Zi Feng and Nie Chen were lying on the ground, seemingly dead.

That imperial hand held back his glee, his face revealing extreme joy. He muttered to himself, "Hmph, Sect Master had said that we must not let any slave go. I was almost misled by you guys. "

"Even though you are slightly injured, with your corpses, go back to the sect and ask for credit. In addition, with the contribution and rewards from this mission … "Hehe!" He lifted his foot, which was on Zi Feng's chest, and kicked towards Nie Chen's head.

His hand couldn't help but feel excited. He had predicted that because of this, he might become a core disciple of a sect, with a status that far exceeded his previous status. He couldn't help but feel excited.

However, just as his foot was about to land on Nie Chen's head, the already lifeless Nie Chen suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed onto the foot of the Imperial Hand.

"No one can step on my head!" A scarlet halo of light appeared, and gradually turned into a black fog.

Nie Chen stood up, engulfed in the scarlet black mist. He couldn't see his exact appearance, but his blood-red eyes shone with a cold and arrogant light.

"What? You … "Ahhh!" Nie Chen actually lifted his hand up and down, and along with a "kacha" sound, he let out a heart-wrenching scream.

Nie Chen's right hand seemed to be casually pinching the right ankle, but it was instantly crushed, and even the bones inside completely shattered.

In fact, some of the bones were broken, and blood began to ooze out of the wounds on their skin.

Just when blood was about to flow out of Yu Di's ankle, it landed on Nie Chen's palm. Nie Chen swung his arm and slammed it into a pile of rubble, causing smoke and dust to fly in all directions.

"This, this is impossible! You clearly already …" The Imperial Sky Scorpion's hand was struggling to climb out of the ground. It was covered in wounds and broken bones. However, when he saw Nie Chen shrouded in black mist, the extreme fear in his eyes drowned out the doubt in his eyes.

"What, this, this is demon qi?" You are a demonic cultivator! "How could you be a demonic cultivator?" The imperial hand panicked. The fear in his heart completely covered his body, and he could not help but tremble.

"What is an Immortal?" What is a demon? " Nie Chen's blood-red eyes were filled with coldness. He slowly walked towards the hand and said, "No one can step on my head, even if it's just my host body."

"You, how could you be a demonic cultivator? Don't come near me! " He could feel a suffocating pressure on his hand, and as Nie Chen got closer and closer, the pressure got stronger and stronger. The spiritual energy in his body had already been thrown into chaos.

It was at the place where his hand had fallen, and his poison whip from before was coincidentally lying on the side. Without the slightest hesitation, he grabbed the poison whip, and with a flick of his hand, pierced through Nie Chen's head.

However, his actions had no effect and could not change his fate.

Nie Chen grabbed the whip, and with a casual tug, he released a powerful burst of energy. The hand that held onto the other end of the whip was directly pulled, flying towards Nie Chen.

Nie Chen stretched out his right hand and grabbed the throat of the Imperial Hand. Black mist filled the air, and the figure that was wielding it was engulfed by the black mist …

After five breaths of time, all of the black mist gradually dissipated, and the corpse in Nie Chen's hand had already turned into a skinny, pitch-black corpse.

"It was you who dug me out to repay your kindness, and you will use this corpse spirit energy to pay for your life!" Nie Chen arrived at Zi Feng's side and pressed a palm on his chest.

The spiritual Qi flowed into Zi Feng's body like tidal waves. The black blood was gradually forced out of the wounds all over his body. Those horrifying wounds were gradually healed. His pale face was also tinged with a hint of blood.

Light breathing came from the tip of Violet Wind's nose!

Nie Chen, who was shrouded in black mist, looked over and walked towards the exit. The light from the sky poured down, and it seemed as though it had dispelled all the darkness around him.

The black mist had already disappeared, revealing his figure. Only his eyes were shining with scarlet light.

"What era is this?" "What?" Nie Chen looked up into the sky, his eyes filled with shock. I can't remember what happened. "But why is my heart so sad?"

He stood there and looked at the vast world outside the mine tunnel. For a very long time, his face was covered in tears …

"I have already symbiosis with you. You can inherit the inheritance of my soul. Help me find the rest of the soul stones. Once my soul has recovered and my memories are complete, you will be immortal!" Nie Chen seemed to be talking to himself.

Following which, the red glow in his eyes receded, and a clear look appeared in Nie Chen's eyes.

"Has he fallen asleep again? "Since I've agreed to it, I will definitely not go back on my word!" Nie Chen said to the floating blood stone within his spiritual sea.

It turned out that after Nie Chen lost consciousness, the blood stone had been controlling his body, and killing him was the blood stone's doing, as well as saving Zi Feng.

After he lost consciousness, the blood stone awakened his consciousness and made a fair deal with him.

As for Nie Chen, he would have to help him find the rest of the soul stones to survive. Before that, they would have to live together.

It turned out that the remnant soul of an ancient expert was sealed within this blood stone. It was likely that a great battle had taken place here in ancient times. This supreme expert used this strange method to split his soul into seven pieces, scattered in all directions, and wanted to prolong his life. Tens of thousands of years later, after a few fortuitous encounters, it was awakened by Zi Feng and Nie Chen.

"There are seven souls remaining, which scattered after the battle years ago. "If seven souls merge into one, then the rest can be reborn …" Nie Chen recalled the blood stone's words.

At that moment, the remnant soul of the Blood Stone was still weak and had just awoken. After taking action, it was already fast asleep in Nie Tian's Undersea Wheel.

When the remnant soul took over his body, Nie Chen clearly saw the black mist that had already surrounded him.

"This is … Demon Qi?" In Nie Chen's palm, a small patch of black mist rose.

"How marvelous, I can feel the demonic qi around this mountain range is extremely dense, yet I don't dare to suppress my aura." And the spiritual energy of those slaves, those cultivators in charge of them, compared to the demonic energy that pervades the air, is suddenly and dazzling. " Nie Chen clenched his fist, and the black aura disappeared.

"All of my spiritual energy is transformed into this black mist. However, it is not Demonic Qi, but rather, Immortal Demonic Qi …." The metamorphosis after fusing! Did the blood stone change me? " Nie Chen could feel the aura flowing within his body, "No worries, I don't care about that much anymore. Furthermore, it feels pretty good." "Where is the demonic energy? How can my perception be so sharp …"

"This mine is obviously the territory of the demon race. From the looks of it, a storm is brewing!"


"You did it, Nie Chen!" Zi Feng staggered out. His wounds were much better now. His face was still pale.

"Actually …" Nie Chen wanted to explain the matter of the fragmented soul.

"There's no need for that. It's enough for you to do it. As long as he's alive, there's still hope! " Zi Feng stood beside Nie Chen, who supported him.

"What should we do next?" Nie Chen asked.

"Leave this place, before everything is exposed. Head north and escape along the edge of the Desolate Land. Don't stay. Now that we're leaving, even if they knew, they wouldn't be able to catch up to you. " Zi Feng's expression was filled with emotion.

"You're not coming with me?" Nie Chen was surprised that the other party didn't intend to flee.

"Originally, I planned to escape, but the future of the Qing-Yun Sect is enough for you!" Zi Feng's expression was filled with gratification. My cultivation base has recovered quite a bit, so I can stay. When the time comes for the purge, I might be able to save some people. The slaves here are the same as us, and they come from powers that are unconvinced of Freezing Sky Clan's strength. Perhaps, we will eventually find a fellow sect member who is still alive. "

Nie Chen pondered for a moment before saying, "Since that's the case, I'll stay behind as well. At that time, I'll be able to provide some help." "Moreover, I don't think there will be any more major purges in this mine."

"You've noticed it too. Indeed, the demonic energy has grown stronger recently." Because of the blood stone, Zi Feng also had a sense of Demonic Qi.

He understood Nie Chen's personality, and knew that things that he decided on would be difficult to change. Are you sure you want to stay? "

"If you want to leave, then we'll leave together." Nie Chen firmly said, "As long as we act with caution, escaping will be easy. We'll have to at least use the demon wave to kill Qing Chen, then I'll leave this place."

A cold light flickered in Nie Chen's eyes!

"All of the slaves here have their cultivation bases sealed. They are members of the sect's elders, and thus, did not personally come. The strongest people of the Imperial Censor and Imperial Censor were at the early stage of Rising Sea. The greatest enemies are the three middle stage Ronghai's imperial guards and the chubby manager of the late stage Ronghai [1]. " Zi Feng analyzed it carefully. "However, if the master and disciple from the Chen Clan, as well as the Heaven's Pride's daughter, Qing Lian, are still here, then …" In that case, they were the ones with the strongest combat power. "At the very least, they are all at the level of Great Perfection, or even at the late stage of Rising Sea."

"Before you and I were both at the peak of the Seamless Gate, we were only a single step away from perfection." Nie Chen continued, "Although I haven't cultivated for three years and am slightly inferior to the peak of that year, due to the sealing of the Roulan Sea, my power hasn't drained away. My cultivation base is still there."

"Because of my injuries, I am currently only at the middle stage of the Rising Sea Realm. "From the looks of it, a head-on clash is not yet advisable!" Zi Feng frowned. "We need to consider this further. Before that, we also need to mix in the identity of a slave."

"En!" Nie Chen nodded as he looked into the distance with a profound gaze, and a thought flashed through his mind.

"As for now, I must deal with this matter of death!" Zi Feng solemnly said.

"This is the outskirts of the chaotic array mountain, the Wilderness. Perhaps the death of this Imperial Censor can be attributed to those demon beasts that frequently attack humans." In the month that Nie Chen had been here, he had long since heard of demon beasts attacking and killing slaves and cultivators.

Presumably, the wooden stronghold of that sect had been built and had been built to defend against the invasion of the demon beasts!

"That's right. We have to report this to him. It's not the work of any ordinary demonic beast. It's the powerful Demon Bat that specializes in sucking human blood." Zi Feng turned around and walked into the cave, "The wound on his hand, the traces of it, still needs to be disguised. I've seen the miserable state of the desiccated corpse after the Demonic Bat killed and absorbed blood. "It just so happens that the situation is very similar to that of the desiccated corpse."

"Very good!" Nie Chen also followed him in.

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