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After a while, the four women looked at each other and said in unison, "Master!" This time, it was Xuanyuan Zi Long's turn to be a little surprised, "You two agreed just like that? "No other requests!" He didn't believe that his b * tch aura could make them submit. He still thought that he had to show them something in order to make them believe him!

"Master, we have no other requests. We only hope that Master can treat us well in the future!" "Why?" Xuanyuan Zilong was still a little puzzled. " Master, actually, things are not as complicated as you think. We were arranged by Lady Yu Xin to be your maid in the first place, so as long as we don't want to betray the Divine Dragon Palace and the Madam, it's only right for us to listen to your words. Since you have the ability to force us to our knees, no matter where it comes from, we don't have any strong experts in front of you.

"Master, you are still young and you do not have much understanding of this world. In this world where strength reigns supreme, strength is the fundamental goal of everyone. The strong are the true rulers. The rest of the power and money was just a way to gain strength. Although it was very attractive, everyone understood that without strength, then everything would be nothing more than a fleeting cloud that others could take away at any time. As long as you have the strength, these things will naturally come as well. Just like how we are only the master's maids, but in the outside world, we are also high and mighty existences. So, to be able to follow someone who can make us stronger isn't too much of a grievance. I just hope that Master can treat us two sisters well in the future. "

Xuanyuan Zilong could be considered to have understood one thing. This world was very different from the world he lived in in in his previous life, or perhaps it could be said that he, who was at the bottom of society in his previous life, had never seen the lives of higher-ups. Although there were rules set by the major powers here, those were all aimed at the weak. To the strong, they were white paper, and they were completely focused on the survival of the fittest.

Moreover, people would die in this world at every moment. It was not because he was lacking food, but because he was killed by the strong as he wished. However, no one would complain for him because he was weak. In this lifetime, he, Xuanyuan Zilong, possessed an unrivalled cultivation technique, two supreme heavenly weapons, and even had his wife, Xing Ziyan. He could also be considered an expert existence and looked down on the entire world. This was what Xuanyuan Zilong was thinking in his heart, but he had always been a kind-hearted person. He would never casually play around with the lives of others, but if someone provoked him or made him unhappy, then he would naturally not be lenient anymore.

Seeing the four women submitting, Xuanyuan Zilong was also very happy in his heart. This was his true subordinate, and one of those four beautiful quadruplets at that. There were four items in front of Xuanyuan Zilong's body, and upon closer inspection, it was an ancient zither, a chess set, an ancient book, and a painting of mountains and rivers. This was something that Xuanyuan Zilong had Xing Zi Yan modify with a high-grade Emperor Armament that she had obtained from the Blood Devil Sect. It was a high-grade Emperor Armament itself, but it was more suitable for four maids. This was something that Xuanyuan Zi Long had prepared a long time ago, and it also showed that Xuanyuan Zi Long had the intention of taking back the four women.

The four high-rank Imperial Armaments all retracted their auras. However, the four women still felt that the things their master took out should be very extraordinary. There are four high grade Imperial Armaments, the Divine Punisher Zither, the Astral Chess, the Emperor Book, and the Cosmos Sack. One for each of you. After you receive them, focus on training them. Although they will not immediately take you as their master, they will still help you. When you reach the Emperor level, you can take them back. "

The four maids thought they had misheard. High-grade Emperor Armament! It was something that even a two star master would need to use as a sect's treasure! And now, their master had taken out four of them! With these things, they would be able to kill even low level Emperors. Even if they faced high level Emperors, escaping wouldn't be a problem. But was this really true?

"Why aren't you guys taking it? "Don't you want it?" Master, this ? Was that really a high-rank Imperial Armament? "And will you really give it to us?" Won't you know if it's true or not if you just pick it up and establish a connection with it? " Hearing Xuanyuan Zilong's words, the maid also hurriedly picked up the weapon on the ground and fused her soul force into it. Although it was impossible for them to get the Imperial Armament to recognize them as masters now, it was still possible to establish a simple connection. As for the backlash, would Xuanyuan Zilong not have thought of such a situation? But with Xing Zi Yan, how could such a thing happen!

Just as they connected the dots, ecstatic expressions emerged on their faces. It was likely the information sent by the weapons in their hands proved that they had not deceived them. It was truly a Superior Grade Imperial Armament! This was something that even most Emperors would not have. How could they not be wild with joy?

After a long while, they finally reacted and bowed their heads to Xuanyuan Zilong three times, then said, "Thank you for Master's bestowal. From today onwards, I, Xuanyuan Concubine (Attendant, Attendant, Painter, Painter), will forever be loyal to Master. I am willing to become Master's sharp sword to slash through everything in my path, and if I go against you, then I will perish and my soul will be tormented for all eternity, unable to reincarnate."

They thought that this was just a restriction placed upon them by the Great Dao of the Universe. Although they didn't know why it was so strong, they had never thought of betraying Xuanyuan Zi Long, so they didn't take it to heart. But they did not know that this brand was of great benefit to them. Of course, the prerequisite was that they did not want to betray Xuanyuan Zilong.

This brand did not originate from the Great Dao of the universe, but from the source of primal chaos. This was the destruction and origin of all the supreme universe. Where did this brand come from? Would it be useless? This was naturally impossible. This soul brand not only restricted the four women's oath, at the same time, it would unknowingly change the souls of the four women, making them eternal loyalty, love, and even believe in Xuanyuan Zilong. Reaching what Xuanyuan Zilong himself had said, even if he didn't pay anything, they would still give up everything for Xuanyuan Zilong. However, this would still require time to slowly change. In fact, there was such a brand mark on Xing Ziyan and the two Supreme Celestial Soldiers, as well as on those who had sworn their loyalty to Xuanyuan Zilong or those who deeply loved him. Moreover, it had already reached the deepest part.

Other than being beneficial to Xuanyuan Zilong, it was also beneficial to the person who possessed the brand. First of all, they could gain the recognition of the great Dao of the universe. Their destiny would greatly increase, which would be greatly beneficial for their training. Also, when they went through heavenly tribulation, the strength of the heavenly tribulation would decrease and they could even seek help from Xuanyuan Zilong.

Xuanyuan Zilong didn't know of the changes in their souls, so even if he knew, he would only be happy! He said, "You guys get up. In the future, you must cultivate well. Your current strength doesn't even qualify to protect me, so I hope that you can put in the effort." Also, it's enough that you know about the Imperial Armament yourselves. Letting others know about it is troublesome, as you don't even have the ability to protect them! " "Thank you master, we will take note of it." He then slowly stood up, but his expression was still very respectful.

Xuanyuan Zilong did not speak, he just ordered the carriage to move towards Ye Feng and continued to rest on the chair. The four women looked at their young child's master with a different expression in their eyes.

After yet another period of time, Xuanyuan Zilong's carriage had arrived at a residential area, and Ye Feng was living in one of the courtyards there! Xuanyuan Zilong did not stop the carriage, instead, with the help of the zither attendant, he stealthily snuck into Ye Feng's house. The carriage continued to move forward, he did not want others to know that he had stopped here.

When they entered the courtyard, Xuanyuan Zilong discovered that the decorations were still very beautiful, which meant that the current Ye Feng was still a very enjoyable person. Without disturbing anyone else, Xuanyuan Zilong and the four women went straight to Ye Feng's room. Through his soul space, Xuanyuan Zi Long could "see" Ye Feng lying on his chair, with three maids giving him massage. A maid was also feeding him some fruits, it could be said to be an extremely enjoyable experience!

Xuanyuan Zilong pushed open the door and startled the maids inside. However, Ye Feng still sat there very easily, as if he had already known about Xuanyuan Zilong's arrival. Looking at his expression, Xuanyuan Zi Long asked with disdain: "Looks like you have long since known of our arrival, but is this how you treat guests as the master?"

"I don't have such an uninvited guests like you. I wonder what business do you have? If there's nothing special, I hope you can leave soon. " Although Ye Feng's tone was not fearful, but it did not have the arrogance from yesterday. It was obvious that he was not an idiot who ignored everyone.

"What is it? "There really is one. If I said I was here to kill you, would you believe me?" Kill me? Why? We don't seem to have any grudges, and you think the saints around you can kill me? "If you leave now, I can pretend that what happened tonight didn't happen, or else ?" Through his damaged Imperial Armament, he found out that Yu Qin and the others only had the strength of a saint and that he could use the Imperial Armament to kill them, but that would mean the spirit of the Imperial Armament would fall into a deep sleep due to lack of energy. His life would be in danger for a period of time and this was not what he wanted.

Moreover, he had even thought of waiting until the energy in the Emperor Armament was sufficient so that he could kill Xuanyuan Zilong and humiliate Yu Qin and the others. The taste of the quadruplets should be pretty good, right? Thinking about it, Ye Feng looked at the four people sitting in front of him with lust. Xuanyuan Zilong discovered his gaze and felt even more disdain towards Ye Feng. If even his own woman dared to scheme against him, wouldn't that just be courting death?

"Oh, what else? "Why are you so confident? You can't even kill you with four Saints. Are you hiding some super expert, or do you think that the damaged Imperial Armament on your body can save you?"

"How do you know?" Ye Feng stood up excitedly. One must know that the broken Imperial Armament was the foundation of his life. It was also the capital for him to live arrogantly after teleporting to this world. However, other than him, he believed that no one else knew about this. How could he not be surprised when someone else said it?

"Of course I know. I also know that you are not a person of this universe, but rather a soul that transmigrated here five years ago to possess this body. I wonder if what I said is correct?" Who are you, and why do you know so much, and what do you want to do? Oh, I understand. You are also a Transcender like me, right? "

"Like you? Maybe, but I'm not a poor piece! "Didn't I say it earlier? Of course I'm here to kill you." "Kill me? Since we are all transcenders, why kill each other? Why don't we join hands and create a power that belongs to us in this world?" Thinking about the four great saints' strength and his own Imperial Armament, Ye Feng gradually calmed down from the shock just now. As for Xuanyuan Zilong, he had subconsciously been ignored by him. This was because his adorable appearance did not give people a bad feeling.

"Hegemony? Do you really think that transcenders are the main characters? Actually, sometimes people who transcend worlds are just pitiful bugs, especially people like you who don't know their place. " "So you're saying that you're not going to let me go?" Ye Feng was already prepared to use his Imperial Armament.

Xuanyuan Zilong did not pay any attention to him. Instead, he turned to the few maids beside him and said, "You guys can kill him together. Be careful because he has a damaged Absolute Royal Armament in his hand. Open up the domain of your Imperial Armaments, and do not let them escape, and do not let their auras leak out either. "

Although Yu Qin and the rest did not know the meaning behind the conversation between Xuanyuan Zi Long and the other party, they still understood Xuanyuan Zi Long's orders. Thus, as soon as Xuanyuan Zi Long finished speaking, the four of them had already taken out the Imperial Armament that Xuanyuan Zi Long had given them and at the same time, opened up the domain derived from the Imperial Armament.

The surrounding environment had changed, and the original house had now become a mountain and flowing water. This was the special domain of the Cosmos Sack, and at the same time, there were 365 stars surrounding Ye Feng. As for the zither attendant and the book attendant, they each held a Divine Punisher Zither, as well as the emperor's book. They stood to the side, ready to act at any moment.

When Ye Feng saw the four high-grade Emperor Armaments surrounding him, he knew that he was dead for sure. Even that damaged top-grade Emperor Armament could not save him, after all, it could only release the strength of a low-grade Emperor Armament, so how could it resist? He suddenly knelt down and cried out, "Don't kill me! Please don't kill me! I'm willing to give you my Imperial Armament. Please let me go!"

"Kill!" Xuanyuan Zi Long did not pay any attention to him and after hearing his master's words, the four women attacked at the same time. Ye Feng saw that it was impossible for him to escape. He suddenly laughed: "Since this is the case, you all will die with me!" As he spoke, he actually wanted to self-detonate his Imperial Armament.

But before Ye Feng could feel happy, the Emperor Armament in his hand had already arrived in front of Xuanyuan Zilong and the attacks of the four women had also arrived at Ye Feng's body. His soul had been destroyed, not even a speck of dust was left behind.

After putting away the imperial weapon in his hand, Xuanyuan Zilong and the four women stealthily returned to the carriage. The carriage slowly headed towards the Divine Dragon Palace!

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