Nie Chen and Zi Feng continued to sleep in the depths of the mine at their usual time. The processed slaves usually slept in the depths of the mines to avoid the attacks of the demon beasts.

The reason why those imperial guards did not restrict them was because they were not afraid of their escape. This was because the mine was surrounded by a wilderness. These slaves had their cultivation sealed. If they ran away, they would only die.

As usual, Nie Chen and Zi Feng fell into a deep sleep.

The cave entrance, the mummified corpse on the palm, two bite marks on its neck, and the entrance entrance entrance was very deep. There were countless scratches on its body.

Nie Tian and Nie Tian had already completely disguised the death of their opponent as if they had been ambushed by a Blood Captain. Even if they looked at it themselves, it would be difficult for them to find any clues, and only then did they realize the truth.

Time passed slowly in the darkness of the night …

As the light scattered down from the sky and entered the cave, it was the second day at dawn. The two of them had yet to awaken, when someone came to the mine to investigate.

Every imperial hand, when the first rays of light appeared, wanted to go over to the imperial hands to report everything. But now that the sun was about to rise, not even a single imperial hand that was about to die had reported their deaths.

After all, there would always be attacks from demonic beasts, and accidents could happen at any time. And as a member of the Qing-Yun Sect, they should be protected by everyone, so they were given their own protection. With the exception of the slaves, the death of every disciple of the Qing-Yun Sect was a major event.

Due to the importance the Qing-Yun Sect placed on mines, the rules here were strict. Whether it was the slaves, the imperial guards, or even the imperial guards, they all had to abide by the rules.

The imperial chief sent out people to summon the others, but they were unable to find the whereabouts of the two Imperial Censors. Thus, two Imperial Censors and three Imperial Censors were dispatched here to search for the entrance to the mine.

Just by the entrance of the cave, the five people saw the corpse on the ground and let out a heavy sigh filled with fear.

"It's that blood bat again, damn it!" Anger was written all over the face of one of the imperial guards.

"There's someone else in the cave!" Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, they saw Nie Chen and Zi Feng curled up on a straw mat, looking extremely sleepy.

"How can they be fine?" One of them looked in shock at the two sleeping Qin Chen and Song Tingyu.

"All of you get up?" One of the imperial guards came forward and kicked Nie Chen awake, along with Zi Feng.

It was none other than Nie Tian and Nie Tian. As soon as they woke up from their stupor, they immediately leaped up. Without even looking at the people in front of them, they picked up their hammers and baskets and walked towards the stone wall, ready to start digging.

"Stop, you stinking slave!" One of the imperial guards snapped.

The two of them turned around, their faces filled with shock. Judging from their clothing, they knew that there were three Imperial Censors and two Imperial Censors.

He bowed in salutation. It was the same as in the past when he had seen management level people. He said in unison: "This humble servant greets the two lords in charge and the three lords in charge."

"Humph, you were all asleep here last night?" One of the imperial guards coldly harrumphed.

"Yes, we stayed in the depths of the mine and did not go out. After we finished processing, we fell asleep." Zi Feng said respectfully, "These are our gains from last night. Our Lord Imperial Hand said that we can exchange these in exchange for a hearty meal!"

"Hey, Lord Imperial Hand, why didn't you come and call us lowly slaves?" Nie Chen asked in astonishment, "I wonder what rules we'll be facing now that you've arrived?"

Nie Chen's body trembled, and a terrified expression appeared on his face. He immediately backed off as he looked towards the five people in front of him with fear in his eyes.

Zi Feng's body also started to tremble …

"Can you hear anything from outside last night?" One of the imperial guards asked in a stern voice, causing Nie Chen and Nie Qian to tremble even more violently.

"We've been focusing on our work. After finishing it, we went to sleep. We didn't hear anything!" Zi Feng forced himself to stay calm.

"Did your master come to see you last night?" One of the imperial guards asked.

"He will only leave when we begin to process it!" Zi Feng forced himself to remain calm and replied.

"It seems like it was at that time that the Demon Bat succeeded in its sneak attack!"


"Damned Demonic Bat! He actually killed a few of these slaves, especially to kill disciples of my Sect!" The other imperial steward's face was filled with rage. This person is under my control, and the sect is going to blame me again, sigh! "

One of the imperial guards spoke to the attendant standing in front with a respectful expression, "Could it be that it's really as Senior Yu said? Because the slaves are sealed with cultivation, in the eyes of the monsters, they're just like mortals. That's why they didn't attract the monster's attention."

"Do not question the words of our lord!" With a stern expression, the imperial manager patted the shoulder of the one who was sighing and walked out. "Bring these two people with us and send them to jail. Wait for their excellency and the overseer's orders."

"Let's go!" The three of them stepped forward, dragging the two of them with them as they staggered out of the cave.

When they got closer to the cave entrance and saw the dried corpse on the ground, Nie Chen was startled and almost fell to the ground. "This … What happened to Lord Imperial Hand's clothes?"

"What legend is this? Your Demonic Bat? Heavens, we …" Zi Feng looked at the imperial mummified corpse with a cold shiver, his face full of fear.

"Damned slave, hurry up and catch up!" The one behind them kicked both of their backs, causing them to stagger forward several steps before catching up with the person in front of them.

Returning to the wooden stronghold, one of the imperial guards locked them up in a dark prison.


"Reporting to the two great masters, Qingyuan and Qingxiu. With the death of Imperial Hand Qingyuan, they became desiccated corpses. "It's possible that the Demon Bat did exactly the same thing as the previous deaths." The two stewards that returned respectfully reported to the two captains sitting in the pavilion.

"Yes, is it that Demon Bat again?" He looked to be in his late twenties, tall and thin, with four long limbs, thin, hawk-nosed lips, and a thin, mean face.

"Hmph. It doesn't dare to fight the two of us, but it only dares to sneak attack my school's disciple. It is worthy of being called a monster, truly despicable." Qing Xiu was an old man in his sixties with his eyes closed. He looked very old, with white eyebrows and a white beard. However, he was very spirited, and he emitted a type of boundless aura that was extremely oppressing.

"Also, two processed slaves are still alive in the depths of the slumbering mine." One of the imperial guards opened his mouth again, "Looking at his appearance, he really doesn't know about last night's attack at the cave entrance."

"That Demoness isn't very sensitive to those whose cultivation have been sealed. Out of the twenty or so people who died, only seven of them were still alive and kicking!" Qing Yuan frowned. "Let them go to work. The sect is pressing them too hard, don't waste their labour."

"Those two people were former Chosen of the Purple Sun Branch, Nie Chen and Zi Feng!" The imperial guard continued, "Since their cultivation was very high earlier, I was afraid …"

"Oh?" Xiu opened her eyes. "They're here to mine too?" It seemed that the sect had given up on these two immortal sprouts. "Since that's the case, send them to work again!"

"Hold on!" It was a voice that drifted in from outside the door. It was the voice of the supreme expert. He casually clasped his hands and said, "I want these two."

"Jue, what do you want them to do?" The cultivator closed his eyes, as if he didn't want to see the silence.

"Seven days from now, our Blood Prince's younger brother, Qingfeng, will enter the mountain with us, the two of us, as well as Fairy Blue Lotus. Senior Brother and I will discuss and find two slaves to help us lure the tiger away from the mountains and the demon beasts.

"Do you want these two by name, on your own?" Qing Yuan was also not used to this kind of impudence. He looked at the desolation with a hint of playfulness.

Qing Yuan had been cultivating for a long time, so he could already see the hatred in their eyes. After all, the two men from the Purple Sun Clan had once suppressed almost all of the young disciples of the Qing Clan, including some of the older generation.

"That's right. This is the sect's arrangement, and also the Blood Prince's direct disciple, the will of the Windswept Realm." Just do it! " Qing Jue seemed to be very angry at Qing Yuan's playful smile. With that, he waved his sleeves and walked out.

"Senior brother has no intention to become the junior sect, and Brother Qingfeng has already been chosen by Freezing Sky Clan. Then, other than me, who else can it be?" This time, he would be able to obtain a Cloud Tattooed Leaf. If I am able to complete the wheel of the sea, then who do you think you are? " Qing Jue's face was cold as he thought, "Once I become the sect head, hmph, you old men will not have an easy time!"


"Looks like this act of mine worked out well!" Zi Feng softly spoke up from within the stone prison at night.

"Yeah, he hasn't come to interrogate us for a whole day. I reckon that the death of Imperial Censor had already been determined to have nothing to do with us." Nie Chen nodded.

"However, he did not ask us to continue mining … This doesn't make sense! " Zi Feng continued, "You should recover at your peak strength. I'll hold on to my wounds to prevent any accidents!"

"Yes." Nie Chen's tone was firm.

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