Heavenly War God/C11 I'm Gonna Kill Him!
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Heavenly War God/C11 I'm Gonna Kill Him!
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C11 I'm Gonna Kill Him!

Shen Yih smiled!

His smile was an extremely cold and indifferent smile. It was a pure and bone-chilling smile!

Looking at this smile, one could already tell that it came from this man's determination!

Shen Yih said in a cold tone, "What if I want to kill him?"


At this time, a white-haired old man walked out from the upper echelons of the Chamber of Commerce, holding a walking stick. He seemed to have a lot of power and prestige in the Chamber of Commerce.

"Elder Han!"

When the servants of the Chamber of Commerce saw this person come, they all went forward and respectfully greeted him.

He was a Elder level figure in the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce, and also the true core of the group.

Elder Han coughed twice and said, "Grandpa Tan Si, don't worry. I will definitely save you. I won't allow anyone to cause trouble in my chamber of commerce!"

Shen Yih's cold eyes turned around and looked at Elder Han. He didn't know what Elder Han meant. This man didn't appear when Tan Si attacked. After he defeated Tan Si, Elder Han stood out and said that no one was allowed to cause trouble.

Elder Han slowly and leisurely said with a calm and composed voice, "Young Master Shen Yih, I advise you to understand the current situation and kill Fourth Uncle Tan. "You are facing the Red Bandits. If you let Fourth Uncle Tan go today, you will give me face. This matter ended just like that. But if you kill Fourth Uncle Tan, then you will become the enemy of the Red Bandits. "You will also become the enemy of our Chamber of Commerce!"

Shen Yih sneered.

He finally understood.

The battle between him and Tan Si in Four Directions Chamber of Commerce could be considered to have solved a problem for Four Directions Chamber of Commerce. However, from the looks of it, Four Directions Chamber of Commerce didn't have any intention of appreciating Tan Si's kindness. Instead, they chose to please Tan Si and vent their anger on him.

In the end, it was because of one reason.

Background, strength!

It had been a long time since he had such a feeling.

It seemed like the useless reputation that Shen Yih had ruined would have to be recovered bit by bit by him! He wanted everyone to know that he, Shen Yih, was not someone to be offended so easily.

"Young Master Shen Yih, I advise you to think it through clearly!" Elder Han's words were filled with a threatening tone.

For a moment, the atmosphere of the entire scene became tense.

Tan Si was pressed down to the ground by Shen Yih. The corner of his mouth curled up, revealing a mocking and confident smile. Even if he bullied everyone, everyone had to help him. This was the reality, this was the strength of the Red Bandits!

"Lord, forget it. Let Tan Si go, there is still room for negotiation." Lih Wuji was also trying to persuade him.

"Shut up!"

Shen Yih responded coldly.

After that, he said with an expressionless face, "I, Shen Yih, have always been soft-hearted towards people. I won't kill people easily. I will only kill one type of people, those who want to kill my people and those who want to kill my people!"

"This kind of person will definitely die. He is unforgivable! Unfortunately, Tan Si, you have violated a taboo. No one can save you, no matter where you go!"

As he finished speaking, Shen Yih's palm surged with power.

"Not good!"

Tan Si wasn't stupid. He saw the killing intent coming from Shen Yih.

"Quick, save me!"

Tan Si roared.

The group of Tan Si's men finally reacted. They had never thought that Shen Yih would really dare to kill Tan Si. Was this guy crazy? Did he really dare to look down on the Red Bandits?



Shen Yih broke Tan Si's throat. No matter how arrogant Tan Si was before this, he would still die now.

Seeing this scene, Tan Si's subordinates widened their eyes.

"You killed Lord Tan Si!"

"Brat, you're dead for sure!"

A few of Tan Si's subordinates swarmed forward.

Shen Yih's killing intent surged when he saw this. He was ready to start a massacre.

Lih Wuji who was watching from the side looked nervous and hesitant. Although he had become Shen Yih's subordinate, it was only because he had no other choice. Now, if he really helped Shen Yih and sacrificed his own life, his rationality would tell him that it was not good.

However, after thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and shut it down!

"I'll give it my all!"

Today, everyone knew that there was no way he could avoid following Shen Yih. Furthermore, he had already followed Shen Yih. He had to start from the beginning until the end!

"If you want to beat my Lord, you have to get through me first!"

Lih Wuji took a step forward, his palm energy lingering in the air. He had used the Bear's Paw that he was best at!

Lih Wuji's strength had reached the twelfth level of the Opening Spirit Stage. Although he might not be able to roam freely in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, he still had some prestige and abilities in the Yangguan Town.

How could a few of Tan Si's subordinates defeat him? It only took a few moments for Lih Wuji to finish him off.

For a moment, blood was flowing out from the ground. Tan Si's corpse was the most eye-catching. A few of Tan Si's men were also injured and had fled. The crowd of onlookers were silent. They couldn't believe what they were seeing was the truth!

"This Shen Yih has gone crazy!"

"He has really gone crazy!"

"He dares to kill the people of Red Bandits. Isn't he afraid that Red Bandits will send an army to flatten the Shen Family?!"

"Shen Yih is really a troublemaker. He can cause any kind of trouble!"

Elder Han was so angry that his body was trembling. He pointed at Shen Yih's nose and shouted, "Shen Yih, you are finished. "You have offended the Red Bandits. You will have to bear the consequences from now on!"

Shen Yih turned his cold eyes away. With just a sharp gaze, he had already seen what was going on. Elder Han shivered all over.

Elder Han was shocked. His strength had reached the Tenth Sky of the Opening Spirit Stage, but now, he was frightened by Shen Yih's gaze.

"Let's go!" Shen Yih flicked his sleeve and left.

After he left this time, everyone around him sucked in a breath of cold air. Everyone knew that Shen Yih's reputation would surely undergo a tremendous change in the entire Yangguan Town.

"Lord, we have really gotten into trouble this time." On the way, Lih Wuji said with a bitter tone.

Shen Yih turned his head and looked at Lih Wuji casually.

Lih Wuji's body trembled when Shen Yih looked at him.

"Lih Wuji, if you want to follow me, you have to understand one thing!"

Shen Yih said expressionlessly, "It's not up to you to decide what I, Shen Yih, will do. Even if I, Shen Yih, cause a huge disaster, I will definitely have a way to bear it. Today, you have finally made your move. I can forgive you. Otherwise, you can just get lost! "

Lih Wuji was drenched in sweat after hearing what Shen Yih said. When he came back to his senses, he could only see Shen Yih's back.

This made him suddenly realize something.

This young man in front of him might really have some trump card. That kind of absolute confidence and calm look was not an act, but confidence!

Could it be?

Recalling the fight between Shen Yih and Tan Si, Shen Yih's killing intent was extremely decisive. That kind of rich combat experience was not something he could have at his age. What had happened and what had happened to Shen Yih after enduring for so many years?

Under all these mysteries, perhaps it could reveal everything that came from Shen Yih. Only now did he realize that Shen Yih was definitely not simple!

When Shen Yih returned to East Mansion, everything was calm and peaceful. The news of Shen Yih killing Tan Si had yet to spread.

It was unlikely that the news would spread within a few days. If the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce really had a brain, they would definitely try their best to prevent the news from spreading so quickly.

"Yi, you went out so early in the morning. Come quickly, I made you your favorite big goose!" Ye Baimei said kindly.

Shen Yih quickly sat down and saw Ye Baimei's tired face. He could not help saying, "Mother, although this big goose is not expensive, our East Mansion's Spirit Stone supplies are not much either. How did you buy it? "

"Mother went to the textile market to find a job to do. I earned some money for you to live frugally. You are now in the prime of your life, the Cultivation. I can't let you suffer. Come, eat it quickly."

Ye Baimei said gently, "Oh right, the New Year's Day is coming soon. When the time comes, I will spend more effort to give you a set of good clothes! "

Shen Yih heard this and could not help but sigh in his heart.

Shen Yih... In the past, when you had such a good Mother, why didn't you change your depression and Cultivation? Why did you let your own Mother live such a bitter life?

But now that he was here, everything was different. Since he had accepted this identity, he would definitely change everything as soon as possible.

"Mother, you don't have to work for me. I am Mansion Master of East Mansion, and I have grown up. In the future, I will make the East Mansion better." Shen Yih said firmly.

The guards and maidservants looked at Shen Yih, treating him as their hope.

Ye Baimei was the same. No matter what Shen Yih did at any time, she would support him.

"Oh right. Little Sister asked. Shen Yih asked.

Ye Baimei heard Shen Yih mention Shen Meng and frowned slightly. She seemed to have recalled something bad and immediately laughed. "Meng, this little girl is always like this. You also know that when she can't stay idle, she secretly ran out to play. " It's normal for your Little Sister to not come back to eat every day. "

Shen Yih was very smart. After observing her expression, he naturally felt that there was something wrong with Ye Baimei's tone. However, he did not think deeper into it. If there was really something wrong, Ye Baimei would most likely tell him.

After the meal, Shen Yih returned to the house and rubbed his eyebrows.

"Killing Tan Si today is considered offending the Red Bandits. This Red Bandits is indeed troublesome!" Shen Yih rubbed his eyebrows. "I have to increase my strength as soon as possible!"

Twelve Rare Yimu Flowers was enough for him to improve his Cultivation Reincarnation Diamond Sutra.

"The people of Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain don't seem to be aware of the use of Rare Yimu Flowers. Otherwise, the price wouldn't be so cheap." Shen Yih smiled.

The Rare Yimu Flower looked extremely beautiful. Under the bright color, there was some poison hidden in the roots of the flower. There wasn't a lot of poison, and it wasn't fatal. However, it had a strong stimulating effect on one's body.

If one consumed it raw, it would be enough to make one lie on the bed for several months without being able to get up. However, if he changed them to a medicinal bath, the effect would change drastically.

"Use the medicinal bath as the catalyst and soak myself in it. I will use the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra to temper my body and absorb the energy of the medicinal bath. The cultivation can also improve a little." Shen Yih thought to himself.

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