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C18 The Arrival of Xue Xiao Hairpin

Maki Yuewen was a little crazy.

Who was this guy!?

"How is this possible!" The Elder Hu did not expect Maki Yuewen to give such a high evaluation.

What kind of Ying Jie was Shen Yuvyan? It had been so many years since there was a single Ying Jie in Yangguan Town. Even the Three Sects wanted him, so they sent someone to make an exception and recruit him. Maki Yuewen actually felt that Shen Yuvyan was not as good as Shen Yih.

"This is just my feeling." Maki Yuewen said.

The Elder Hu fell into deep thought. "Speaking of which, there is one thing that is really inconceivable. Previously, the Shen Family's East Mansion did not have the ability to purchase New Year's Days. But this year, when I was observing from outside, I discovered that the East Mansion was decorated with lanterns and ribbons. It was very festive and unusual. Could it be that this has something to do with Shen Yih? "

"It's not impossible." Maki Yuewen thought about it and said in a low voice, "But if we want to be sure, we will know when we go to the Shen Family. I think Shen Yih wouldn't be indifferent when it comes to the New Year's Day."

Maki Yuewen quickly made a decision.

"Shall we go too?" Elder Hu was stunned and said worriedly, "Chairman, why do you have to know Shen Yih's identity? Even if you know who he is, do you still want to do something to him?"

It had to be said that the Elder Hu was right.

Maki Yuewen finally knew Shen Yih's identity. What else could she do?

Maki Yuewen went to hug Shen Yih and kiss him?

Maki Yuewen wanted to kiss him. Did Shen Yih look like he would let you kiss him?

"No matter what, I must know who Shen Yih is." Maki Yuewen clenched her fists.

Women were like this. The more curious they were, the more they wanted to know everything.

After hesitating for a moment, Elder Hu said, "But, the people of Guanfu Temple will also go. Chairman, what about the grudges between you and Guanfu Temple?"

"Hmph, just a few old monks. If I was afraid of them, I wouldn't betray the Guanfu Temple." Maki Yuewen snorted.

Seeing that Maki Yuewen had made up her mind, the Elder Hu naturally didn't want to say anything.

At this time, Shen Yih returned to the East Mansion.

In the past few days, the scene of the East Mansion had changed completely. A group of maids had changed into new clothes, some were cooking, and some were tidying up. The guards were doing some hard labor work. They were all working hard to create a new image of the East Mansion.

"Quickly carry this pig to the kitchen. Little Wan has already said that she wants to use this pig to cook. When it comes to New Year's Days, everyone will have a good meal."

"Tomorrow is the New Year's Day. This red head pork will be ready tonight, and it will be the most delicious dish for a night. I haven't eaten it for many years. Just thinking about it makes me drool."

"Haha, what's so special about this Red Pig? There are so many good things here. I guarantee that you'll have enough for tomorrow night!"

Shen Yih looked at the scene in front of him and was very satisfied.

"Mansion Master !"

"It's Mansion Master who has returned." The group of guards bowed respectfully, full of respect for Shen Yih.

The respect they had for Shen Yih came from the bottom of their hearts. It was unlike in the past. It was purely because of Old Mansion Master's kindness.

Shen Yih nodded and returned to his room. He started to distribute the Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress he had obtained and continued practicing.

Shen Yih's Shen Yihs were naturally pushed forward by the Cultivation, but unfortunately, he had just entered the Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer. If he wanted to enter the Opening Spirit Stage Ninth Layer in a short period of time, this amount of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress was still not enough.

"The training conditions in Yangguan Town are still a little lacking. Although I have enough Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasuress, the training time is also a little shorter." Shen Yih muttered, "Starting from the Zi Period today is the beginning of the adulthood ceremony. The time left for me is already not enough."

Shen Yih's cultivation was almost at the peak of Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer, just one more step and he would be able to break through to the Opening Spirit Stage Ninth Layer.

"Fortunately, the Rare Yimu Flower pushed my Reincarnation Diamond Sutra a little bit. Now, the golden light of my Cultivation can help me cast the Golden Hands and Flowing Blade Light." Shen Yih thought to himself.

In the blink of an eye, it was noon of the second day.

"Brother Shen Yih, come and eat." Shen Meng called from outside.

When Shen Yih heard her, he naturally got up quickly.

"Brother Shen Yih, I'm so hungry. There are so many delicious foods at home. " If you don't come, Mother won't allow us to touch the chopsticks. " Shen Meng pouted her small mouth.

"You are the only one who is hungry. Let's go and eat." Shen Yih smiled and said.

When Shen Yih arrived, all the guards and maids stood up to welcome him.

These servants had places to eat, and Shen Yih, Ye Baimei, and Shen Meng also had tables specially for eating.

"Everyone, let's start eating. Oh right, have you prepared the New Year's Day program for this year?" Shen Yih asked.

Of course, there were programs for the New Year's Day. The young people of each prefecture would have their own programs.

"Haha, Mansion Master , don't worry. I, Yang Lin, will be the vanguard for this year's New Year's Day program, and perform a Chasing Horses on One Knee for everyone. " This is my specialty. "It has been more than ten years, but I still haven't forgotten everything." Yang Lin laughed out loud.

A maid quickly stood up as well. "I will also perform the Flags Dancing for Mansion Master and the young lady. It's just that I'm old, so don't mind me."

"I won't mind it."

The group of people looked forward to it.

"Let's all start eating." Shen Yih laughed.

Everyone was anxious and quickly started to eat. It had been a long time since they had eaten such good food.

After the meal, it was time for the performance. The entire New Year's Day was very happy. However, the good times did not last long. As time passed, it finally came to the Zi Period.

"Shen Yih!"

An old man with his hands behind his back arrived in front of the mansion of East Mansion.

Shen Yih went forward and found that it was Wang Zong who came. He said, "I'm ready."

"En, let's go now that we're ready. The adulthood ceremony this year is no longer the same as before. The people of Guanfu Temple, Spirit River Sect, and Muyun Sect will all come. " Although it's all because of Shen Yuvyan, all of you must seize this opportunity. Perhaps, all of you can take advantage of this opportunity to rise. " Wang Zong said calmly.

Shen Yih nodded. "Let's go."

The people of East Mansion had long prepared for the end. Their happiness had already passed. Everyone knew that what awaited them next would be a tough battle.

Shen Yi's performance on the adulthood ceremony would directly affect the future of East Mansion. Furthermore, this battle was different from the other manors. Even if the other manors didn't get a spot in the Three Sects, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, Shen Yih was different.

The foundation of East Mansion was too weak. Once Shen Yih failed to get a spot in the Three Sects, the East Mansion would certainly be targeted by the other manors once again. At that time, it would only be a matter of time before the East Mansion's name was removed from the list.

"Brother Shen Yih..."

Shen Meng was very worried.

Shen Yih smiled and said, "Don't worry."

Not long after, Shen Yih brought the people of East Mansion to the place where the adulthood ceremony was placed.

In the darkness of the night, a bonfire lit up.

West Mansion, South Mansion, and North Mansion were all gathered here. Comparatively, half of the people of East Mansion were sent here, but there was still no comparison between them and these three palaces.

"It's the people of East Mansion."

Someone shouted, and the people of the three prefectures turned to look at the Eastern Prefecture.

"This year, only Shen Yih from the East Mansion is participating in the adulthood ceremony competition. There's nothing to worry about."

"Hehe, I heard that Shen Yih is going to have a comeback this year. He seems to be very high-profile these days. " Unfortunately, my dream is going to be shattered in the end. "

Mansion Master , Shen Liufeng of West Mansion, naturally saw Shen Yih's arrival. He recalled the scene of Shen Yih hitting Shen Chang on the bed and not being able to get up until now. Shen Liufeng hated Shen Yih to the core.

"Shen Yih!" Shen Liufeng clenched his fists.

"Dad, don't worry. I will teach him a lesson in adulthood ceremony." Shen Hong said.

"I am still very confident in Hong's actions." Shen Liufeng laughed and said. "Your cultivation has improved, and I am relieved. Today, you only need to be careful of Shen Chongshan, except for that undefeatable Shen Yuvyan. Hong, this Shen Chongshan is your only target. You don't need to worry about the others."

Yes, father! However, was this Shen Yuvyan really that powerful? My cultivation is stronger now, I don't believe that I'm still not his match." Shen Yuvyan said with great ambition.

"Don't even think about it!"

Shen Liufeng said coldly, "Do you think that Shen Yuvyan would send people from the Three Sects to come here? Is this a joke? "His talent is not something you can compare with. Perhaps only your brother can compete with him!"

Shen Hong's face turned pale. No one wanted the main character of today to be someone else, and he could only be a supporting character.

When he said that... Three Sects, in the next moment.

"The Muyun Sect has arrived!"

After the loud and clear sound, they saw a few Experts riding a few horses outside the venue. They rode fast and arrived in an elegant manner.

The Auras that were revealed on these people were all very powerful, especially the female leading them. She was fierce and domineering, making people only dare to look at her from afar, and not dare to get close to her.

When everyone saw this lady, they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

She was so devastatingly beautiful, an outstanding beauty.

When Shen Yih saw this woman, the corners of his mouth curled into a cold smile.

"Xue Xiaochai?"

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