Southwest of the southern mausoleum, the mountain range was continuous and sparsely populated. It was located in a lush green valley with a waterfall and flowing spring, surging with clear water. This valley was far away from the mundane world, and was filled with immortal qi. Among the clouds, there were many pavilions with golden roof tiles.

This place was the residence of a sect called the Qing-Yun Sect. Within the mountain peaks, one could vaguely see the movement of immortals, floating in the air, stepping onto auspicious clouds.

The entire sect was quiet and elegant with a rich and magnificent allure.

But at the foot of the mountain, there was an incompatible, damp prison. It was dark without any light or wind.

"Hurry up!" "Yes!" a few guards shouted loudly. "Give me some speed. You don't have to be a heaven's pride expert anymore, you're just a useless trash, a prisoner."

Inside the prison, an extremely decadent and shabby young man was being led out like a caged animal.

"Once upon a time, these people would rather eat the dust under my feet …" This person looked up at the light in the sky and felt dizzy. He raised his tattered sleeves to cover his face and let out a hoarse laugh.

He seemed to be excited for the sun that he had not seen for a long time. He seemed to be miserably laughing at his sad fate …


A prison cart passed by the foot of the mountain and slowly drove into the distance. Within the prison carriage, heavy and large iron chains were tightly locking down the youth with his head lowered. His tattered clothes fluttered in the wind and his hair was disheveled.

"Blood Prince Nie Chen, from today onwards, you're going to the mines to mine. Maybe you'll never be able to come back, so you should take this opportunity to have a good look!" An old man waved his whip and spurred a horse that was covered in green scales.

"It's been three years, there's been a huge change …" Nie Chen raised his head, his bright eyes were filled with sadness, and swept his gaze towards the Qing-Yun Sect behind him.

Looking at the splendor of the palaces in the distance and above the mountains, he couldn't help but feel that the once transcendent land of immortals was actually filled with the sour and rotting smell of a mortal palace.

"Uncle Li, I'm no longer the Blood Prince." Nie Chen bitterly said.

"Oh, I'm used to it." The old man's expression seemed laughable as he shook his head.

"Cut the crap and continue on our way." An icy voice rang out as two young men mounted on Scaled Horses caught up to the old man. One of them snapped loudly, causing the old man to fall silent.

"Young Sect Master, don't even think about escaping. If you want me to say it, mining is much better than being locked up in the Sanctuary in the darkest hours of the day. " The corner of the other youth's mouth curled into a smile as he slowly said this. The way he addressed the Young Sect Master was exceptionally clear.

"Qing Jue, go back and tell your master that he has spent all his sect's savings just for the sake of appearing prosperous on the surface. "The Qing-Yun Sect will lose to him sooner or later." Nie Chen looked at the young man and calmly said.

"You … You still dare to insult Master? "Alright then, you've been locked up in the prison for three years, and yet you're still so stubborn. I want to see just how long you can be proud for!" Anger appeared on the face of the young man called Qing Feng.

"Junior brother Jue, why bother with a slave?" The other young man rode forward arrogantly, "The Young Master from the past, the current Clan Servant. "Nie Chen, you never thought that such a day would come, right?"

"Shixiong Qingchen is right!" Nie Chen, you can only blame your Master for being too stubborn. As the saying goes, a wise man knows his place. He has never been able to understand this point. " Expressionism was written all over her face. She didn't try to hide it at all.

"Freezing Sky Clan is indeed lucky to have recruited my sect. Your master is indeed old and muddleheaded, and he still dares to rebel against Freezing Sky Clan. In a circumference of a hundred miles, the only outcome for those who resist would be death. " Qing Chen said calmly, "You should be lucky that you're still alive. If it weren't for mining for ores, you wouldn't even be able to be a slave."

"In the past, you were covered in rings of light, and were noble as the Blood Prince. But now, you're nothing more than a dirty dog!"

"Hahaha …" Nie Chen's obscure laughter rang out.

"What are you laughing at?" A baleful aura appeared between the two of them.

"When Master was here, you were merely dogs that the old man and I kneeled under. You only knew how to flatter and curry favor with. Today, you dogs have only changed owners. " Within Nie Chen's gray sleeves, an invisible fist was tightly clenched.

"If it wasn't for my fellow brother and I, who went to the mine to look for medicine, you wouldn't be worthy to be escorted by us!" Qing Jue giggled and said, "But escorting a slave like you, I really enjoy this process!"

"Dogs like to find trouble. You are like that too, my heart!" With these words, Nie Chen closed his eyes.

"You … Hmph, not being a mere slave like you and acting arrogantly is purely lowering our worth. You won't be proud for long! " The two brothers cast a disdainful look at Nie Chen before they rode up to the front of the carriage.

Nie Chen's fingernails had already pierced into his flesh, and blood started to ooze out from under his gray and tattered sleeves.

"A person who does not want to live will definitely die a horrible death!" Nie Chen's eyes were ice-cold, as if he had been somewhat rejuvenated by the light. "Master, you raised me up and brought me along to cultivate, just like your own son …" Have you really left me? "

His gaze was no longer pure, but rather moist and gloomy. Looking at the disappearing shadow of the Qing-Yun Sect, his heartbeat quickened.

In his last glance, he saw a tall tower. This tower was shrouded in black mist, and its aura was extremely terrifying. He was very familiar with this aura, and he hated it.

"Hmph, if it wasn't for that old man Qing Jue who plotted against Master, then this envoy from Freezing Sky wouldn't be a match for Master." Nie Chen thought back to what happened three years ago. He clenched his teeth and said, "If it weren't for the Qing-Yun Sect's betrayal, the Qing-Yun Sect would have already safely evacuated …"

"In the end, it's still because I'm too weak … If I was as strong as you, Master, how would you have died in battle? How can this mere iron cage imprison me? How can that envoy's small seal suppress my cultivation? " The sky gradually darkened, and night fell. Aside from a pair of firm and cold eyes, everything about Nie Chen was submerged within the darkness of the night.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. Nie Chen opened his eyes from slumber, and his cultivation base was sealed. He was just a mortal.

Therefore, under the condition that the two of them were heartless and specifically ordered not to provide food and water, he was extremely weak after seven days of not eating and drinking.


"Recently, there has been a shortage of people. Lord Qing Chen and Lord Qing Jue, who have they sent this time?" A fatty was standing next to the iron cage, sizing up Nie Chen, who seemed to be in a bad mood.

"He's worth quite a bit, Nie Chen. He was the Blood Prince of the past." To send you such a slave, is that not enough face? " Qing Chen said with a hint of playfulness.

"Besides mining, our Young Sect Master can also serve you while you live, pour you a chamber pot or something …" Not just anyone can enjoy this kind of scenery. " Qing Jue looked at Nie Chen and said in a loud voice.

In the distance was a place similar to a village. There was a row of wooden city walls that stretched for an unknown amount of time. The guards on the walls all looked over when they heard the sound.

"It's that person …" One person was surprised.

"He's still alive, wasn't he shot down by the messenger?"

"It's better to die than to live. Seeing how he looks, alas, he has already been reduced from a heaven's pride expert to a useless person."


Nie Chen swept a glance at the group of people. He knew that they were all members of the younger generation from the Qing Yun Sect. Seeing the mocking laughter on their faces, he calmly closed his eyes.

"Hahahaha, many thanks to the two sirs for your care, and also thank the lord Zong Si who is in the Qing-Yun Sect for me. For a mere steward like me, this is truly a gift! " The fatty looked up at the sky and laughed excitedly. He then called out to the two people, "Come here, I've brought some good things from the mine recently. This way, please!"

"Let's go, quickly!" Nie Chen was pushed to the side by a guard's hands and feet. Finally, he was driven to the other side of the gate and pushed into a narrow, sealed stone prison at the bottom of a row of stone cliffs.

"Tomorrow, Imperial Hand will bring you into the mine. There will be food in the prison to nourish your body and you will be considered as one of them!" The cold and arrogant guard turned and left, locking the metal door with a clang.

Time passed by slowly, and Nie Chen finally got used to the dim light in the room. There was a pile of corpses in one corner, which didn't look very fresh. There was a huge jar filled with muddy water beside him.

"I want to live!" Nie Chen gulped down a mouthful of saliva, then threw himself onto the corpse and started wolfing it down.

At that moment, even though Nie Chen was like a mad beast, he was completely clear on the fact that he couldn't afford to be picky about his own situation.


"Master, you have been teaching me to … endure! "I used to disagree with it, but I also blamed you for showing too much tolerance towards the Qing sect …" After finishing his cup of muddy water, Nie Chen laid down in a corner and thought to himself, "Now, I know what the point of tolerating is." "It is better to choose death than to live in seclusion, and lying down on the bed may create miracles."

Nie Chen furrowed his brows. He stretched out his right index finger and middle finger towards his left forearm, and inserted them into his flesh.

He dug out a bloody bamboo slip from his left forearm … Before his Master had been defeated and he had been captured, he had buried the bamboo block in his left forearm. At that time, his cultivation was still there, so it would be easy for him to conceal everything.

This bamboo slip was the only thing that had been left behind by his Master, and Nie Chen still hadn't found out about its use from him until the events in the sect. He had carefully studied this bamboo scroll before, but he hadn't found anything.

But now …

"This is?" In the instant that he dug up the bamboo block, he clearly saw the blood on it vanish, as if it had been devoured by the bamboo block.

Dense numbers slowly appeared on the bamboo block.

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