Heavenly War God/C17 Shen Youyan Said 'not as Good as This Person!
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Heavenly War God/C17 Shen Youyan Said 'not as Good as This Person!
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C17 Shen Youyan Said 'not as Good as This Person!

Seeing Shen Meng finally losing control of her emotions, Shen Yih knew that for so long, This younger sister of his had too many burdens on her shoulders.

This should not be what she should shoulder!

"If you believe me, then don't worry"

Shen Yih's face was expressionless, and his tone was incomparably cold. "No matter if it's the two southwestern prefectures or the Red Bandits, none of them will dare to bully you. Someone who wants to marry my sister must get my permission! "

"En!" Shen Meng stopped her tears and nodded with all her strength.

She chose to believe in Shen Yih.

"Alright, stop crying. I'm about to get the New Year's Day. Be happy!" Shen Yih caressed Shen Meng's head.

After calming Shen Meng down, Shen Yih looked at the guards and said, "Yang Lin, come here."

Yang Lin was the captain of the guards. He had been loyal to the East Mansion for decades. He had followed the East Mansion since Shen Yih's father's generation. Even now, he was still loyal to the East Mansion.

His talent was pretty good since he was young. He had already reached the tenth level of the Opening Spirit Stage ten years ago. If he could obtain better resources and resources, he would be able to become a disciple of the East Mansion. He wouldn't have a problem entering the Sight Stage.

Unfortunately, after Shen Yih's father fell, Yang Lin didn't have much resources. In the past ten years, his cultivation had only risen from the tenth level of the Opening Spirit Stage to the eleventh level.

When Yang Lin heard Shen Yih calling him, he immediately followed. He didn't know what instructions Shen Yih had.

"Mansion Master !" Yang Lin bowed and said.

Shen Yih took out some Spirit Rings from the Spirit Ring and said, "These are three thousand Spirit Stones. Give them to the fallen guards. They were loyal to the East Mansion. Before this, I didn't have the ability, but now that I have the ability, I will make it up to them as soon as possible. "

Mansion Master , this... "When Yang Lin saw this scene, he felt extremely grateful in his heart. "Thank you, Mansion Master ."

Looking at Shen Yih now, Yang Lin knew that this young man in front of him was becoming more and more like a Prefecture Master.

"There are still two thousand Spirit Stones left. Give them to the other maids and guards, and work in the East Mansion. They will also need the resources of the Cultivation. " I can't let you guard the East Mansion for free. " Shen Yih continued.

Yang Lin immediately shook his head and said, "Mansion Master , there is no need for these Spirit Stones. You are the hope of the East Mansion. With these Spirit Stones in your hands, you will be able to obtain better Cultivation resources. "

"I said I will give them to you. There is no need to be polite." Shen Yih did not seem to mind at all. "Regarding my Cultivation, I have my own plans. " I will not let you feel that it is not worth it. "

Yang Lin took the Spirit Stone and nodded his head. He recalled Old Mansion Master's heroic bearing in his heart.

Old Mansion Master could finally rest in peace.

Young Mansion Master has the same style as you in the past.

"That's right!"

Yang Lin said nervously. "Young Mansion Master, are you confident about the Red Bandits? Although we don't want the young lady to marry the Red Bandits. However, the Red Bandits was extremely powerful. Hao Yunhong had many Opening Spirit Stage Twelfth Layer guards by his side. There was even a rumor that Hao Yunhong had brought a Sight Stage warrior with him to Yangguan Town.

There were only a few Sight Stage warriors in Yangguan Town.

If there is someone who can reach the Sight Stage... Then he could enjoy a supreme position in the Shen Family.

When Shen Yih heard about the Red Bandits, he didn't show any signs of fear. Instead, he said calmly, "Regarding the matters of the Red Bandits, I have my own way of dealing with them!"

Yang Lin didn't know where Shen Yih's confidence came from. It seemed like Shen Yih was confident, as if everything was under his control.

This was puzzling, but Yang Lin didn't ask any further questions.

He only knew one thing.

If the Red Bandits really wanted to attack the East Mansion, and Shen Yih's answer was to resist, he would rush to the front without hesitation.

"It's enough that Mansion Master is confident. In that case, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first." Yang Lin bowed and said.

"En, you can leave now." Shen Yih watched Yang Lin leave.

The next few days would be the matter of purchasing the New Year's Day.

The East Mansion also began to prepare for the festival. It was very lively.

This was the most festive year in the East Mansion in previous years. The maids, guards, and the other servants were all beaming with smiles. They were very happy.

A few days later, Shen Yih left the Shen Family as well. He planned to head to the Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce for the last time before the New Year's Day began. He planned to take out some Spirit Stones and buy some more to strengthen his Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress.

Red Bandits ...

He had to improve his cultivation as soon as possible.

When Shen Yih left with his mask on, a black shadow flashed behind him.

If one observed carefully, they would find that this person's figure was especially similar to the Elder Hu. If one looked at his face, they would find that he was the Elder Hu.

The Elder Hu hid in the dark and did not show itself. It looked in the direction where Shen Yih had left. It murmured, "It seems like we can confirm that this person is from the Shen Family. However, I don't know which genius of the Shen Family he is, but the defense of the Shen Family is still very strong. It wouldn't be appropriate to barge in recklessly. The identity of this man still needed to be analyzed. "No matter what, I have to go back and report this news."

For a moment, the Elder Hu sped up. After a while, he returned to the chamber of commerce.

After the Elder Hu returned, he immediately told Maki Yuewen about this matter.

After that, Shen Yih also quickly arrived in Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce.

Seeing the masked Shen Yih, Maki Yuewen giggled and greeted him with a smile.

"Young Master Shen really came on time. We have prepared the Spirit Stones. You can count them." Maki Yuewen smiled and called his name directly.

Shen Yih counted the Spirit Stones and then counted them. He said calmly, "Take out three thousand of these Spirit Stones and exchange them for some Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress for me. The list of these Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress is here. "

" No problem. " Maki Yuewen took the list and took a look. It was not a list of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress that were too rare. She could even find Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerces in Lunar Mark Chamber of Commerce for Shen Yih.

What she was more curious about was that Shen Yih remained indifferent until now. Was it because he did not realize it at all, or was he pretending to be stupid?

"Young Master Shen isn't curious at all. I know about your surname." Maki Yuewen said with a smile.

"It is nothing more than you investigating me. What is there for me to be curious about?" Shen Yih replied faintly.

"Oh? Young Master Shen wasn't surprised?" Maki Yuewen was slightly puzzled.

In the conversation with Shen Yih, it was very difficult for her to gain the initiative.

She thought that she had found some clues about Shen Yih's identity, which could surprise Shen Yih a little. However, she did not expect Shen Yih to still be calm and composed. He did not panic at all, as if all of this was within his calculations.

Shen Yih said slowly. "I hid my identity because I wanted to avoid unnecessary troubles. However, I don't like to hide my identity, so I am not afraid of trouble. " Therefore, I naturally have to give you a chance to investigate. If I really don't want you to investigate, I don't think your chamber of commerce has a chance at all. "

"Young Master Shen is a little too confident." Even though Maki Yuewen had a good impression of Shen Yih, she still felt that he was a little arrogant and conceited.

"When I left the East Mansion today, I placed a secret sentry in the outer perimeter of the Shen Family. He is your right-hand man, Elder Hu." Shen Yih slowly raised his teacup and savored the tea.

Upon hearing this, the Elder Hu, who hadn't shown up today, narrowed his eyes.

Even Maki Yuewen was shocked. She did not dare to believe that Shen Yih actually discovered the whereabouts of the Elder Hu. The strength of the Elder Hu had reached the Opening Spirit Stage Twelfth Layer. Logically speaking, there shouldn't be any mistake in tracking Shen Yih, let alone being discovered by him.

However, Maki Yuewen was after all a very experienced person in the business world. After chuckling, she resolved the awkwardness and said, "That's why I'm more and more curious about Young Master Shen's identity. Which genius is Young Master Shen from the Shen Family? Shen Hong, Shen Chongshan, or Shen Yuvyan? "

Shen Yih's expression remained unchanged. "Do you really want to know who I am?"

"Of course. I really want to know who you are now." Maki Yuewen stared at Shen Yih. She was indeed a little stunned. Shen Yih was too good at hiding.

"It can't be, right?" Shen Yih said.

"Who knows? What if I fall in love with you?" Maki Yuewen said teasingly.

If it was any other man, his face would probably turn red, but Shen Yih still looked calm. "Whatever you think. "You can treat me as one of these three people.

Maki Yuewen couldn't help but guess when she saw that there was no change in Shen Yih's expression.

"I have seen these three people before. You shouldn't be one of them." Maki Yuewen said.

"Oh?" Shen Yih was interested.

"Shen Hong is a bit arrogant and rude. He is definitely not as indifferent as you. Shen Chongshan was fierce and domineering. "He is very petty, and is completely different from you. As for Shen Yuvyan... He was the most outstanding genius of Shen Family. He was young and had a very high talent. "He is also incomparably modest. He can be said to be the most perfect genius of Shen Family in recent years."

Maki Yuewen looked at Shen Yih and made a comparison between Shen Yih and Shen Yuvyan.

Maki Yuewen shook her head in comparison. "But I think you are not Shen Yuvyan."

"Why do you say that?" Shen Yih poured another cup of tea.

"Although Shen Yuvyan is perfect, his eyes do not have the calmness and contempt you have for all living things. In your eyes, it's as if nothing can cause you any ripples or threats. " You have the confidence to control the whole situation without doing anything. " Maki Yuewen commented.

Shen Yih narrowed his eyes and took a closer look at Maki Yuewen.

It was only now that he was interested in Maki Yuewen. This woman's taste was very unique.

"I am indeed not one of these three, but as for who it is, it is up to you to decide." Shen Yih had already finished drinking the tea. He immediately received the Spirit Stone and slowly turned around to leave.

Maki Yuewen knew that she could not persuade Shen Yih to stay after seeing him leave. She also did not get up.

She just minded her own business and thought about it in her heart.

Who exactly was this person?

She was interested in Shen Yih, but she didn't even know who this person was. This interest was a bit too tragic.

"Who is this little guy?" The Elder Hu also walked out from the darkness.

Maki Yuewen frowned, "This year, the Shen Family has produced many outstanding talents. I thought that it would be the Shen Family's fortune to have a Shen Yuvyan. I never thought that there would be so many hidden talents and such a character. "

"Because of Shen Yuvyan, the Muyun Sect... Spirit River Sect, Guanfu Temple, Three Sects... All of them would send someone to Shen Family. It could be said that as long as Shen Yuvyan's performance wasn't bad... "This year, the Three Sects will be at Shen Yuvyan's mercy." The Elder Hu sighed and said," This year's New Year's Day of the Shen Family will be very lively. I still feel that... "This guy is Shen Yuvyan, except for Shen Yuvyan. "I can't think of anyone else with such extraordinary talent."

"No, absolutely not." Maki Yuewen said.

"Then do you think this person is better than Shen Yuvyan, or is he worse than Shen Yuvyan?" Elder Hu said.

Maki Yuewen hesitated for a while and then said, "Based on the feeling he gives me, he is not Shen Yuvyan."

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