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After walking for a short while, everyone arrived at the Tianfeng Pet Shop that Xuanyuan Yuzhu had mentioned. The first feeling this store gave Xuanyuan Zilong was that it was big, and the second feeling was that it was very much like a zoo. This was because the restaurant was divided into two levels: inside and outside. The outer layer was a large house, and inside the house, there were all kinds of small animals. There were some customers watching, but most of them were the waiters. At this time, upon seeing Xuanyuan Zilong's group of people, a waiter came over to greet them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, what kind of pets would you like to buy? Were they going to buy them for viewing, or were they going to use them as companions in battle? We have all sorts of magical beasts and beasts here, I hope you like some of them. "

Listening to the attendant's nagging, Xuanyuan Yuzhu said to him: "We haven't decided what to buy yet, so why don't you show us around. We'll definitely buy whatever we like." "Yes, yes, yes, please come to me."

As the waiter led Xuanyuan Zilong and the others through the outer layers, Xuanyuan Zilong discovered some animals that were similar to little white rabbits and cats that he had seen on television in his previous life. These animals were all sold in cages, but their strength were all quite average. They were only suitable to be pets for children. Cultivators with some ability wouldn't even like these things.

"Do these animals always stay locked up like this knowing that someone is going to buy them?" At this time, Xuanyuan Zilong asked. " Oh, no, we'll set them free for a while. "Most of these people are interested in watching. There aren't many people who would buy it, so it would be problematic if it was kept locked up."

"Take us for a walk inside. There's nothing suitable for us here." Xuanyuan Zilong was not entangled with such a problem. Even if he had been locked up all this time, it was impossible for him to let them all go. He would be looking for trouble. Although he was naturally kind-hearted, he cared more about himself. Naturally, he would not give himself any discomfort.

When the attendant heard Xuanyuan Zilong's words, the smile on his face became even wider. After all, the animals outside were all ornamental animals. No one knew what kind of money it was, but the truly precious magical beasts were all in the inner layer. Therefore, he hurriedly brought Xuanyuan Zilong and the others through a large door and arrived at the pet store's inner layer.

Inside, Xuanyuan Zilong once again lamented that this place was too much like a pet garden. "Each area was separated into different zones, and each area was filled with different magical beasts or ferocious beasts." You just let these magical beasts live like this, can't they run away? " Little Fatso suddenly asked.

"You can't get away. Do you see those fences outside of each area? There was a seal placed on it, so the magical beasts couldn't escape. Only through the command medallion in your hand can you bring out the magical beasts or ferocious beasts that are inside. "

"Oh, then do you have any better magical beasts here? Or something more cute. " Xuanyuan Zilong asked. " You've come at the right time, and today's headquarters has just sent us a new batch of magical beasts. I heard that there's another young of a Fangs Lion that can grow to become a Saint! "

Hearing the attendant's words, Xuanyuan Zi Long didn't seem to mind, but a glint shot out of Xuanyuan Yuzhu's eyes. She herself was only a 3-star Monarch, and although there was hope for her to become a Saint, it wasn't an easy task. However, if she could contract with a magical beast that had a chance of becoming a Saint (in fact, it was the cub of a Saint level magical beast), it would be easier for her to become a Saint. Moreover, if he had the opportunity to become a Saint, then he could be considered a powerhouse, and could become the overlord of a region. However, it was not an easy thing to get a cub like this. Most people would want to compete for it.

"If you have the chance to grow into the baby of a Saint Beast, then hurry up and bring us there." "Little Fatso shouted once again from the side." Then come with me. Aside from that cub, there are also a few magical beasts that were recently shipped here. It seems like there are also a few magical beast eggs.

Xuanyuan Zilong and the others arrived at a plaza like place. According to the introductions, this place was specially used to display new magical beasts. Right now, there were already quite a few people gathered here. The first thing they did was find out what Saint Beast cub it was.

"That magical beast cub must have been here for a while, and there are so many people here, so why haven't we bought it yet?" It was because there were too many people that he didn't sell it. "Originally, headquarters had already set a price for the cub, but who knew that there would be so many people who would want to buy it? Some of them were sold to who, but all the way until now."

"Then what are you going to do about it? Do you want to keep going like this?" Of course not, the boss was preparing to make a small auction here to auction off the cub. At that time, the cub would belong to whoever offered a high price. The auction will start in half an hour. If you are interested, you can also start with the auction. "

"We'll talk about that later. "We still have half an hour. First, let's take a look at the other magical beasts. If there are any that we like, we might be able to buy them." Xuanyuan Zilong said. The others didn't have any objections to his words. Although Xuanyuan Wen Jing wanted to buy the cub, she wasn't in too much of a hurry. After all, there was still half an hour before the auction started. She was worried that she wouldn't have enough money.

After following the waiter around a few places, he saw some Demonic Wolves, Ghost-faced Spiders, and the like. Although their strength had reached the level of the Mysterious Sect and even the Mysterious Sovereign, none of these were suitable for Xuanyuan Zilong and the rest. However, when they arrived in front of a small cage, they heard Xuanyuan Zilin and Xuanyuan Wen Jing exclaim, "What beautiful birds."

Xuanyuan Zilong looked at the bird in the cage and couldn't help but say that it was very beautiful. Its feathers were in three different colors, and when it waved its wings, there seemed to be starlight flashing inside, making people like it the more they looked at it.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Zi Long also sighed at the magic of this universe. Although the little bird was clearly still a young bird, its wings were nearly two meters wide and much bigger than the adult eagles that Xuanyuan Zi Long had seen on television in his previous life. When he heard that the emperor level phoenix body could reach a million meters wide, Xuanyuan Zilong was even more looking forward to the opportunity to meet it.

"Big brother, this little bird is so beautiful. Can I take it?" Before Xuanyuan Zi Long could reply, the attendant at the side said, "Miss, you have good eyes. This is the first time I've seen this kind of bird. I heard that it used up a lot of its energy to capture this bird from a planet. Moreover, this bird might even have the phoenix bloodline. If not for the fact that today a young saint is selling it and its price is indeed a bit expensive, perhaps it would have been bought long ago. "

"This bird's appearance is indeed very beautiful, but it has the Phoenix bloodline. It is only a two star profound master right now, how could you catch it?" Xuanyuan Zilong asked the waiter. However, after he observed the bird with his soul space just now, he discovered that the attendant wasn't lying. This bird did indeed have the bloodline of a phoenix, and the concentration was not low either. The phoenix is the male, the phoenix is the female!) The bloodline. It was just that for some reason, the power of its bloodline had been completely suppressed and was gradually weakening. If it could not break through the suppression, this bird would only become an ordinary bird. is that it's really just for viewing and nothing else. Of course, he wouldn't say these things out loud.

"This, this ?" The waiter did not know the answer either. He was just an ordinary employee of the pet shop, so it was impossible for him to know too much. "Alright, you don't need this and this. Since my sister likes it, then tell me how much this bird is worth."

"It says it's worth a hundred thousand top quality spirit crystals." "" The waiter said in a trembling voice. It's clear that even he couldn't believe this number. " One hundred thousand top quality spirit crystals, are you sure you're right? That would be enough to buy a Saint. That Saint's cub isn't even worth that much money! " It wasn't that Xuanyuan Zilong didn't have a hundred thousand spirit crystals, it was just that he felt that it was a bit too expensive. There was still a person who discovered the Phoenix bloodline within the little bird's body.

100,000 spirit crystals was already considered a lot, and most saints might not even be able to take it out. Whether it was the mortals or the experts, the money used to exchange for Spirit Stones was all the same as the people of the continent cultivated it, so Spirit Stones that could be used to aid in cultivation were the true currency.

Spirit Stones were divided into Ji, Shang, Mid, and Lower grade. The difference between each grade was about a hundred times greater. A low-grade spirit stone was equivalent to over one hundred yuan of Xuanyuan Zilong's previous life. Above top grade spirit stones were spirit crystals, and spirit crystals were divided into four grades: Extreme, Superior, Intermediate and Inferior. One low-grade spirit crystal was equivalent to a thousand top grade spirit stones, and the difference between spirit crystals was also a hundred times greater than that between each one. Furthermore, spirit crystals were much purer and easier to absorb than spirit stones. It was said that even Saint realm experts would use spirit crystals.

On top of the spirit crystal was another kind of colored crystal. It was divided into two star colored crystals, which ranged from the nine star colored crystal to the spirit crystal. Not only did it have more energy than spirit crystals, it also had some simple rules on the color crystal. The 2-4 star color crystal was of great help to the Monarch in cultivation, the 5-6 pairs of Saints were of great help, the 7-8 star color crystal was of great help to the Most Sage cultivation, and the 9-star color crystal was something that would even move the Emperor's heart. The help here wasn't just spirit stones like spirit stones or crystals that could provide spirit energy for cultivators to cultivate, but rather the color crystal could provide large amounts of spirit energy. The most important thing was that it could help cultivators comprehend the realm and increase their strength more quickly. This was where the colorful crystals attracted the cultivators.

However, there were very few colored crystals, and only the Emperor Spiritual Veins or Emperor Spiritual Veins would appear. Moreover, there weren't many that could be excavated, so the regeneration time was very long. Actually, spirit veins were also divided into different grades. From high to low, they were the Emperor Spiritual Pulse, Royal Spiritual Pulse, Top Level Spiritual Pulse, High Level Spiritual Pulse, Intermediate Spiritual Pulse, and Beginner Spiritual Pulse.

Of these, the primary spirit veins were the most. Under normal circumstances, they could only produce medium and low-grade spirit stones, and the following products were mainly produced. The output of these materials ranged from 100 to trillions of spirit stones per year. Under normal circumstances, intermediate spirit veins could only produce upper and middle grade spirit stones, and they could only produce middle grade spirit stones, ranging from ten to hundreds of billions of spirit stones per year. Under normal circumstances, high grade spirit veins could only produce top grade and high grade spirit stones. Moreover, the highest grade spirit vein could only produce one billion to ten billion spirit stones per year.

Under normal circumstances, top grade spirit veins could only produce mid-grade and low-grade spirit crystals and top grade spirit stones. Furthermore, the majority of spirit crystals were low-grade ones, and the annual output ranged from 100 to 1 billion spirit crystals. Under normal circumstances, the Emperor Spiritual Pulse could produce top and middle grade spirit crystals. In addition, the highest grade and medium grade spirit crystals were mainly produced in the tens of millions to hundreds of millions of spirit crystals per year. Under normal circumstances, the Emperor Spiritual Pulse could only produce top-grade and high-grade spirit crystals, and they were mainly top grade spirit crystals. The production ranged from one million to ten million, and they would occasionally produce medium-grade and high-grade spirit crystals.

Therefore, 100,000 top grade spirit crystals was equivalent to a tenth of a royal spirit vein's production per year. Even a super power did not have that many royal spirit veins. It had to be said that even a Titled Sky Emperor would find it hard to think of a high grade spirit vein or higher, and one could only rely on slowly digging. You would think that 100,000 top grade spirit crystals was not little.

"This, this... "I can't make the decision, but if you really want to buy it, I can help you find the person in charge here." "Then go quickly, you still need to attend the auction later, don't waste time here." "Yes, yes, yes, I'll go right away." As he spoke, he ran out.

"Zi Long, you really want to buy him? That's a hundred thousand top quality spirit crystals, do you know how much it is? All my possessions are not half as good as that! Moreover, even if 100,000 top grade spirit crystals wasn't enough to buy a Saint Beast, it was more than enough to buy a Saint cub. This little bird was only slightly beautiful, but it did not have much strength nor any potential. It was truly not worth it. And aren't you afraid that your parents will blame you for spending all that money? "

"Hehe, it doesn't matter if she's strong or not. It's fine as long as Violet is fond of her. I can still take out a hundred thousand top grade spirit crystals." "Brother, I'd better not, I don't want my brother to be scolded!" However, the wistful look in Xuanyuan Zilin's eyes told him that something was wrong with her mouth.

"Foolish sister, don't you know your mother's temper? Even if you buy this pet store, she won't curse us, and even if her mother was here, she would still buy it for you. Moreover, I believe that I won't be able to use that much money. "

As they were chatting, the waiter returned with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man introduced, "Hello, I am the person in charge here. You can call me Shopkeeper Qian. Is it you guys who want to buy this Stellar Bird? "

"Stellar birds? Nice name. I want to buy this bird, but 100,000 top grade spirit crystals is impossible. Ten thousand high grade spirit crystals, if you want to be sincere, then I'll buy it. " Xuanyuan Zilong's price had instantly dropped a thousand times.

Although Shopkeeper Qian was a little surprised that a child was talking to him, he quickly recovered. "Young Master, you must be joking." This bird indeed possessed the Phoenix bloodline. Even though it could not display it, its value was not low either. If he could find a high level Blood Bathing Pill in the future, he might be able to awaken the power of its bloodline. This was an existence that would at least become an Emperor in the future. Therefore, a hundred thousand top-grade spirit crystals cannot be small. "

"Alright, stop saying these useless words to me. I don't know if it has the Phoenix bloodline or not, but even if it does, it wouldn't be that strong. Otherwise, its current strength wouldn't be so low. One had to know that there were countless people in this world who possessed the phoenix bloodline. If every one of these birds could become a saint, then there would be other races that existed in this world. As for the Superior Grade Blood Bathing Pill, if I use that kind of money, I might as well buy a few Sage cubs and raise them slowly. "Tell me, at least you're willing to buy it. If it's higher, then you're the only one who's willing to buy it. But I haven't asked, right?"

"Uh, this young master, if you really want to buy it. "Then let me be the host. I will sell ten thousand top-grade spirit crystals to you." "Three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystals, do you want it or not?" "Alright, I'll give you three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystals young master, but I hope this young master can take care of our pet shop in the future." He spoke as if he had suffered a great loss.

In fact, his heart was already blooming with joy. He had caught this Stellar Bird when he was on his way to capture a magical beast. The Stellar Bird's name had been obtained by him, and although headquarters had said that this bird had a trace of the Phoenix bloodline, it was just as Xuanyuan Zilong had said. The number of birds in this world that had the Phoenix bloodline was innumerable;

Headquarters felt that this bird's appearance was very beautiful and would be liked by some rich kids. It would be good enough to sell for over ten thousand high grade spirit crystals. However, when Owner Qian saw that there was a magical beast cub for sale, he purposefully offered a price of 100,000 top grade spirit crystals for this bird. This was so that people would think that this bird was truly extraordinary and that they would be able to sell it for a little more during the final transaction. Of course, he would never have thought of selling 100,000 top quality spirit crystals, unless that brainless wastrel had come. However, people like that were rarely seen here.

But it did not know that Xuanyuan Zilong was also very happy in his heart. Since the others could not remove the bloodline suppression on the little bird, how could Xing Ziyan not? As long as it could grow, its achievements would definitely not be lower than the Emperor's. Three hundred thousand high-grade spirit crystals was simply too much. Xuanyuan Zilong thought in his heart.

Seeing that the Young Master had decided to buy the Stellar Bird, although he did not feel that it was worth it, the maid called Dong Mei behind him still walked up to him, preparing to help him pay.

"Dong Mei, let me pay for it myself. I believe my mother did not give you so many spirit crystals." "Young master, this ?" Indeed, Xiao Yuxin didn't give Dong Mei so many Spirit Crystals. She didn't think that her son would spend so much money in one go.

However, as the matriarch's maid, how could Dong Mei make her young master pay? As a two star Supreme Saint, it was still possible for her to take out three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystals. Furthermore, if the matriarch found out, she would definitely give it to her. How could he let his young master pay for it?

"Alright, I don't need this or this. It's only three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystals, and I can still take it out." And this is a gift I'm going to give to Violet, so naturally I'll have to pay for it myself. " As he spoke, he transferred the three hundred thousand high-grade spirit crystals into the low grade storage ring that Owner Qian prepared.

"Young master, I wonder if you want your little sister and the Stellar Bird to sign a contract, or if you want to bring them back for you." I'll bring them back first. You don't need to worry about the rest. " As he spoke, he kept the Stellar Bird into his storage ring.

Manager Qian's eyes were wide open at this moment. Even Xuanyuan Yuzhu and the others had faces full of disbelief. Spatial equipment that could store living creatures were definitely magical equipment of the Emperor grade or above (Magic Treasures were classified the same as weapons, but Magic Treasures were mostly auxiliary functions.), and if there was a slight resistance from living creatures, they could still be stored in them. As for Emperor level magic treasures ? they didn't even dare to imagine such a thing. Everyone couldn't help but wonder what the identity of this youth was.

After putting away the Stellar Bird, Xuanyuan Zilong did not care about anything else. Others thoughts did not have anything to do with him, it was fine as long as he was not provoked. He said: "Okay, the auction is about to begin. Let's go join in the fun!" Then, he directly walked out. The others didn't say anything and just followed him.

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