he had come to this world to explore and enjoy.

When they arrived at the Exquisite Xuan Hall, they discovered that Xuanyuan Wen Jing and the little fatty had already arrived. They didn't even know what they were talking about. Behind them were two men and two women, most likely under their bodyguards or something similar. Seeing Xuanyuan Zilong and the others walk over, the little fatty Tang Wen shouted first, "Boss, here ?"

The two men and two women behind the fatty began to observe the four maids as they walked past. One of them should be a maid brought by Xuanyuan Wen Jing. Her face seemed to reveal an expression of surprise, as if she was surprised by the beauty of the four maids, or perhaps she had seen through the strength of the four maids or something.

Xuanyuan Zilong did not pay any attention to this and directly walked towards them, saying, "You have been here for a long time? "I'm sorry to have to keep you guys waiting!" "Boss, there's nothing to worry about. We've only just arrived, you and little sister Violet were very punctual."

Xuanyuan Wenjing also followed, "Yes, we just arrived. This is my aunt, Xuanyuan Yuzhu. Today, let me ask aunt to take us around. She is rather familiar with this place. " At the same time, he pulled at the woman who had revealed an expression of surprise.

"So it's Senior Yu Zhu. My name is Xuanyuan Zilong and I am my sister, Xuanyuan Zilin. Please take care of me, Senior." After saying that, he pulled at Xuanyuan Zilin, gesturing for her to greet him as well. Xuanyuan Zilin, who understood her brother's meaning, also sweetly said, "Greetings, Senior Yuzhu!"

Xuanyuan Yuzhu was unclear about the identities of the two, and since the other party was her niece's friend, she naturally did not put on airs. She said to the two of them, "There is no need to be polite. If you don't mind, just call me Aunt Yu Zhu, just like Wen Jing did. The first time I saw you, I didn't bring any present. If you guys fall for anything later, I'll gift you all with it. "

"Thank you, Aunt Yu Zhu." Although he didn't really like this so-called Aunt Yu Zhu, Xuanyuan Zilong still showed a good upbringing. Seeing that no one said anything, Xuanyuan Yuzhu asked: "Okay, where do you want to go and what do you want to do?"

At this moment, Little Fatso had already rushed to say, "Aunt Yu Zhu, I'm going to buy some snacks first. I've almost finished my snacks." Xuanyuan Yuzhu looked at the other three. Seeing that they had no objections, she nodded in agreement. However, she said, "If we're going to buy snacks, we don't need to go anywhere else. There are a lot of different snacks, fruits, and so on. They're all quite high class."

In his previous life, he had loved to eat snacks, but because his family was not that well off, he did not have the opportunity to try out many of the slightly better snacks. In this life, although he could eat all kinds of delicious things in the Divine Dragon Palace, he had never been to a snack bar before. He was not very clear about what the snacks on this continent were like, so he was very much looking forward to it.

As soon as they walked into the Exquisite Xuan Hall, there were immediately some waiters who welcomed them. However, they rejected them all because they didn't want anyone to affect them. The one who was most excited was Fatty. When he saw that almost all of the snacks on the first level were snacks, he almost couldn't hold it in and went to get them. However, seeing that no one was moving, he felt a little embarrassed.

At this time, he heard Xuanyuan Yuzhu say: "Choose whatever you like here. When the time comes, I'll help you pay the bill. You guys can choose on your own." Although the price of snacks here was relatively high, buying more would not be a problem for the children of a large family.

As soon as he finished speaking, the little fatty rushed out. Xuanyuan Zilong shook his head and walked around on his own. The two maids followed behind him. As for Xuan Yuan, Zi Lin and Xuanyuan Wen Jing were walking together.

Xuanyuan Zilong had discovered many different kinds of snacks here. It could be said that there were all sorts of different snacks. However, he had basically never eaten any of them, so he did not know which ones were delicious and which ones were not.

"Winter Plum, Spring Orchid, what snacks and fruits have you guys eaten, do you know which ones are better?" Xuanyuan Zilong asked the two maids behind him. " "Young master Zilong, we haven't eaten much of these things either. However, there used to be a kind of fruit that seemed to be quite delicious ?" This was the reply of Dong Mei. "Mmm mmm mmm, I think Mumei is quite delicious too." This was naturally Spring Orchid speaking.

"Is this a strange story? "Let's see if there's anything here. Buy some and go back to try it out ?" After Xuanyuan Zilong finished speaking, he continued to look at all kinds of snacks. Now that he had the ability, Xuanyuan Zilong naturally wouldn't buy only two. He bought some of the things that looked like they were better to eat and prepared to go back and slowly try them out to see which ones he liked. The two maids naturally did not have any objections to this. They only helped Xuanyuan Zilong to tidy up the things that he had already picked out.

Roughly half an hour later, Xuanyuan Zilong had already selected twenty to thirty different kinds of snacks. There were all kinds of snacks and every one of them was expensive. If it was any other cultivator, they would not even know whether to buy it or not. But Xuanyuan Zilong did not feel this pressure at all. To him, in this life, money was truly only a number.

Feeling that he had bought enough, Xuanyuan Zilong walked towards the fruit section. Xuanyuan Zilong was extremely fond of the fruits of this universe continent. Not only is the continent full of spiritual energy, but the fruits are rich in nutrition. More importantly, there were too many kinds of fruits. He had already eaten quite a few of them in the Divine Dragon Palace, and one of them was called the Ice Fire Fruit. However, the areas where the fruits grew were very harsh. The lower years were useless to cultivators and could not be used as medicine, so very few powers specifically raised them, so the yield was not high.

When Xuanyuan Zi Long arrived at the fruit section, he discovered that Xuanyuan Zi Lin was also there. Xuanyuan Zilin was overjoyed at the sight. "Big brother! Big brother! Look at how much delicious I've bought!" "Hmm, there are still some Ice Fire Fruits here. I wanted to buy some for you to eat earlier, big brother." "Mhmm, my little sister Violet is the most obedient."

At the same time, Xuanyuan Zi Long also called her Aunt Yu Zhu. Xuanyuan Yuzhu said with a smile: "What did Zilong buy for aunty to pay for you?" Xuanyuan Zilong thought for a moment before nodding his head, "Then I'll have to thank Aunt for that. But what do you want to buy later? You can ask Zi Long to give it to you yourself!" "Little fellow, you're being courteous to me ?" However, she did not rush to promise to give it. After all, they were not that familiar with it yet.

At this time, Xuanyuan Zi Long looked at the fruits placed in the fruit section and realized that there were a lot of different species here. There were quite a few that he had never seen before in the Divine Dragon Palace. Furthermore, the fruits here were all preserved very fresh by special methods, making Xuanyuan Zi Long want to taste them.

In this supreme universe, there were many things that were countless times higher ranked than the little planet that Xuanyuan Zilong was on in his previous life. Just taking this fruit for example, other than some special Spirit Fruits that had just been eaten, many other fruits could be stored for a very long time through various methods. Not only would it not harm the fruit, it could even improve its nutrition and flavor. It was extremely mystical.

In the fruit section, besides discovering the Ice and Fire Fruit that his sister had mentioned, Xuanyuan Zilong had also discovered a fruit that was very similar to the one he had eaten in his previous life, just that it was two to three times larger. Then, he pointed at Fruit and asked, "Aunt Yu Zhu, do you know what fruit it is?"

Xuanyuan Yuzhu looked at what he was pointing at and said, "This is called the Magic Peach of Immortality. It seems to be a product of the ape race of the beast race. It's already very impressive to have eleven people here, but ten of them are only ten-year old, and the last one is a hundred-year old. She looked at the 100-year-old Peach of Magic and Immortality. It wasn't that she couldn't afford to eat it, but it was too expensive. She felt that it wasn't worth it to pay so much for it.

"Ten years, a hundred years ? Aunt Yu Zhu, is there any difference?" Of course there was a difference. The Peach of Mysteries was the lowest that only ripened once every ten years. Not only was it delicious, it was also useful for low level cultivators and could extend one's lifespan. After that, it would only ripen once every hundred years. This was even more delicious, and would be of some use to ordinary cultivators, but the quantity would be much lesser. On top of that, there were still the ones that only ripen once every thousand years, and those that only ripen once every ten thousand years. I've even heard of people who have been around for a million or even ten million years, but I estimate that there aren't many who have seen them. "

"Oh, so there was actually such a division. Thank you for your explanation, Aunt Yu Zhu." At the same time, he said to the fruit seller attendant, "Take out all of these 11 Magic Immortality Peaches, I'll buy them all." "Do you guys still have a thousand-year or more Magic Peach of Immortality?" "Young master, it's all gone. It's already very difficult for us to get a hundred year old Peach of Magic and Immortality. It can be considered as our treasure guarding the shop."

Xuanyuan Zilong didn't pay any attention to her and only thought that if it really was delicious then he would have to find more. On the other hand, Xuanyuan Yuzhu was a little surprised to see Xuanyuan Zilong buy all eleven Peach of Fantasy without hesitation. This was a huge amount of work. Whether it was because he was young and didn't know the value of this work, or because he really didn't care. Xuanyuan Yuzhu thought in her heart, but her face did not express anything.

Xuanyuan Zilong bought a few other fruits that were worth quite a bit. At this moment, the little fatty finally returned. He seemed to have bought quite a few things, and was holding onto a bag of food with gusto. Xuanyuan Zilong asked, "Little fatty, are you done selling? We're going somewhere else to take a look." "Mhmm, boss, I'm done buying."

When these Xuanyuan Zi Long looked at Xuanyuan Yuzhu, Xuanyuan Yuzhu naturally understood what he meant. "Alright then. Since everyone has finished buying it, let's do it!" "Let's go somewhere else. Why don't we go to Dilkan? There are a lot of clothes that suit you!"

No one had any objections, so they followed after Xuanyuan Yuzhu, who wanted to get Dirkang. However, they didn't expect that not long after they walked down the street, they actually met Xu Wendong, who was following beside a young man. There were four middle-aged men behind them, presumably to protect them.

Xu Wen Dong also saw Xuanyuan Zilong and the rest. His eyes were filled with anger, but when he thought about how he was beaten up yesterday, he knew that he wouldn't be able to take any advantage of them. Therefore, he said to the young man beside him, "Big brother, it's them. It was them that beat me yesterday. Help me teach them a lesson."

The young man frowned upon hearing this, and looked towards the group of bodyguards and women behind Xuanyuan Zi Long. He said to Xuanyuan Zi Long and the others: "Yesterday, it was you who hit my little brother. Now, you all apologize to him. The tone of his voice was extremely haughty, and his body also emitted a powerful aura as he pressed down towards Xuanyuan Zilong and the others.

"Or what?" It was unknown when Xuanyuan Yuzhu had already stood in front of everyone, blocking the momentum of the young people as she asked. The young man saw a woman blocking his momentum and didn't dare to underestimate her. However, he didn't want to admit defeat because of this. He said, "Otherwise, I naturally can't let you off."

Xuanyuan Zilong frowned at this time. When he read novels in his previous life, he didn't believe that there would be an idiot who would offend someone for no reason. After all, after living for tens of thousands of years, even a pig could become smart, let alone a person or even a cultivator. Reality had told him that this young man was an idiot to him.

Not only was this Divine Dragon City, it was also the main headquarters of the Divine Dragon Palace. All cultivators of the Monarch level and above were forbidden from fighting. Even if fighting was not forbidden, he still had more people than them. Could he really be that confident that he had the strength to fight? Or was it because he knew that they would not make a move here, so he was confident?

It was Xuanyuan Yuzhu who said: "You won't let us go just based on you and the four fellows behind you? You can try. And do you want to make a move here? " The young man's expression slightly changed, but he didn't say anything else. Instead, he pulled Xu Wendong and the dead man behind him away.

Xuanyuan Zilong felt that this was a little strange, but he did not pay any attention to it. On the other hand, when the little fatty saw that they had left just like that, he laughed loudly and said, "Boss, that guy is really useless. He even said that he would teach us a lesson. Who would've thought that he would just leave like that?" Alright, little fatty, that fellow doesn't seem like a good person either. You should be careful in the future. "

Xuan Yuzhu added, "You must be careful. Although that guy isn't much of a person, he's still quite strong. He's already a 4-star Monarch, one star stronger than me." Hearing Xuanyuan Yuzhu's words, Xuanyuan Zilong didn't need to hold contempt in his heart. He was almost as old as his second sister, who was only a 4-star Sovereign and his second sister was already a 1-star Saint. This gap was truly too huge.

"Young Master Zilong, would you like to give him a warning?" "Ignore him, it's just a child fighting. If that idiot really dares to attack, someone will take care of him."

Listening to the conversation between the two, not only Xuanyuan Yuzhu, but even the two bodyguards that Little Fatty had brought along were shocked. They wondered just who the Xuanyuan Zilong siblings were. From his tone, it seemed as if he did not take that person's words to heart at all. Even the clan behind him did not seem to care at all. But no one asked. They were all thinking.

Xu Wendong and his group didn't have the interest to disturb everyone from shopping. Not only did they go to Dilkan to buy clothes, they also went to a lot of places. It was almost noon when Little Fatso said that he was hungry and was looking for a place to eat.

Everyone felt a bit hungry after hearing his words, so they all agreed. They arrived at a place called the Soaring Dragon Pavilion. It was said that it was run by the Divine Dragon Palace. The Soaring Dragon Pavilion had a total of five floors, but when Xuanyuan Zilong arrived here, he was still deeply shocked. Compared to the Soaring Dragon Pavilion, all the six star hotels he saw on TV in his previous life were just trash. Xuanyuan Zilong couldn't help but sigh at the power of money and power.

Xuanyuan Zilong's group wanted to occupy a room on the third floor. As for the fourth and fifth floor, they would need a higher level of strength or status to go up. Xuanyuan Zilong didn't bother with it either. It was just a meal for him, there was no need to show anything.

However, when he reached the third floor, a young man of about fifteen or sixteen caught his attention. It didn't mean that the person was that handsome or that strong. However, that person gave Xuanyuan Zilong a strange feeling. Through his soul space, he discovered that that person's aura had yet to completely integrate into the Supreme Universe. If this situation had happened to a Titled Heavenly Emperor, Xuanyuan Zilong would have been able to understand it, but if it had happened to a person who was only a five star profound master, he wouldn't have been able to understand it.

Therefore, he silently asked in his heart, "Zi Yu, what happened to that person?"

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