After a night passed, there was no change. The people in the wooden village were both physically and mentally exhausted.

Although not a single demon beast appeared in their line of sight, they did not dare to relax even a little. This was because in the air, the pressure from the demon beast was still lingering.

"Why has this demon come to this place?" From beginning to end, the cultivator had not revealed his doubts and did not understand why the other party had only released his oppressive aura and not revealed himself.

"Senior, my sect has been entrusted by Freezing Sky Clan to mine in this place. Please forgive us if we offend you!" Qing Yuan stood at the top of the wooden building, sending a sound transmission to all four directions. Indeed, there was no response.

"Freezing Sky Clan knows that Xu Hui has angered the demon race, so they prepared five thousand demon crystals in advance and specifically offered them to senior. We hope that you will be magnanimous and not make things difficult for us!" The cultivator also spoke up.

Perhaps the obsidian stone that wasn't considered precious to Freezing Sky Clan right now was even more valuable than the demon crystals …

These words of theirs might have seemed like an apology, but in truth, they had mentioned Freezing Sky Clan's name. After all, even the demon kings of Freezing Sky Clan did not want to offend them.

"When the time comes, the Qing-Yun Sect will also offer you an apology for disturbing you. If it's something senior needs, just say it!" Qing Chen also stood on the rooftop as he transmitted his voice.

However, they still did not receive a response. That oppressive might was still unstoppable, and from beginning to end, it disturbed the hearts of people, making them feel terrified. Those slaves, on the other hand, fell into a deep sleep in the stone prison, not having gone out to mine because of the turmoil. With their Cultivation bases sealed, they were not as pressured by the Demonic Qi as they were by the other cultivators.

"My daughter, Elder Tianshu of Freezing Sky Clan, greets the senior demon." "If senior is to let go of this old sect, I will give senior a Heavenly Frost Treasure." Green lotus seeds stood upright on a high tower as they continuously spoke to all four directions. However, they still did not receive a response.

Although the crowd heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Fairy Blue Lotus speak, the silence of the demon clan expert still caused everyone to feel flustered.

This day was destined to be torturous for everyone in the Qing-Yun Sect. How easy it would be for all the slaves.

However, to Nie Chen, this was truly a day of great harvest.


"F * ck, you son of a b * tch!" If it wasn't for the fact that I got injured, how would you be able to survive? " On the west side of the wooden stronghold, in a dark cave, a dark figure that was less than a meter tall was lying on the ground while cursing viciously.

From the inside of the cave, he could see a skinny human body lying there, as if dead, thanks to the music coming from the entrance.

This corpse's entire body was stiff, smooth and black. Its face was green and its teeth were black. It was terrifying. However, there was a tear on its throat that flowed out with strands of black blood to stop the bleeding. There was a pair of huge fleshy wings on its back, but they were also torn to shreds.

"Damn you, which bastard is hiding in the human tribe's wooden stronghold to cultivate? Are you afraid that your father will kill this Demonic Bat before coming to kill you?" The sound of cursing could be heard endlessly from the dark figure lying on the ground.

"Dammit, if it wasn't for the Demonic Bat poison, your father would have …." "Sigh!" The dark shadow's tone was filled with unwillingness and anger.


Hearing the commotion outside, a smile appeared on Nie Chen's face. "You guys carry on tormenting us. It'll be even more beneficial to us!"

He did not expect that his actions would not only restore him to his peak, but would also cause the cultivators of the Qing-Yun Sect to lose their minds. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but laugh.

Nie Chen heard everything that happened outside, but he didn't relax his breathing or the slightest bit when it came to cultivation.

At this moment, the demonic energy underground had already reached its densest state. Previously, it had been like a river, but now, it was like a vast ocean as it gushed into Nie Chen's body.

"Hey, you're still a bit lacking!" Nie Chen had been secretly competing with the demon on the west side, and after a series of tugs and tugs, he reached the top.

Gradually, the monster seemed to have given up on this fight. In the end, all of the demonic energy below the ground poured in, forming a vortex under Nie Chen's feet and pouring into his sea of light.

The river turned into a vast ocean, and the vast ocean turned into a river once again. The river eventually turned into a small stream, and at the end of the day, even that small stream was about to disappear.

A thick black mist enveloped Nie Chen's body. Gradually, the black mist settled down and condensed into a liquid that eventually separated into two parts, one above and the other below. Below him was a sea of black, and above him were black clouds and black fog.

"This is spiritual energy turning into a sea, no, it's a phenomenon caused by demonic spiritual energy turning into a sea, a sign of great perfection!" Nie Chen could sense the changes in the sea, and couldn't conceal the excitement on his face.

"Unfortunately, I'm still a bit short of perfection!" In his excitement, Nie Chen felt a trace of regret. "If I were to attack again, some liquid demon aura in the Black Sea would definitely solidify into a solid form. It would give birth to the mother of the mountain of demon aura, and point directly to the next great realm, the Spirit Sea Realm."

Every cultivator at the great circle of the sea would grow a spirit mountain from within the wheel. This mountain was made from liquefied spiritual energy, and the spirit energy would solidify into a solid form.

Cultivating to the great circle of perfection only required constant cultivation and constant solidification of the liquefied spiritual energy, which eventually allowed the mountain to grow taller and taller. Finally, it broke through the shackles of the seabed and entered the next great realm of the human body, the Spirit Sea Realm.

The Spirit Sea realm was also known as the navel wheel realm because it was located right in the center of the second energy level of the human body: the umbilical cord wheel.

Since ancient times, the navel wheel was also known as the dantian, because it could form a spirit ocean that far surpassed the seabed, and it could even become the largest and widest center of energy in the human body's wheel sea. Thus, it was also known as the spirit ocean wheel.

"Just a little more!" Nie Chen could sense that the demonic spiritual vein beneath his feet was almost completely dried up. Even the spiritual energy in the Wilderness was becoming thinner and denser.

In fact, there was always demonic or spiritual energy anywhere. Heaven and Earth aura was rich in these two types of spiritual energy. However, wherever they stayed all year round, the earth energy would show signs of demonic spiritual energy. It was much richer and easier to absorb than the spiritual energy in the earth.

"The demonic energy in the Qi channels in the depths of the earth has become thinner, but it is actually rich in spiritual energy. However, we can't absorb it now!" Nie Chen furrowed his brows. However, he was immediately taken aback. "Huh?"

With his perception, although the demonic beast on the west was no longer absorbing the demonic qi, its demonic qi source was still connected to the remnant demonic qi in the ground.

It didn't absorb any Demonic Qi. Instead, as Nie Chen absorbed it, its spiritual energy was leaking out just like the three other Demonic Qi beasts from before.

"What's the matter with it? has not closed down our human race's source of demonic energy similar to the Wheel Sea? " While Nie Chen was still shocked, he tried to increase his strength to absorb the underground Demon Veins. Sure enough, a large amount of Demonic Qi was surging out from the medicinal plant in the west.

"Are you trying to help me?" Nie Chen didn't understand the other party's intentions, but he started to absorb the demonic energy without any hesitation.

Very quickly, a strong wave of demonic air surged over from the west. It was precisely from that medicine. Once again, Nie Chen madly devoured all of the demonic Qi. Soon, the black sea began to seethe and rumble within his undersea wheel.

The vibrations were deafening and extremely intense. However, they only happened within Nie Chen's body, and only he could hear them.

He saw that in the middle of the ocean, a black island had congealed, revealing the flat surface of the Black Sea. Finally, seven feet into the distance, the island turned into a small black mountain with demonic spiritual energy lingering around it.

And because of the demonic spiritual energy, all of the surrounding demonic spiritual energy was pushed away. It seemed that the demonic spiritual energy behind the small mountain had gone through a qualitative change compared to the demonic spiritual energy before.

What was even more strange was that the demonic spiritual energy around the black mountain was devouring and assimilating the spiritual energy around it. As this process continued, the black hill became even thicker and more solid.

"This power …" Nie Chen's eyes flickered as he stopped his breathing. Demonic Qi swirled around his raised fist. He could sense an unprecedented strength, and his eyes were filled with confidence and determination.

"You broke through?" Off to the side, Zi Feng opened his eyes. "I can sense the pressure of your great circle's Cultivation base, and even more so, your Demonic Qi is like a blade!"


"Your demonic spiritual energy and the demonic spiritual energy you are breathing are both familiar to me. I can feel it because of the blood stone. That's why I can ignore your pressure and continue to cultivate!" "But just now, your demonic qi seemed to have changed and become even more fierce. At this moment, I can't take it anymore."

Zi Feng's breathing quickened!

"I'm sorry!" Nie Chen immediately retracted his aura. "Indeed, I've broken through. I'm now at the great circle of the great circle!"

"Then, our chances have increased a few more times!" Zi Feng smiled. He was very happy about Nie Chen's breakthrough. However, he didn't have any excessive reactions. After all, even if Nie Chen had broken through, he still wouldn't be able to fight on the same level as the members of the Qing-Yun Sect who were in charge of the mines.


"No matter what monster you are, I should still thank you!" Nie Chen looked towards the western wall, as if he wanted to see through it and see the pitch-black figure within the cave.

"If you don't kill me with poison, I'll be sucked to death by you!"

"I'm going to kill you, whoever you are? "To the ends of the earth, I will chase you to the point of death!" A terrifying, sharp howl echoed throughout the cave.

Inside the mine, the black shadow on the ground seemed to be trembling and convulsing.

"For the incoming Pill King, this old man is worth it. But if you dare to do this to me, you will die a horrible death! Other than this Demonic Bat, I haven't fought for a long time. "

"Dammit, it really is difficult to get rid of that damnable Bat Poison …." Damn it, you actually dare to absorb my demonic energy while I'm stiff from poison and unable to close my mouth despite breathing in and recuperating from my injuries … I will definitely kill you! " It was unknown whether this dark shadow was trembling due to the poison or because of the pure air.

Its curses did not stop for a quarter of an hour. They spread far and wide, shaking the entire mountain region.

Even the three demon beasts not far from the cave were anxiously lingering, as if they wanted to go closer to check, but they were all strong and strong, afraid to go forward because they were afraid.

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