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C14 The President Is in Love

Maki Yuewen blinked as she looked at Shen Yih. She was constantly electrifying him.

Shen Yih was very calm. He raised his hand and made five gestures.

"Fifty Spirit Stones?" The Elder Hu and Maki Yuewen looked at each other and said at the same time.

Although five hundred Spirit Stones was a little low, if it was sold in the market, there was still some prospects.

Shen Yih shook his head and said slowly, "500."

Maki Yuewen hesitated and said, "Would five hundred be a little higher?"


Shen Yih said very calmly, "As long as someone can't afford it, then it will be more prominent for people who can afford it. " Of course, I have sold my prescription to you. I am only giving you a suggestion on how to set the price. As for how to set the price, it depends on how you choose. "

After saying that, Shen Yih also knew that he had stayed here for long enough.

He was currently hiding his identity. If he stayed too long, it would be very easy for others to discover some traces of him.

"It's time for me to leave. Three days later, I will come here to ask for the first Spirit Stone." Shen Yih said.

"Can I leave your name and residence here? When the time comes, we will personally pay a visit and offer you the Spirit Stone." Maki Yuewen said gently.

Shen Yih knew that Maki Yuewen was just trying to trick him. How could he tell her his residence and name? Then he left without saying anything.

"Isn't he too disrespectful to you? What did you ask him for his name? He actually ignored you." Elder Hu said.

Maki Yuewen put her hands on her back and smiled sweetly. She said, "I am really getting more and more interested in him. He was very mysterious and looked very mature. I wonder which family's genius he is."

"In Yangguan Town, the geniuses of Shen Family and Lee family are the most outstanding. Could he be from these two families?" Elder Hu asked curiously.

Maki Yuewen said, "Let's do a thorough investigation. This is the most urgent matter right now. We should put away this prescription first."

The Elder Hu said with some hesitation. "Do you really think this prescription can bring great benefits to our Chamber of Commerce? I only have a month's time. I feel that there is really no need to spend 5000 Spirit Stones to buy it. "

"Your vision is really short."

Maki Yuewen did not hold back and coldly shouted, "You almost forced my big client to leave just now. You have to be careful in the future."

Elder Hu's face was a little stiff.

Maki Yuewen said earnestly, "You don't understand what young means to a woman. Let me tell you the truth. Even if it was just one day, I would be willing to spend one thousand Spirit Stones. Furthermore, it is only five hundred Spirit Stones. I am already satisfied that it can bring me a month to recover my looks. "

The Elder Hu was very curious. He felt that women were really crazy.

Just like that, time slowly passed.

Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce quickly made preparations.

Once the prescription was in their hands, they directly mass produced it. On the second day, they would be listed and sold.

A bottle of thick liquid called Deodorants completely swept across the entire market. It was only the first day it went public and it entered a state of crazy snatching. Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce originally thought that 50 bottles were enough, but who knew that in the blink of an eye, all the Deodorants had been snatched away.

Maki Yuewen simply could not close her mouth from laughing. Her mood was very good.

There was a total of 50 bottles of Deodorants, and each bottle sold for 5000 Spirit Stones. That was 25 000 Spirit Stones. To a small merchant guild like theirs, 25 000 Spirit Stones was already quite a lot.

The most important thing was that the sale of these Spirit Stones was just the beginning. If the benefits of the Deodorants were seen by everyone, then it would bring a very high profit.

On the second day, the sales continued to rise.

On the third day, the same thing happened.

When Four Directions Chamber of Commerce saw this scene, they were extremely anxious.

"What exactly is going on in Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce?"

Elder Han's forehead was full of sweat as he said, "Where did Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce get this prescription? It actually has the miraculous effect of retaining one's youth, but are these people idiots? It can only maintain one's youthful appearance for a month, yet they are all crazily buying it."

"We can't continue like this. We have been suppressing the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce for all these years. " But if this prescription were to spread, I'm afraid it would be detrimental to us. "

"Shut up."

Elder Han said in a gloomy tone. "With me here, I will make it hard for Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce to turn the tables."

He did not know that Shen Yih had planned to sell the prescription to Four Directions Chamber of Commerce from the beginning, but Four Directions Chamber of Commerce did not cherish this opportunity.

At this time, Shen Yih had already arrived in the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce. He was preparing to take out the first Spirit Stone.

"You're here." When Maki Yuewen saw Shen Yih, she wished she could hug Shen Yih and kiss him.

Unfortunately, Shen Yih was wearing a mask. She could not kiss him even if she wanted to.

"According to the agreement, I will come and take out the first Spirit Stone." Shen Yih said.

Maki Yuewen did not have the intention of going back on her words. She directly ordered her subordinates to take out a Spirit Stone for Shen Yih and also gave Shen Yih a Spirit Ring.

The Spirit Ring was used to store things. It was very convenient to store things in a medium space. Of course, the Spirit Ring given by Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce was a low grade Spirit Ring, and there were very few spaces within it. At most, it could only store a few Spirit Rings.

"You can count them." Maki Yuewen said with a smile.

Shen Yih nodded and quickly counted.

There was a total of about thirty thousand Spirit Stones inside, which was enough to support the East Mansion for a good year.

This was also the reason why he earned money. These few years, the East Mansion had been poor and destitute. Even during the New Year, they would only eat a big goose without any meat or nutrition. Many guards and maids could only drink soup.

But this year, Shen Yih absolutely could not let these people who had protected him live the same life as before.

"I'll give you ten thousand Spirit Stones for these thirty thousand Spirit Stones. You can buy me some new year goods." Shen Yih said.

"New year goods?" Maki Yuewen was stunned at first, then she said gently, "It seems that you are going to prepare for the New Year. That's good too. I will help you prepare it."

Very quickly, Maki Yuewen instructed her subordinates to prepare for Shen Yih.

Shen Yih sat in the chamber of commerce quietly drinking tea. He was already treated as a distinguished guest. Once he arrived, a group of people would politely welcome him.

"Is it Medical Master?" Maki Yuewen was also sipping the tea in the cup and asked curiously.

Shen Yih was not surprised that Maki Yuewen would ask this question.

When Maki Yuewen tasted the sweetness of the prescription, she would discover the true value of his body.

Maki Yuewen asked Shen Yih, "What is the Medical Master?

Shen Yih replied, "In this world, not everyone knows the Cultivation Martial Dao. If there are no people who want to obtain a position in this world, they must find another way.

Among them, Medical Masters, Pill Refiner, Array Master and other occupations are the mainstream occupations in this world.

The Pill Refiner and Medical Master were somewhat similar. The biggest difference between them was that the Pill Refiner was beneficial to the cultivation, and the Medical Master was used to concoct medicine to save lives, heal injuries, and improve one's constitution.

Maki Yuewen said curiously, "Compared to them, the Medical Master is even rarer, right?

Shen Yih said unhurriedly, "Sort of."

Shen Yih could be called a Medical Master now. Not to mention Medical Master, Pill Refining, and artifact forging, he was somewhat involved. However, he wasn't proficient in them yet. However, in the Yangguan Town, Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, and even the entire lower realm, he was considered very powerful.

When Maki Yuewen heard that Shen Yih really was a Medical Master, she sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Elder Hu by the side was also flushed red. He didn't think that Shen Yih really was a Medical Master. He had some lingering fear in his heart. If he had known that Shen Yih was a Medical Master earlier, he wouldn't have dared to offend Shen Yih.

The Medical Master and Pill Refiner were both figures who could bring great benefits. In fact, in the entire Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, Medical Masters were extremely rare.

Maki Yuewen immediately said, "Our Chamber of Commerce is willing to invite you to join our Chamber of Commerce. Of course, we will not restrict your freedom, and we are also willing to offer an expensive price."

"So, how much do you plan to offer?" Shen Yih said with a smile that was not a smile.

Maki Yuewen froze for a moment.

Shen Yih was just a prescription, and it was already enough for them to obtain a huge profit. She did not know how high a price she had to give Shen Yih to be suitable.

Maki Yuewen immediately realized a very serious problem.

Their temple probably did not have the qualifications to keep Shen Yih.

Maki Yuewen took a deep breath and thought, "When did someone like him appear in Yangguan Town?

She had never heard of him before.

She did not want to give up.

Shen Yih waved his hand and said, "You don't have to waste your breath. My ambition is not here. I will not join your Chamber of Commerce."

Maki Yuewen saw that there was no hope, so she could only give up.

Now, she had to do everything to get closer to Shen Yih.

If she could not become friends with him, she would try her best not to become enemies with him.

"I have prepared your New Year goods for you. They are all in this Spirit Ring. Besides that, I've also given you a lot of big Peng meat and tiger bones. These are all necessary for the New Year." Maki Yuewen said with a smile.

Shen Yih cupped his hands towards her and said, "Thank you."

After Shen Yih took these things, he turned around and went back.

Maki Yuewen looked in the direction where Shen Yih left and felt a little disappointed. She felt it was a pity that she could not keep a talent like Shen Yih. Furthermore, he was very young. If it was any other girl, there was no reason not to be moved.

Elder Hu said, "He has already gone far away."

"I know, shut up." Maki Yuewen shouted.

Maki Yuewen said, "I will give you a task. You must investigate his identity clearly. Although he deliberately concealed his identity, if we insist on investigating, we should be able to find some clues about him. I must investigate everything about him "

The Elder Hu's heart skipped a beat.

Elder Hu thought, "Maki Yuewen has never been so interested. This is her first time.

Could it be that Maki Yuewen has fallen in love with Shen Yih?

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