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In the end, Xuanyuan Zilin hadn't signed a contract with the Stellar Bird yet, but that was only a matter of time. Xiao Yuxin had told Xuanyuan Zilong not to spend money carelessly, but not only did she give him three hundred thousand high-grade spirit crystals, she even gave him ten thousand top grade spirit crystals as pocket money. Xuanyuan Zilong couldn't help but sigh at the wealth of such a large family. What moved him even more was the deep love his mother had for him.

Returning back to his resting place, Xuanyuan Zi Long began to think about the matter of the teleporter Ye Feng. Within his soul space, Xuanyuan Zi Long was currently communicating with Xing Zi Yan: "Zi Yan, do you know anything about that Ye Feng?"

"Husband, I have already used my deduction technique to observe Ye Feng. I have a simple understanding of his situation, I will tell you about it." Ye Feng, a member of the side branch of Heavenly Heart City's Ye family, started cultivating at the age of five, but his talent was average, and he was still a nine star profound practitioner even up to the age of twenty-four. He was unable to break through, and his position in the family was relatively low. "So he seems to be a bit introverted and weak, but he's very talented in alchemy, so his life isn't that difficult."

"Five years ago, before the Sovereign Universe Ranking Competition began, the Ye Family and another family in Heavenly Heart City had a conflict. Ye Feng was heavily injured, and after he woke up, there was a huge change. Not only has his strength increased by leaps and bounds, but his personality has also become a bit arrogant and sinister. It can be said that he has been possessed by his soul. "

"Oh, then has he done anything amazing in the past five years?" No, but he showed a higher aptitude for alchemy, as if he had invented something for life. Then he taught some of the people who had bullied him a lesson, including a few of his own family's children.

"From the looks of it, this Ye Feng has not hidden his soul possession, and is showing off a little bit!" Did he not know that such people usually die faster ?? However, based on his actions and words today, he is definitely not a good person. I believe that he wasn't any good person in his previous life. Xuanyuan Zilong said a bit shamelessly.

On the second day, after eating breakfast, Xuanyuan Zilong left with his four maids. He was prepared to play with Ye Feng, and of course, Ye Feng would die after that. In addition, he also wanted to test the abilities and loyalty of the four maids by his side. He liked these four maids quite a bit, so if he could use them, he was prepared to train them properly. This would require him to confirm or to knock on them.

Xiao Yuxin had raised the four maids by Xuanyuan Zi Long's side and Xuanyuan Zi Lin's four maids in the past, so they were now given to them. This was also the tradition of some large clans. One had to know that the competition within large clans was extremely great. When doing things, one needed help from others, and a child's strength was low. Naturally, they also needed someone to protect them.

Therefore, when his parents grew up, they would find some trustworthy people to stay by their side and nurture them. Then, they would leave them to their own children. As their first batch of subordinates, they would also help take care of their children. For example, the Auntie Yuqing that Xuanyuan Zilong had met earlier was taught to Xiao Yuxin by her grandfather. Not only was she loyal, she even helped Xiao Yuxin tremendously when her strength had reached the level of an emperor.

Although the word 'betrayal' did not exist because of the maid that his mother had left him, Xuanyuan Zilong felt that since his mother had handed them over to him, they should be completely loyal to him and look out for their own interests. Instead of being biased towards his own mother, or towards the Divine Dragon Palace, they should be completely loyal to him. It was just that he had too many secrets on his body, so he could not casually let others know about them. Thus, the people around him had to be completely loyal to him, or else he would rather not have any of them.

The four maids by Xuanyuan Zilong's side were all called "Gin Attendant, Qi Attendant, Book Attendant, Painting Attendant, and they were all given the surname Xuanyuan." This was the reason why Xuanyuan Zilong had gently grinded them down from his mother. He felt that although the four of them looked the same, their characters were different, giving him a very good feeling, moreover, they were all very beautiful.

So Xuanyuan Zilong still liked them very much. He did not wish to lose these four maids due to his loyalty. Furthermore, the strength of these four maids were not bad. The boss' guqin had already reached the 4-star level while the other three were all 3-star experts. Their strength was considered very high among the servants that Xiao Yuxin had trained.

Xuanyuan Zilong did not choose to walk. Instead, he took his own carriage and headed out of the city. Xuanyuan Zilong had specially asked his big brother to help him get this carriage. The ones pulling the carriage were not ordinary mothers, but four fierce beasts with the strength of a Black Sage. All sorts of formations were drawn on the carriage, not only strengthening the defensive capabilities of the carriage, but also increasing the actual size of the carriage by more than ten times. The interior of the carriage was extremely luxurious. There were tables, beds, etc. It could be said to be a mobile house.

Xuanyuan Zilong was reclining on the chair, the four women were silently standing behind him. After a while, the carriage was getting closer to the outskirts of the city. There were fewer and fewer pedestrians on the road. At this time, Xuanyuan Zi Long's voice came from within the carriage: "Yu Qin, you have followed me for two years, are you willing?"

"Young master, I don't understand what you're saying." Okay, don't do that. Don't you understand what I'm saying? Then let me clarify a little more. I mean, for the four of you to be by the side of a child like me, and not to mention, a genius, or a child with no future accomplishments, are you willing? "

"Young Master, Yu Qin has never thought of this question before!" "What about you two?" "Young master, we have never thought of this before!" Oh, why is that, a saint can barely become the overlord of a region, don't you want to? "

Young master, you must be joking. The Sage realm is considered very strong among the mortal cultivators and some rogue cultivators, but to a power, the Sage realm can only barely be considered as the upper level of power. Even if one is considered to be the overlord of a region, it is only a small achievement in the eyes of ordinary people. Furthermore, everything that we have right now is given to us by Lady Yu Xin, so we will naturally do well if she asks us to follow by Young Master's side. "

"Well, according to you, if it wasn't my mother, I wouldn't be much in your eyes?" "Xuanyuan Zilong's tone suddenly became a little serious." We don't dare! " The four maids did not change their tone because of Xuanyuan Zilong.

"Don't dare? As a maid, she doesn't even know what it means to call herself a servant, and furthermore, she has put her so-called dignity of a powerful warrior on her person. After Xuanyuan Zilong finished speaking, a powerful aura burst out from his body, pressing down so hard that even the four of them found it difficult to breathe.

To be honest, Dong Mei and the other three servants by Xuanyuan Zilin's side loved and respected Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xuanyuan Zi Lin a lot. Otherwise, not to mention Xuanyuan Zi Long, even Xiao Yuxin would not allow them to exist.

However, they were all Saints after all, so they naturally had their own dignity as Saints. This was very normal, don't you think that Xiao Yuxin was also very respectful to Aunty Yuqing? That was because he was an emperor and had the power to gain respect ?

However, Xuanyuan Zilong was not a normal person. He felt that as servants, he had to act as if he was a servant. As for the dignity of a powerhouse, in front of two Supreme Heavenly Soldiers, what kind of powerhouse were they? Of course, this was not to say that Xuanyuan Zilong liked to oppress his maids. On the contrary, Xuanyuan Zilong actually liked them a lot. By doing so, he wanted to tell them: whose servants are they, and who is the person who is truly loyal to them.

As he watched the four maids get slimmer and slimmer under Zi Yu's aura, Xuanyuan Zilong retracted Zi Yu's aura and swept his gaze across them. Less... Young Master, what happened just now? " It was obvious that the guqin hadn't replied, and even his words were a bit unclear.

"That is not something you should ask. You will know when you get the chance." I have something to do today, but before that, I need to take care of all of your matters. " Without giving the attendant and the others a chance to speak, Xuanyuan Zilong continued, "Mother ordered you to follow me and take care of me. Actually, you have already done quite well, but as my maids, you have yet to fully integrate into her identity. I will give you guys a choice now. In the future, you will be completely loyal to me and focus on my interests. You will give up your goals and abandon the dignity of those so-called experts to follow me. "Perhaps if I erase this memory of yours, you will follow me in the future, but it will be very difficult for you to be reused."

"Young Master, you want us to become your slaves?" No, no, not at all like a slave. In my eyes, slaves have no value, no matter how strong they are, they are just things that are thrown away. And you are still my maids, my personal maids, and even if you have the chance to become one of my women in the future. What I have asked you all to do is to act as a maid who is completely loyal to her master, and that's all you should do in front of her. "

"Then what can we get?" "The smallest of the four asked." Actually, as a qualified maid in my heart, I shouldn't ask such questions. However, this is the way of the world. If I can't give you anything, then I have the right to demand your loyalty. However, I can only say that I can give you whatever you all wish. In fact, even if you dare not to think about it, I can give you all my ability as well. As for whether you believe it or not, that will depend on yourselves. For a moment, the four girls did not speak ?

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