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After returning to the Divine Dragon Palace, Xuanyuan Zilong did not immediately enter the soul space. Instead, he spent the entire day with his mother and sister, experiencing his mother's deep love and the happiness of a child.

At the same time, Xiao Yuxin also saw the change in attitude of the four maids towards Xuanyuan Zilong, but she didn't think that Xuanyuan Zilong had the ability to completely take them back, so she didn't take it to heart. Of course, Xuanyuan Zilong was very satisfied with this and he didn't want his mother to know about what had happened to him.

As night fell, Xuanyuan Zilong returned to his room and impatiently lay on his bed. Then, his consciousness entered his soul space. Seeing Xuanyuan Zilong enter, Xing Ziyan gently called out to her husband before being embraced by Xuanyuan Zilong.

Every time Xuanyuan Zi Long entered his soul space, he would always act like an adult. With that handsome and adorable face coupled with Xing Zi Yan's appearance, he looked like a match made in heaven. However, even though Xuanyuan Zilong appeared to be an adult, nothing had happened between him and Xing Ziyan. It was not that he did not like it, but he felt that this was not his real body, so this was a little strange.

Moreover, he did not want to casually deal with Xing Ziyan. Not mentioning her devastatingly beautiful appearance, it made him feel like he could not bear to harm her. Just Xing Ziyan's tender care and care for him was enough to gradually heal his wounded heart. Xuanyuan Zilong knew that he had truly fallen in love with this woman who was willing to give up everything for him.

Of course, although Xuanyuan Zi Long didn't really eat Xing Zi Yan, but he did take advantage of her occasionally, so eating tofu was a must. In the end, Xuanyuan Zilong embraced Xing Zi Yan and his hands had already gently caressed Xing Zi Yan's alluring buttocks. Xing Ziyan was a little shy, but the gentle her would never resist Xuanyuan Zilong from doing anything to him.

After teasing Xing Ziyan for a while, Xuanyuan Zilong finally remembered that he had something important to do. He saw a weapon suddenly appear in front of him. It was the damaged Imperial Armament that he had obtained after killing Ye Feng. Xuanyuan Zilong asked: "Zi Yan, you said that this Emperor Armament can allow me to summon some experts from my soul space, is that true?"

"Darling, of course it's true. How could Zi Yan lie to you? However, this soul space can be said to be a gift from the Chaos resources to my husband, so I don't know why it can be like this. As for what was summoned, it might be random, or it might be something that my husband yearned for in his mind, even Zi Yan cannot be sure. "

"Then do you know their strength? "If it's too weak, it shouldn't be of any use, right?" "I don't know the exact strength either, but I think I'll still be able to reach the Emperor level!" Emperor level strength is still okay, then what should I do? "

"Husband, all you need to do is to place this Emperor Armament in the core of your soul space, where it comes from." Hearing Xing Ziyan's words, he hugged her and flashed. Following that, he appeared by the side of the Small Chaos Source, and even the two supreme heavenly weapons, Zi Yu and Zi Zhong, appeared by his side.

"Husband, it's fine. Just put it in." Xuanyuan Zilong nodded his head when he heard this, then he placed the Emperor Armament in his hand back into the little Primal Chaos Origin.

The little Primal Chaos Source directly swallowed the Emperor Armament, and then the entire soul space trembled. Xuanyuan Zilong felt that the stars in the space that originally gave him a sense of vitality had begun to change. At this moment, Xing Ziyan frowned and said, "Husband, this isn't good. The energy from this sort of Emperor Armament with the luck of the alternate universe is insufficient for all the experts to be summoned from the star life forms. Even if we barely manage to complete their mission, their strength won't be too high. We're in too much of a hurry."

When Xuanyuan Zilong heard this, his brows knitted together. This was the capital that he needed to travel through this new world in the future. Now that there were problems, of course he couldn't help but worry. Is there any solution? " Xuanyuan Zilong's tone was a bit urgent.

"Husband, don't worry. The situation isn't that bad! The Emperor Armament has already opened up the source of the Small Chaos Source's summoning. Right now, it's only because my husband's strength is still too low and the Small Chaos Source doesn't have enough energy, it'll be fine as long as you replenish it. "

"My current strength is only that of a Xuan Master. No matter what, I can't replenish much energy, right?" Zi Yan, can't you replenish its power? With your strength, it should be very easy for you? " Husband, I can't do that. Although the energy of the Small Chaos Source is from the Source of Chaos, it's under your control right now and is unable to withstand the power of my Great Way. It might cause harm to your soul space and harm your cultivation in the future. "

"Then what should I do?" "As he sensed the instability of the stars of life, Xuanyuan Zilong couldn't help but feel even more unhappy. Darling, you can store the spirit stones and spirit crystals inside the Chaos Origin as energy, but the amount you need is too much, and the effect may not be very good. However, because the summoning this time was caused by Imperial Armaments, it would be best for Lord Husband to place some Imperial Armaments in as energy supplies. The effect should be quite good. "

Xuanyuan Zilong did not feel any heartache as he heard this and directly threw all the low grade Emperor Armaments that Xing Ziyan had obtained from Blood Demon Sect into the little Primal Chaos Origin and then looked at Xing Ziyan. Husband, it's not enough yet. Let's continue. This time, Xuanyuan Zilong's heart ached a little as he threw in dozens of middle-grade Emperor Armaments. If someone knew about this, they would definitely shout "wastrel". Xuanyuan Zi Long looked at Xing Zi Yan.

Xing Ziyan shook her head and said, "Husband, the energy of the other six life planets is insufficient. We still need at least six high-grade Emperor Armaments, and Husband also threw in the top-grade Emperor Armament. This way, there should be a different connection between them."

Gritting his teeth, Xuanyuan Zi Long still decided to listen to Xing Zi Yan's words and threw the six high-grade Emperor Armaments and the one and only top-grade Emperor Armament into the little Primal Chaos Origin. His heart was bleeding. Putting aside the hundred middle-grade and low-grade Emperor Armaments, just the six high-grade Emperor Armaments and the one top-grade Emperor Armament were equivalent to a False Heavenly Emperor and several high grade Emperors. Furthermore, there were only five high-grade Blood Demon Sect Imperial Armaments left. How could he not feel pain in his heart? If the person summoned wasn't strong, then wouldn't he suffer a great loss? Xuanyuan Zilong thought helplessly.

Seeing her husband's heartbroken expression, Xing Ziyan laughed: "Husband, everything you summon will be pretty good experts. Your Imperial Armament won't be wasted. Furthermore, if my husband wants the Imperial Armament, Zi Yan can help you find it.

Although Xuanyuan Zilong really wanted to say it, he wanted to destroy a whole family just for a weapon. This kind of matter was not something Xuanyuan Zilong could do, so he could only helplessly say: "Hehe, it's fine if it's gone, but consider it my fate. I hope they really won't let me down."

Just as Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xing Zi Yan were chatting with each other, the life stars in their soul realms had once again undergone a change. It must be due to the fact that there was sufficient energy. All the living stars emitted powerful auras of life, and at the same time, they also carried the aura of a different expert.

All of a sudden, pillars of nine-colored light beams began to shoot towards all the stars of life from the origin of small amounts of chaos. Then, under Xuanyuan Zilong's astonished gaze, all the stars of life began to shrink and disappear at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xuanyuan Zilong really wanted to know what had happened, but from start to finish, he was unable to find out and could only silently wait. Another period of time had passed, and the stars of life seemed to have completely disappeared. However, the enormous nine-colored pillar of light was still there, and Xuanyuan Zi Long could not see what was happening inside. Fortunately, he did not make Xuanyuan Zi Long wait for long. The nine-colored light pillar had also started to shrink and disappear, and the scene inside the light pillar had also begun to slowly surface before Xuanyuan Zi Long.

The light pillar had completely disappeared, and the original star of life had now become a human. Mn, because everyone outside looked like humans and there was no aura of any other race, coupled with the fact that Xuanyuan Zilong also wished that his subordinates were humans, he naturally treated them as humans.

Before Xuanyuan Zi Long had even finished counting the number of people, everyone had already collectively appeared not too far away from Xuanyuan Zi Long and did not even wait for him to react. They were already kneeling on the ground, and shouted at Xuanyuan Zilong, "Master!" Xuanyuan Zilong blankly looked at them with another wave of absent-mindedness.

After a long while, Xing Ziyan pulled at Xuanyuan Zilong. "Husband, stop daydreaming." Xuanyuan Zilong regained his senses and swept his gaze over them. The one kneeling on the ground had 34 people, but the 18 life stars summoned 34 people for him, which meant that it wasn't a person summoned from a planet. Xuanyuan Zilong did not pay attention to them and instead asked Xing Ziyan why.

"Husband, you should have also noticed that there was actually more than one person that was summoned by the pillar of light. However, their strength is much weaker than the one that was summoned by themselves. However, there should be some sort of connection between them." Xuanyuan Zilong also agreed with her words and continued to ask.

"Will I be able to summon such a person in the future?" Husband, I can't do that anymore. These 34 people are gifts from the source of primal chaos. They were conceived in the stars in your soul space so they formed the original life stars. Now that all the life stars have disappeared, they won't have another opportunity like this in the future. However, when my husband becomes more powerful in the future, he will also be able to create his own creatures. "

Xuanyuan Zilong and Xing Ziyan chatted for a while and he did not pay any attention to the people kneeling on the ground. He wanted to see what kind of attitude they had towards his' master '. What was not clear enough was that even though Xuanyuan Zilong had ignored them and made them kneel for so long, there was no unhappiness in their eyes at all. There was only respect and love.

Of the thirty-four people, twenty-eight of them were women, and each of them had a bewitching beauty. Four of them had the features of a beauty that could chase up to Xing Ziyan, and the auras in the world were different as well. Furthermore, the gazes they used to look at Xuanyuan Zi Long were as thick and gentle as those of Xing Zi Yan. Xuanyuan Zi Long did not doubt that they could do anything for him just like Xing Zi Yan. This made Xuanyuan Zilong, this boy with a popinjay's dream, feel extremely happy. So many beauties all belonged to him, how blissful would that be!

The other six men also looked to be around twenty-six to twenty-seven years old. As for their true age, it was based on Xuanyuan Zilong's soul realm, two of them were over two hundred million years old while the remaining four were over seventy to eighty million years old. As for whether they were really created by the source of primal chaos, only the source of primal chaos itself knew.

The six of them were all very handsome. Three of them wore robes, and two of them looked like scholars. The other one was very cold, giving off a feeling of being unapproachable. The other three were all clad in armor, like generals.

Xuanyuan Zilong pointed to a man who wore silver armour and had silver hair. He looked very much like Zhao Yun, one of the Three Kingdoms in his previous life, and asked, "What is your name?" "Master, your subordinate's name is Zhao Yun." "What? What did you say your name is?" Xuanyuan Zilong was once again shocked by his answer and once again asked.

"Your subordinate's name is Zhao Yun!" Xuanyuan Zi Long thought that this was just an unexpected coincidence and hurriedly asked the other five, "What about you guys, what are you called?"

"Subordinate Zhuge Kongming." "Subordinate is Bai Qi." "Subordinate is Wu Mu." "Your subordinate Guo Jia is sick."

Xuanyuan Zilong already didn't know how to be surprised, he only thought in his heart: I'm rich, I'm rich! They're all amazing people ?

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