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In the middle of a mountain range, there was a towering mountain that pierced the clouds. Near the peak of the mountain, there was a large platform. The smooth surface of the platform looked as if it had been hacked out with a sword. On the platform was a palace, luxurious and elegant.

The spiritual energy in the surroundings of the palace was so dense that it seemed as if water could drip down at any moment. If there was an expert here, they would definitely be amazed. This was because the entire mountain was surrounded by three more spirit veins. Furthermore, the formation provided the people who lived here with spirit energy.

This was a palace under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Dragon Star Divine Dragon Palace. Its name was Heaven Seeking Palace and it was the residence of the current Asgard Master's second son, Xuanyuan Wentian. Speaking of the Divine Dragon Palace, even though the supreme universe was vast, there were very few people that didn't know of it.

The Divine Dragon Palace was one of the 108 transcendent powers of the human race, and its power ranked in the top 3. It was said that the Divine Dragon Palace was established 300 million years ago. It was established by the ancestor, Emperor Xuanyuan, and has been developing ever since. Rumor has it that Xuanyuan Wentian was still alive, and he was already an existence at the high level Heavenly Emperor level, so he was titled "Dragon God".

There were a total of 121 of the 108 races in the universe. There were 18 humans, 21 spirit race, 16 beast race, 31 demon beast clan, 7 demon clan, and 30 sea clan. As for the vicious beasts, although there were Heavenly Emperor powerhouses present, there was no division of power. This was because the Heavenly Emperor of the vicious beasts would usually gather together. All sorts of forces existed in the form of races or sects. It could be said that they controlled most of the resources in the universe.

To become a super power, one would need to have at least one Titled Heavenly Emperor, and many super powers also had one. If not, then I'm not sorry. Among the super powers, he was at the bottom, but he was definitely not someone they could easily provoke.

There were also five different types of powers below the super powers, and one of them was the strongest. In order to become a one star power, one had to have at least seven False Heaven Emperors, a hundred high rank (seven to nine stars) emperors, and also need an Emperor Armament as their clan's foundation treasure.

As for a two star power, they would need to have at least five false Heavenly Emperors, fifty high level Emperors, and even a high-grade Emperor Armament as their clan's foundation treasure.

A three star power would need at least three False Heaven Emperors and thirty High Emperors. They would also need to have a high-grade Emperor Armament as their clan's foundation treasure.

A four star power would need at least one False Heaven Emperor, ten high level Emperors, and even a mid-grade Emperor Armament as their clan's foundation treasure.

The fifth type was considered an unranked power. However, there was a great disparity between unranked forces. Some were high level Emperors, and some smaller clans might be the strongest, but they were only Saints.

But of course, although the difference in power levels was enormous, the supreme transcendent powers were even more so. However, even if it were a super power, they would never say that a Daolord level inner disciple could look down on the other 1-star or 2-star powerhouses. This was pure nonsense. A powerful warrior could kill you at any time. Could it be that there would be someone who would blame someone like you who didn't know how to respect honor others?

The disparity between the powers was mainly due to the difference in the number of experts at or above the emperor realm. However, regardless of where an Emperor was, he was still an existence of experts. He could not be ignored, and also could not be easily offended. After all, he could not win. However, if an Emperor were to run away, it would be difficult to chase him down.

And amongst the super powers, a Titled Sky Emperor could defeat a one star power at any time. However, most of the Heavenly Emperors were intimidating existences. Who would have the time to annihilate a sect every day? Wasn't that just looking for someone to hold a grudge? Thus, although a super power was a high existence, it was not unreasonable.

And although there was a disparity between the various powers, there was a vast majority of it due to the difference in numbers. After all, even a four star power would have a history of nearly ten million years. It wouldn't be difficult to nurture a genius disciple that was comparable to a super power, it was just that the number would be much less.

In a garden within the Heaven Inquiring Temple, a young woman about twenty-seven to twenty-eight years old said to a man sitting in a pavilion and sipping tea, "Wentian, these flowers have been picked by you for almost a hundred thousand years. Not only are they spiritual, they're also growing. They're really beautiful.

Hearing the young maiden's words, Xuanyuan Wentian laughed and said, "Elisa, you're still okay. Back then, both you and Yu Xin loved flowers and you were even boasting that Yu Xin would not marry me without the Rainbow Rose. For that Nine-colored Rose, I almost lost my life in the Ten Thousand Flowers Valley, but it was all worth it. " Then, the man smiled mischievously at the young woman sitting beside him.

The young woman sitting beside Xuanyuan Wentian was one of his wives just now. Her name was Xiao Yuxin and she was the granddaughter of the Seventh Elder of the Divine Dragon Palace. Although Xuanyuan Wentian had several women, he only had two wives and he was extremely fond of his two wives. The young woman who had spoken was called Lin Aisha. She was the granddaughter of the head of a 1-star influential family. Moreover, she had given birth to two children, one male and one female, for Xuanyuan Wen.

After Xiao Yuxin heard Xuanyuan Wentian's words, she stroked her bulging stomach and said to him, "You got lucky and yet you still chose to act obedient. To be able to marry me and Big Sister Elsa, you are truly beautiful to death." With that, he rubbed his bulging stomach and continued, "It should be more than 100 years, why hasn't the child been born yet and why doesn't it have any intention of being born. When Elsa's sister was born, she was only pregnant for less than 30 years. Why haven't I been born yet? "

When Xuanyuan Wentian heard this, he hugged Xiao Yuxin lightly and consoled, "Back then, when Love Sa was giving birth to his child, he had only just reached the Saint level. You know how big the difference is. After all, the more powerful a person is, the harder it is to conceive a child, and the longer the child will be pregnant. "

Leaning on Xuanyuan Wentian, Xiao Yuxin said softly, "I know, but for those ordinary cultivators, to be able to give birth to a child in ten months is something that I can only sigh about."

Xuanyuan Wentian did not speak. This was the law of the universe and even though he had the ability to make the child be born earlier, it would still cause great harm to the child. Even if he didn't want to, Xiao Yuxin definitely wouldn't. Although she complained about the toil of carrying her child, her love for the child in her womb was irreplaceable.

A hundred years passed silently just like that, and the entire 108 Paragon Continent seemed very peaceful. War continued unabated within the country, and the conflicts between large and small forces did not cease. However, it was all just a small matter. There weren't any famous experts that fell, nor were there any major powers that were annihilated. It could be said to be peaceful.

However, in this peaceful atmosphere, some Emperors felt different auras, and all of the various super powers began to act in different ways. Because the competition for the Sovereign Universe rankings would only happen once every 30 million years, some Heavenly Emperor powerhouses that had lived for over a hundred million years would naturally need to make some preparations.

Knowing that the ranking competition of the supreme universe was not only a test for the chosen transmigrators, but also a test for the strong that were chosen as the arenas of the supreme universe itself. It had to be known that in this competition, not only the Emperors, but even the Heavenly Emperors had a high chance of losing. Many Titled Heavenly Emperors had died in the competition in the past.

Of course, this was also the period where Emperors and even Titled Heavenly Emperors were born the most. After all, the Transcenders had brought many good things with them, such as the "game of becoming a god, super weapons" and so on. These things could also be used by local cultivators.

In addition, during the competition, all sorts of legacies and ruins will also have a much higher chance of appearing. Those are the hopes that make people walk the path of the strong.

Especially in ruins, not only did the universe give birth to them. Most of them were high level Emperors or even Titled Heavenly Emperors who, after their deaths, had created their own worlds. After countless years of reproduction, they reappeared in the primordial universe for a certain period of time. According to the grade of the ruins, the treasures inside would drive people crazy.

Within the Heaven Seeking Palace, there were many more people seated. Seated on the main seat was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his forties. This man was Xuanyuan Wentian's father, Xuanyuan Shitian, and the current Palace Master of the Divine Dragon Palace. Beside him sat a beautiful wife. It was none other than Xuanyuan Wentian's mother, Long Jingxin.

Xuanyuan Wentian was seated below, and beside him was Lin Ai Sha. Sitting opposite of him was a man and a woman. They were Xuanyuan Wentian's third brother, Xuanyuan Wentian and seventh sister, Xuanyuan Wentian. The two of them and Xuanyuan Wentian were both children of Long Jingxin and their relationship was very good.

Behind Xuanyuan Wentian stood a man and a woman. They were the two children that Lin Ai Sha had given birth to, Big Brother Xuanyuan Zichen and Second Sister Xuanyuan Zi Yu.

Xuanyuan Wentian sat there quietly, but his heart was filled with anxiety. This was because Xiao Yuxin was about to give birth today and was still in the room in pain. Xuanyuan Shitian looked at his genius son. He was already several hundred thousand years old and had two children as his father, but he was still a bit childish. This was truly hard for others to bear.

At this moment, everyone in the hall suddenly stood up, because the entire universe seemed to be rumbling with joy and ruthlessness. Xuan Yuan knew that this was the beginning of the competition for the supreme universe's rankings. The transmigrators from the other universes would come to this continent in all sorts of different ways. But what he didn't know was that the universe rumbling had another meaning ?

At the same time, a maid walked in from Xiao Yu Xin's side. After bowing to the crowd, she said, "Madam has given birth. It's a Dragon and Phoenix Embryo. Young master and young miss are both healthy and well." When everyone heard this, they hurriedly rushed to Xiao Yu Xin's room.

Xuanyuan Wentian received the boy from the maid and the boy smiled at him as if he had felt it. However, Xuanyuan Wentian frowned because he felt that this son's body was a little too ordinary. However, he quickly relaxed. No matter how ordinary his child was, he was still a treasure, so he had to love him even more.

He didn't know that this ordinary child would one day become the master of this primal chaos. The supreme universe was just a place where this young master could show off his hedonistic abilities.

Xuanyuan Wentian once again looked at his own daughter, who was being carried by Lin Ai Sha, before walking to Xiao Yu Xin's side and softly saying, "Yu Xin, it's been hard on you. Our child is so adorable ?"

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