"Hmph, Rice Bucket, since you dug so little today, don't even think about resting tonight!" The sound of braiding could be heard, accompanied by the wails of an old man, echoing in the deep mine.

"I beg of you, please let me go. I've really done my best." The old man hugged his hands and feet, begging, "Have mercy on me, you're seriously injured, and I haven't had any water for three days."

"Scram!" With a cold expression, he kicked the old man in the chest and cursed, "Old Bones, you wasted my spot. You should have died earlier. Half of them haven't been dug up yet and they still want to drink water. "

After being kicked, the old man fell to the side, panting heavily. He looked extremely dispirited, and black blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth. It was a shocking sight to behold.

However, the whip in his hand showed no mercy as it once again landed on the old man's body, face, and legs … That man was extremely ruthless. He wanted to beat the old man to death so that he could get supplies for the strong as soon as possible. This way, the workload of his group wouldn't fall behind others.

"Enough!" With a "pa" sound, something caught in the braids of the Imperial Sky Technique. Turning around, he saw Nie Chen's ice-cold eyes tightly grabbing onto his long whip with his right hand.

Imperial guards sneered and pulled on their whips. In their eyes, this little slave was just like an ant with his cultivation sealed. However, the result was beyond his expectations. He did not even move the whip in the slightest.

"You … You want to rebel? " He furrowed his brows and glared at Nie Chen, but he was actually nervous. He didn't understand how the Zong Clan's slave, who had his cultivation sealed, could grasp the braid he swung out.

Actually, with that one pull, Nie Chen was no longer able to hold on to the long whip. In that instant, the spiritual energy that had been accumulating in Nie Tian's body instantly dissipated.

The wheel and sea were sealed. Without spiritual energy to support them, it could not hold on to the long whip for a long time. However, due to fear, he did not try to pull the braid any further. Nie Chen had made a mental bet, and was right.

He felt that it was only bullying the weak and fearing the strong that a person like Chu Feng possessed. He was also a person who feared trouble. It was because he saw that this person had lowered his head in front of his superior, as if he had returned to his clan.

"We are responsible for the weight of this old man's Obsidian Stone, and twice that as a condition for you to let this old man go." At Nie Chen's side, his fellow sect member Zi Feng walked up and stood together with him. Nie Chen nodded towards him.

"Hey, can you do it?" Surprised, his expression slightly eased up as he thought to himself, "This person's cultivation base has obviously been sealed. What's going on?"

"It's like this every day. Double is nothing. Just today, we have mined twice the amount! " Nie Chen pointed at the two baskets of Obsidian Stone in the corner, his eyes filled with confidence.

"Hahaha, good, let's do as your sect says!" "As long as you work hard, you won't have to worry about your food!"

With that, he glanced at the old man on the ground and walked out of the cave.

A day's time passed with a jingling sound. When it was finished, because everyone's slaves had just barely eaten their fill, they returned to the wooden stronghold with a carriage full of prisoners.

Only Nie Chen and Zi Feng were left in the tunnel.


"I thought you were dead." Zi Feng was lying on a rock, looking at the ceiling, his eyes filled with sadness and sadness.

"He's only been imprisoned for three years. He won't die. The fellow disciples are here with you, where are they? " Nie Chen thought back to his former days as a fellow Purple Sun Branch disciple, and said, "Yes."

"Sigh, all of the members of the Brotherhood should die, as more than half of their fellow disciples were killed in the midst of their betrayal. After arriving here, they suffered greatly, and most of them could not withstand the pressure, and died already. " Zi Feng's words revealed a trace of coldness and sorrow.

"Ah!" Nie Chen's fist left a bloody mark on the stone wall.

"Originally, there were four people with me, but now, I'm the last one left." Zi Feng's eyes were filled with tears. "Ye'er, in order not to be humiliated, hit the stone wall behind you and die."

Nie Chen's body trembled as his chest heaved up and down. At the same time, tears also flowed down from his eyes.

Ye'er was a naive and adorable girl who often followed behind Nie Chen and Zi Feng, making her their younger sister. But, she had already left …

"Who is it?"

"Jue, it's him. He came to humiliate me, and wanted to take Ye'er away … Qing Chen followed him and did not stop him. " Zi Feng's words were filled with a monstrous hatred.

"I will kill them both with my own hands!" Nie Chen's fist and fingers collided.

"We have to escape, but how …" A look of despair appeared on Zi Feng's face. "I won't hide it from you, Nie Chen. I've already recovered my cultivation base to the eighth level." "But, the hope is slim..."

"Recover?" Surprised, Nie Chen asked, "What's going on?"

"Because of this blood stone!" Zi Feng took out a stone from his bosom. It was so red that it was black, not transparent. A dark red halo slowly radiated from it.

"This is …" "Demonic Qi?" As Nie Chen approached, he suddenly felt unwell. A surge of aura that resembled that of a demon beast, but wasn't, rushed towards him and collided with the spiritual energy that remained in his body.

"The reason I dug out this cave is to absorb its aura …" I used to get sick too, but I got used to it. I took in and exhaled its aura, and in the past three years, the seal on my Cultivation base slowly loosened. " Nie Chen placed the Bloodstone in Nie Li's hand.

"What are you doing?"

"Swallow it and break the seal. Leave this place and take revenge for us in the future." Zi Feng's face was stern and cold, "My Wheel Sea has already been destroyed by the envoy of the Freezing Sky Clan, it won't be able to swallow this stone anymore. But you, your talent is above mine, so you will definitely succeed. The time limit of four months shall be set. After four months, the mining shall be completed and all the slaves shall be cleansed. "

"Is that the only choice left?" Nie Chen looked at the blood stone in his hand, his expression grim.

"Unless you have a choice." "" Violet Wind? "Zi Feng's expression relaxed a little. "You are the only hope for the Purple Sun bloodline. Take revenge for us. Take revenge for Master. Take revenge for Ye'er."

Nie Chen calmed down. Originally, he had planned to rely on the Nirvana Qi to slowly cultivate and break through. However, it seemed like it was already too late.

He had already tried out the body transformation technique, which dissolved the spiritual energy in his body very slowly. He estimated that it would take at least one and a half years before he could achieve any results in the area of Qi Cultivating, not to mention that he lacked spiritual energy and was not suitable for cultivation.

"I can only give it a try." Nie Chen looked into the deep eyes of the ancient Violet Wind Sect, and saw a trace of warmth within those eyes that were still unfamiliar and dim. I won't let you down! "

"My cultivation has recovered to the seventh level. Leave mining to me." Just focus on your breathing. " Zi Feng picked up his hammer and basket and walked towards the depths of the mine.

Looking at Zi Feng's retreating back, and feeling the impact of the demonic Qi from the Blood Stone, Nie Chen's expression became even more determined.


Time flowed on, three days passed.

As the blood stone rose and fell, Nie Chen breathed in the Demonic Qi emitted by it. However, he was still unable to absorb it into his body. Moreover, he was always dizzy and his whole body felt like it was being pierced by needles.

He was a cultivator, so he was at odds with demons. However, at this moment, it was too difficult for him to absorb demonic spiritual energy into his body, which had been nourished by celestial spiritual energy.

Just as Nie Chen was at his wit's end, a thought suddenly flashed through his mind. "Since that [Body Nei-ing Incantation] is a body-tempering incantation, why not use it to cultivate?"

In the blink of an eye, Nie Chen had already activated the Nirvana Incantation to absorb the spiritual energy within the blood stone. At the beginning, the repelling force within his body was still present, but as the power of the incantation deepened, the demonic energy still forced its way into his flesh and blood.

It could also be said that the demonic energy had penetrated the deepest part of his body and entered every inch of his flesh. Therefore, it was hard for the celestial energy to repel the demonic energy that Nie Chen had absorbed.

"Ah!" It was as if his body was surrounded by raging fire, as if thousands of steel bars had been inserted into him. This kind of pain came from the inside, and it was several times harder to endure than before.

Nie Chen gritted his teeth as blood poured out of his mouth and into his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. He was on the verge of giving up, but in the end, he still managed to endure it bit by bit.

"I don't know how you can absorb so much demonic spiritual energy so quickly, but the results are quite good. Continue to persevere!" During the time Zi Feng mined the ores, he came to visit and revealed a smile. It was the first time they had seen each other.


"Mm, not bad. Work hard and you will all be rewarded!" The next day, he saw more than ten baskets of obsidian. He was grinning from ear to ear as he ordered people to bring a pile of animal meat, many steamed buns and clear water.

Nie Chen and Zi Feng generously distributed the elixirs to everyone, causing them to reveal an expression of gratitude and ecstasy that they never had before.

Seeing this scene, Imperial Hand slightly frowned, but didn't say anything.


Days flew by, and in the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

"Wait until the repulsion in your body disappears and the Immortal Qi dissolves. Then, we can both swallow the blood stone. At that time, we will definitely be able to break the seal of the underwater wheel in one fell swoop. " Zi Feng would occasionally come over to check, and was very pleased with Nie Chen's progress.

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