The reason why he took out the bamboo block now was because he firmly believed that no one would monitor him anymore. In the past three years, he had been enduring, and now even he himself was tired.

In the darkness of the stone prison, Nie Chen's eyes flickered as he carefully examined the characters on the bamboo slip. Some parts were still unclear, so he had to splash his own blood again to make the handwriting visible.

"In this world, there are many methods to cultivate the external path. However, the remaining one is confident in one's secret strength. There are countless hidden secrets, and the internal path can be cultivated as well." It was originally meant to be a body tempering technique, but after enlightenment, it became a test of the inner Daoist magic. " Nie Chen silently read the words on the bamboo scroll, and couldn't help but be shocked in his heart.

According to the bamboo block's point of view, the cultivation of human beings was divided into the outer and the inner paths. These were two vastly different cultivation methods. It couldn't be said that one was more exquisite, but to be able to create a unique cultivation method and create an extraordinary cultivation method was indeed extraordinary.

Furthermore, Nie Chen could tell that this senior only had the idea of practicing cultivation. The cultivation method recorded in this bamboo block must be a test of the inner dao cultivation method.

"May I know which step this senior has reached?" Nie Chen's heart was filled with reverence and hope.

"This is called the Nirvana Qi Art?" After reading it carefully, Nie Chen understood. "Cultivators under the heavens use external forces to strengthen themselves. However, this incantation is dedicated to exploring and developing the hidden powers in the depths of the human body."

He felt that this senior had only focused on refining his body in the beginning, in order to reach the pinnacle, but in the end, had moved further and further away. Thus, the concept and conception of this inner cultivation method were summarized.

In that instant, his eyes flashed. After three years of being lost and at a loss, he seemed to see traces of dazzling light being emitted from the darkness.

"All cultivators in the world start from breathing, and one by one, they open up their human bodies. Their cultivation levels went from the seabed wheel to the umbilical wheel one by one … Crown wheel. According to this bamboo slip, I previously practiced a rotational Daoist magic, and that was an external Daoist magic. " Nie Chen's thoughts became increasingly clearer. "However, this bamboo block's method of recording is actually: Skin Refinement, Flesh Refinement, Pulse Refinement, Viscera Refinement, Bone Refinement …" Until one refines the heart, the final stage of the soul. "

In reality, the cultivation method of the Wheel Sea was to continuously breathe and cultivate. One by one, it would open up and strengthen the energy centers of the human body: the Wheel Sea stored within one's body. This method caused the cultivator to be filled with spiritual energy and become close to all of the other Daoist magics in the world. As a result, the cultivator gained a lot of power. In the end, one could stand at the very peak, like an undying of Heaven and Earth.

Compared to the Roundsea Cultivation Method, this Nirvana Qi technique did not refine the Roundsea, but borrowed strength to directly temper the body, causing it to become extremely strong …

"Heaven and earth are decadent while I am immortal!" After Nie Chen finished reading the last sentence of the bamboo scroll, his heartbeat quickened. "Although it's just an idea, that senior must have gone a long way. He should be an unparalleled expert." "I believe this path will work."

Nie Chen's chest rose up and down, because he saw hope and an exit from the bamboo slip.

As the former Young Sect Master of the Qing-Yun Sect, he was talented and had great talent. Three years ago, he had already established the undersea wheel and became the youngest cultivator in the surrounding several hundred miles. He was praised and praised by the people.

However, three years ago, when the sect was in trouble, his Wheel Sea was sealed by the envoy from Freezing Sky Clan who had come to take over the sect. In addition to the three years of imprisonment, he no longer had any spiritual energy left in his body, so he became a mortal.

He had tried to cultivate and cultivate again to break through the seal of the Wheel Sea, but the meagre amount of spiritual energy he could absorb from the prison was only like a drop in a bucket. As long as he stopped cultivating, the spiritual energy in his body would quickly dissipate.

"Relying on this technique, I don't use the spiritual energy from the breathing technique to attack my body. Instead, I refine it into my fleshly body. This is called Body Refinement." Nie Chen took a deep breath and sat up, a look of clarity on his face that he hadn't seen for a long time.

Heaven and earth are decadent and I am undying! This sentence deeply shocked Nie Chen's heart …

Regardless of whether it was because he was hoping for the strongest state, or because of the current situation, he had already made up his mind to temporarily give up on attacking the Revolving Sea Seal, and instead start on cultivating the Nirvana Spell first.

"This inner sect cultivation method is very similar to a martial artist …" No, this can be seen as the path to the peak of martial artists. " Nie Chen's eyes flickered with intelligence. "In the cultivation world, martial artists are just a joke. They've always been difficult to achieve great things, and have been crushed by cultivators of the Immortal Dao."

Actually, he had always liked the way martial artists fought. Unfortunately, no one could go too far on the path of martial artists …


"Clang!" The pitch-black iron gate was opened, and a man with a skinny face was standing in the doorway, looking at Nie Chen, who was lying in the corner.

"I hope the Blood Prince has rested well. Today he will enter the mountain to mine." The triangle-faced man was wearing iron armor and looked very thin. His voice was cold as he said, in a commanding tone, "From today onward, I will be in charge of your affairs. Now, get up and leave!"

Nie Chen stood up and didn't look at that person. It seemed that he already recognized that person, but didn't really care about him.

He was pulled along as he staggered out of the wooden wall behind the person. Once again, he got into the carriage and slowly left under the watch of the imperial guard.

Standing together with the fat steward on the wooden wall, the two of them watched as Nie Chen's carriage gradually disappeared into the distance.

"Hehe, all the new slaves have a day to adjust themselves …" Are the two of you satisfied with this arrangement? " The fat manager said as he giggled.

"Don't take my life directly! I have to slowly train you to rebel against the sect!" "Okay," Jing Jue said. Qing Chen nodded.

None of them caught Nie Chen's attention. However, a girl was standing on the other side of them, which caused Nie Chen to raise his eyebrows.

This woman was wearing a veil, was dressed in white, and had a slender figure. She stood on top of the walls of the ancient wooden stronghold, appearing exceptionally otherworldly. She was like a otherworldly fairy that attracted the attention of others.

"It's her?" Nie Chen was slightly surprised. He knew that this person was one of the Heaven's Pride ladies of the Qi clan, and had once had some sort of relationship with him. In fact, they even had some intimate relationships with each other.

"I heard that she's already a member of Freezing Sky Clan. Why is he here?"

When Nie Chen saw her, she also seemed to see him. However, her eyes, which were hidden behind the veil, were filled with indifference and coldness that was as cold as an ancient well.

Nie Chen smiled and shook his head. Naturally, he believed that the other party didn't come here for his sake, whether it was because of his concern for him, or because he wanted to make a joke out of him.

The position and identity of the other party would not allow her to do such an action, let alone being so cold and detached …

"They were both once stunning figures. Different choices, different situations." Qing Chen smiled and approached the woman in white. "Fairy Clear Lotus, how have you been?"

"Fairy Clear Lotus is indeed a peerless beauty with unparalleled talent. No wonder she was accepted by Freezing Sky Clan as a disciple." A fat steward walked over in a glib manner. Beside him was a clear and pure white dress, but he couldn't conceal the look of adoration on his face.

"I only came here for Master to find some spiritual medicine, I won't stay for long!" Qing Lian opened her mouth and spoke softly.

"About this, when the core members of our Qing-Yun Sect come to retrieve the medicine, we can enter the Wilderness with you and help each other!" Fatty did not dare to be negligent as he explained.

"I don't need to take care of this, but it's a good arrangement!" Qing Lian nodded and turned to leave.

"I heard that the goddess and that servant Nie Chen have a close relationship. She said that she's here to find medicine, could it be for him?" Qing Jue seemed to have thought of something and spoke excitedly.

"I'm the final disciple of Freezing Sky Clan, it's your turn to question me?" Qing Lian stood still, but she did not turn around.

Qing Chen frowned as he glanced at his junior brother.

"I am no longer a member of the Qing-Yun Sect. His current state has nothing to do with me. Even if I wanted to save him, it would be as easy as flipping my palm. " Qing Lian stepped down from the wall, her voice was faint, "He has nothing to do with me, I have no intention of saving him. Don't spout nonsense in the future. "

"Thank you for your forgiveness, fairy. I will never offend you again!" A slight smile appeared on her face as she looked at the retreating figure of Qing Lian, and the desire and greed that had been hidden in her eyes for years.

"You know what to do when this is all over!" Qing Chen walked down from the wooden wall. These words were clearly directed at the fat manager.

"Don't worry, both of you. When the time comes, no one will be able to leave alive …" The fat manager laughed.


The carriage stopped in the middle of a mountain range. Looking from afar, the several mountains that connected to the mountain range had already been hollowed out.

Thousands of slaves were working in this mountain range, constantly mining, digging and carrying huge, heavy, black rocks.

"We're here, come with me!" Nie Chen dragged his chain and followed behind the Emperor's hand as they walked towards a large cave.

"Every person must mine ten loads of Obsidian Stone every day. Only when they are done will they be able to eat and rest." "Withdraw Nie Chen's chains and push him into the mine." I am the Emperor, and I am the Commander and the rest of the ten. "There are over a hundred Imperial Advisors and over a thousand Imperial Advisors. All of them must be courteous and obedient."

"Work and obedience are the rules that can protect your lives!" He glanced at Nie Chen, who was hammering with nails, then swept his gaze over the ten people around him and loudly shouted.

Under Nie Chen's gaze, all of them lowered their heads and worked even harder.

One of them was his good friend from the same sect, Zi Feng, but the other didn't seem to have noticed his presence at all.

"You, what are you looking at, hurry up and work!" The long whip in his hand flew out and landed on Nie Chen's shoulder, causing a sharp pain.

Nie Chen lowered his head and clenched his teeth, but didn't explode in anger. Instead, he chose to remain silent and work.

"No matter who you are, if you're lazy, you might die!" Yu's tone was cold and hard, "If I am unable to hand it over, then you will not end up well either. Do your best!"

With that, he walked out of the cave, leaving only the sound of him pounding against rocks to echo in the cave.

"Only by working hard can there be a chance of survival. No matter who it is, don't even think about resisting or escaping. The voice of an old man was faint. It was difficult for him to lift up a stone the size of a washbasin, and he staggered out of the cave.

"BOOM!" Half a day later, just as he was about to leave, a stone fell in front of Nie Chen, flying towards him from the direction of his fellow disciples.

Nie Chen lowered his numb body, and picked it up to take a look. There was a line of twisted characters written on it: Nie Chen, apply for processing at night, and we'll talk later.

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