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As a 3-star Saint Master, even though Xiao Yuxin had just given birth, she wasn't particularly weak. She looked at Xuanyuan Wentian who was playing with the child and said, "Wentian, give our child a name."

Xuanyuan Wentian listened and looked at his father. Xuanyuan Shitian nodded his head but did not say anything. Instead, it was his mother who said to him, "Wentian, give my grandson and granddaughter an elegant name. Otherwise, I won't forgive you."

Xuanyuan Wentian nodded his head and pondered for a while before saying, "Your son is called Xuanyuan Zi Long and he is your big brother. Your daughter is called Xuanyuan Zi Lin and your little sister."

"Xuanyuan Zi Long, Xuanyuan Zi Lin ?" Xiao Yu Xin silently recited these two names and was inwardly overjoyed. She felt that these two names were very good.

At this time, Xuanyuan Ziyu hugged Xuanyuan Wulong and lightly tapped him on the chest with her jade white hands. She said, "Zi Long, Zi Long, my good little brother, in the future, don't think that your big brother only knows how to cultivate. Seeing your adorable appearance, I'm sure you'll bewitch thousands of youths in the future. "

When Xuanyuan Zichen heard his sister's words, he smiled and said, "Violet Rain, how am I not good at cultivating? It would only be annoying if I faced those girls everyday. Don't teach your little brother bad."

Xuanyuan Zichen had been a genius since he was young, and he had worked diligently in cultivation to rarely ask about other things. However, he doted on this naughty little sister of his. Now that he had a younger brother, his younger sister naturally cared about them.

But these two siblings who were laughing and joking hadn't realized that Xuanyuan Zilong's face had become extremely strange. After hearing Xuanyuan Ziyu's words, their eyes shined and they almost drooled on the spot. However, it soon became calm again, as if it was still frightened.

As night fell, the people of Heaven Seeking Palace gradually left as well. Xuanyuan Wentian and his wife were currently discussing in their room. They were not like the other cultivators. To them, sleeping was just an occasional rest, and whether or not it was done was not important.

However, when it comes to children of a newly born Xuan Cultivator (a child of a powerful Saint or above), the stronger the expert, the stronger the child he will give birth to. It is not impossible for him to become a Xuan Master." However, for Xuanyuan Zilong, whose aptitude was already very ordinary, a profound practitioner's child, rest was a must.

There were four maids in the courtyard, and they had all been arranged to take care of the newly-born young master. But at this moment, on a large comfortable bed, Xuanyuan Zilong seemed to have fallen asleep, but the actual scene was only known to him.

In this mysterious space, the countless stars gave off a particularly beautiful feeling. What he saw was a handsome youth talking, and what he was talking about was the sword in front of him, a very beautiful sword. At this moment, the youth's voice was heard.

"Am I not dead? Why did I become a child? Did I reincarnate? Am I Wu QI Tian, or Xuanyuan Zi Long? " It turned out that the teenager was Wu Qi Tian who died in a place called 'Earth' in the universe. He only remembered killing the adulterer and committing suicide.

But now, it had become a child that was just born called Xuanyuan Zilong. He didn't even know why it had become like this. It was just that during the day, when he saw so many people, he did not dare to make any movements, as he was afraid that others would discover that it was fake.

"I should be dead already, why did I become a newly born child, and why did I appear in this mysterious space with the appearance of a strange teenager. Also, who are you? " The youth said to the sword in front of him.

Hearing the young man's words, a pleasant female voice came out from the sword area, "I am the Supreme Celestial Soldier, Star Sword. This is the Soul Space opened up by the Origin of Primal Chaos. The way you are now is probably when you grow up in this life of yours! "

"And right now, you can be considered to have reincarnated. 1 billion years ago, when the Seventh Universe was destroyed, I was supposed to have been destroyed, but I didn't know why I appeared next to the source of primal chaos. And it was at that time that you appeared somewhere else. At that time, you were still a ball of white light and you had no consciousness. "

"As for why you and I were there, I don't know. However, the source of primal chaos that should have been devoid of emotion seems to be very good to you." "Not only did I help you construct a soul universe, but I also helped me to recover from my injuries back then and have you take me as a master."

"And just as the ranking competition of the Supreme Universe began, I left the source of primal chaos and descended into the Primal Chaos Dimension with you. Your consciousness is being born in your fetus, and only now that you are born, did your consciousness completely recover from your previous life. "

"Right now, your name is Xuanyuan Zilong and you are the third young master of Heaven Seeking Palace. I understand your previous life now, but that is already in the past. I hope that you don't get entangled with the past. I will work hard to make you happy in this life. "

"Xuanyuan Zi Long? Such a mighty name, I am no longer Wu Qi Tian, can I really live happily ever after? " Hearing Chen Yu Xing Jian's words, the young man was the Wu Qi Tian of the past, the current Xuanyuan Zi Long silently muttered to himself.

However, regardless of whether he could be happy or not, he could only try to accept it. After all, he couldn't change much at the moment. What was there to be dissatisfied about being able to live again?

After the youth had thought it through a bit, he became more relaxed. He said, "The Supreme Celestial Weapon, the Heaven's Feather Star Sword, could it be that you are the benefit of my rebirth? You said that you want me to live a happy life? Then will I be invincible in the future? In the future, I will also become the main character in the novels? " The young man thought lecherously.

"Also ? the source of chaos?" Supreme Universe ranking competition? What are these? " The youth asked doubtfully.

"The Origin of Primal Chaos is the source of all universes. When the Primordial Universe is destroyed, it will return to the Origin of Primal Chaos, and then a new universe will be born relying on the source of Primal Chaos. Right now we are in the 108th supreme universe, which was born after the 7th supreme universe was destroyed. "Because he's a new student, hence he's ranked 108th." Chenyu told the contents of the Sovereign Universe Ranking Tournament to Xuanyuan Zilong once again.

If that's the case, then I'm also a transcender, and that means I'm one of the participants in this year's ranking competition. I'm going to risk my life too?" Xuanyuan Zilong was a little dissatisfied about this. He felt that his rebirth into a new life had long since been arranged by some source of chaos and the great Dao of the universe. This was only a conspiracy and he had to be controlled by others.

However, he was only slightly dissatisfied. He was alive again with a noble identity. He also had the sword. Even if he couldn't be a king, he should be able to live a luxurious life as a popinjay. In his previous life, he had always fantasized about living the lives of the protagonists in novels. But now, wasn't there hope? What else can I ask for...

Of course, Xuanyuan Zilong didn't really think of himself as the main character, because in his previous life, although he liked reading novels, he still felt that many of the main characters in novels were brainless." For a puny ordinary person to dare yell at a hegemon and not die, a person who had cultivated for less than a hundred years was stronger than a person who had cultivated for over a hundred million years. That was pure nonsense.

Although the youth believed that since he had reincarnated, he should not die so easily, he could not casually provoke experts. After all, they would not just let him off when they saw him being pitiful like in the novels, and then wait for him to come and take revenge. Those who would do such a thing would definitely be idiots, and definitely not experts, because this kind of retard should have long since died.

However, what he didn't know was that his idea of not casually provoking experts would soon fly into the sea. According to him, "I am a kind-hearted popinjay, not a bully. I won't do anything to bully ordinary people. Destroying those arrogant experts is the true character of a popinjay." Naturally, when he said those words, the wife beside him who was obedient to him giggled.

Just when Xuanyuan Zilong was still complaining that he might be some pawn sent by some unknown supreme universe, the sweet voice of the girl once again sounded out. "You're considered a transcender, but it has nothing to do with the ranking competition of the supreme universe."

"Your rebirth in this universe was definitely an accident, but because so many transmigrators were born here, you were born in this universe too. If you don't like this universe, you can go to other universes at any time. You seem to have this ability! "

Hearing that his rebirth wasn't a scheme by someone else, his heart felt a little better. He then asked, "Then why did I reincarnate? I don't seem to have anything special about me, do I?"

"I don't know why you were reborn, but it should have been an accident. But it's also possible that your rebirth has something to do with the source of chaos. I don't know why, but I can guarantee that it has no purpose. It just wants you to be happy. It's like a parent caring for a child. " Chenyu replied.

"Of course, you are definitely not involved in any conspiracy or any random mission, let alone participating in some ranking competition in the universe. Simply put, the current you is you. You can do whatever you want, even if you want to destroy the universe. Although I don't know why such a thing would happen to the Origin of Chaos, which should be impartial and heartless, but the truth is like that. "

"And I, am one of the protectors it gives you to survive in this universe. I was once a supreme heavenly soldier of the Seventh Universe, and at the same time, I also had a supreme heavenly soldier on you, the Emperor Dragon God Armor. That should have been born from the Origin of Primal Chaos and is now an existence that protects you. As for whether there are any other guardians, I'm not sure. However, it seems that I still have some powerful aura in your soul domain. "

"I'll do whatever I want. I'm free, and I don't have any plots or missions ?" Although Xuanyuan Zilong didn't completely believe these words, his displeasure from before had long ago flown to the ninth heaven.

At the same time, Xuanyuan Zi Long also quietly muttered: "Chenyu Star Sword, Emperor Dragon God Armor, Supreme Celestial Weapon? And what kind of existence are these, are they very strong? "

"Of course, it's very strong!" Chen-Yu Star Sword was filled with pride. He continued, "In the Supreme Universe, weapons are divided into six levels: Common, Treasure, Spiritual, Royal, Imperial, and Heavenly. There are no ranks for Sky Soldiers, but some of the special existences amongst them could become Supreme Heavenly Soldiers.

"In addition to the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, the other 5 are divided into Low, Middle, High and Absolute Four. There was a 10 times or more difference between each grade. In addition, the higher the grade, the more abilities there were. If they were to step into the next level, the difference between them could possibly be a hundred times. In other words, a low-rank Imperial Armament would be over a hundred times stronger than a top-quality Royal Armament, and there would be even more other abilities. "

"Also, other than the newly created low rank Imperial Armament, the other Imperial Armaments and the weapons within the Heaven Ranked Armaments all have very high awareness. They are not only able to communicate with their master, they can also attack on their own, and they can even cultivate.

"Although Spirit Weapons and Royal Armaments also have a Weapon Spirit, they do not have any consciousness and can attack and defend themselves, but the master must provide energy. As for mortal weapons and treasured weapons, those are all used by cultivators of the mortal realm. "

"Autonomous attack, defense? That's pretty good. What kind of strength does that Heavenly Soldier have? " Xuanyuan Zilong asked.

A Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon is comparable to a Titled Sky Emperor, and for a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon like me, who can become a Martial Saint, I am even more capable than a High Rank Sky Emperor. "Most importantly, there is no limit to the strength of a Celestial soldier. As long as there is sufficient energy, a mortal Dao Cultivator would be able to unleash his full strength.

It can be said that even for a mortal, as long as he is acknowledged as master by a heavenly soldier, he would be comparable to a super power. However, this is basically impossible. It's extremely difficult for a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon to appear in the hands of a weak person, let alone acknowledge them as its master.

It was obvious that the lady in the sword had neglected one of her heartless masters when she said that.

"Sky Soldiers are very rare, they are much fewer than Titled Sky Emperor rankers. The number of people in a single Supreme Universe might not even be 100. "The majority of heavenly weapons are born from the universe itself, and only a few are evolved from top-grade Emperor Armaments." After pausing for a moment, he continued.

"As for the Peerless Imperial Armament, it is equivalent to a False Heavenly Emperor. As for the other three, they are equivalent to advanced, intermediate, or low level Emperors. However, although Imperial Armaments could attack on their own, other than Peerless Imperial Armaments, it would be very difficult for other rank Imperial Armaments to kill other Emperors without relying on their master's strength. "

"In other words, although an Overlord would be able to injure an Emperor with an Emperor Armament, it would still be very difficult for them to defeat or even kill an Emperor as they wish. However, as long as the owner of the Imperial Armament is at least a Monarch and is stronger than him, it would be very difficult for an Emperor who is of similar rank to an Imperial Armament to kill the owner of the Imperial Armament.

Of course, if you were to use an Emperor Armament to kill a Daolord or a Sage, it would be easy as long as you had enough energy. But the majority of those with Emperor Armaments were peerless powerhouses; who would be so bored? Of course, some unscrupulous playboy was an exception ?

"Also, Spirit Weapons are roughly the same as Monarch realm powerhouses. Royal Armaments are also similar to Saint realm powerhouses. However, this is only when there is an abundance of energy. Without sufficient energy, it is very difficult for Spirit Weapons and Royal Armaments to display their full strength. Furthermore, Spirit Weapons and Royal Armaments were different from Imperial Armaments and Heavenly Armaments. The latter could independently cultivate and replenish their own energy (Of course, with different levels, the replenishing speed was very different). As for the former, it can only be provided by Master. However, the energy can come from Master's own strength, spirit stones, medicinal pellets and so on. "

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