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"My name is Xing Zi Yan, my parents should have helped me obtain it, just like your previous master's name, that should be a coincidence, right? After all, I don't know you. I don't know what your former master's aura was, but I really don't think I'm your master anymore, because I also have my own weapon. At first I thought that it disappeared when I self-destructed, but then the Origin of Chaos gave it to me, saying that it retrieved it. So it can't be you. "

"As for my strength, I should be at the Great Dao level, and it's even recognized by the source of primal chaos. I can co-exist in any universe, hence the other universes won't easily attack me." Of course, I'm not afraid of them even if I were to fight them. At most, both of us would be injured. That will cause the universe to be destroyed, so as long as I don't go against them, they won't mess with me either. "

"The powerhouses of the Great Dao should be the only ones other than the ones on the Great Dao of the Universe. That is an existence that even Titled Heavenly Emperors can easily eliminate." In the future, if anyone dares to bully me, I will definitely blast them into smithereens. "My unparalleled backer! Hahaha ?"

Even Xuanyuan Zilong, who already possessed two Sovereign Heavenly Soldiers, couldn't help but laugh after hearing what Xing Ziyan said. After all, they could be considered to be truly unrivalled existences.

When Xing Ziyan heard that Xuanyuan Zilong was looking at her as his backer, not only did she not feel unhappy, her already gentle face now appeared even more gentle. He said to Xuanyuan Zilong, "Zi Yan will never let anyone bully my husband. Even if it's the Great Dao of the Universe against my husband, I will destroy it." The seriousness of her words would never cast doubt on the authenticity of her words.

At the same time, Zi said, "Yes, all those who dare to displease their master must be eliminated. "As long as my master is happy, the destruction of the universe is nothing ?" Zi Yu didn't say anything, but the powerful aura she emitted indicated that she would do the same.

After staying in the soul space for a long time, the tired Xuanyuan Zilong left the soul space and returned to the body of the newborn baby. That small body made Xuanyuan Zilong feel a kind of awkward feeling, but he really enjoyed this kind of feeling. He had already forgotten a lot about his childhood in his previous life. Furthermore, it didn't seem to be a very happy childhood. Now that he had the chance to go through it again, how could he not be happy?

Lying on the bed, Xuanyuan Zi Long was digesting the information in his soul space. First of all, the soul space could also be considered a special weapon. Not only could it help in group cultivation, it also seemed to be able to evolve some Law attacks. There were also many other uses for it. Although it had nothing to do with one's cultivation, he felt that these things were better than even a Titled Heavenly Emperor's.

The power of this thing could not be limitless, moreover, it could run on its own, it would just wait and practice it when he was bored of it, in any case, it would allow him to independently advance into the Heavenly Emperor Stage, it was just that it would take a long time.

Also, there were two Supreme Celestial Weapons. With the strength comparable to a high-level Heavenly Emperor, they had already made Xuanyuan Zilong stand at the peak of the universe. "Furthermore, a Heaven Soldier isn't such a simple existence. It can suppress a super power and is considered half a powerful existence. It has many different abilities, but some have the same type of ability.

The core of the Heaven-grade weapon was an existence similar to the source of chaos. It was just like the small source of chaos in the soul realm. Of course, its abilities couldn't compare to the small source of chaos, let alone the real source of chaos.

However, it also contained a world within it. This was the source of power for Heaven-grade weapons, and the foundation between Heaven-grade weapons and Titled Heavenly Emperors. At the same time, in this world, there were also many types of spiritual medicines that could be grown. Depending on how much energy was provided, it could easily change the flow of time and allow the spiritual medicines to grow faster. As long as enough energy is provided, the speed of cultivation inside could be ten times or even a hundred times faster than outside (cultivators below the Emperor level).

In the end, he even got himself a beautiful wife. Not only was she gentle and obedient, she was also incomparably powerful. Where could he find such a girl? I hope that we can live happily together in the future. As he thought about it, he fell asleep ?

The day after day passed just like that. Every day, Xuanyuan Zilong would enjoy the happiness of being a child and from time to time, he would tease his twin sister, Xuanyuan Zilin. Perhaps it was because he had a little sister in his previous life as well, but it could be said that he was incomparably fond of this little sister.

Not only did he stay with her often, but he also wanted her to have better achievements in the future. Xuanyuan Zi Long had Xing Zi Yan help him carry out various aspects of the upgrade, turning the genius Xuanyuan Zi Lin into an even more monstrous existence.

Xuanyuan Zilong did not want his little sister to be pestered everyday to cultivate. He wanted his little sister to be happy like himself so that he could help her. If this was the case, then forcing her to cultivate everyday would only harm her! In Xuanyuan Zilong's view: To cultivate endlessly in order to become strong, that kind of life was too boring.

Of course, all of these were just minor matters. The most outrageous thing was that in order to ensure the safety of his sister and to give her a present, Xuanyuan Zilong actually wanted to give her a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon. However, with the exception of a few Heavenly Soldiers, all the other Heavenly Soldiers were controlled by some super powers. Therefore, he wanted to destroy a super power and snatch their Sky Weapon. After all, with the existence of Xing Ziyan, it was not impossible.

However, when they thought about it, a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon was just too eye-catching. Furthermore, it had an owner. Even though the owner had been killed and the weapon had been obtained, other people still knew who the owner of the weapon was. If everyone knew that you had destroyed a super power and obtained a Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapon, they would be truly annoyed.

Also, although Xing Ziyan had the strength to destroy a super power, destroying a super power was not the same as the universe. Although the Great Dao of the Universe was unable to directly do anything to him, it was still possible to find an opportunity to give him a little shoes to wear. Thus, Xuanyuan Zilong gave up on this idea. However, if the super powers were fine, the 1-star powers would be in for a ride of misfortune.

Xuanyuan Zilong's thoughts of gifting gifts were not so simple. "He allowed Xing Ziyan to find a notorious yet powerful entity. It was one of the One Star powers belonging to the" Devil "clan, the Blood Demon Sect." The devil race could be said to be the public enemy of the Supreme Universe, and the Blood Devil Sect was an existence that everyone despised. After exterminating it, Xuanyuan Zilong did not feel any 'pear' at all!

In truth, the main reason was because Xing Ziyan had discovered that there were two top-grade Emperor Armaments in the Blood Demon Sect. Other than the sect's most precious treasure, there was also another unknown treasure. Just where would they give it as a gift? As a result, the Blood Demon Sect was doomed to tragedy.

Peerless Imperial Armament was an existence that was comparable to a False Heavenly Emperor. Xuanyuan Zilong felt that this kind of weapon could be considered a pretty good gift for his little sister. As a result, all the emperors of the Blood Devil Sect had been annihilated by Xing Ziyan. Not a single one of them survived the night. Furthermore, all the treasures that the Blood Demon Sect had accumulated for thousands of years had been swept clean.

Xuanyuan Zilong was very satisfied with Xing Zi Yan's strength and her docility. However, the outside world was still in shock over the tragic events that had occurred in the Blood Demon Sect. They all began to guess which Titled Sky Emperor had acted, and who was so vicious about it. One of the demon race's super powers felt like a storm was coming. However, the information they received made them go crazy ?

Because Xing Ziyan had brought all the spirit veins around Blood Demon Sect with her, the spiritual energy of the entire sect had become extremely sparse. This stir was simply too great. One had to know that spirit veins were the foundation of cultivators. The Great Dao of the Universe placed great restrictions on them. Even Emperors and Heavenly Emperors could only draw out small and medium-sized spirit veins to slowly nurture them. However, large-scale spirit veins were extremely difficult to accomplish, not to mention top grade spirit veins. If not, then the spirit veins would have been taken away by experts and the others wouldn't be able to live on. As a result, this time, the impact of having all the spirit veins taken away by Xing Ziyan was too great. This was because there was a top grade spirit vein inside. All the major powers speculated as to who did it and how.

However, Xuanyuan Zi Long knew nothing about this. Even if Xuanyuan Zi Long knew, he would only say, "Then what does it have to do with me? Just let them be a sensation. " Thus, he immersed himself in the things that Xing Ziyan had brought back.

This is ?" Seeing the things that Xing Ziyan had brought back, the smile on Xuanyuan Zilong's face never stopped. A one star power collection that had lasted for thousands of years was simply too much. Among them, there were not only two Peerless Imperial Armaments, there were also over ten high quality Imperial Armaments, several tens of middle quality Imperial Armaments and various medicinal pellets. "Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh ~ ~ ~ ~" Although these things were useless to Xuanyuan Zilong, he could give them to others or leave them for his future subordinates.

Furthermore, after Xing Ziyan brought back all the original spirit veins of the Blood Demon Sect, she had placed them into the world of the Chen-Yu Star Sword and the Emperor Dragon God Armor, nurturing them. It could be said that Xuanyuan Zilong would no longer need money to buy things in the future. This made him, who was poor in his previous life, feel extremely comfortable. He decided that in the future, he would buy three sets of items: one for himself, one for others and one for throwing things away ?

He already had a present, but Xuanyuan Zilong did not immediately give it to her. After all, Xuanyuan Zilin was still young and did not understand many things. Giving her an Imperial Armament right now was not a good thing. Furthermore, he was with his sister every day. He did not believe that someone could hurt her.

Time flew by as the two siblings joked. Five years had passed in the blink of an eye. For the past five years, his mother, Xiao Yuxin, could be said to be accompanying Xuanyuan Zilong and Xuanyuan Zi Lin every day, and her care for them was even more meticulous.

Especially towards Xuanyuan Zilong, Xiao Yuxin seemed to like this son of hers even more. Her spoiling for him had simply reached an indescribable level. For the past five years, Xuanyuan Zilong had frequently done some naughty things. Father Xuanyuan Wentian had wanted to teach him a lesson, but every time, he would be scolded by Xiao Yu Xin. Xuanyuan Wentian could only sigh at the failure of such a mother ?

Of course, as a super power, the Divine Dragon Palace naturally wouldn't nurture those unskilled losers. However, Xuanyuan Zilong was still young and even though he was being naughty, he was actually still a child's matter. So Xuanyuan Wentian did not say much about his doting attitude.

Although Xuanyuan Zilong, who possessed the memories of his previous life, was determined to be a popinjay, his popinjay was not the kind of silkpants that would cause people to hate him. He just hoped that Xiao Yao could live freely and do some happy things, and have time to bully those self-righteous strong warriors.

Xuanyuan Zilong's mischievousness also only allowed him to experience Xiao Yuxin's doting towards him even more. This was something that he had never experienced before in his entire life and he completely enjoyed that feeling. Although they were the current Palace Master of Divine Dragon Palace's second son and daughter-in-law, they already possessed many things, and so on and so forth, Xuanyuan Zilong believed that they had the ability to lead a better life.

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