Heavenly War God/C19 The Adult Ceremony Began
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Heavenly War God/C19 The Adult Ceremony Began
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C19 The Adult Ceremony Began

You can say it!

The deepest memory in this shell was Xue Xiaochai.

There was a deep grudge and hatred. There are some that are gradually fading like.

In the past, Shen Yih really liked Xue Xiaochai very much. He was captivated by her, or else he wouldn't have risked his life to go to the hundred thousand Demon Beasts and retrieve the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead.

However, based on Shen Yih's memory, he was able to deduce some of Xue Xiaochai's personality.

The other party was arrogant and indifferent. Even though Shen Yih treated Xue Xiaochai very well in the past, Xue Xiaochai couldn't see it. In her eyes, the Shen Yih in the past was just a dog. As long as she needed it, the dog would climb the mountain of blades and plunge into the sea of fire.

Shen Yih naturally had no interest in this kind of woman. Xue Xiaochai's arrival did not cause any ripple in his calm heart.

"The proud daughter of heaven, Xue Xiaochai, one of the four great heavenly beauties of Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain!"

"She actually came to the Shen Family today. I wonder who is the reason for her arrival?"

"Could it be because of Shen Yih? I heard that Shen Yih rejected Xue Xiaochai previously!"

"You are too naive. Do you really think that Xue Xiaochai will look at Shen Yih in a new light after he obtained the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead? Xue Xiaochai never intended to marry Shen Yih. She came today because of Shen Yuvyan! Shen Yuvyan's talent is very special. I heard some of the elders in my family mention it."

These discussions were endless.

Xue Xiaochai came with her hands behind her back. Just as she arrived, she saw the Shen Family's Family Head, Shen Tiannan, walking over with his hands behind his back. He smiled amiably and said, "Niece Xue has arrived. Quickly come and take a seat!"

Xue Xiaochai was still indifferent to Shen Tiannan. She only replied softly and nodded her head. Then, she was immediately invited to a VIP room in the prefecture.

When the bonfire was lit, the discussion among the crowd had yet to settle down. Soon, a few more figures appeared at the same time.

This time, the number of people who arrived was slightly higher, as if two groups of people had arrived at the same time.

"It's the people from the Spirit River Sect and Guanfu Temple who have arrived at the same time."

"Look, the proud daughter of the heavens of Spirit River Sect, Lin Yingru, and the senior monk of Guanfu Temple, Ye Pingchuan!"

Ye Pingchuan was a bald young monk. He was wearing a red monk robe. One look and one could tell that he had a noble status in the Guanfu Temple. He arrived first and said with a gentle smile, "Miss Lin usually lives in seclusion. I didn't expect you to be interested in Shen Yuvyan as well."

"The Guanfu Temple and the Muyun Sect are here for the special physique of Shen Yuvyan from the Shen Family. Unfortunately, your guess was wrong. I didn't come here for Shen Yuvyan. So, you don't have to be nervous. " Lin Yingru smiled.

Ye Pingchuan immediately heaved a sigh of relief when he heard this. However, he was not surprised. Because the Spirit River Sect was one of the three major powers. It had the least attraction to the Shen Family.

The location of the Spirit River Sect was too far away from the Shen Family. Unlike the Muyun Sect and the Guanfu Temple, it was closer to the location of the Shen Family. Therefore, at present, there was no disciple in the Shen Family who would be willing to join the Spirit River Sect.

However, he was very curious. Since Lin Yingru did not intend to bring Shen Yuvyan away, why did she make this trip?

"Could it be that there are other people or things that are interested in Miss Lin's trip to the Shen Family?" Ye Pingchuan asked curiously.

Lin Yingru smiled and said, "Brother Ye, you don't need to think about obtaining my goal."

Ye Pingchuan saw that Lin Yingru did not answer and did not have any intention to ask.

Just at this time, Shen Tiannan came to welcome them. Two groups of people entered the VIP room and sat down one after another.

Lin Yingru looked around and finally came to a private VIP room.

After taking their seats, an old servant of Spirit River Sect came forward and asked curiously, "Miss, we came to the Shen Family not for Shen Yuvyan, but for who?"

"Shen Yuvyan has a special physique, which has attracted the attention of the Muyun Sect and the Guanfu Temple. But in fact, the Spirit River Sect doesn't have a high demand for this physique. " As for who I am here for? " Lin Yingru paused for a while, but in the end, she didn't answer truthfully.

She remembered the person who used a special technique to save her that day.

She could tell that this person was very young. He should be a genius from the Shen Family. He had stayed in the Shen Family for many days, but she was still unable to determine who he was. Today, she might be able to tell something from this adulthood ceremony.

Now that all three major powers had arrived, Shen Tiannan didn't hesitate anymore. He planned to officially announce the start of the adulthood ceremony.

However, right at this moment, another group of people arrived, attracting everyone's attention.

Shen Tiannan couldn't help but feel puzzled.

Logically speaking, all the people who should have come should have arrived. Who would appear this time?

"Shen Family is really lively today." A laughter that sounded like a bell sounded. After that, a woman with an enchanting figure and a gentle voice slowly appeared.

"Who... is this?"

"Maki Yuewen!"

When Shen Yih saw this woman, he was also somewhat surprised. Indeed, he did not expect Maki Yuewen to appear here today. Using his toes to think, he knew that the reason Maki Yuewen appeared here today was mostly because of him.

"It's you, Maki Yuewen!"

Ye Pingchuan from the Guanfu Temple rushed out of the VIP room. "You still have the nerve to appear in front of our Guanfu Temple? "You lowly man!"

Maki Yuewen's expression was cold. "What? Ye Pingchuan, as long as you people from the Guanfu Temple come, you won't allow me, Maki Yuewen, to appear here? When did the Guanfu Temple manage to control so many people? Do you even care who the people from the Shen Family need?"

"You!" It was obvious that Ye Pingchuan could not win Maki Yuewen over with his words. He was forced by Maki Yuewen with a few words and had nothing to say.

"Is there any conflict between the Guanfu Temple and Maki Yuewen?" Shen Yih said in surprise.

Yang Lin, the captain of the guards, answered, "This conflict is huge. Mansion Master , you don't know much about Maki Yuewen. Maybe you don't know that she used to be very famous."

"Why is she famous?" Shen Yih was a little surprised.

He knew Maki Yuewen was not simple, but he did not expect her to be so famous even though she was the president of a small chamber of commerce.

"You also know that there are four heavenly beauties in Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, but you don't know that before the rise of these four heavenly beauties. " There is a girl who has captivated many of the young geniuses in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain. This girl is Maki Yuewen. "

Yang Lin sighed and said," Unfortunately, Maki Yuewen is a female monk of Guanfu Temple. In fact, she will never marry anyone in her life. This made many men feel sad for her. They all felt that the world was unfair. "A good girl actually became a nun."

"Why did Maki Yuewen part ways with the Guanfu Temple now?" Shen Yih did not understand.

"The reason is unknown." Yang Lin also shook his head. "About ten years ago, Xue Xiaochai and Lin Yingru were still young at that time. Maki Yuewen was suddenly sentenced to leave the Guanfu Temple and many monks from the Guanfu Temple chased after her. However, Maki Yuewen managed to escape to the Yangguan Town."

What kind of ability does Maki Yuewen have to survive the pursuit of the Guanfu Temple until now? " Shen Yih was curious.

"Maki Yuewen is a genius. She has already broken through to the Sight Stage ten years ago. No one knows what kind of cultivation she has now. Logically speaking, even if Maki Yuewen's talent was extraordinary, it shouldn't be to the extent where the Guanfu Temple couldn't do anything to her. The incredible thing was that ever since Maki Yuewen entered the Yangguan Town, the frenzied pursuit from the Guanfu Temple had disappeared.

Yang Lin shook his head and said, "But the relationship between the two parties is still in a deadlock and worsening, and it's difficult to resolve it. Every time we meet, we have to fight until our faces turn red, but we don't fight."

Shen Yih was very curious. These two parties were really interesting.

Right now, the relationship between the Guanfu Temple and Maki Yuewen couldn't exist at the same time. The most difficult one was still Shen Tiannan. Shen Tiannan couldn't afford to offend one of them, so he went to curry favor with the other. After thinking about it for a while, he had no choice but to take the initiative to step forward.

"Those who came to participate in the coming of age ceremony of the Shen Family are all guests. Miss Mu's presence here today has brought honor to our Shen Family. Miss Mu also quickly came in and sat down. Today is the adulthood ceremony of our Shen Family. I hope that both sides will give us some face during the festivities." Shen Tiannan said.

The meaning behind his words was that the adulthood ceremony was extremely important. He hoped that Maki Yuewen would not cause any trouble.

Maki Yuewen coming here today had nothing to do with the others. What she wanted was to see who the masked man that came to her chamber of commerce was.

She, Maki Yuewen, had seen all kinds of scenes, but she had never seen such an interesting person. Today, she especially came to the Shen Family. It was also because of this mysterious person.

"I didn't expect so many people to come." Shen Hong and Shen Liufeng stood together. Their eyes were filled with excitement and eagerness.

Shen Liufeng stroked his beard and said with a smile, "Today's situation is very good for you. There are so many experts here. Hong, as long as your performance isn't bad, you might be chosen by some major power."

Not only Shen Liufeng and Shen Hong, but also the geniuses of the other prefectures had made their preparations.

The Cultivation had been waiting for this day for many years.

Finally, Shen Tiannan stood up and said solemnly, "Everyone, today is the day you all become adults. After today, you will become adults. However, it is not easy to prove that you have become adults. "You will need to undergo harsh screening and assessment!"

If you can't even pass the screening test, the one who will be eliminated in the end won't be qualified to be a member of our Shen Family! "

The rules were incomparably cruel.

The result was also incomparably cruel.

It was the same every year. Every year, some people would be directly eliminated from the Shen Family.

It was precisely because of this that the Shen Family was able to stand tall in the Yangguan Town, becoming one of the major families in the Yangguan Town. This cruel rule made no genius in the Shen Family dare to relax on the Cultivation.

"Alright, let's start with the first test!"

Shen Tiannan pointed at a huge rock not far away.

There were ten of these huge rocks, and each of them was marked with a weight!

The lowest was three hundred jin, and the highest was one thousand jin!

The rules were no longer obvious.

"In these ten boulders, the person who can lift three hundred pounds can be considered to have passed the test. If they can't even lift three hundred jin, then they will be directly eliminated! " Shen Tiannan said with an expressionless face.

Everyone was very clear about the outcome of the elimination.

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