Heavenly War God/C2 Are You Calling Me Trash? Look At What I’ve Got!
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Heavenly War God/C2 Are You Calling Me Trash? Look At What I’ve Got!
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C2 Are You Calling Me Trash? Look At What I’ve Got!

When the group of Lee family's guards was met with this scene, they were at a complete loss for words. How was this possible? What in the world was going on?! Is this really true? Shen Yih’s Martial Arts Realm had actually reached the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer!

Didn’t this guy use to be the bottom tier of the Shen family?

Didn’t this guy’s ability use to be really poor? Even cultivating had proven too difficult for him!

"Shen Yih, you are really good at keeping a low profile. To everyone, you’re just some trash who can’t cultivate, but all this time, you’ve actually only been pretending!" An old guard of the Lee family shouted this out.

"Elder Han, this guy actually killed Young Master right in front of us. We must avenge his death!"

Knowing that Lee Zongyun’s death was on Shen Yih’s hands, a few of the guards held their weapons upright in their hands and charged at Shen Yih.

The old guard with the last name Han attacked with the stealthiest speed. His long blade glinted brightly underneath the dim light. The power of his attack was not bad. It was similar to the level of an Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer!

He took solid steps toward Shen Yih. There was no way to stop his attack as he aimed his swords directly at Shen Yih’s head.

Seeing the blade closing onto Shen Yih’s skull, many of the Shen family’s guards grew nervous for Shen Yih’s life. Even though Shen Yih was also at the level of an Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer, Elder Han was known as an expert amongst all the Lee family’s guards.

Elder Han had numerous experiences killing countless people before him. His strength was incredibly powerful. An ordinary young man of the same cultivation level facing him would not be able to stand three strikes from him!

However, right at that instant, they all heard a loud clanging noise in their ears.

Training his gaze on the old man, Shen Yih raised his hand, which was emitting the Golden Light, and forcefully intercepted Elder Han's blade using his bare hands!

"How could this be possible?!" Elder Han looked around himself in a daze as if he had come across something he could not wrap his mind around.

His knife was made of cold iron, making it extremely sharp. To add on to that, he had used a lot of his strength in executing that blow. Why didn’t it hit its mark?

Even as he mulled this over, he couldn't find out the reason that would explain this phenomenon, and Shen Yih did not give him the time to understand!

"Go straight to hell!"

Shen Yih whispered this.

The Golden Light glowing around Shen Yih's hands shattered the long blade just like that.

In one fluid motion, he struck out with his palm that shot out like a bolt of lightning, striking powerfully at the body of Elder Han.

"Golden Hands!"

He had harnessed the power of the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra. When the Golden Light was flowing through one's hands, the warrior could easily smash solid steel and rocks with their bare paws! The strength was incomparable!

In the face of this, Elder Han was no match for the Golden Light. After being hit with one strike, Elder Han spit out a mouthful of blood. His Aura faded, and he slumped to the ground on the spot, completely dead!

"Elder Han!"

"Young Master!"

The guards from the Shen and Lee family could only stand there with their mouths wide open.

"It took Young Master three moves to defeat an opponent at the same level as him, the enemy being none other than the captain of the guards, Elder Han!"

They could not believe their eyes!

Elder Han was now dead, and the rest of the guards did not have the courage to fight on. Who would dare advance even an inch further? Their legs and hands were both shaking and they could not stop their bodies from moving backwards away from Shen Yih.

Seeing their retreat, Shen Yih made the move to step forward.

"Shen Yih, for that you must die!" A few guards stood their ground and rushed at Shen Yih again.

Shen Yih's instincts were on high alert, moving sideways slightly and out of the way of the attack. Then, with a strike of his own, one of the guards fell to the ground in an instant and died on the spot!

They were no match in the face of the Martial Arts Realm of an Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer!

Shen Yih’s eyes were like two frosty points. One guard followed the second, then three, four, five all fell!

"I, Shen Yih, will walk my own path. The Buddha existing in my heart is me! You can’t kill people. You kill by chanting sutras. This world is not for me. I only help people leave this world of suffering. But the way I help is up to me!" Shen Yih’s voice was as chilling as ice. The Golden Light flickered and the Aura made itself known to him, its power like a towering mountain.

All of you have to die!

At that moment, silence fell!

The arrogant and despotic group of people from the Lee family had all fallen one by one!

The resentment and humiliation that had accumulated in his body slowly dissipated like smoke when he saw all their dead bodies!

"Young Master, now that you’re no longer pretending, we only have to look forward to more great things!" A few guards from the East Mansion of the Shen Family were getting emotional when they saw Shen Yih slaughter all those people from the Lee Family. The East Mansion had seen a decline since the very beginning, having been oppressed by the Shen Family's West Mansion and South Mansion the majority of the year.

As for Shen Yih, he was a complete waste of a human being. He was useless in the struggle to help the East Mansion overcome its problems. Never would they have thought that he would be the one to lead the East Mansion in their rise to starting over again!

But now things are different!

"There’s no doubt about it. Our East Mansion is no more and we have nothing to depend on anymore. Young Master, you are correct to have chosen to hide your true strength until this moment." The few guards of the East Mansion savored the taste of their words in their mouths. They believed that Shen Yih knew how to survive against the odds and treated him like a god that had just descended upon earth!

At that moment, Shen Yih turned to inspect a few of the guards’ injuries. With the help of the Golden Light, the wounds on the guards were healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. At this rate, their life-threatening injuries would be able to recover in less than half a month.

Shen Yih’s expression remained unmoved. With the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra in his arsenal, these injuries were no big deal to him!

"As long as I am still here, East Mansion will still be standing! There is no need to hide your strength or talents anymore!" Shen Yih stepped forward after having said those few words, leaving the audience with his back view.

"Let’s move forward! We’ll make our way to the Prefecture at once!"

The three remaining guards were feeling emotional as tears streamed down their faces. They saw hope for the future, hope that will take them further than they’ve ever gone before!

The journey down the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain went without a hitch.

As the few guards supported each other, they discussed animatedly amongst themselves, "I find this really strange. We originally came to the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain to undergo training. With four families and all four of the mansions from the Shen Family training at the same time, there should have been a large number of people gathered there. Where did they all go?"

"Just now, the Demonic beasts were feeling agitated, causing them to flee in all directions. It seems like they sensed that a calamity was about to happen. However, the calamity never did occur. It’s a good thing that it didn't. If those people were still around, they would've definitely attacked Young Master for the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead that he possesses!"

While the guards were talking amongst themselves, they could not help but feel very puzzled in their hearts. They had little understanding of what just happened.

Shen Yih was supporting the guards and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly at their words. He alone knew what made the Demonic Beasts stir-crazy and what caused this so-called calamity from almost happening!

Outside the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, the various families were waiting for the return of those who had entered the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain for training.

Every year, the various clans held an annual event. Each clan would send their brightest warrior to the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain to train and kill the Demonic Beasts. As for those who kill the most Demonic Beasts, their names would be on the lips of all the people and they would become the star of the various clans.

Many warriors returned one after another after such an expedition and would keep a steady body count of Demonic Beasts their young geniuses had slaughtered.

"Look here, our Wang Chengyun has killed three Third Level Opening Spirit Stage Demonic Beasts. Here’s the Beast Core as proof!"

"That’s nothing. Our Lee Tianhe has killed four Third Level Opening Spirit Stage Demonic Beasts!"

All the clans were clamoring to show off their own clan’s achievements!

It was at this moment that Shen Yih showed up with a group of guards after returning from his descent from the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain.

"The trash Shen Yih has now returned!"

"I can’t believe it! He’s still alive!"

Upon seeing Shen Yih and his guards’ return, many young men from different families could not hide their shock and they whispered this amongst themselves.

Not standing far away from them was a group of the four prefectures from the Shen Family. At least dozens of experts were standing guard around the place, and when they saw Shen Yih return all in one piece, they could not believe their eyes.

"Shen Yih, you’re back safe and sound. That’s really great." Coming out of the crowd was a middle-aged woman in a plain dress leading a young girl about thirteen or fourteen years old to meet him. She stood on the tip of her toes and said this in greeting.

When this woman made her way towards Shen Yih, she held both of his hands as tears fell one by one down her face. It was like seeing Shen Yih at this moment was a gift straight from the heavens.

"Brother, I’m glad you’re alive! This is too good to be true!" Even though the young girl was in plain clothes, she still looked very beautiful. Now that she turned her eyes onto Shen Yih, she could not wipe away her tears quick enough. Her pitiful demeanor made people right away feel sympathy for her.

They knew that there was a high probability that Shen Yih would not come down the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain alive. However, nothing they could do would’ve made Shen Yih change his mind. If Shen Yih were to really die, then it was too bad for his family.

Luckily for them, Shen Yih had come down the mountain all in one piece!

Shen Yih turned to look at the two people before him and instantly recognized them. They were Mother, Ye Baimei, and Little Sister, Shen Meng.

Shen Yih let out a light sigh. In his previous life, he was an orphan so the concept of parents and family was new to him. It was somewhat awkward for him to acknowledge these two relations standing in front of him. However, since he was now the owner of this body, it would be better he recognize them quick.

"Mother, Little Sister!" Shen Yih tried to summon up the same happiness the original owner of this body would've felt upon seeing his family. "I'm okay!"

"This kid!"

Within the group of the Shen family, an old man with freckles scattered on his face said with a serious expression, "He is still living and breathing. This East Mansion is on its last leg. Chang’er, go and announce his return to everyone!"

The young man called Shen Chang licked his lips in anticipation. After hearing the order, Shen Chang made his way up to Shen Yih and said, "Shen Yih, I have killed and obtained three Demonic Beasts and Beast Cores. What have you to show for your return from the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain?"

"Shen Chang, you know that my brother is incapable of cultivating. What are you doing showing off in front of my brother for?”"Shen Meng clenched both her hands into fists and scolded him firmly.

"Shen Meng, if you’re someone who can’t even kill a Demonic Beast or get a Beast Core after entering the Beast Mountain, then you’re trash. Since this means Shen Yih is trash, then he should be kicked out of the Shen Family. Don’t forget, this was the agreement that had bound the East Mansion and the Shen Family! If Shen Yih has trouble taking out the Beast Cores and obtaining the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead, then the East Mansion will be no more!" As Shen Chang narrowed his eyes at Shen Meng, he said all this in a low voice, a cold smile playing on his lips.

Shen Yih's hands were behind his back as he said, "Shen Chang, open your eyes and make sure you want to see the results I am about to show you."

After having said that, Shen Yih showed Shen Chang four exquisite Beast Cores that he had been hiding behind his back.

"What? It can’t be! Beast Core?!"

"Look at the Auras. I can’t believe they are at least at the fourth level of the Opening Spirit Stage!"

"There’s actually four of them! One more than what Shen Chang has! How did Shen Yih go about this?!"

When Shen Yih unveiled the four Beast Cores, Shen Meng and Ye Baimei’s mouths were left agape and they cried out in shock. They could not believe their eyes. Their Shen Yih was really capable of such a thing?!

Shen Yih held the four Beast Cores in his hand and could not help but sneer in his heart. As the Young Master of the Lee Family, Lee Zongyun would have a lot of Beast Cores in his possession. Once he killed Lee Zongyun, Lee Zongyun’s Beast Cores would be naturally his!

"Shen Chang, weren’t you competing with me in terms of who bagged the most Demonic Beasts and Beast Cores?" Shen Yih’s words fell out of his mouth one by one.

Shen Chang’s once proud expression faded from his face. Never would he have thought that Shen Yih had the ability to surpass his results. His results that he had been so excited about were outshadowed by Shen Yih without much effort. How was such trash able to get this done?!

Just as he was starting to panic, an old man with freckles on his face who was sitting in a chair not far from them shouted out loud, "Shen Yih, don’t forget the agreement that binds you and the family. If you don’t have the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead with you, you will be kicked out from the family."

If this Shen Yih is looking to lord over his achievements, let’s see what I can do to squash his spirit! The freckled old man thought.

Shen Yih turned his cold eyes to look at the old man with freckles.

The Shen Family was grouped into four mansions. Other than the Master of the Family, Masters of the Four Mansions were given great power, and they were in charge of their own house.

Shen Yih's father had died at a young age due to a dispute and his mother had to explain to him his new role after his father’s death.

Replacing his father was Shen Yih. He had become the Master of East Mansion at six years old.

West Mansion and South Mansion had chosen opposing sides against the East Mansion all year round. The freckled old man was none other than Shen Chang's father, Master Shen Liufeng of the West Mansion!

Shen Liufeng's threat didn’t have the same effect as it did before. Shen Yih's next words were very calm, "Shen Liufeng, it’s you who forced this out of me! Since you asked for it, open your eyes and see what this is!"

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