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"All of the imperial guards and demon clan experts seem to have left already. Immediately organize everyone to gather together and urge all of the slaves to enter the mountain. "The faster you finish the mission, the better!" The overseer stood on the high platform and ordered, "From now on, all the slaves are to eat and sleep in the mines. Eat and drink well, all you have to do is hurry up and finish the work!"

"Yes, Lord Manager!" After the imperial guards had retreated, they immediately began to organize the slaves and urge them to enter the mountains to mine.

The group of people headed towards the distant mine in a formidable array. Nie Chen and Zi Feng also pushed their way through the crowd.

Everyone returned to the mines and started working again. After a day and a night of rest, everyone seemed to be more energetic.

In addition, before the construction began, because the death of the owner of the mine had lifted everyone's spirits, and because the owner of the mine had taken over the mine at the same time, they had sent over the cooked meat and wine with great enthusiasm, so everyone was very happy.

"Sigh, as a slave for a long time, it naturally becomes a slave as well. Looks like these people have already given up hope. " Nie Chen silently said in his heart.

The clanging of hammers and the sound of hammering echoed in the cave once again. Nie Chen and Zi Feng had almost already carved out their own tunnel and started mining in separate areas from the others.

"Mm. The workload of the two of you is almost equal to everyone else. You've done very well." Imperial hands brought a very good meat and wine, the praise.

"We have a request. As long as you agree, we will always be in this state?" Zi Feng said.

He was slightly taken aback. However, after thinking about the benefits Nie Chen and Zi Feng's hard work would bring him, he smiled and said, "Tell me!"

"We have already dug up to 70 meters but they are still 40 meters away. We strongly urge them to dig in the other direction and don't disturb us as we focus on our work and rest!" Nie Chen replied.

"I thought it was some kind of request, haha, that's fine, I will go out and pass on the order." You guys work properly, and there will be no lack of meat and wine! " Yu Yu patted Nie Chen on the shoulder, nodded to Zi Feng, and walked out.

"In that case, we can focus on cultivation." Zi Feng said, "The amount of ores we need to complete each day will take us one hour to unseal it. If you continue your cultivation, I need to quickly stabilize my injuries! "

"Mm, go and heal yourself. Leave everything to me!" Nie Chen was currently at full health, so naturally, it was time for him to protect and help Zi Feng.

"Alright!" Zi Feng understood the current situation and didn't care too much about it. He had to heal his wounds quickly in order to gain the most combat power.

Clink, clink, clink …

Instead of absorbing the spiritual energy from the outside world, he continued to cultivate, causing the demonic mountain to be surrounded by demonic energy, which allowed it to absorb the other demonic energy even faster, allowing the Demon Mountain to rapidly grow stronger.

The higher the mountain range, the more demonic spiritual energy he would have after the qualitative change, and the more powerful his cultivation would be.

"Whoosh!" A streak of black-gray sword aura appeared on Nie Chen's combined middle and index finger. It was extremely sharp, and seemed to be filled with the power of tearing and piercing.

Time was always cherished by the people, as time flowed by quickly and unintentionally …

After sending the meat over, Nie Tian looked over the spoils and then left, laughing loudly.

"Eat it all, otherwise it will arouse suspicion!" Zi Feng and Nie Chen wolfed down their food and wine, quickly sweeping them clean.

Originally, they were allowed to eat as much food as they wanted, but in order to not arouse suspicion, they ate everything.

It was late into the night, and just as Nie Chen was about to start cultivating after he'd finished processing the ore, a figure suddenly entered the tunnel that they had created by himself.

"Who?" Nie Chen stood up, picked up his hammer, and looked towards the outside of the cave. Zi Feng also pretended to move to the side and start hammering. At this late hour, no one should have come to disturb him.

"Young warriors, don't be afraid. It is this old and useless one who has come to thank you for saving my life!" It turned out to be the old man who had been viciously beaten up by the Death King earlier, who had been saved by Nie Chen and the others. He staggered into their tunnel.

"Old man, what is the meaning of this?" Nie Chen accepted the bag that the person handed to him.

"Young Hero, open it and take a look!" The old man said kindly.

"This is …" Nie Chen took a look at it and was instantly shocked. "Elder, where did you get all these spiritual stones from?"

"Sigh, who is willing to be a slave for life? This was originally a small portion of the spirit stones that we had dug up in the past three years, and we initially wanted to use it to break the seal, but in the end, we discovered that no one was able to do so. " the old man said with a sigh.

"Then why did you give it to us?" Zi Feng asked calmly.

"I think all of you are young and strong, and you are full of energy. Moreover, you might even be able to break the seal if you were to grab the Imperial Gatling Whip last time!" After the old man finished speaking, he bowed and walked out, "If you can escape alive, then leave." "Since no one will care about the slaves, then no one will be able to leave this mine alive."

As the two of them watched the old man leave, their hearts filled with bitterness. Moments later, determination filled their eyes.

"..." Near noon,

"Zi Feng, what do you think?" However, the second day, Nie Chen, who was in the middle of mining and eating meat, suddenly dug up a layer of strange stones from the wall.

These stones looked like obsidian, but the only difference was that these stones were covered with strange patterns and were glowing.

"This is the Obsidian Stone with array patterns engraved on it!" Zi Feng said with certainty: "Do you remember what Master said before? The Chaotic Mountains seemed to be the ruins of an ancient sect. This sect was the master of a formation, proficient in the dao of formations. The entire sect was enveloped in a peerless formation. However, it was later destroyed by a few powerful forces in secret. Even so, in that battle, the grand spell formation erupted, and those who attacked the sect were all left with corpses on the mountain. "

"Of course I do. There are even countless forces trying to control the Chaotic Array Mountain as a research site for formations." Nie Chen nodded. "The Qing-Yun Sect has also been here before, and has done some research on it. It's recorded all of it down in our records."

"To the north of this place is the Chaotic Mountains. I heard that in the past, there was a small portion of the formation array at the foot of the mountains that was thoroughly studied by the Qing-Yun Sect and other sects." "This kind of Obsidian Stone with runes engraved on it would appear here. It was probably left behind by that sect back then."

"Back then, that sect was able to establish a peerless great formation and perish together with the many powerful forces. It was truly because they were here because the reserves of ores like Obsidian Stone were enormous." Nie Chen continued.

"Freezing Sky Clan is mining Obsidian again. It should be to set up a teleportation formation to recruit all the sects in the world. It should be convenient for them to come and go and consolidate their unity." Zi Feng continued to analyze the situation, "This place is just the outskirts of the chaotic array formation mountain, and there are runes engraved here. This means that this array is not some kind of killing array or protection array."

"Mm, there are quite a few of them!" As Nie Chen continued to mine, he discovered that there were a lot of stones that could be used to inscribe magical symbols. "Furthermore, there's an altar with roughly the same circular shape!"

"If I'm not wrong, this is a transfer array that the sect built to enter the sect!" The rare purple wind revealed a trace of excitement. This place is quite a distance away from the ruins of the Heaven Sect. Perhaps it wasn't affected that year, which is why it's still intact!

"With this, perhaps my chances of escaping will increase by more than just a few … This formation was about three feet in radius. At the center of the formation is a pile of sand and dust, powder formed from a drained up spirit stones! " Nie Chen dug up all the obsidian stones with inscription on them, and found that they formed a miraculous circular map.

"Yes, this must be a transmission array. All of these inscription symbols are rich in the mysteries of space." Zi Feng made up his mind. His chest heaved with excitement. "Nie Chen, collect all the stones with inscription patterns, and remember the rough composition." We'll study it in detail later. " Zi Feng said, "The Imperial Hand will arrive soon!"

"I naturally remember how they were arranged. However, there are a few places that are naturally in disarray! " The two of them swiftly collected all the stones that had just been dug up and buried them under a huge rock. Their cultivation bases were still strong, so it wouldn't be difficult for them to move a ten foot wide boulder.

"Mm, well done!" Imperial Manipulator smilingly walked in and examined the countless Obsidian Stones placed under the stone wall. He put down the wine and meat package, then turned around and left.

"You can continue!" At the same time, Zi Feng and Nie Chen both started digging up the inscription patterns stone.

"I have heard of it. Other than the Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow Rocks, the only other stone that can set up the teleportation formation is the Obsidian Stone. " Nie Chen said, "It's just that the former doesn't need spiritual power to drive the spell formation, and the obsidian stone doesn't have spiritual power. It still needs spiritual power from the spiritual stone in order to teleport!"

"After all, the array stones of the world are extremely rare, and the Obsidian Stone has become the most common material used to build a formation!" Zi Feng nodded.

"We can first go to this small grain of obsidian and try it out after we've inscribed the inscription!" Nie Chen analyzed, "Before that, I have to organize and memorize every inscription, and restore the pattern of the teleportation portal from before!"

"Not bad, let's begin!" They quickly immersed themselves within, their expressions extremely focused. And on their faces, there was also a sense of excitement and urgency.


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