Heavenly War God/C15 I Want You to Have a Good New Year!
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Heavenly War God/C15 I Want You to Have a Good New Year!
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C15 I Want You to Have a Good New Year!

At this moment, Shen Yih had already returned to the Shen Family.

When the New Year's Day was about to reach its stage, the various residences of Shen Family were already decorated with lanterns and ribbons, and they were all in high spirits. All the servants and guards of the residences were dressed in new clothes. The young masters were also dressed in bright and beautiful clothes, and they looked especially dignified when walking in front of others.

Only the East Mansion!

When Shen Yih returned to the East Mansion, the East Mansion still looked as shabby as before.

The walls and houses here had not been renovated for a long time. Even at the time of the New Year's Day, he could not feel the atmosphere of the New Year.

Shen Yih knew.

It was not that the East Mansion did not have the smell of the New Year, but they really did not have the money to celebrate the New Year.

In comparison, the New Year's Day only brought embarrassment to the East Mansion.

Looking at the people of the other mansions enjoying the New Year, who didn't feel envious in their hearts? This was also the reason why Shen Yih wanted to repay these guards, servants, and everyone in the East Mansion.

It wasn't easy for these people to accompany him until now.

"Young Master, you're back." A few maids rushed forward and said gently.

Shen Yih nodded slightly. "Where am I, Mother?"

"She is in the house." The maid replied.

Shen Yih strode forward.

After entering the house, he really saw Ye Baimei and Shen Meng.

Ye Baimei saw Shen Yih return and said gently, "Yi, you are back."

Shen Yih gently said, "Mother, what are you doing?"

Ye Baimei was tidying up a few new clothes and smiled. "It's almost New Year, so I bought you a few new clothes. Quick, put on the new clothes and see if they fit you. I have carefully selected them for you."

Shen Yih looked carefully. Although these clothes were also coarse cloth, he could see that Ye Baimei was very attentive to this matter. Thinking about it, these few clothes were saved by Ye Baimei after a long time of hard labor.

"Mother, the Meng is still young and she is a girl. How can she not choose a few fitting clothes for her? Shen Yih said.

Shen Meng giggled and said, "Brother, I don't need them. I have a lot of clothes. "You are the pillar of Shen Family. I have also earned some Spirit Stones this year. I have bought some Spirit Stones of Cultivation for you. You must have a good Cultivation."

Shen Yih fell silent.

In the Shen Family, everyone was thinking for him.

Even if they lived frugally, they still had to let him live a good life.

How could he not repay them?

"Mother, Meng, it's almost the New Year." Shen Yih said, "East Mansion doesn't have much money and resources, but I think we should let the guards have a good New Year with you."

"New Year..." Shen Meng recalled.

That was when she was young.

Her father hugged her and the family happily held New Year's Days at home.

The maids danced, and the guards clapped and cheered. This scene was something that people yearned for even now.

But after that, the New Year's Day became more and more distant. Until now, the East Mansion had never held a New Year's Day again.

"Brother, what are you thinking about? Something like a New Year's Day, it didn't matter if it was held or not. It was just a cliché thing. Shen Meng forced a smile that sounded like a bell, "Don't think too much. Your current task is to properly execute the Cultivation."

"No, the other prefectures all have New Year's Days. Our East Mansion must have them too!" Shen Yih's eyes were incomparably firm.

He looked into Shen Yih's eyes. Ye Baimei could not bear to say that. "But our East Mansion does not have the money to hold New Year's Days!"

The maid who was helping at the side also became pale in comparison.

That's right, their East Mansion was poor and destitute. Normally, they, these servants, wouldn't be able to eat or wear warm clothes. Where would they get the money to arrange such a grand thing for the East Mansion?

Right at this moment, some noise came from outside the door.

"Every time the East Mansion comes to the New Year's Day, they are still so poor. I don't even know what's the point of these people from the East Mansion staying in the East Mansion." When this mocking voice sounded, the expressions of Ye Baimei and the rest suddenly changed.

Only Shen Yih was the calmest. He walked out with his hands behind his back and said: "I will go and see what's going on."

"Yi, this sound is similar to the voice of Shen Liufeng's second son, Shen Hong. No one in East Mansion is a match for him. " Don't be impulsive! " Ye Baimei reminded him worriedly.

Shen Yih answered casually, "Mother, don't worry. I know what to do!"

Ye Baimei and Shen Meng were worried and went out with the group of guards and maids.

Shen Hong was really standing outside. He looked up and down at the dire situation of the East Mansion and said sarcastically, "Shen Yih, the East Mansion has already become like this. Is there a need for it to exist? If I were you, I would have left the Shen Family long ago, so as to avoid bringing disgrace to the Shen Family!"

"It's none of your business what our East Mansion wants to do." Shen Yih said coldly, "Also, the East Mansion does not welcome you."

"I'm here to deliver the invitation letter!"

Shen Hong sneered and said, "This is an invitation letter from the adulthood ceremony. The patriarch asked me to send it over."

Shen Yih accepted the invitation letter without any hesitation.

"Don't misunderstand. I'm here to deliver the invitation letter. It's not good intentions. " I just wanted to tell you that on the adulthood ceremony... It's your end. Shen Hong laughed and said, "I warned you. I also tried to persuade you, but you just didn't want to listen. If that was the case, That's perfect. On the adulthood ceremony... I will properly settle our old and new grudges. "

Hearing this, the faces of the people from the East Mansion changed slightly.

Ye Baimei said with a trembling voice, "Shen Hong, if my Yi offends you, I will apologize for him. You are all young people, it is normal for you to have some conflicts. Why do you have to make such a big fuss?"

Shen Hong snorted and did not take it seriously at all.

Shen Yih waved his sleeve. "Mother, man, there is no need to plead!"

Ye Baimei could only take back her words.

Shen Yih looked at Shen Hong again and said expressionlessly: "In that case, we will meet on the adulthood ceremony. However, I'm very curious about whose doomsday the adulthood ceremony will be! "

Hearing this, Shen Hong laughed heartily, as if he had heard some kind of pleasant joke.

"Shen Yih, why are you pretending? Your East Mansion has already become like this. What other trump cards do you have?" Shen Hong said coldly, "In my eyes, your East Mansion is extremely fragile. It is like an ant, I can easily trample it to death."

"Is that so?" Shen Yih stretched his body.

Seeing that Shen Yih did not take it seriously, Shen Hong also became angry, and then sneered. "You servants of the East Mansion, why do you need to follow a useless person? Why don't you follow me? I'm willing to give you new clothes. I'll give you the Cultivation Cultivation Technique and resources. "

He wanted Shen Yih to understand the truth and make him despair.

However, the people of East Mansion remained indifferent after he finished speaking.

Shen Hong felt a little awkward. He took out a full set of armor. He shouted, "This is a Black Iron Armor specially made for our West Mansion's guards. Put this Black Iron Armor on your body. Ordinary Seventh Layer of Spirit Opening Stage warriors wouldn't be able to defeat him. This is also the normal treatment for our West Mansion's guards. As long as you come here... I guarantee that you will spend a good year here, and this armor... "I can also give it to you at any time!"

When they saw this Black Iron Armor, some of the guards could no longer sit still.

"Is that true?" A black-faced guard stood out and asked with a trembling voice.

"Zhang Zhong, what are you doing?" The other guards shouted.

They had been loyal to the East Mansion for so many years, how could they betray the East Mansion?

The guard named Zhang Zhong hesitated, but then he thought about it. He made up his mind and snorted coldly, "Shen Hong is right. What future would follow Shen Yih have? Master Shen Hong was magnanimous. Forgive us for following a trash like Shen Yih in the past. Why don't we seize the opportunity? With the Black Iron Armor, us guards can be considered to have a soul. Unlike Shen Yih... "He can't even let the Shen Family have a good New Year!"

"A wise man knows when to submit. Zhang Zhong, you're very smart. This Black Iron Armor is yours." Shen Hong laughed heartily.

Zhang Zhong took the Black Iron Armor and was extremely excited. He quickly knelt down on one knee and said, "Thank you, Lord Shen Hong, for taking me in. "I, Zhang Zhong, have the word 'loyalty' in my name. I am a born loyal person. In the future, I will definitely be loyal to you, Lord."

"Zhang Zhong, our East Mansion has treated you well. My father took you in when you were at your lowest point in your family. Is this how you repay the East Mansion?" Shen Meng was so angry that her whole body was trembling.

Zhang Zhong said fiercely. "Shen Meng, the East Mansion treated me well. But what can the East Mansion give me? They can only give me a few meals. That was not even as good as the dog food in West Mansion. "I'm a man with ambition. I don't want to spend my whole life here."

That's right! " Shen Hong stroked Zhang Zhong's head like he was caressing a dog. Zhang Zhong also looked like he was enjoying it.

However, it was obvious that Shen Hong didn't intend to let this matter rest. He chuckled and said. "Did you see that, Shen Yih? Your East Mansion is just an empty shell."

"Shen Hong, is this your trick? Shen Yih finally spoke, but his expression remained unchanged," Then I really have to thank you. Because a mere Black Iron Armor was enough to make a person from the East Mansion a rotten tooth, I really have a headache about how to pull it out. I'll have to trouble you. "

Shen Hong saw that there was no way to make Shen Yih's expression change. He suddenly became angry and said," Shen Yih, you are really good at pretending. A mere Black Iron Armor? Ridiculous, what does the East Mansion look like now? Don't you have any idea in your heart?"

Shen Yih didn't pay any attention to Shen Hong, as if Shen Hong was just air.

He turned around and looked at Shen Meng and Ye Baimei.

Instead of arguing with Shen Hong, he might as well treat his family well.

He said, "Mother, Meng, I said before that I will let you guys have a good New Year this year. Look at what this is!"

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