Heavenly War God/C1 Demon Monk of the World Reborn!
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Heavenly War God/C1 Demon Monk of the World Reborn!
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C1 Demon Monk of the World Reborn!

Polar Continent, Tiannan State, Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain!

The roar of a battle cry sounded out just outside the grounds of a pitch-black cave. Two families were fighting with all they had left, with corpses falling left and right around them. The fighting had come to a close. One side had suffered dramatic losses and the blood flowing from their bodies was like a river.

"I've stabbed Shen Yih, that little trash! He won't be in this world for much longer!"

"He actually took the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead and even if that wasn't enough, he even wanted to marry Miss Xue. Since his sins are too many, I can't allow him to walk out of the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain alive! You handle these guards from the Shen Family. Go inside and make sure whether Shen Yih is dead or not!"

The repetitive sound of dripping water inside the humid conditions of the dark cave was suppressed by the sounds of the bloody fighting outside. A young man sat on a rock not far from the entrance of the cave. He looked to be on the verge of collapse.

However, all of a sudden, a new burst of energy suddenly shot through him as if he had just been reborn again!

"Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility, it was you who I originally turned to for guidance and direction as my teacher, but you claimed I was the evil monk of the world. Now that you're surrounded me with the 99 Great Sage Buddha and even used the Devil Ancestor's saint weapon to try and kill me, does this make you worthy of your title as Buddha? Just between the two of us, who is more like the Demon Monk now?"

Out of Shen Yih’s mouth came a loud and furious roar. All five of his fingers were clutching the ground with a vise-like grip. His eyes were filled with a monstrous rage, and his roar was so fierce, those who heard it outside were startled by such fury.


Suddenly understanding came into his eyes, and his face had a spark to it like a bright pearl in the dark of night. He looked around at his surroundings and was extremely surprised at what he saw. "I… I must be already dead, right?"

He was called Shen Yih.

In the Heavens, all those still breathing called him by the name of Nine Heavens War God. As the reincarnation of Pure Tathagata, he was the Demon Monk of the world!

There was no doubt about it. He was the one and only Demon Monk!

His cultivation jump started the Buddhist Tao and broke all the laws that had to do with killing. To his fame, he had once slaughtered hundreds of thousands of devils in one night. Their bodies, once heaped into one enormous pile, resembled that of a mountain.

Not only that, the law of lust had no power over him. He broke its rules and fell into a river of love with Junior Martial Sister, who was only seconds away from becoming a Bodhisattva.

As a Wine and Flesh Demon Monk, he had once discussed life with the Ten Supreme Monkey Kings - the Great Sage Sunn. Having tasted the most extravagant wine in the heavens and having slaughtered the Dragon King of the Ao Clan of the Western Sea and eaten the fresh meat of the Divine Dragon, there was little on this heaven and earth he had not experienced!

However, as the most outstanding genius of the Buddha Sect, his achievements were unprecedented.

For thirty years, he had cultivated Fotoseride, Great Sage Buddha for a hundred years, Nine Tribulations Buddha Lotus for two hundred years, and Seven Tribulations for three hundred years. With hundreds of years of cultivation under his belt, he had an equal standing with the supreme being, Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility. He was reputed across the land as one of the three great Pure Buddhas in the history of the Buddha Sect.

Though he was called Demon Monk, he still kept true to his inner Tao.

He did not understand why he had to give up his emotions and desires and even abandon his family when he became a Buddha. If a person did not have a heart, how could he go about changing the world? How could he prevent suffering in the land?

Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility's Buddhist Tao gave all living things the ability to follow in his example and be selfish. Shen Yih's Buddhist Tao went against all conventions with the idea to merge its path with all living things.

The Buddhist Sect was wary of the seven emotions and six desires. Shen Yih made a breakthrough by embracing every ounce of emotion and desire on this earth. Shen Yih fought against the natural order by entering the Buddhist Sect's Saint realm. By doing so he was able to comprehend the supreme Buddhist realm and become one of the Ten Supreme Experts of all the universe!

Once Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility found out that Shen Yih was a threat to the world as he knew it, he regarded him as a thorn in his side that must be removed. Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility first crowned Shen Yih as Demon Monk, then behind his back devised an inescapable scheme to kill him, even using the Devil Ancestor's holy weapon in getting the deed done.

Seventy-two Buddhas had fallen by his hand in a row, but by the end of the day, the Devil Ancestor's holy weapon proved to be a formidable instrument against Shen Yih. Caught by surprise, Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility's sneak attack had shattered Shen Yih's soul on the spot. Shen Yih thought he was a goner, but never would he have expected that...

"I will announce this: I, Shen Yih, am the Demon Monk of the world! So what if I defy everything in this world order? I am still living and breathing, and I will make the heaven tremble under this fact. Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility, you dare plot against me. You must be afraid of what I am capable of. Wait for my attack on the Buddha World again. Your life will be mine!"

Shen Yih's eyes were bloodshot as he shouted this out with a killer intent. However, all of a sudden, a weight seemed to be placed on his head and a tearing pain instantly crushed his skull.

"After I get the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, I, Xue Xiaochai, will marry you!"

"Only once you get the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, will you be able to take part in the adult ceremony and earn the right to the Marrow Cleansing Pill!"

A scene from the past flashed into Shen Yih's mind. The memory was so painful it was like it was tearing his mind into two.

It was just at that moment that Shen Yih found out that he had been reborn into the body of a young man from a small country in the Polar Continent. This young man had the same name as him, also going by Shen Yih. However, his life was one of misery.

This young man had a lowly upbringing, so it was hard for him to achieve cultivation. Though he was already sixteen years old, he had yet to reach the Call of the Spirit.

However, he was engaged to the daughter of the Master of Muyun Sect, the number one sect in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain. As the object of envy of all the geniuses, he was subject to a lot of bullying and humiliation!

The daughter of the Master of Muyun Sect swore to the young man that as long as he gets his hands on the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, she would promise her hand in marriage to him.

The Shen Family also had forged an understanding with the sect. Only as long as the young man is able to obtain the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, he would be allowed to participate in the Adult ceremony. As a reward, they would give him the Marrow Cleansing Pill and his life will be greatly changed because of it!

The young man did not know any better. He really thought this was his chance to prove himself, so he took many guards with him when entering the Beast Mountain. At great risk to his life, he was going to obtain the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead no matter what would happen.

However, once he was able to obtain the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, a treasure that everyone wanted, he was forced into a cave by the people of the Lee Family. With his back pushed to the wall, he had no place to escape to!


Shen Yih heard the screams and could sense the killing just outside the cave.

"Protect Young Master Shen Yih at all costs!"

"Fight them to the finish!"

"We must save Young Master Shen Yih's life. He's the one with the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead. As long as he is still breathing, there will be hope for our East Mansion!"

The guards that the young man brought with him were all fighting with their lives at stake. However, their opponents were able to overpower them in no time. Their fate was to die tragically outside. They had laid their lives down for the sake of his protection!

"Since I've been reincarnated into your body, then I'll not stand here idly and let you suffer any humiliation now. Don't worry about it!" Shen Yih said that with a wave of his sleeve.

He continued to be filled with resentment. And this made Shen Yih frown slightly. "You want me to kill them? Leaving not a single one of them alive?"

"Alright then! Your wish is my command. They all deserve to be exterminated!"

Only then did his resentment ease up by the slightest!

Shen Yih could not help but sigh. But it was not long before his eyes turned cold. "This body is indeed lacking in ability. It's not all that strange that I can't activate the Call of the Spirit, but I have cultivated to the level of the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra. So what if my talent is subpar? I have already shown that I have a powerful Tao with my supreme state of mind. Not one of the ancient geniuses can surpass me."

"The atmosphere here in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain is not bad. But it's barely enough for me to conjure for a Spirit Opening!"

Right away, he sat down with his legs crossed and started to chant a spell.

The originally dark space around him suddenly lit up with the Golden Light. It illuminated the dark and damp the cave with the glow coming from the core of Shen Yih's body.

The Golden Light emitting from Shen Yih's body instantly healed his broken injuries at a speed that was visible to the naked eye.

"Subhuti was born on the shores of the Nether World. People would come and go. They wasted their lives, and with a single thought, they turned into evil ghosts, and with a single thought, they became Buddha…"

Shen Yih whispered this in a low voice. It did not take long for the effect of the chant to grow!

All the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth were instantly sucked into Shen Yih’s body, causing the bats in the cave to scatter like frightened birds!

At first, the power was just drawn from the small cave.

After that, the circumference spread out to a radius of one kilometer, ten kilometers, then all the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth within a hundred kilometers of the first mountain of the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain was completely pulled into Shen Yih's body.

"What's going on in the world?!"

The warriors of the families who were locked in battle on the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain could not contain their surprise. They had no idea what it was that just happened.

The once peaceful Demonic Beasts began to feel uneasy. They started to wreak havoc and charged randomly at whim. They seemed to have sensed something was amiss - that an unshakable power had suddenly descended into their midst.

"Usually, these Demonic Beasts would only act out when a calamity is near. Their sense of smell is very acute. But what's going on today? There's no sign of disaster at this moment!" The group of young martial artists stopped their fighting with serious expressions on their faces. Though they said this, they could feel that something unusual was about to happen.

"Stop worrying. This is not a good sign, so let's back out first. If something bad is about to happen, and we don't go now, we won't be able to get away in time!"

They're turning around!

Both Shen Yih's eyes were suddenly wide open. The Golden Light shined out. The light was densely covered in scriptures, and the words became one with his body.

"Reincarnation Diamond Sutra, completed…"

His Martial Arts Realm expanded by a great deal. He had successfully leveled up to the Call of the Spirit.

First layer of the Opening Spirit Stage.

Second layer.

Third layer.


Only barely halting right before soaring to the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer.

"This is only so-so!" Shen Yih quietly said this to himself.

Even though the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra placed no requirement on one's innate talent, it took a lot of resources from the environment. When it came time to cultivate, it was common to have emptied out a large area of Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth over a short period of time.

The spiritual energy in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain was still a little weak. The power was only enough to help him advance all the way to the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer!

Shen Yih exhaled loudly and slowly stood up!

A violent vibration could be felt started rocking the earth. Huge rocks fell to the ground. The enemy had pierced through the three Shen family guard's armor, and as a result, they were covered head to toe in wounds. Their bodies slumped to the floor of the cave helplessly.

Blood poured out from the corner of their mouths. They were on their last legs. Tears overflowed from their eyes. "Young Master… you must try and get away. Blame me for being useless. I can no longer protect Young Master."

"Young Master, you must get away from here with your life. As long as you're still breathing, the hope for our East Mansion will still be alive!"

"East Mansion? The East Mansion of your Shen Family is no more. Its memory should have been suppressed a long time ago. Today, I will be the answer to your prayers and give you a quick death!" A young man with fair skin like that of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old led a group of guards into the cave and sneered.

He glanced over at Shen Yih and said, "Little trash, you have been stabbed by me and your death is certain. Though it seems you are quite lucky to still be standing. As you know, the poorer a person's fate is, the harder it is to do away with them. But know that I will stab you more than a dozen times after today is over. You should stop breathing right now. You actually want to marry Xue Xiaochai? Who told you to be so brave?"

Though Shen Yih did not bother to answer, he could feel the outrageous anger coming from the original soul of this body.

With great gentleness, he released the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra to pacify this growing resentment. "Stop worrying, all of them are fated to die!"

"What are you muttering about?" the young man from the Lee family shouted out aggressively.

Shen Yih turned his attention to the young man and looked at him as if he was a pesky bug. "I said, all of you will die at my hand today!"

The Shen family guards turned to look at Shen Yih in unison and their gazes all held despair in them. Shen Yih was cornered with no way to escape. What's this nonsense coming out of his mouth?

Was he knocked in the head too many times causing him to have a mental breakdown?

Forget about it. A mentally deranged death had to be better than a normal death.

When Shen Yih's words entered Lee Zongyun's ears, he was at first stunned, but after recovering, he started to laugh loudly, as if this was the funniest joke in the world.

While laughing, he clutched his stomach. "Did you hear what Shen Yih just said? That we're actually going to all die today?"

The Lee family guards all laughed heartily at Shen Yih’s expense.

Lee Zongyun covered his ears with one hand. While leaning forward, he pretended that he was hard of hearing. "Shen Yih, repeat what you just said. I didn't hear it clearly just now…"

Before he could finish what he was going to say, Lee Zongyun felt his body being pulled away. When he rematerialized again, he was in Shen Yih's clutches!

Crushing pain immediately radiated throughout Lee Zongyun's body. Lee Zongyun's screams pierced the air as he shouted indistinctly, "Shen Yih! You! How did you achieve the level of an Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer? Have you been hiding your true strength all this time?!"

At just the fourth level of the Opening Spirit Stage, in front of Shen Yih's abilities, he wasn't even capable of trussing a chicken!

"Shen Yih, have mercy. Please spare me…"


As soon as he said this, Lee Zongyun's body became a Blood Fog. His soul immediately perished on the spot! The others turned to each other in amazement. Lee Zongyun was really dead!

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