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"I'm five years old, and I'm going to school in a few months. I'm getting old again. " Xuanyuan Zilong, who didn't know how many girls he would instantly kill with a cute little girl like that, because when he heard from his mother that he was going to school again, he began to sigh with emotion about how he had grown up and become old.

It turned out that two days ago, his mother, Xiao Yuxin, had told Xuanyuan Zilong: As a child of a large family, after five years of age, he will go to school. Learn some basic knowledge first, such as literacy, history, etc. If you don't grow up without knowing a word, then no matter how strong you are, others might look down on you from behind.

Xuanyuan Zilong's school wasn't like those novels where you could just go and cultivate by yourself, and no one cared about those who didn't go to school. Those are just bullshit words. You don't even know how to read them? Furthermore, if everyone knew about cultivation, then where did the other talents come from?

One had to know that in the supreme universe, there were many mortal world cultivators, and they had to eat and work. Naturally, the school would teach them all sorts of knowledge. One had to know that besides cultivation, knowledge was also strength. Thus, the schools of the Supreme Universe were similar to the schools of Xuanyuan Zilong's previous life. However, they taught more things and were of a higher level, so their methods were naturally better as well.

In his previous life, he appeared introverted and inferior to himself, because he didn't have much confidence in himself. The living conditions in his family made him even more afraid of having any illusions. However, in this life, he believed that he could stand up straight and be a good playboy.

Going to school can teach you more, and it can give you more contact with people. Even though he did not believe that anyone could harm him, Xuanyuan Zilong believed that this would allow him to understand the world even better. However, if he was not smart and he was led astray by someone else, would he be able to live up to his name as a popinjay in the future?

Thus, Xuanyuan Zilong decided that not only must he become a kind-hearted playboy, he must also become a smart one.

Before going to school, what Xuanyuan Zilong needed to do was to select a cultivation technique and cultivate. Although he had long since possessed a cultivation technique and had started to cultivate it since long ago, becoming a four star profound master now, other people did not know as well while he had hidden himself inside a four star profound practitioner. To others: even if he hadn't cultivated, his aptitude could only be considered average since he had only managed to raise it by three stars in this profound practitioner stage for five years. Therefore, he didn't hold much hope for Xuanyuan Zilong's future heights.

In fact, Xuan Yuan's strength had gone from a 1-star Xuan Master at his birth to a 2-star Xuan Master by now." He had made tremendous progress, but that was only in training in the mortal Dao. Some so-called geniuses were able to reach the 1-star level in less than a hundred years, while others were able to reach the level of 2-star in a few centuries. A mortal, monarch, saint, or emperor was completely different. The strongest mortal could only live for five hundred years, while even a one star Emperor could live for ten million years. The disparity between them was unimaginable.

Xuanyuan Zilong thought it would probably only be a few decades before he became a monarch, but it would take at least a million years to become an emperor." However, he did not care. Even if he was just a mortal, how could anyone harm him? Are you treating these two Supreme Celestial Soldiers as a joke? In addition to Xuanyuan Zi Long, his sister, Xuanyuan Zi Lin, was also a one star profound master at birth. Although she did not have a cultivation technique to cultivate, with the help of Xing Zi Yan, she had naturally risen to five stars.

As the direct grandson of the current Palace Master of the Divine Dragon Palace, Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xuanyuan Zi Lin possessed far too many profound art manuals. Even if it was a high-grade heaven rank cultivation technique, there were several. The worst one could be said to be a high-grade saint rank technique.

These were not books that could be learned just by looking at them. Instead, these were cultivation method jade slips that had taken a great deal of time to create by powerhouses above the Emperor level. After learning it, you can merge it into your soul. As long as your talent is high enough, you can cultivate it. Moreover, you aren't afraid of others sneaking around to learn it, so even if someone searches their soul, they wouldn't be able to get the information on the cultivation method, unless that person is stronger than the person who made the cultivation technique jade slip. But who would covet one of your techniques?

When it came to cultivation techniques, Xuanyuan Zi Long had some understanding. The supreme universe's cultivation techniques were divided into five levels: Heaven, Saint, Gan, Kun, and Emperor. Each level was further divided into the upper, middle, and lower ranks. Emperor level cultivation techniques could only be practiced once one reached the Emperor level. As for every grade difference of one star, that was around 50%.

Don't think that 50% is too little. It's worth mentioning that all 1-star Emperors are twice as powerful as those who cultivate low-grade cultivation techniques. After reaching 2-star, their cultivation would be four times higher, and 3-star cultivators eight times stronger ?" The disparity between them could be imagined. As for the Tian, Sheng, Qian, and Kun cultivation techniques, they were used by cultivators below the Emperor level. The difference between each level was also very great, with the high-grade heaven-step martial skills being the strongest.

However, not everyone could learn Heaven Grade techniques, just like how you go to school right now. Some people could understand it, but you could not. These cultivation techniques are also the same. If you want to cultivate them, your talent will allow you to do so.

Regarding the selection of cultivation techniques, Xuanyuan Zilong did not have too good of a choice. First of all, the aptitude he displayed was not good, moreover, he did not want to display any strong aptitudes, he did not like to cultivate. After all, he had the? Heaven Punishing Star Art? so he really didn't like these things. However, in order to not let his parents down, he chose to fuse with an ordinary low-grade Heaven-ranked cultivation technique,? Stars Roaming Technique?. It didn't have to disappoint the parents, nor did it have to stand out.

Xuanyuan Wentian and Xiao Yu Xin were not disappointed that their son had managed to fuse a low-grade heaven rank cultivation technique. On the contrary, they were a little happy that their son's aptitude was something they 'knew' about. "They are already very satisfied with this result." And as his own child, can't I make him stronger? " Xuanyuan Wentian and Xiao Yuxin both thought so.

What made Xuanyuan Wentian and Xiao Yuxin even more happy was that their daughter had merged with a high-grade heaven class cultivation technique, < Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens >. This could be considered an absolute genius, and at the same time, it also attracted the attention of the palace master, Xuanyuan Shitian. However, in this universe, there were many people, and many geniuses as well. Talent doesn't mean anything. Only by becoming strong can you gain recognition.

After the selection of the cultivation technique was done, Xuanyuan Wentian urged Xuanyuan Zilong and Xuanyuan Zi Lin to seriously cultivate it. However, the lazy Xuanyuan Zi Long would often use all sorts of excuses to avoid cultivating, and because Xuanyuan Zi Lin often followed behind him, she did not put too much effort into cultivating it, but it was still much better than the practice of Xuanyuan Zi Long.

Xuanyuan Wentian felt a little angry about this, but every time, Xuanyuan Zilong would use his mother Xiao Yuxin as a shield. Xiao Yu was happy that her child truly did not like cultivating. Adding on to the fact that their children would soon be leaving for school, it meant that Xuanyuan Wentian did not allow him to teach this son of his a lesson and he was not forcing Xuanyuan Zilong to cultivate anymore.

Xuanyuan Wentian could only smile bitterly in response, he felt that his wife was too doting on this son of hers. However, thinking of his son's talent, he didn't force himself to do so. He already had a son that was obsessed with cultivation, so he didn't have to worry about cultivating. As long as he didn't spoil his studies, he would be able to enjoy life. He had the ability to protect his son. Xuanyuan Wentian thought in this way and at the same time, carried a strong confidence.

Before going to school, Xuanyuan Zilong once again saw his big brother and second sister. Towards these two elder brothers and elder sisters who were tens of thousands of years older than him, he had a very good impression of them. In his previous life, he had often seen novels about powerful brothers who would kill each other. Although the Divine Dragon Palace was a powerful super power, it wasn't anything special to him. In his words, "A super power is just a bird, if you mess with me, then you can casually exterminate ten of them."

At the same time, Xuanyuan Zi Long did not discover any information about this big brother of his that disliked him. That kind of discovery made the feelings in his heart to be absolutely sincere, this made Xuanyuan Zilong feel very warm. In his previous life, he was the oldest at home, and he had never experienced the feeling of being cared for by his older brother and sister. However, he was a little afraid of this sister of his because... Here it comes again.

"My good little brother, my good little sister. Big brother and I have come to visit you two. Why haven't you come out to welcome us?" Xuanyuan Ziyu loudly shouted from outside the garden.

After jumping up to such a level, Xuanyuan Zilong was frightened into a jump. He looked at Xuanyuan Zichen and Xuanyuan Ziyu who had entered the garden and said, "Big Brother, Second Sister, why have you come ?"

Before Xuanyuan Zilong could finish his words, Xuanyuan Ziyu had already picked him up and said, "You little fellow, why do you always call me big brother first? And why do you look so cute and adorable? You've really mesmerized a girl." As he spoke, he pinched Xuanyuan Zilong's face.

Xuanyuan Zilong was already afraid of her pinching him and loudly shouted: "Second Sis, stop pinching him. Next time I'll definitely call you first. "Big brother, quickly save me ?"

"Alright, Violet Rain, stop messing around!" Xuanyuan Zichen said. Xuanyuan Zilong thought that his savior had arrived, but the next sentence he said almost made him fall over. "But Zilong, you're really too cute. You're even cuter than Violet. You even want to pinch me." Xuanyuan Zichen rarely made a joke.

"That's right, that's right." A certain Little Demon Girl was still not prepared to let Xuanyuan Zilong go. Xuanyuan Zi Lin, who was blushing a little, spoke up. "Sister, please let go of brother Zi Long. He'll hurt you if you do this."

"My little sister is the best to me." A certain man thought ?

"Girl, you're the one who treats your brother Zilong the best. You're ignoring me, your sister." As he spoke, he let go of Xuanyuan Zi Long, but he turned around and picked up Xuanyuan Zi Lin.

The four of them had been fooling around in the garden for a while before Xuanyuan Zichen said, "Zi Long, Zi Lin, you're both going to school in a few days. Your second sister and I might not be able to see you for some time. I've brought you some presents, I hope you like them. "

As he spoke, two jade pendants appeared in his hands. One was carved with two lifelike divine dragons and the other was carved with two flying phoenixes. Xuanyuan Zichen said, "This pair of Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendants are both mid-grade Royal Armaments and will take the initiative to protect the master. If you carry them with you, ordinary saints will not be able to harm you. Although there's no danger in going to school, take them with you. "

"These two storage rings have some spirit stones. If you see anything you like, you can buy it yourself." Your big brother is rather poor, so I can only give you these. I trust that your parents will give you quite a few things by then. " As he spoke, he passed the jade ornament and the storage ring to Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xuanyuan Zi Lin respectively.

Although these things were nothing special to Xuanyuan Zi Long who possessed the entire fortune of the Blood Demon Sect, this was a gift from Big Brother, and just this kinship alone was enough to make him feel touched. So after receiving the gift from Xuanyuan Zichen, he sweetly said: "Thank you Big Brother!" On the other hand, Xuan Yuan was overjoyed. She said, "Thank you, big brother Zi Chen," and began to play with the presents she had just received.

At this time, Xuanyuan Ziyu spoke up from the side, "Big Brother, you're too biased. You're giving such a good gift to Zi Long and Zi Lin, but I don't have any. Furthermore, you're calling yourself poor for giving such a good gift, so how can you expect me to take the gift I prepared? "

As she spoke, twenty to thirty scrolls appeared in her hands, respectively handing them over to Xuanyuan Zi Long and Xuanyuan Zi Lin. She muttered, "Zi Long, Zi Lin, I'm not as rich as your big brother, so this is all I can offer you. "After using each scroll, you will be able to unleash the most powerful attack that is comparable to a Three Star Saint. You should all be careful to use it, don't hurt yourself."

Xuanyuan Zichen frowned and said, "Zi Lin, it seems like these things are a bit dangerous for them. It's quite a powerful item to use. They are still so young, so if they accidentally used it, it could cause a lot of damage. "

Before Xuanyuan Ziyu could say anything, he said, "Big Brother, it's alright. I will use this thing. As for her younger sister, I will be watching her. In the future, she will understand how to use this thing, so don't worry. "

Xuanyuan Zichen didn't say anything after hearing his brother's words. After all, he knew that someone would definitely take care of his brother and sister when they went to school, so the chances of them using these things weren't high. There was also an order for the people taking care of them to pay attention to the matter.

At this time, Xuanyuan Ziyu also said, "That's right, they all have the Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendant that you gave them. They will automatically protect their master and won't be injured by it. "As for killing the enemy, that's even better ?"

Another long period of time passed. After dinner, Xuanyuan Zichen and Xuanyuan Ziyu left together. With their status and age, there were still a lot of things that they had to do.

After their eldest brother and second sister had left, Xuanyuan Zi Long dismissed the maids who were taking care of them and said to his younger sister by his side, "Zi Lin, I, too, have a present for you ?"

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