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There is a place at the center of all universes, the origin of all universes. Some people called it chaos, while others called it grandmist ? However, everyone knew that this was the source of chaos that was born in the universe. No one was able to reach this place, nor was anyone able to obtain such power.

The source of chaos is always silent and merciless. There is nothing that has existed for hundreds of millions of eras. However, if someone were to come here now, he would be able to see that not far from the Origin of Chaos, there was actually a sword floating there. The blade was very beautiful, very attractive.

What was even more strange was that beside the sword, there was a mass of white light. The sword was surrounded by a mass of white light that flashed from time to time.

It was unknown how much time had passed, whether it was a hundred million years or a billion years, but the source of primal chaos did not change. However, the destroyed Seventh Paragon universe had gone from a newly born universe to the 108th supreme universe.

Countless universes were born from the source of primal chaos, 108 of them were the highest level of existence. They controlled countless other star universes, such as the 3000 great worlds. The myriad minor worlds were all just a small part of the total jurisdiction of the 108 supreme universes. The other universes numbered in the trillions.

There were also differences in 108 of the universe, they all had their own civilizations, such as technology civilizations and biological civilizations. But regardless of which civilization it was, cultivators were all their goals.

The 108 supreme universe had powerful crystal walls, and with the existence of a Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse and some special time, it was impossible to communicate with each other. However, there were 13 special existences within the 108 universes. They could be said to be the public enemies of the other universes.

These thirteen supreme universes only had 'devils' existences. The devils here were not cultivators that cultivated demonic arts, but a group of special existences that devoured the universe's origin for a living. They loved to kill all sorts of creatures from the universe.

Moreover, the crystal walls between these 13 'demonic' supreme universe and the other supreme universes were not completely sealed. Often, there would be some cracks that would cause the 'demonic' supreme universe to connect with the other supreme universes.

The 108 universe had rankings. The higher up the universe was, the more energy it absorbed from the primal chaos source. The stronger the universe was, the more warriors could be born within it.

Because of the existence of the crystal wall, there was no way for the 108 universe to engage in any sort of universe war. Hence the 108 universe wouldn't have to choose one of the universe to be the competition arena every 3 million years, after which every universe would randomly pick 1080 people from the different universes they controlled to enter the selected universe.

Of course, those who were chosen were fortunate. At least, many people felt the same way, because they were all called transcenders. They would all have benefits, such as the universe where they were given the 'God Binding System', 'God's Space', 'super weapons' and the like.

When they arrived in the universe that served as the arena arena, the competition for the universe rankings officially began. None of the universe paths could interfere with them, of course these transmigrators were all people with great karmic luck. In the next 1 million years, they would have to survive and become powerful existences. The higher the success, the greater the amount of chaos energy they would obtain from the universe, and the higher their ranking would be.

29.99 million years had passed since the last competition for the primal universe rankings, there was still 100 or so more years before it happened. And this time, the one chosen as the competition arena was the 108th primal universe that was born less than 1 billion years ago, also known as the 7th primal universe.

Even though the 108th primal universe was a new universe, after 1 billion years of growth, the 108th primal universe's power was still extraordinary. There were hundreds of millions of races here, and no one had ever seriously counted them before. After all, from time to time, races would perish. From time to time, new races would also be born.

Although there were many races, they were divided into seven broad categories: humans (including humans, dwarves, elves, and so on); beastmen (mainly orcs, half-beastmen, etc.); spirits (angels, fallen angels, dead spirits, the former Feathered race, etc.); magical beasts (which could take form at a certain stage); ferocious beasts (which could be transformed at a certain point in their cultivation, but could not take form); sea beasts (mostly lived in the sea, where only those above the emperor realm (excluding a few special races) could take form and live on land "; finally, one of the" devils "(13" Supreme devils "were born in the universe).

Every clan had trillions of people, they were all living in the universe continent or planets. The supreme universe was mainly formed from the universe continent as well as countless stars, of which the universe continent was the name for all the continents in the 108th supreme universe, it was formed from countless lands and oceans, and in the space above the universe continent, there were countless stars, many dead stars, and many living planets. Among them, a Titled Heavenly Emperor Stage powerhouse would also take up planets as a base for their own strength to grow; it could be said that they were very strong.

Even though there were many people in the universe, and most of them were warriors, their levels were completely different. Cultivators were divided into five major realms: the mortal realm, the monarch realm, the sage realm, the emperor realm, and the Titled Celestial Emperor realm. The mortal path was divided into nine levels (Profound Practitioners, Profound Practitioners, Mysterious Masters, Profound Generals, Profound Kings, Profound Emperors, Profound Spirits, Mysterious Faction, and Mysterious Sovereigns), and each level was further divided into nine stars. For example, one star Profound Emperor, two stars Profound Emperor ? A Mystic Spirit Expert could fly in the air, but a Mystical Master could only live up to 500 years old. (TL: Mage This sort of Worldly level cultivator represented 90% of the supreme universe. Other than those who had a chance at becoming a Daolord, most of them were just doing their jobs.

The Xuan Sovereign expert could become a Saint realm master after undergoing the lesser celestial tribulation. There were nine different levels of cultivation, such as one star monarch and two star monarch. The difference in strength between each of these levels was about two times greater. A One Star Lord could live for one thousand years, while an additional one star could live for one thousand years each time. Moreover, for a Monarch to be able to fly in the void, his speed was comparable to the speed of light. However, he might not be able to complete 10% of the universe's continents, much less countless stars.

The level above 9-star was the sage realm level 18. There were 1-9 star saints and 1-9 star saints, respectively. A 1-star sage could live for 10,000 years, with each increment of one star he could live for 10,000 years. In a void space, one could live for 10,000 years, with each increment of one star he could live for 10,000 years. Even if his body was destroyed in preparation for his advancement to the emperor realm, even if his body was destroyed, he could still use all sorts of treasures to make a breakthrough. A one star saint could live for a million years, with every new star being able to live for another million years. Moreover, one could already begin to understand the Laws, and the speed of one in the void was a hundred times faster than the speed of a Sovereign. The powerhouses that studied supreme techniques could even teleport, adding to their long lifespan, they would have the chance to roam the vast majority of the universe.

Even if there were billions of people, or even tens of billions of people, with the population of the supreme universe, the average number of an Emperor level powerhouse would not even reach a hundred. One could imagine just how powerful an Emperor level powerhouse was. And among them, there were only a few million high level Emperors (from seven to nine stars), which was about one thousandth of the number of Emperors. And for Ten Star Emperors (False Sky Emperors), there were only tens of thousands of people. Emperors were able to use or even control some of the Great Dao Laws. They were able to fuse the heavens and earth, teleport, and even travel between the stars. They were even able to cross 1/1000th of the universe at once. 1-star Emperors could live for ten million years, and with each increase in their cultivation, they could live for ten million more years. The False Emperor (Ten Star Emperor) could live for a hundred million years, and before his life ended, could undergo heavenly tribulation. He could live for an extra hundred million years, and his strength had increased as well. As long as the soul of an emperor realm expert was not destroyed, it could be reborn through various methods. Not to mention, even if it was just a soul, the power of that soul was incomparably strong.

Above the emperor realm was the Titled Sky Emperor. Their lifespan was similar to the Supreme Universe. If the universe was not destroyed, then Sky Emperor would not die. In the entire 108th supreme universe, there were less than 200 Titled Sky Emperors. However, even though the Celestial Emperor was strong, the disparity between him and the Great Dao of the Universe was immense. Naturally, he would suffer many losses as well. Titled Heavenly Emperors were also divided into nine stars. Among them, one to three stars were low level Heavenly Emperors, four to six stars were intermediate Heavenly Emperors, and seven to nine stars were high level Heavenly Emperors. It was almost impossible to kill a Sky Emperor in a one-on-one fight. They would need at least three to five Sky Emperor's of the same level to kill them, and even those of a higher level would have to encircle them for that. If one reached the Advanced Heavenly Emperor Stage, it would be possible to kill a low-level Heavenly Emperor, but it wouldn't be easy to fight them. Moreover, the 108th Supreme Universe had less than 10 Advanced Heavenly Emperors, and there weren't even any 9-star Heavenly Emperors.

Those above the Titled Heavenly Emperor level were comparable to experts on the Great Dao of the Universe, and becoming Great Dao level experts required recognition. Those above the Titled Heavenly Emperor were comparable to experts, and to become Great Dao of the Universe, one needed recognition. Simply put, it was directly transformed into a part of the Great Dao of the universe. However, there was no difference between that and death, so it could be said that there were basically no Great Dao Realm experts. Some of them didn't want to become the Great Dao of the Universe, but they couldn't be recognized, and so they were all killed. As for whether it will be born in the future, what do you hope?

Even with the population of the universe continent and countless warriors, there were still countless powers. Most of them consisted of races, clans, and sects. All sorts of empires were controlled by different forces, and the empires were mainly places where cultivators of the mortal way lived. It was also the most peaceful and free land. Afterall the universe continent was a place where the strong preyed on the weak, the survival of the fittest, however the strong rarely killed the mortals. This was not only because of the laws set up by the major powers, but also because of the restrictions of the Great Dao of the universe, as well as the terrifying power of heavenly tribulation. This was, after all, the supreme universe, even for cultivators of the mortal world, as long as they descended into other universes they could grow and become hegemons.

Of course, while one was alive, it was impossible for one to have any great accomplishments. However, after death, it was possible. As long as one's soul and body weren't destroyed, then cultivators of the mortal world and the monarch world would have a chance to be reborn in the universes that were governed by the universe. Becoming one of its most powerful beings was one of the benefits of living in the universe. However, experts at the sage realm or higher wouldn't have such a chance. After all, they were already considered the upper echelons of the Supreme Universe. Moreover, if they died, they would only lose their souls.

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