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C12 I'm Going to Start Earning Money

Medicine bath production is naturally not difficult.

After it was done, Shen Yih jumped into the medicinal bath. A numb feeling began to slowly rise from his feet, and very quickly, it entered his entire body. It gradually turned into a bone-piercing pain.

However, this kind of pain was naturally nothing to Shen Yih.

Back then, he had earned the title of Nine Heavens War God, who had been famous throughout the world, by relying on the fact that he had received a lot of injuries along the way to increase his strength!

Shen Yih exhaled a breath of air.

While his constitution was changing, he was also thinking in his mind.

He had already made his next plan.

He had to participate in the adulthood ceremony.

He didn't care about the reputation of being the champion of the adulthood ceremony. The main reason was that the adulthood ceremony was related to the quota for the Three Sects's entrance exam.

He wasn't afraid of the Red Bandits, nor was he afraid of the West Mansion and South Mansion of the Shen Family. However, Mother, Little Sister, and everyone in the East Mansion were different from him.

He had to enter one of the three major sects in order to help the East Mansion obtain the protection of authority.

Apart from that, the resources of the Three Sects were much more powerful than the resources of the tiny Yangguan Town and the Shen Family. This was what he needed the most right now. If he wanted to reach the top of the world as soon as possible, he would need a lot of resources.

"There are only ten days left before the New Year's Day." Shen Yih thought to himself.

The time of the New Year's Day was the time of the adulthood ceremony. In this year, all the geniuses of the Shen Family who had turned eighteen years old would gather together and perform the adult ceremony. At the same time, it was also the time to choose the cruel fate of everyone!

"The energy is here!"

Very quickly, a strong medicinal force spread out from the medicinal bath!

Shen Yih knew that this was the climax.

As long as he overcame this obstacle, everything would become natural!

Shen Yih's forehead was full of sweat, and he was in extreme pain. However, his perseverance was unparalleled. A mere pain like this was nothing.

When the sweat dripped into the medicinal bath, the final obstacle of the medicinal bath had passed. Shen Yih's cultivation's strength had also advanced to the Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer in one go!

"What a pity!"

Shen Yih muttered to himself.

Naturally, the more Rare Yimu Flowers one had, the better. Although this flower could not be used endlessly, twelve of them were definitely not enough to meet Shen Yih's needs. The fundamental reason was that there were no Rare Yimu Flowers. Lih Wuji was the one who paid for the small amount of Lih Wujis one needed to buy Lih Wujis.

s. It was for himself and the East Mansion.

s. It wasn't difficult for him. There were many ways.

After thinking about it for a while, he basically had an idea.

Shen Yih quickly moved.

Due to the Cultivation, time had passed. Soon, the sky had darkened, and it was the perfect time for him to travel.

Shen Yih suddenly heard the sobbing of a girl. He carefully listened to the sound and found that the owner of the sound was his younger sister, Shen Meng.

Shen Meng stood in the corner, sobbing quietly by herself. Her tears fell to the ground. Anyone who saw her would pity her.

This made Shen Yih look serious, his eyes like frost.

Although he did not have any relationship with this family, he saw how Shen Meng and Ye Baimei treated him. How could he tolerate his sister crying? He quickly stepped forward.

"Meng, what's wrong!" Shen Yih could not help but ask.

Shen Meng did not notice Shen Yih's arrival. Her delicate body trembled slightly. Her fair face turned around and immediately covered her tears in a miserable manner. After which, she squeezed out a smile that she thought was happy.

"Brother, why are there no footsteps when you walk? I know. Your cultivation must have made some progress again. I didn't even notice that you came to my side." Shen Meng said with a smile.

Shen Yih put his hands behind his back and said, "What's wrong? Who bullied you?"

"No one bullied me. Who could bully me? It was just that a wild cat that I liked died. I was secretly sad for a while, and you found out." Shen Meng smiled sweetly.

How could Shen Yih believe such a lie?

In his memory, Shen Meng was a very strong girl.

Because East Mansion had been in dire straits since the beginning. Before Shen Yih's father passed away, Shen Meng was just born not long ago. She had encountered such a great disaster and had developed strong resilience since she was young. She had never been so sad as to hide and cry in secret.

Something must have happened.

However, Shen Meng did not seem to want to talk about this with Shen Yih, so she immediately changed the topic.

Shen Meng said happily, "Brother, you don't know. The news of you defeating Shen Chang has spread in Yangguan Town. Now, many people are talking about you. I am happy for you. Brother, you must have a good Cultivation. I believe that you can lead the East Mansion to greatness! "

Shen Yih knew that Shen Meng's smile was just a forced smile.

"Meng, if there is anything, you must tell brother!" Shen Yih said very seriously. "It's not like I don't have the power to protect you right now!"

"Brother, what are you thinking? Don't worry! " What else can I do? " Alright, brother, I'll go back and rest first! " Shen Meng left in a carefree manner, giggling as she left.

She looked in the direction Shen Meng left in. Shen Yih did not know what had happened.

He had remembered this. If someone really bullied Shen Meng or had such thoughts, he would definitely not agree to this!

As for what he said now, Shen Meng did not want to say it. There was no point in asking any more questions.

Shen Yih quickly moved and planned to get things done first.

Earning money!

He also did not expect that he would come again after coming to the market in the morning.

However, he wasn't heading to Four Directions Chamber of Commerce this time.

What happened in the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce today had made him very disappointed. Naturally, he didn't go there again. The one he was heading to this time was another merchant guild in the market, the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce.

The strength of the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce wasn't as strong as the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce. It could be said that the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce had firmly suppressed them in the market. At this rate, the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce would continue to develop. As long as the Four Directions Chamber of Commerce was around for a day, it would undoubtedly be very difficult for the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce to become famous.

Soon, Shen Yih arrived in front of the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce. But now, he was wearing a mask.

If that was the case, he wanted to conceal his identity, and he also wanted to avoid unnecessary trouble by doing what he did in the morning.


A few servants of the Chamber of Commerce saw Shen Yih and wanted to address him, but they found that Shen Yih was wearing a mask. They really didn't know why they were talking about it.

Shen Yih put his hands behind his back and the Auras around his body spread out slightly.

This Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer cultivation could be considered to have some face in the Yangguan Town. When the cultivation was revealed, it made the servants pay more attention to it.

"I want to do a business with your Chamber of Commerce. Call out the person who holds the power of your Chamber of Commerce!" Shen Yih said.

"No problem!" The servants didn't dare to delay any longer and quickly called out the leaders of the chamber of commerce.

Not long after, a robust man stood out. When he saw Shen Yih, he first looked up and down, then said with a smile, "My surname is Hu, I am the Elder of Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce. I guess you are not old, just call me Elder Hu!"

Shen Yih didn't waste any time. He waved his sleeve and indicated, "Sit!"

The Elder Hu originally looked at Shen Yih as young as he was, and it had some contempt in its heart. However, when it saw how calm and composed Shen Yih was, and how confident he was, it became interested.

"You said you want to do business with our Chamber of Commerce? I don't know what business you want to do." The Elder Hu was very interested.

"I have a medicinal formula here." Shen Yih said, "I want to exchange this medicinal formula for a Spirit Stone. " I don't want much either. Three thousand Spirit Stones, as well as 50% of the income from the subsequent Spirit Stones! "

Actually, he could have sold this medicinal formula to Four Directions Chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, Four Directions Chamber of Commerce did not cherish this opportunity.

"A prescription?"

The Elder Hu said thoughtfully, "You better not joke around. How much can a mere medicinal formula be worth? First of all, "We have always directly bought the copyright for medicinal formulas. Later on, other people are not allowed to use it. Second, buy a formula with three thousand Spirit Stones. You don't seem to understand the market price at all. There is no medicinal formula that is worth that much money. "

Shen Yih laughed in his heart and shook his head.

This Yangguan Town was indeed a small place. Only people who dared to say that there was no medicine that was worth money could hear it here.

However, he was not surprised.

"Elder Hu, don't be so arbitrary!"

Shen Yih calmly took out a bamboo slip from his sleeve and placed it in front of the Elder Hu. He said, "Before you make a decision, just take a closer look at it!"

The Elder Hu squinted its eyes and took a look. Soon, its expression became very serious.

"Interesting. It can actually make a person with an aged face become young again, and it can even last for a full month!" The Elder Hu began to whisper, its heart was filled with hesitation.

This kind of medicinal formula was indeed something that he had never seen before.

Shen Yih's expression was still calm.

This medicinal formula was some of the medicinal formulas of his Buddhist Sect. It wasn't considered too high-end, but it was sufficient to be placed in a place like the Yangguan Town. Actually, he also had a better medicinal formula in his hands. However, it was not realistic to sell it. With his current cultivation, it was very easy for him to attract a fatal disaster.

"Elder Hu, what choice do you have?" Shen Yih said.

Elder Hu said, "I can bid 3000 Spirit Stones to buy the copyright of this medicinal formula. However, we will not share the profits of selling this medicinal formula with you. You should also know that when the ingredients in this medicinal formula are organized, it will cost at least 1000 Spirit Stones. If our Chamber of Commerce wants to sell it, we will also need to pay a huge price. "

Shen Yih shook his head. "I will need 50% of the profits in the future!"

"I'm afraid that won't do!" The Elder Hu did not budge an inch.

"Since that's the case, I can only take my leave." Shen Yih was decisive and quickly stood up.

It could be seen that the Elder Hu did not know the value of this medicinal formula at all. Since that was the case, Shen Yih could only find a subordinate with foresight.

The Elder Hu watched Shen Yih leave and did not have any intention of stopping him. To him, this medicinal formula was indeed interesting. However, it was only limited to interesting. He did not feel that this medicinal formula could sell for a high price.

Shen Yih even felt that this conversation had ended just like that. He had underestimated the ignorance of the Elder Hu, but at this moment.

"Please wait!"

A delicate female voice was heard, blocking Shen Yih's footsteps.

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