"Ah!" Zi Feng endured the pain and roared. He suddenly swung out a palm strike, but it missed.

He pulled the dagger out of his chest with his backhand, and blood spurted out of it. He looked at the man with a sinister expression on his face, who had already jumped up and retreated to the side.

Luckily, Zi Feng's cultivation had recovered quite a bit, so the wound immediately stopped bleeding and started to slowly heal. Otherwise, this slash would have taken his life.

"Zi Feng …" "Despicable scumbag!" Nie Chen stared at it, as if his hatred for it had already seeped into his bones.

"It's you!" Zi Feng stood in front of Nie Li and blocked his way as he said, "I can only help you to this point. The rest is up to you." I will hold him back! "

"Understood!" Nie Chen no longer paid any attention to the Imperial Hand. He knelt on the ground, closed his eyes, and began to meditate.

Nie Chen knew that the more dangerous it was, the more he couldn't let his guard down because of nervousness. After so many years of being a slave and suffering, he was already familiar with this path.

"However, this seal is truly too strong …" After that attack just now, he had felt how powerful that seal was.

"Again!" But he would not give up.

Once again, Nie Chen concentrated his aura and madly dashed towards the underwater gate.


"As expected, you all had already planned in advance to break the seal inside your bodies. However, how could the seal of the envoy be broken so easily in such a short period of time? " Imperial guards sneered as they untied the whip on their waists. However, this whip was a bit different today. There was a sharp metal knife embedded on it, emitting a cold light.

"Yours Truly thinks that it's strange that all of you are so obedient. Hmph, today I shall exterminate you traitors and return to the sect to seek credit for your deeds! " The whip was like a dragon that circled around his head as he swung it. After a few laps, the sharp blades bared their fangs and charged straight at the injured purple wind.

After observing Nie Tian for a while, he realized that Nie Chen hadn't broken through the sealing mark, so he wasn't worried at all. Zi Feng, on the other hand, had been seriously injured by him. He was confident that the two of them were no longer his opponents.

Zi Feng's right hand gripped his sword fingers and a sharp light accompanied by a series of hissing sounds appeared. In an instant, it lingered around his right arm. He didn't want to be outdone, so he shot directly toward the man.

All of a sudden, the sword qi in the cave was released from the tip of the Purple Wind Finger, the sword qi was extremely threatening.

The whip danced in the air, and at most it pierced Zi Feng's body, but it failed to bind or penetrate him completely. Zi Feng, who had been seriously injured, had actually forced him to retreat until he was five hundred feet away.

Judging from his shocked expression, Zi Feng's performance was far beyond his expectations …

"Just an outer court disciple, and have relied on his strength to bully others for the past three years. Today, I'll kill you!" The edge of Zi Feng's right arm suddenly hissed and transformed into a three feet long Qi blade, as if it was a sharp sword in his hand.

"Hmph, arrogant!" He pulled the whip with his hand, and his shocked expression disappeared as a bloodthirsty smile appeared on his face.


"Another failure?" Nie Chen couldn't believe it. "Don't tell me the heavens want us to walk on a path of no return? Heavens, why are you so unfair?"

Nie Chen looked over at Zi Feng, who was still fighting, and saw the wounds on his body caused by the long whip. He knew that Zi Feng wouldn't be able to hold on for long before he was defeated.

"Why? Why can't I shake you, this damned seal? " Once again, Nie Chen summoned his spiritual energy and dashed towards the underwater gate.

A monstrous demonic aura gushed out of the blood stone in his stomach and surged over.

"Even this pure demonic energy cannot be broken through? "Huh …" "No, this is?" Nie Chen's expression turned grim, and instantly, a look of joy appeared on his face.

"The seal has long since loosened …" "So that's how it is!" The hope that had been dead in Nie Chen's eyes once again appeared.

"This seal doesn't need to be broken. All it needs is this Demonic Qi to continuously corrode the celestial spiritual energy in the seal." Nie Chen instantly realized that the reason why Zi Feng was able to break the seal was because he had been cultivating the Blood Stone all year round. The demonic energy had eroded the seal, causing it to fail in the end.

"Bring it on!" Nie Chen focused his attention and rapidly gathered the Demonic Qi within the Blood Stone, sending it surging forward.

This time around, he didn't choose to attack the gate. Instead, he gathered the demonic qi at the gate's location, causing the 'seal' character to completely engulf and submerge the area.

"Sure enough!" Nie Chen could sense that the seal was trembling, and the celestial spiritual energy on it was being rapidly eroded by the demonic spiritual energy coming from the blood stone. Gradually, it began to loosen and rot.

"Zi Feng had only breathed in a little bit of demonic Qi. I, on the other hand, had swallowed the entire blood stone." Nie Chen's heart was beating rapidly, his chest heaved up and down, and streams of extremely rich, scarlet demonic energy gushed out of the blood stone in his abdomen, into the bottom of the sea, like a geyser.

"From the very first experiment of the Blood Stone Demonic Qi, the seal has been slowly eroding. "Before, it was constantly changing, and was not very obvious, but now, I have to make this qualitative change happen!" Nie Chen didn't relax in the slightest as he looked at Zi Feng, who was slowly retreating. He thought to himself, "If I can endure for fifteen minutes, I'll only need fifteen minutes. Zi Feng!"


"Whoosh!" The purple wind suddenly hacked down on his right arm, causing it to dance towards him. Like a scorpion's tail, the braid rose up against the wind.

"Pfft!" The blade-like light pierced through the imperial hand's right shoulder. At the same time, the Imperial Whip also pierced through Zi Feng's chest.

"You …" Zi Feng's palm strike did not stop. Shocked, he had no choice but to release the whip and hastily retreat.

Zi Feng pulled out the long whip that had penetrated his chest. Blood dyed his grey clothes black. However, it was worth noting that the whip had pierced through the same hole as the dagger in his hand.

In reality, Zi Feng's wound had only expanded slightly. It looked like he was trying his best to injure his opponent, but in reality, Zi Feng had already planned in his heart.

"You truly are worthy of being called the proud son of the former inner court disciple. I've broken through the sea floor for more than a year, but I still can't defeat you at the seventh layer of strength, or even at the seventh layer!" His right hand covered his bleeding right shoulder, and his face became gloomy and cold.

"Violet Wind!" Nie Chen opened his eyes with excitement in his eyes. Zi Feng's performance was beyond his expectations.

Nie Chen became even more excited. The seal within his body finally began to loosen. In fact, a small crack had appeared on the bottom of the sea, from which pure spiritual energy was oozing out.

"What's going on?" Nie Chen's expression suddenly flickered.

He had discovered the spiritual energy leaking from the seabed, but before he could rejoice, a change suddenly occurred in his body.

The blood stone in his abdomen seemed to have sensed that the pure spiritual energy that was seeping out of the underwater wheel had suddenly become violent, and with a droning sound, it suddenly charged towards the underwater base of the sea.

"Boom!" A loud sound echoed out in Nie Chen's mind. It was none other than the Underwater Arch.

After the blood stone charged into the tunnel, it didn't stop and directly smashed into the seal on the bottom of the sea.

This feeling could no longer be described as painful. Nie Chen felt that his body was no longer under his control, and could no longer move. On the contrary, the blood stone had become the master of his body.

The only thing that Nie Chen could sense was the endless pain that the blood stone's impact had caused him … It was intolerable. It almost made him faint.

However, the seal was extremely stubborn and resisted the impact of the blood stone. Nie Chen was on the verge of losing consciousness. However, the moment before he lost consciousness, he suddenly called out towards the blood stone.

He felt that since the blood stone was out of his control, it might have a consciousness of its own. Seeing it madly rushing at his Revolving Sea Seal with the same goal as him, Nie Chen thought that it might be able to listen to his suggestions.

In short, no matter what the purpose of the blood stone was, as long as the underwater wheel was opened, Nie Chen felt that there might still be hope …

"No matter what, this is much better than dying in this despicable hand!" Nie Chen muttered to himself.

"Erosion and disintegrate the demonic energy, do not use force!" With these words, Nie Chen gritted his teeth and fell into a deep slumber.

Only the blood stone seemed to have calmed down. It floated up and down for a while in front of the seal before suddenly exploding. Countless number of sharp blood-red tentacles spread out in all directions of the seal.

The concrete and minute impact had caused Feng Ying to lose his tyrannical resistance. In the end, he was slowly disintegrated and corroded …

"Crack!" Like rotten lime, the word "seal" seemed to erode and peel away, vanishing just like that.

When the undersea wheel opened up, one could see that the spiritual energy within was vast, like a deep sea. The blood stone seemed to be very excited as it turned into a red light. In an instant, it rushed out of the path and charged into the deep sea.


Seeing that Nie Chen had already fainted, Zi Feng's expression darkened, and the already weakened glow on his right arm grew even stronger.

"Are you ready to die?" Zi Feng ignored the wound and blood loss as he walked towards the Imperial Claw, his eyes filled with a cold killing intent.

His figure revealed a sense of determination …

"Whoa!" Not even taking three steps forward, Zi Feng's body softened and he knelt down on the ground. He spat out a mouthful of blood, almost all of it black congealed blood.

"Hahaha!" When he finished, he straightened his body and started laughing maniacally at the sky, "The Heaven's Pride, they are all idiots!" If my blade and whip cannot kill you, then the poisonous snake and scorpion that stained it will be enough to kill you ten times over. "

"Despicable person …" "Heh!" Zi Feng took a deep breath, unable to recover his senses.

He knelt there, his mind in a state of chaos. His body was swaying, and from his perspective, the figure in the distance had already become several layers.

"Is this the end? Our plan? Our revenge?" Zi Feng crawled towards Nie Chen and finally fell beside him.

"Ye'er is so beautiful. I like her. "What you don't know is that he likes you …" Zi Feng looked at Nie Chen and slowly closed his eyes, only leaving behind a faint, nearly non-existent breath.

As for Nie Chen, he didn't even have the slightest bit of breath left.

"What a dazzling Heaven's Pride, the hope of the sect …" "Pfft!" He placed his foot on Zi Feng's chest as if he was whipping a corpse.

He looked down at the two men lying on the ground with pride.

"Who would have thought that the two proud sons of heaven, who were once famous in the inner court of the Qing-Yun Sect, would now be stepped on by me like ants?"

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