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When Xuanyuan Zilong and the others arrived at the plaza they had seen earlier, there were already many people gathered there. Shopkeeper Qian said goodbye to everyone and went back to prepare the auction that was about to begin. Xuanyuan Zilong and the others had also found a suitable place to wait.

At this time, he heard Tang Wen say, "Boss, you're really too rich. My monthly allowance is only one thousand fine quality spirit stones. Compared to you, I'm just a beggar. "You must treat me to more snacks in the future, boss." Alright, fatty, I won't forget you if I have something to eat. "

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wenjing also asked, "Student Zilong, are you going to buy the Sage cub this time?" Xuanyuan Yuzhu also looked at Xuanyuan Zilong, as if she was waiting for his answer.

"Buy? Of course he wouldn't buy it. This lion cub wasn't cute, and it was also weak. Who knew how long it would wait until it became a true Saint. "Moreover, the strength of a Saint is useless. For people like Dong Mei and the others who can easily crush a group of people to death, why would I buy trash like that?"

"Furthermore, the descendants of your clans shouldn't be interested in such things. After all, the Saints in your clans are basically just ordinary existences. There should be a lot of them." "You should all be direct descendants of the family, so it should be easy for you all to become saints. Such a cub shouldn't be very useful, right?"

"Although the Saints aren't very strong, they aren't bad either. There are some in the family, but they aren't people that we can order around. Even if we are direct descendants, you should know that there are many people like us in the big families. Like me, I only have two saints under me, and they're all low level. He didn't have much pocket spirit stones every month, and he had to compete hard for the things he needed. "Thus, this young sage cub is actually very important to people like us ?" This was Xuanyuan Yuzhu's answer.

"Oh, so that's how it is ?" Xuanyuan Zilong actually knew very well that this was actually a person's desire. However, if he wanted to obtain something that he needed, he would have to pay the price. The only difference was that people of different statuses and statuses would have to pay different amounts of things to obtain them.

It was just like Xuanyuan Zilong's poor family in his previous life. His parents had worked so hard to earn a thousand dollars, but some big bosses could spend several hundred thousand dollars on a single meal. Although they were extravagant, that was because they had the qualifications. And these big bosses also had a goal in mind. They wanted to earn more money and have a higher status. Some of the wealthier people looked at these bosses as if they were ordinary people. They were not on the same level because of their higher status.

Every one of them had their own goals and desires, but they were too overboard! In this supreme universe where the strong were revered, the level of status was even more obvious. The strong were above the strong, while the weak were unable to control life and death.

Although Xuanyuan Zilong had been reborn into a super power and with Star Violet Yan's powerful strength to rely on, it could be said that he could obtain whatever he wanted, he still had many goals he wanted. That was also a kind of desire. However, he was different from the others. He already had a guarantee, so he wished even more that he and his family could be happy and happy.

Although he understood Xuanyuan Wen Jing's thoughts, he did not plan to help her. The relationship between the two of them was merely a friendship, it was not worth it for him to help her. At this time, Xuanyuan Yuzhu asked: "Zi Long, from what you said just now, these few people of yours ? "Yes, the person taking care of you should be very strong." She did not dare to directly say the word 'maid'. Although their statuses did indeed appear to be that of a maid, it would be very impolite if there really was a strong expert amongst them.

"Yes, they are all maids that are by my mother's side. They are now in charge of taking care of my sister, so their strength should be decent." Xuanyuan Zilong did not reveal their specific strength, and Xuanyuan Yuzhu did not ask any further. The auction had just begun.

He saw Shopkeeper Qian standing in the middle of the square with a large cage behind him. Inside the cage was the magical beast cub, the Fangs Lion, that was going to be auctioned off. Xuanyuan Zilong looked at the magical beast in the cage and shook his head. Buying a bloodthirsty appearance was not what he liked. However, he was more interested in the auction, so he still wanted to see it.

At this time, Shopkeeper Qian said, "Hello everyone. We welcome all of you to participate in the auction of the baby Saint Beast." I assume you all know how precious this cub behind me is, so I won't waste any time. Five thousand top-grade spirit crystals at a low price, and each increment must be at least five hundred spirit crystals.

The crowd was silent for a while, then someone shouted, "Five thousand five hundred!" "The bidders only bid five hundred, so it was obvious that the bidders weren't very rich." "I bid twenty thousand top quality spirit crystals." At this moment, Xuanyuan Zilong and the others heard a familiar voice. He raised his head and saw that it was the brother of Xu Wendong, who had had an argument with them that morning. Xu Wendong was also standing beside him.

Many people were surprised to hear that he had suddenly increased to twenty thousand top grade spirit crystals. Some of the wealthy ones were already preparing to leave. But soon, someone else shouted, "Twenty thousand, twenty-two thousand ?" Xu Wensheng was not angry. He also knew that twenty thousand top grade spirit crystals was not enough to buy this cub, so he called out, "I'll pay forty thousand spirit crystals. I hope everyone will give me some face."

"Who do you think you are and why should I give you face? I'll pay 45,000 top quality spirit crystals." "Everyone looked and realized it was a young man. It seems like he came from some big family." You... I'll pay fifty thousand. " Xu Wensheng called out. "Fifty-five thousand," the young man called again.

At this time, Xuanyuan Zi Long turned to Xuanyuan Yuzhu and asked, "Aunt Yu Zhu, didn't you say you want to buy the infant Saint Beast? "Why not bid?" I don't have that many spirit crystals. " Xuanyuan Yuzhu helplessly replied. At the same time, there was a hint of anticipation in her tone, as if she hoped that Xuanyuan Zilong would be able to help her. However, it seemed as if Xuanyuan Zilong didn't hear it and he didn't pay any attention to it.

At this moment, Xu Wensheng yelled again, "I bid 70,000 top grade spirit crystals. If you offer an even higher price, I'll give it to you." After waiting for a while, the young man still did not bid. It seemed that he had given up.

At this time, Manager Qian saw that there was no bid and said, "This young master bids 70,000 top grade spirit crystals, is there more? You have to understand that this is a rare magical beast cub. When it grows up, there will be another sage by your side. After he finished speaking, he looked in the direction of Xuanyuan Zilong and the others, but still ignored them.

When Shopkeeper Qian saw this, he shouted, "Seventy thousand top-grade spirit crystals for the first time, seventy thousand top-grade spirit crystals for the second time, seventy thousand ?" Just as Xu Wensheng thought he could win the bid for the Saint cub, he suddenly heard a voice, "70,500 top grade spirit crystals. This cub should just follow me."

Everyone once again looked at the person talking about survival. They realized that it wasn't that young man just now, but it was another person that they didn't know. Wen Tianyu, do you want to oppose me? " Just as everyone was guessing how Xu Wensheng would deal with this, Xu Wensheng spoke to the person who called out the price. Wen Tianyu said, "My Young Master Xu, how could I dare go against you? However, I really do like the baby Saint Beast. I only have a little more than 7500 crystals, so I can only bid. I hope that you will forgive me, young master Xu. "

"Shopkeeper, are you still not shouting? Just now, Young Master Xu said that he would only sell it for seventy thousand top grade spirit crystals at most. I'm sure he won't go back on his word." Xu Wensheng, who was still considering whether to bid, was pushed back by this sentence.

Seeing that Xu Wensheng really did not bid anymore, Shopkeeper Qian could only call out, "70,500 top grade spirit crystals going once, 70,500 top grade spirit crystals going twice, 70,500 top grade spirit crystals going thrice ?" Congratulations, young master Wen. This magical beast cub is yours from now on. I wonder if Young Master Wen will sign the contract with him now? "

"Can we sign the contract now? I think I'll sign it first. Otherwise, it won't be good if it will attract jealousy later on. " With that, he glanced at Xu Wensheng. Xu Wensheng snorted, then left with Xu Wendong and the four bodyguards.

Wen Tianyu also took out a contract scroll to sign a contract with the baby demon beast. The others also left after seeing that the auction had ended. At this time, Xuanyuan Yuzhu opened her mouth and asked again: "It's getting late, do you guys have any plans?"

"We'll stop here for today. We should head back now. We'll come out again next time if there's a chance." Xuanyuan Zilong also said to everyone. The others didn't have any objections when they heard this. Xuanyuan Yuzhu didn't say anything more upon seeing this. Everyone said their goodbyes and left.

At this time, in a courtyard within the Divine Dragon Palace, Xuanyuan Zilong, his sister, and his mother were all sitting in a pavilion in the garden. Outside of the pavilion, there was also a cage containing the Stellar Bird that Xuanyuan Zilong had spent three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystals to buy.

Xiao Yu Xin said, "Zi Long, isn't spending 300,000 high grade Spirit Crystals to buy such a bird not worth it? Even if you want to give it to your little sister, you can sell it for other things. It's not worth it at all. And where did you get that three hundred thousand high grade spirit crystal from? " After he finished speaking, he seemed to be afraid that Xuanyuan Zi Long wouldn't be happy so he added on, "Mother isn't blaming you, nor is she saying that she won't give you money. This is in hopes that you can spend your money where you should."

"Mom, don't blame your big brother, it was Zi Lin who liked her so much that she got your big brother to buy it. If you want to curse her, then curse her!" Silly girl, I didn't curse your good brother, I only told him not to be cheated next time. "You girl, now that you have a brother, you don't even want your mother anymore ?"

"Zi Lin, mother isn't scolding me anymore. He doesn't even have enough time to pamper us, so why are you scolding us?" Mom, those Spirit Crystals were given to me by someone. There are also some that were given to me by Big Bro and Second Sis. "

Xiao Yuxin naturally understood that Xuanyuan Zi Long was referring to some of their relatives in the Divine Dragon Palace as well as some of their subordinates, so she wasn't surprised. However, he continued, "Even if you have money, you shouldn't spend it carelessly next time, okay? Otherwise, I won't give you pocket money. "

"Mother, am I not messing around? "Not only is this bird good-looking, it is also very powerful. It possesses the bloodline of the Phoenix. I have read that the Phoenix is very powerful." Foolish child, the phoenix is very powerful, but this bird is not. Even if it really does have the phoenix bloodline, it is definitely just a tiny bit, and is of no use. But if you want to give it to Zi Lin, she can still play with it. It's still pretty. "

"Mother, it's not like that anymore. "This bird is truly extraordinary. If I let it sign a contract with my sister, it will be of help to her in the future." Mother couldn't tell that he was not ordinary. Zilong, stop messing around. Signing a contract is not a joke. Signing things up randomly is not good for your sister. "

"Mother, it's true. I can feel it. "Mother, how about you find someone else to take a look? Alright, alright ?" "Good, good, good, but if there's really nothing, then you can't make a fuss, you know?" "Yes, I understand, Mother!" Xuanyuan Zilong saw how useful his words were, so of course he agreed.

Xiao Yuxin spoke into the air, "Auntie Yuqing, I'll have to trouble you to come over!" After Xiao Yu Xin finished speaking, a rift suddenly appeared in the air and a young woman walked out from within it. She directly said to Xiao Yu Xin, "Yu Xin, what can I do for you?"

"Aunty Yuqing, I'll give you a bit less time. This is my son, Zi Long, and my daughter, Zi Lin." At the same time, he said to Xuanyuan Zilong and Zilong, "This is your Aunty Yu Qing. Call for her." Hello Auntie Yuqing! " The young woman named Yuqing nodded without saying anything. She appeared extremely cold, and this made Xuanyuan Zilong frown a little.

Xiao Yuxin looked at her son's expression and said, "Aunt Yuqing has watched your mother grow up. Moreover, she's already a two star Emperor now, so you must respect her." "Hmm, let her see if there's anything special about this bird you're talking about. Do you understand?"

"Aunty Yuqing, may I trouble you to take a look at this bird? Is there anything strange about it?" Yu Qing nodded and started to observe. Although she felt like this was a child making a ruckus, Xiao Yuxin had requested it and it wasn't good to refuse, but when she observed the bird, her eyebrows creased. Because she had also discovered the suppressed Phoenix bloodline on this bird.

She said to Xiao Yu Xin, "Yu Xin, the Phoenix bloodline on this bird is very thick, but it seems to be suppressed by something and can't show it. Where did you find it? " Xiao Yuxin recounted the Stellar Bird's origins.

"Is that so? Maybe Zilong has some ability! You can make Violet Lin sign a contract with this Stellar Bird. In the future, you can think of a way to remove the bloodline suppression. If we can't remove the suppression, I think we can have it with us. "

Xiao Yuxin thought for a while and said: "It's better to discuss the contract with Wentian before making a decision! "Sorry for the trouble, Aunty Yuqing, are we going to stay for a meal?" "No need, I'll be leaving first if there's nothing in the group." After speaking, he entered the space and disappeared.

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