Heavenly War God/C16 Please Save Me!
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Heavenly War God/C16 Please Save Me!
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C16 Please Save Me!

Shen Meng and Ye Baimei looked at Shen Yih, puzzled.

They only saw Shen Yih take out a few new clothes from the Spirit Ring.

"Did you buy these?"

Shen Meng and Ye Baimei looked at these clothes that were made from exquisite materials and their eyes were wide open.

They were all women and women liked to decorate themselves. How could they not want to add a few new clothes for themselves but they had saved up all their money. They were all used to nurture Shen Yih, to support the little hope that he had left.

No matter what, Shen Yih was the only male in the East Mansion's Shen family!

"Yi, where did you get the money to buy this!" Ye Baimei almost could not believe her eyes.

Shen Meng also gulped.

Shen Yih smiled and said, "Mother, I said that I have already grown up. I am Mansion Master of the East Mansion. As the dignified Mansion Master of the East Mansion, how can I let my East Mansion not have a good year to live?"

As soon as she finished her words, Ye Baimei's eyes were filled with tears. Shen Meng also clenched her fists tightly. She had passed by those chambers of commerce many times. When she saw these bright and beautiful clothes, she only dared to look at them from afar but did not dare to walk in.

She did not have any friends because everyone felt that she, the eldest miss of East Mansion, could not eat and wear well!

But now!

"Quick, put it on!" Shen Yih said.

Shen Meng almost rushed forward.

Ye Baimei's eyes were filled with tears. "Yi, you have really grown up."

The maidservants at the side were also crying tears of joy when they saw this. Although they had heard that some changes had happened to Shen Yih, only now did they know that their Young Master had really changed.

In the past, Shen Yih was a complete and utter profligate son. Not only was he crippled, he didn't have the slightest bit of ambition. Not to mention considering the future of the family. But now!

"Don't be stunned!" Shen Yih looked at these maids and guards.

The group of servants did not know what had happened and stared blankly at Shen Yih.

Shen Yih said calmly: "Come quickly, there's still yours!"

These maids widened their eyes. "Mansion Master , don't joke with us. I, we are just servants. "

"So what if you are a servant? A servant is also a disciple of the East Mansion. As long as you are a disciple of the East Mansion, I, Shen Yih, will not treat you badly." Shen Yih took out a dozen clothes that were worn by maids.

Although they were not as good as Shen Meng, they were all exquisite fabrics. Compared to the young ladies of the other three prefectures, they were not much worse.

"It's actually clothes made of white silk!"

"And clothes made of red leaf silk cloth!"

"These are all high-quality fabric. If you want to sell them, you can sell them for over a hundred Spirit Stones each. Usually, the young ladies of the other prefectures are reluctant to buy them."

These maidservants stared at them with their eyes wide open.

However, after being in dire straits for so long, they did not dare to believe that all of this was the truth.

They timidly said, "Mansion Master , we do not have the qualifications to wear these clothes."

"If I say you have the right, then you have the right. "You are from the East Mansion, so you are qualified to wear these clothes." Shen Yih said with a gentle smile.

Hearing these words, the eyes of the group of maids became moist. They couldn't believe that this was true. Not long ago, none of them had thought of this. Their own Mansion Master had brought these things for them.

"Oh right, that's right. There are also guards here. All of you have been guarding the East Mansion all year round, and you have been working very hard. " I, Shen Yih, have never forgotten about it! " Shen Yih took out a few more sets of armor from his Spirit Ring.

These armors were all shining purple armor.

The purple armor symbolized nobility in this world.

"Purple Iron Armor!"

"How is this possible!"

The group of guards stared with their eyes wide open.

Shen Hong and Zhang Zhong, who had just betrayed Shen Yih, also inhaled a breath of cold air.

"How is this possible? How can you afford to buy Purple Iron Armors? One Purple Iron Armor costs one thousand Spirit Stones. These few Spirit Stones already have several thousand Spirit Stones." Shen Hong berated.

Shen Hong said with an expressionless face, "How can I afford it? It seems to have nothing to do with you."

When he finished speaking, Shen Hong put on his armor and came in front of the guards. He measured them slightly.

"Not bad, it suits you very well. Everyone, please put it on. According to the rumors, this Purple Iron Armor has the ability to resist cold and heat. If you put it on, even a Opening Spirit Stage Ninth Layer wouldn't be able to break it. In the future, the safety of East Mansion will depend on everyone." Shen Yih said.

Tears welled up in the eyes of a few guards. When they saw the purple armor, an old guard fell to his knees.

"Old Mansion Master, did you see it? You can finally rest in peace in heaven. Young Mansion Master had grown up to be a genius. He had always disguised himself. There is hope for the East Mansion. "

"Thank you, Young Mansion Master!"

They weren't afraid of losing their lives, they were just afraid that they wouldn't see hope.

For a long time, they had never seen hope.

But now, it was different!

Zhang Zhong was dumbfounded.

How could this be?

He thought that the Black Iron Armor was extremely precious, at least ten thousand times better than staying in the East Mansion. But who would have thought that Shen Yih would take out the Purple Iron Armor in the blink of an eye.

"And these!"

Shen Yih took out a few more Demon Beast corpses and placed them in the East Mansion. There were also a lot of colorful things, all of which were the New Year goods used to set up the New Year's Day. With a glance, one could tell that none of them were cheap.

"Red Pig, a full head of pork. This pork with red hair is the standard for New Year. Eating this kind of pork will increase the strength in your body by quite a bit. " However, it's very expensive and expensive. You can only afford it during the New Year. "

"I heard that the other prefectures can only buy a few catties of pork at most. I didn't expect Young Mansion Master to buy one directly!"

"And what is this?"


"Flash Wolf!"

"There are also all kinds of Spirit Fruits!"

These were all luxury goods.

The other prefectures were also unwilling to spend the New Year's Eve configuration like this!

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up and prepare these things. We'll reach the New Year's Day in a few days' time. If we delay any longer, I'm afraid that we won't be able to spend the New Year."

When these maidservants heard this, all of them walked out from their daze. After that, they said happily, "Mansion Master , we understand."

They usually cooked in clear soup and green leaves. It was not that they did not have any culinary skills, but that they did not have ingredients. Now it was different. Red Pig, Triangularis, these things were all motivated when they were made.

"Let's go, let's go cook."

"I haven't cut the Red Pig meat in many years. I wonder how the taste of the steamed pork that I'm good at cooking is."

"Go away. Your culinary skills aren't good. Let the guards and Mansion Master have a taste of my braised pork. Red Pig, Red Pig. The name suits braised pork, understand?!"

The group of maidservants chattered noisily as they scrambled to snatch the pork. They were afraid that if they were a step too slow, they wouldn't have the chance to display their talents.

Shen Yih looked at Shen Hong and found that Shen Hong was standing where he was. He was so angry that his whole body was trembling. Shen Yih asked curiously, "Why are you still here? I thought you were too ashamed to stay here. "If you leave, take Zhang Zhong away as well."

Zhang Zhong's face was burning hot. Just like Shen Hong, he felt like he had become a joke.

Shen Hong said fiercely. "Shen Yih, you seem to be very happy. I can see that you don't seem to know one thing!"

"What is it?" Shen Yih was a little curious.

"Your sister will get married very soon. How does it feel to have your sister marry someone else and become a concubine? I think you will know very soon. " If you can't even protect your own sister, what's there to be happy about? " Shen Hong sneered and shouted impatiently after he finished speaking. "Let's go!"

After he finished speaking, Shen Hong led Zhang Zhong and left the place.

Shen Hong's words were very thought-provoking. Shen Yih couldn't help but look behind him when he heard them.

Shen Meng had already gone to change her clothes. Ye Baimei sighed when Shen Yih looked at her like that. "Yi, promise me that you will not ask anything and say nothing. There are some people that we cannot afford to offend."

"Who is it!?" Shen Yih said, "Mother, I am Mansion Master of East Mansion, and also Shen Meng's brother. If the Meng is unwilling, even if the Heavenly King comes, I will make sure that he never returns!"

Being looked at by Shen Yih like this, Ye Baimei could not control herself and wanted to say it out loud.

"Mother, don't say it. You will kill my brother like this." Shen Meng hurriedly ran out.

She had just happily changed her clothes, but at this moment, she bit her red lips. Her eyes were filled with fear, as if she had recalled something bad.

Shen Yih asked aggressively, "What exactly happened?"

Shen Meng's delicate body trembled. "Brother, don't ask about this. It was my own decision. I am willing to marry him and be his concubine."

"Is that what you really mean?" Shen Yih said.

Shen Meng's eyes were shaking. She had clearly expressed her feelings.

Shen Yih clenched his fists and said, "If I can't even protect my own sister, what does being a brother count as?"

Shen Meng's eyes became moist after Shen Yih said that.

"Tell me what you really think." Shen Yih said.

"Yes, it's the three Young Master of Red Bandits, Hao Yunhong!" Shen Meng finally told him the truth.

"Hao Yunhong?"

Shen Yih narrowed his eyes with a trace of killing intent.

He had heard about Hao Yunhong from Martial Master Luo before.

Hao Yunhong was one of the three Young Master from the Red Bandits, and he liked girls the most. The Tan Si that Shen Yih had killed was one of Hao Yunhong's subordinates. Initially, Lin Yingru thought that Hao Yunhong had come to Yangguan Town to pursue her, but who would have thought that Hao Yunhong would fall in love with her younger sister?

"Brother, we can't defeat Hao Yunhong. Even the Shen Family isn't a match for the Red Bandits. Not to mention the East Mansion. "Sacrificing me alone can guarantee the safety of the East Mansion. "Furthermore, I might be able to make the East Mansion better in the future." Shen Meng sobbed.

"Is this your real idea?" Shen Yih asked.

Shen Yih's eyes were filled with coldness, and he was determined to not allow anyone to question him. "Meng, I hope you can tell me what you really think. As long as you tell brother, even if it's the Red Bandits, don't think about forcing my sister!"

Under Shen Yih's gaze, Shen Meng saw a pair of steel-like eyes. There was no impurity in those eyes. It was a kind of determination. As long as he decided on something, no one could change it.

It was also because of those eyes that the fragile door in Shen Meng's heart was suddenly opened.

She had always been very strong. She would rather sacrifice herself than implicate the entire East Mansion.

However, she was only a sixteen year old girl after all. Why should she bear all these responsibilities? She also wanted to be like the other young ladies of the other prefectures, living a free and carefree life every day. In the end, she married someone she liked, someone she wanted to marry.


Shen Meng's tears fell like rain. "I don't want to marry Hao Yunhong. Please, save me."

In an instant, Shen Meng hugged Shen Yih and released all the things she had accumulated for a long time.

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