In the gloomy stone prison, Nie Chen and Zi Feng were each leaning against a wall as they sat facing each other, slowly cultivating.

A faint black mist floated up from Nie Chen's body, which was the complete opposite of what happened to Zi Feng. A faint layer of green immortal light covered Zi Feng's body.

"Nie Chen, it's fortunate that you helped me absorb the Demonic Qi within my body. Although they helped me break the seal and have some connection with me, in essence, they conflict with my Immortal Spirit Body." Zi Feng said softly, "Previously, they lingered within my Wheel Sea, making it impossible for me to cultivate and slowly repair my injured Wheel Sea."

"If your Roundsea can be restored, then our hope will be increased by a few more points!" However, it could be seen that he was filled with excitement.

"Have you never felt the demonic qi colliding with your body again?" Zi Feng asked, "What do you feel?"

"No, on the contrary, I feel very good!" Nie Chen said confidently, "Zi Feng, don't worry. I've already become one with the blood stone, and I won't reject it anymore!"

"That's good then. Just focus on your training!"

Zi Feng didn't say another word, and Nie Chen also fell into a state of silence. Time was of the essence for them, and once they recovered their strength, the chances of revenge and survival would increase.

Zi Feng focused on cultivating, slowly nourishing his broken wheel sea. Although such injuries were serious, they were enough to stabilize his wounds. Even if it didn't achieve the effect of healing, his fighting strength would still increase greatly.

Nie Chen sat there, silently cultivating. From the ground, spiritual energy from Weibo poured into the wheel sea through the undersea wheel at the base of his spine.

The seabed wheel was a type of ocean that was intimately related to the earth. It was one of the energy centers of the human body, and it was normal for it to absorb spiritual energy from this piece of land.

The Spiritual Aura slowly gathered. However, after entering his Wheel Sea, it was swallowed by the vast black demonic aura and finally merged back into the black fog.

Neither Nie Chen nor Zi Feng dared to cultivate spiritual energy on a large scale. If the movements of the spiritual energy in the area became too intense, it might be discovered by the people from the other sects, who were guarding the mine.

However, what made Nie Chen surprised was that aside from the meager spiritual energy in the air, there was also a huge amount of demonic energy surging towards him.

This demonic spiritual energy was 100 times more than the amount of spiritual energy he had. It turned into a tempest and entered the wheel door at the bottom of the sea, where it gathered in the boundless demonic spiritual energy.

"Demonic Qi?" Let's just call it Demonic Qi! " As Nie Chen sensed the changes in his body, his eyes flickered with a bright light. "It seems that heaven never bars one's way!"

Nie Chen was extremely excited, because he could completely absorb the Demonic Qi and spiritual Qi, fuse them together, and transform them into Demonic Qi.

He could clearly feel that whether it was time for the spiritual energy and demonic energy to enter his body, as he cultivated, his body's condition became stronger and he felt lighter.

What made him even more excited was that the flow of Demonic Qi and the cultivation of the Immortal Realm were things that he would never be able to sense. Perhaps the closer he was, the more mysterious the pressure he would feel, as if he were facing a greater demon.

Therefore, Nie Chen was able to release his breathing, and madly absorb the boundless Demonic Qi in the Wilderness.


"Why does this old man have a feeling of unease?" Qing Yuan was sitting cross-legged on the highest floor of a wooden building. His face was full of worry and his eyes were filled with doubt.

"Could it be that a greater demon has descended?" Logically speaking, the Demon King's generation would definitely not care about the Obsidian Stone in these few mines! " On the top of another tall building, the cultivator opened his eyes, revealing a similar puzzled expression.

"Hmph, we can't waste any more time on the mining, hurry up and finish the work!" The fat manager put down the golden leg in his hand, his mouth dripping with oil. "If it really is the Monster King descending, then I will probably die here."

"The matters of the Qing-Yun Sect have nothing to do with me." A white clothed Qing Lian was lying cross-legged on the tatami. Her figure was absolutely beautiful. Her face was covered and her graceful eyelashes were gently fluttering. "However, Shi Zong Qingye, I respect your kindness in teaching, and I will not ignore those from the Qing-Yun Sect!"

"Hmph. These monsters are truly troublesome!" Xiao Yan's heart was filled with worry and his expression was extremely ugly.


Nie Chen was well aware that his actions might cause some sort of pressure on the surrounding Cultivators. However, the flow of his Demonic Qi was definitely not something that those people could detect.

He no longer had the slightest hesitation and finally completely gave up on the meager spiritual energy here. Instead, he focused on absorbing the boundless demonic energy present in this mountain range.

Perhaps it was because of the demonic energy in its body, but the demonic energy in the earth started to gush towards Nie Tian. In fact, it even converged into strands of veins, which he then absorbed.

A powerful sensation appeared in Nie Chen's heart. He felt that his entire body was filled with energy, yet it was incomparably light and graceful.

This was a feeling that had never appeared in his life in the past three years. Even when he was still a Junior Martial Brother and had never become a Zong slave, he had never felt so powerful.

Originally, due to the seal on the sea, he had been a slave for many years, so his spiritual energy hadn't been lost and his cultivation didn't drop much. However, at this moment, his peak state was completely restored under the nourishment of the boundless demonic energy.

The power of a late stage Samsara cultivation under the sea lay dormant within his body, ready to erupt with immense strength at any moment. He even felt like he was on the verge of reaching perfection.

The Great Perfection of the Underwater Wheel, coupled with its strength being far above the late stage of the seabed, was a cultivation realm that had already surpassed the seabed by half a foot.

"Eh? "What is this?" Shocked, Nie Chen opened his eyes. As the Demonic Qi gathered and absorbed, he could clearly sense that there were four powerful strands of Demonic Qi in the four directions of the mine.

The four strands of Demonic Qi seemed to be absorbing the boundless Demonic Qi on the ground through breathing exercises, and actually formed a force of competition with Nie Chen, who was in the middle.

Nie Chen could clearly sense that of the four waves of Demonic Qi, the one on the west was the most powerful, whereas the other three were the only ones who didn't dare to fight with him over the Demonic Qi.

"I believe the demon in the west is the demon king that harassed the wooden village. Is that the rumored demon bat?" Nie Chen muttered to himself, "You must have sensed my presence, but it's still up to me to test it out!"

"Then I will have a fight with all of you!" A smile appeared on Nie Chen's face, and confidence flickered in his eyes.

Nie Tian once again entered into his meditative state, ignoring everything else, and focused on absorbing the underground Demon Veins. He didn't waste the slightest bit of Demon Qi.

Under the ground, the demonic qi and meridians that had been gathering into one stream became denser and thicker as Nie Chen breathed in and out. Finally, they poured into the surging river.

Aside from the west, almost all of the demonic Qi in the area was converging towards Nie Chen's direction. In fact, even in the east, north, and south, when the Demon Qi was being absorbed, a large amount of it actually leaked out, merging into the underground flow and gushing towards Nie Chen.

It was likely that the three beasts weren't able to fight back against Nie Chen when they were absorbing the Demonic Qi. Instead, the Demonic Qi in their opened bodies flowed out, and was sucked towards Nie Chen.

"Heh heh, if I can't stand up to you, then at the same time, if I don't close the Undersea Aura Door and continue to connect with the Earth Demon Mai, then I will also be sucked in!" The corner of Nie Chen's mouth curved into a smile.

However, the leakage of the demonic energy from the three monsters ended in an instant. Clearly, they had ended their breathing.

In those three directions, traces of Demonic Qi were once again appearing, but they had already surpassed Nie Chen's range of absorption. Although he could sense it, it didn't affect him that far.

Therefore, only the King of Demons on the west side was still fighting with Nie Chen for the Demon Vein Qi.


However, Nie Chen didn't know that his actions had caused a commotion among all the cultivators in the wooden stronghold.

Qing Yuan, the fat steward, the two brothers, and Qing Lian were all standing on the balcony of the wooden building. They looked down at the cultivators of the Qing-Yun Sect gathered by the two captains.

"The surrounding demonic energy is in chaos. There might be a demon clan expert approaching. All of you sit on the wooden wall and do your best to monitor them. Prepare to fight!" The steward shouted to the west, and the cultivators began to move.

For a moment, the inside of the wooden stronghold was noisy and chaotic. This was because when the people heard that a demi-human expert could arrive, they would fear. However, they would not dare to disobey, so they could not avoid the depressing atmosphere.

No one went back to sleep. Instead, they cautiously and continuously searched the area, but there was still no sign of the Greater Demon.

It would have been fine if it had appeared, but instead it was this demonic pressure that was frozen in the air that caused people to feel suppressed and panic in their hearts … This was a great torment, a torment to the heart and spirit.


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