Heavenly War God/C10 He Still Had the Chance to Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy!
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Heavenly War God/C10 He Still Had the Chance to Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy!
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C10 He Still Had the Chance to Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy!

Lin Yingru’s beauty was indeed moving and profound. In Shen Yih’s opinion, Xue Xiaochai was also an outstanding beauty, with Lin Yingru and her being equals. Otherwise, her notoriety wouldn’t be as much as Xue Xiaochai. In all the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, she was regarded as one of the four most beautiful girls.

Before they knew it, a group of servants from the Chamber of Commerce had quickly gathered the hundred-plus Rare Yimu Flowers and delivered them into Tan Si’s hands.

Tan Si counted all the flowers one by one. After a while, his voice came out very stern-like. He kicked out his feet angrily. “Didn’t I tell you I want a hundred Rare Yimu Flowers. I’ve only counted 90+ Rare Yimu Flowers. Are you trying to cheat me?!”

The servants looked all aggrieved, but they did not dare say a word. They only turned to look at each other. They were crying in their hearts.

There were only a hundred Rare Yimu Flowers left in the Chamber of Commerce. They had just sold 12 of them to Shen Yih. It was impossible for them to collect what they had just sold.

After Tan Si’s outburst, all the servants of the company looked at Shen Yih from the corner of their eyes. They hoped that Shen Yih would come to their rescue and save them from Tan Si’s horrible wrath. Their situation was looking so hopeless that any outside help would be much appreciated.

“Look! Do you see that person over there?” A few people beside Tan Si pointed in Shen Yih’s direction.

Both Shen Yih’s eyebrows were raised. He had not come around looking for trouble. But it looked like trouble had come anyway.

It was obvious that the group of people was eying the dozen or so Rare Yimu Flowers he was clutching in his hand.

Tan Si said with no expression on his face, “I need those Rare Yimu Flowers. Give them to me!”

Lih Wuji frantically gestured at Shen Yih to hand over the Rare Yimu Flowers. After all, anyone could afford the Rare Yimu Flowers. They were not worth much. Even 12 Rare Yimu Flowers would only be worth 300 Spirit Stones. If he picked a fight with Tan Si over this, it would be really irrational.

Tan Si was not someone you’d want to mess around with. There was no telling what he would do if you incited his wrath.

However, Shen Yih had a bad temper. Seeing that Tan Si wanted to steal his Rare Yimu Flowers, Shen Yih solidly held his ground.

“Do we know each other? Why should I give these to you?” Shen Yih said.

Tan Si showed his amusement when he heard this.

“Who is this person?” Tan Si asked an underling.

Although he was known for his arrogance and domineering character, he did not have a reckless nature. Before sticking his head into something, he would thoroughly investigate the person’s background first. It could be said that he bullied the weak and feared the strong.

If the other party looked plain and ordinary but turned out to be a genius of the Muyun Sect and Spirit River Sect, he naturally won’t stir up trouble with them.

“That guy is only trash from the Shen family. He goes by the name Shen Yih!” the man said.

“Shen Yih? I have long heard of the Shen family’s fool but never would I have expected him to show up at my feet at this time. Does he know who I am?” Following his words, Tan Si and his followers laughed raucously.

The reason why he was acting like nothing could touch him in Yangguan Town was because of one thing!

And that would be his supporter, Hao Yunhong!

Even if the Family Head of the Shen family showed up, they would not dare offend him!

Yet Shen Yih had no problem with opposing him!

The group of people from the trading company couldn’t believe their eyes. This person just happened to be Shen Yih? He was a complete fool. Why didn’t he just hand over the Rare Yimu Flowers to Tan Si? Why did he have to act so offensive? Didn’t he see what they did to Lee Zongming downstairs?

Now, it looks like Shen Yih would be in trouble and the Chamber of Commerce won’t be able to escape Tan Si’s wrath either. The Chamber of Commerce was placed in a pickle. They had no choice but to tolerate Tan Si’s anger!

“Fourth Master Tan, make sure you calm down!”

Lih Wuji quickly reacted by moving forward and politely saying, “I apologize on behalf of my Lord. I will try to persuade my Young Master to hand over the Rare Yimu Flowers! We want no trouble at all!”

“It’s too late for that now!”

Fourth Master Tan’s face was full of ridicule. He said in a low tone that no one could refute, “You’ve caught me in a bad time. Shen Yih, I’ll count to three. After that, you must kneel down and give the Rare Yimu Flowers to me!”

Shen Yih burst out laughing right away.

How many years have passed by?

He couldn’t put an exact number to it, but it had been a long time since anyone dared speak up to him like this.



“Stop your counting, you idiot!” Shen Yih’s face was expressionless as he said this, “Do you think your countdown will have any influence over me? Do you think I’ll just give in after you finish your counting?”

“You’re asking for it!”

Tan Si had not felt so angry in such a long time. When he saw that Shen Yih was unfazed, his eyes filled with coldness and fury. He immediately set aside what he was doing and charged at Shen Yih with killer intent in his eyes.

Shen Yih was just some useless garbage from the Shen family. His death would not matter.

“If you were a genius from the Shen family, I would have reconsidered what I am about to do to you now. But you are just some trash from the Shen family. How dare you go out of your way to offend me?!”

Tan Si’s cultivation was at the Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer. After taking a leap, he flashed a huge blade in his hand about to bring it down on Shen Yih’s head.

“This is so bad!”

Seeing the scene unfold before his eyes, Lih Wuji could not help but let out a soft sigh.

Because of his three kowtows, Lih Wuji had officially acknowledged that Shen Yih was his master. Little would he have known that Shen Yih’s fate was to die after a relatively short period of time. He was asking himself over and over again why Shen Yih had to offend Tan Si at this time?

But in the next instant, his expression changed.

“How could this be possible?!”

Tan Si’s blade cluttered to the ground as it was easily dodged by Shen Yih. Shen Yih then struck out with his palm and hit Tan Si’s body, forcing it to fly up in the air!

After he hit the ground, Tan Si nearly spat out a mouthful of blood, but he swallowed it all back in an attempt to save some face. After that, he turned to look at Shen Yih with a shocked expression, unable to believe his eyes.

“Are you sure this is the Shen Yih you were talking about?” Tan Si could not hide his shocked expression.

He wasn’t the only one in the crowd who was dumbfounded. The other people who came to watch the fight, as well as the servants from the Chamber of Commerce, were all flabbergasted.

The name Shen Yih was famous in all of Yangguan Town.

Shen Yih’s father had built a great reputation in the Yangguan Town. Unexpectedly, he gave birth to a useless son. After a shift in the East Mansion of the Shen family, Shen Yih’s father died. After his father’s death, Shen Yih’s notorious reputation for being a useless son became widespread.

But today out of all days!

“That’s right. In the past, my eyes have seen how Shen Yih has made a fool of himself,” Tan Si’s subordinate said.

Tan Si licked his dry lips. “Looks like we’re up against something that can’t be easily defeated. This brat’s cultivation is already at the Seventh Layer of Spirit Opening Stage. But so what? Do you know who it is you’re facing?”

He only thought that he was a little reckless in the fight, so he immediately got ready to stomp down Shen Yih’s opposition.

The blade in Tan Si’s hand spun rapidly in his hand. From his stance, it looked to be an impressive martial skill he was getting ready to unleash.

“This is!”

“Not good!”

Lih Wuji hurried to remind Shen Yih, “Lord, watch out! This is the Red Bandits’ special martial skill, Horse Breaking Slash!”

“It’s good that you know this!” Tan Si said this in his heart.

As a signature technique of the Red Bandits, in the Opening Spirit Stage, the Horse Breaking Slash was a powerful weapon. When the saber technique is unleashed, it could easily behead a galloping horse!

The thing you had to watch out for was its swiftness!

“You will die under my blade!”

Nothing could withstand Tan Si’s attack. But at the same time, Shen Yih had moved out of the way.


The sound of metal connecting erupted out of the air.

Then, the crowd witnessed something shocking.

Shen Yih had actually grabbed hold of Tan Si’s saber with his bare hands!

“How could this be possible?”

Lih Wuji and the people surrounding the area could not hide their shock. They all rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

The Opening Spirit Stage was a stage of the Call of the Spirit.

And what was the Call of the Spirit?

It absorbed the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in order to properly accumulate energy. This was the most important stage of Cultivation. It was also because of this that the Opening Spirit Stage’s retainment of energy had its flaws. If he suffered the slightest wound, his life would be on the line.

Even the Sight Stage wouldn’t be able to help him if he missed the blade with his bare hands.

But Shen Yih had succeeded.

If one gave closer inspection, they could see that Shen Yih’s palm faintly glowed with a golden light, as if a coat of gold was painted over it.

“Fortunately, I just collected some golden light yesterday. So now, I am able to cast the Golden Hands,” Shen Yih said this in his heart.

This Tan Si’s strength was really ruthless. If he didn’t use the Golden Hands to stop him, who knows what troubles he would have to face with this dangerous opponent.

When taking into use the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra, the Cultivation would allow one to strengthen their physique. Part of this was because of the Golden Light. However, the Golden Light was very faint at the beginning of the Cultivation, so it could only be emitted from the hands.

Therefore, this martial skill went by the name The Golden Hands.

Tan Si was unable to hide his shock. He stared at Shen Yih fiercely, his forehead covered in sweat and his eyes completely bloodshot.

Shen Yih gave him a cold smile. With a crushing squeeze, the blade was turned into many different pieces.

As the blade cracked before them, everyone widened their eyes in shock. It was hard for them to believe their eyes!


Tan Si quickly made his retreat. His saber was now pulverized and right away he began to panic.

No, he needed to calm down!

As a bandit, he did not need to panic.

He had a lot of experience in killing.

Shen Yih, on the other hand, was a complete novice next to him. Shen Yih lacked combat experience. As long as he did not panic, he could completely turn the tides in his favor!

“Alright, I need to hone in on his weakness!” Tan Si seized his chance for a counterattack.

“Tiger Cannon Fist!”

Tan Si rushed to Shen Yih’s left side like the wind and attacked him using another martial skill.

However, Shen Yih did not bother to even glance in his direction, having already predicted his opponent’s next move. He immediately grabbed Tan Si’s shoulder and pushed him down hard, breaking Tan Si’s attack with the Tiger Cannon Fist.

After that, Tan Si struck the ground with a loud thud and was violently smashed to the ground by Shen Yih’s weight.

At this moment, Shen Yih was squeezing Tan Si’s throat and his eyes were brimming with killer intent.

“You just said you wanted to kill me?” Shen Yih’s tone was cold with not an ounce of warmth in them.

Tan Si could tell that Shen Yih really wanted to kill him. The cold killing look in his eyes struck fear in Tan Si’s heart.

“What kind of gaze is that?!” Lih Wuji, who was watching the fight with rapt attention, could not hide his shock.

Such a bone-chilling look coming from an 18-year-old young man. Just imagine what Shen Yih would have had to experience in order to produce such a terrifying look!

“Something’s wrong!”

At that moment, something seemed to have occurred to Lih Wuji. “Shen Yih, you cannot kill him!”

“Yes, you cannot kill me!” Tan Si could not contain the surprise in his eyes. “Shen Yih, I am from the Red Bandits. If you kill me, my Young Master will come after you. It’s not too late for you to kneel down and beg me for mercy, or else I’ll make sure that you’ll be sorry!”

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