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C13 A Brand-new Effect

Shen Yih raised his eyebrows slightly. He was attracted by the voice and turned around with interest. However, he only saw a mature woman about twenty-eight years old slowly twisting her graceful waist and walking down the stairs of the Chamber of Commerce step by step.

When Shen Yih looked at this woman, his eyes narrowed into slits.

He only glanced at this woman once, but he instantly had a sexual impulse. Putting aside her exquisite face, just her perfect figure was enough for Shen Yih to determine that she was a beauty.

Coupled with her charming smile, it was even more memorable. Shen Yih couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

If a normal man was slightly seduced by this woman, he would probably become absent-minded and lose himself.

"Lord!" When Elder Hu saw this woman, he immediately lowered his head and only dared to say "Lord.

He didn't even dare to look directly at this woman, because he knew very well that although this woman looked very weak on the surface, But in reality, she was a rose with thorns all over her body.

Shen Yih was still calm and collected. When he faced this woman, he showed a very cold expression. "Miss, what do you want to say?"

"Before this, I have already heard your discussion with the Elder Hu. I am very interested in this medicinal formula, so I want to replace the Elder Hu to change my previous decision." This woman smiled sweetly and winked at Shen Yih.

Shen Yih was still unmoved. He was not tempted by this woman at all. He said calmly, "Miss, can you make a decision? Before we continue discussing, you should introduce yourself first."

This girl couldn't help but feel a little interested. It was rare for Shen Yih to be able to remain calm in front of her mesmerizing eyes. Shen Yih was still so young. It was rare for him to be able to remain calm at such a young age.

The girl giggled. "I am the president of Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce, Maki Yuewen. I don't know if I am qualified to discuss the following matters with you."

Shen Yih did not waste any time when he heard this. He found a seat and sat down again, saying, "Alright, we can continue discussing. However, I don't like to waste time. Miss Mu, if you really want to buy my prescription, then name a price."

Maki Yuewen smiled. Three thousand Spirit Stones. "However, in the future when we divide the profits, you will get thirty percent, while Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce will get seventy percent!"

Shen Yih heard this and turned around to leave without saying anything.


Maki Yuewen saw Shen Yih turn around and leave, and she was stunned. She immediately got up and said, "Brother, please stop!"

Shen Yih said calmly, "Miss Mu, if you still have sincerity, then don't say these unrealistic words to me."

Maki Yuewen looked at Shen Yih with her charming eyes. She blinked her eyes, but Shen Yih was still unmoved. He looked at Maki Yuewen with a very calm expression.

Maki Yuewen felt a sense of defeat.

Did this man lose his sexual ability?

He was actually able to remain calm when facing her. This was simply unbelievable. Or perhaps she no longer had any charm now, and she couldn't even deal with a few men?

It had to be known that normally, when those men saw her, they would be absent-minded. Although she didn't like anyone, she still had this kind of confidence.

This made her so angry that she gnashed her teeth in anger. However, the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to know about Shen Yih. She wanted to know where Shen Yih came from.

What she didn't know was that Shen Yih was from the Buddhist Sect, and the Cultivation he used was the quiet Technique. Therefore, he naturally had a way to deal with these charms. Not to mention Maki Yuewen. Even if the Heavenly Lady of the Upper Realm came to seduce Shen Yih, Shen Yih would still be able to remain calm and not lose his composure.

"Then, we will take 60%, you take 40%!" Maki Yuewen changed her words and said.

"Miss Mu, I think you can also understand the true value of this prescription. Furthermore, As a woman, you should be very clear about the benefits that this medicinal formula can bring. That's why I stayed behind to discuss with you. I'm not asking you to bargain with me here. We have to split the profits equally, otherwise... "There's nothing much to talk about." Shen Yih said with an expressionless face.

"Aren't you too ignorant? Lord gave you a chance to do business because you are young. "Do you really think that this prescription of yours has so much charm? Even if this prescription can make one have a youthful appearance, In the end, it can only last for a month. "The cost price of this medicinal formula is over a thousand Spirit Stones. We will definitely be able to sell it for a price of over two thousand Spirit Stones."

The Elder Hu said coldly, "Who do you think is foolish enough to spend two thousand Spirit Stones to buy a month of youth?"

Shen Yih smiled coldly. He was too lazy to explain, so he turned around and left.



Maki Yuewen glared at the Elder Hu. "What do you know? Shut up!"

When she finished speaking, she hurriedly went to stop Shen Yih.

The Elder Hu was confused.

Could a mere medicinal formula be worth so much?

"I'll listen to you! We'll split the profits equally!"

Shen Yih finally stopped in his tracks.

Maki Yuewen finally let out a long sigh of relief when she saw Shen Yih stop.

It was too scary. What kind of background did Shen Yih have? He was so young, yet his experience in bargaining was so rich.

"In that case, let's sign the contract." Shen Yih said.

The contract was just a paper contract, but it did not have any binding effects. However, probably because these chambers of commerce cared about their reputation, the effects of the contract were different. Basically, no chamber of commerce would smash their own signboard.

"Go and get the contract." Maki Yuewen reminded the Elder Hu.

The Elder Hu did not dare to say anything now. He could tell that this medicinal formula was indeed very precious. Before this, he did not even know about it and almost chased Shen Yih away.

The contract was delivered very quickly.

"The contract is right in front of us. However, you have to let me know that your prescription is safe." Maki Yuewen said gently.

The prescription we gave you before was only the first half. The essence of the second half is still with me. " All you need to do is to bring these ingredients over. When the time comes, I will demonstrate the Technique that you used to adjust the medicinal formula. When the time comes, Miss Mu, you can find someone else to test the effects of this medicine. " Shen Yih said.

Quickly go and prepare the ingredients. "

Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce still had a lot of stock. It just so happened that the prescription that Shen Yih gave could be gathered in a small place like Yangguan Town.

Not long after, a lot of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress were placed in front of Shen Yih. Shen Yih also knew that it was time for him to use some techniques.

"All of you, watch carefully."

It was not difficult to adjust the medicine.

Shen Yih only needed to put the medicinal herbs into the bowl, distribute them evenly, and finally grind them. It was also because of this that normal people could basically learn it with a glance.

The key was that the selection of the herbs was very complicated. It was very difficult for ordinary people to link these herbs together.

Finally, a green viscous liquid appeared in the bowl. The group of people looked at each other in dismay. They all felt that the process was very complicated. Wasn't it a bit too simple?

Could the effect of this medicine really be as miraculous as what Shen Yih had said?

"Little Lian, give it a try!" Maki Yuewen called an elder maid.

This maid was around thirty years old. The cultivation was not high and her skin was not well maintained. Her body was sallow and looked a little old and haggard.


Little Lian was naturally somewhat flustered.

What if this thick liquid was poisonous?

However, since the guild leader wanted her to give it a try, she could only take a deep breath and brace herself to go.

"How should I take this medicine?" The maid asked in puzzlement.

"Draw it evenly on your face, wait 15 minutes, then wash off the thick liquid. When the time comes, you'll be able to see a completely new yourself. " Shen Yih said calmly.

Little Lian still didn't dare to believe it, but she followed Shen Yih's instructions and carefully smeared the thick liquid on her face. After she wiped it evenly, Little Lian and everyone else in the room began to wait anxiously.

Time passed minute by minute.

Fifteen minutes had finally passed.

Little Lian looked at Maki Yuewen.

Maki Yuewen gave a look to signal Little Lian to wash her face.

Little Lian rushed over. When she returned, her changes made people feel that it was hard to believe their eyes.

"How is this possible!?"

"I simply can't believe all of this!"

"Little Lian, is that you?"

Little Lian had only dared to come out after taking a look at the copper mirror. When she saw the crowd staring at her, she was extremely happy. Every woman liked to be the center of attention among the crowd.

She was originally over thirty years old, but in an instant, she transformed into a young girl. How could she not be happy? She only felt that it was a wise decision for her to be willing to try this thick liquid just now.

"This medicine actually has such a miraculous effect." Maki Yuewen was stunned.

Little Lian simply returned to 18 years old.

In her heart, she was also looking forward to it.

Although she wasn't very old right now, she was only 28 years old. However, compared to her perfect age, she was still quite lacking. If using this medicinal formula could change anything, she would do it at all costs.

Even if it only had an effect of one month, so what?!

"Not bad, very good. Little brother, let's quickly sign the contract." Maki Yuewen was so happy that she could not close her mouth. She looked at Shen Yih with a charming gaze. She knew that she really got rich this time.

After the contract was signed, each of them would get one share!

"Little brother, what do you think is the most appropriate price for this prescription?"

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