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C20 Super Genius

No one was willing to be eliminated. Being eliminated meant leaving the Shen Family!

"The elimination rules this year are pretty good compared to the previous years." Shen Hong said sarcastically, "Three years ago, if this huge rock can't lift 400 Jin, it will be eliminated. This year, it is only 300 Jin!"

"Brother Shen Hong, can you tell me? "You can practice privately. How many pounds can you lift?" A few disciples of the Shen Family came forward and said with flattering smiles.

Shen Hong said with a cold smile, then casually made a seven.

"What? Seven hundred kilograms?"

"Brother Shen Hong is indeed the number one genius in West Mansion."

"He can even lift a seven hundred Jin boulder. One should know that the strongest genius last year only lifted seven hundred Jin."

"If it wasn't for Shen Yuvyan, Brother Shen Hong would definitely be the champion this year and become the strongest genius."

Shen Hong had an ugly expression on his face. It was Shen Yuvyan again. It just so happened that this year there was a Shen Yuvyan who had surpassed him. Otherwise, he would have become a shocking existence just like his brother.

"Let's start from the West Mansion!" Shen Tiannan said slowly, "One by one, the South Mansion, the North Mansion, and finally the East Mansion!"

After saying that, Shen Tiannan glanced at Shen Yih.

Obviously, no matter how he thought about it, he felt that the East Mansion was the weakest prefecture, so he should leave it at the last moment. He didn't want to be the first one to stand out and embarrass himself.

"We, the West Mansion, will begin first." Mansion Master of the West Mansion, the North Mansion, waved his hand and said, "The few of you go up first and take the lead for Shen Hong."

A few servants quickly went up and started to show off their skills.

The young servants of each prefecture were qualified to go up first. As long as they had enough strength, they could also show themselves, obtain a high position in the Shen Family, and change their destiny.

However, these servants had limited resources. No matter how hard they worked, it would be difficult for them to obtain a high level of strength. Thus, their achievements were ultimately limited.

The first young man from the West Mansion who stood out paced back and forth in front of a few huge rocks. Finally, he arrived in front of a huge rock weighing three hundred kilograms.

"Get up!"

The young man tried his best to lift up the huge rock, but it didn't take long for him to be covered in sweat.

"You need to lift your head and hold on for three breaths of time before you pass."

The youth exerted his strength.

Finally, after three breaths of time, the youth collapsed onto the ground. Obviously, this 300kg boulder was still a bit difficult for him.

"Lee Wangnan, three hundred jin. Pass!"

Next, the few people from West Mansion tried one by one. Each of them displayed the results of their Cultivation on the three hundred Jin. Shen Liufeng was very satisfied with this result.

Because these people were all servants, it was naturally enough for them to display such a performance.

Originally, Shen Chang could also participate in this batch's adulthood ceremony. Although the weight Shen Chang could lift was not as heavy as Shen Hong's, he could still lift a four to five hundred jin boulder.

It was all because of this bastard Shen Yih.

Shen Liufeng gritted his teeth and said fiercely: "I hope that this kid won't be eliminated in the first round. When we get the second round, let Hong teach this kid a good lesson."

Speaking of Shen Hong, a few servants took action. Shen Hong also arrived in front of the huge rock.

Looking at Shen Hong's back, Shen Liufeng was very satisfied.

His eldest son and second son were both very talented, and they had given him a lot of face.

"Shen Hong has walked to the 600 jin boulder, and he hasn't stopped yet!"

"Could it be that he wants to walk up to the huge rock weighing seven hundred kilograms?"

Indeed, Shen Hong came in front of the huge rock weighing seven hundred kilograms.

Then, with a fierce grab, he lifted the 700-kilogram boulder.

Shen Hong also seemed to be struggling, but it was clearly enough to last for three breaths of time. After that, with a heavy blow, the huge rock fell to the ground, creating a huge commotion.

"Not bad!" Shen Liufeng was in a good mood when he saw Shen Hong performing normally.

Shen Tiannan was also very pleased when he saw the genius of Shen Family. He secretly observed Xue Xiaochai and the others' performance and was very curious about Xue Xiaochai's expression.

However, Xue Xiaochai didn't seem to have any change in her expression, which made him a little surprised. Could it be that even the Muyun Sect wasn't moved by Shen Hong's performance?

"Niece Xue, what do you think about Shen Hong's performance?" Shen Tiannan finally couldn't help but ask.

"It's alright." Xue Xiaochai answered very simply.

"I don't know if he can make an exception and get a chance to take the test in Muyun Sect." Shen Tiannan asked doubtfully.

Xue Xiaochai smiled coldly. "I know what you are thinking, but I advise you to give up on this idea. It is not that easy to get the qualification to take the test of Muyun Sect. " There are only two slots for the Shen Family every year. One extra slot is not allowed. "

Shen Tiannan was so scared that his forehead was covered in sweat. He was afraid that he would offend Xue Xiaochai. He thought that Shen Hong's performance was not bad, but who would have thought that Xue Xiaochai would not be interested in Shen Hong's performance?

At the same time, Lin Yingru also saw Shen Hong's performance.

The servant below said, "This Shen Hong does have some brute force."

Lin Yingru said calmly, "Brute force is not enough. Opening Spirit Stage is not the realm of Cultivation brute force. Unless Shen Hong can easily lift a thousand jin boulder, only then can he prove that he is very talented in using his strength. This way, our Spirit River Sect will have the value of taking him in. Otherwise, his ability will be far worse. "

"So that's how it is." The servant came to a sudden realization.

Shen Hong dropped the huge rock.

"Shen Hong, seven hundred jin boulder." A judge immediately shouted at the top of his voice, afraid that no one would hear him.

"700 pounds of boulder."



"Shen Hong is really talented. He will definitely become very famous in this adulthood ceremony."

Shen Hong naturally felt comfortable when he heard the comments from many people. However, what he cared about the most was the attitude of those people in the VIP room. However, he discovered that the VIP room was very quiet, which made Shen Hong feel somewhat discouraged.

Fine, after the second round, he would perform again. He didn't believe that these people in the VIP room wouldn't be moved.

Shen Hong's performance had caused quite a commotion.

After that, it was the South Mansion's turn to perform.

The South Mansion and the West Mansion were similar in strength. In terms of servants alone, their performance was equally outstanding. Apart from that, there was Shen Hong in the West Mansion and Shen Chongshan in the South Mansion.

Shen Chongshan also chose the 700-pound boulder.

"Lift it up for me!"

Although Shen Chongshan was young, his appearance was very mature. He had muscles all over his body and a rough beard all over his face. He grabbed the huge rock and lifted it over his head. He was no worse than Shen Hong.

"Shen Chongshan." Shen Hong narrowed his eyes into a slit.

He thought he was very powerful. At most, only Shen Yuvyan could beat him. He didn't expect Shen Chongshan to be as good as him.

Shen Chongshan lifted up the huge rock and landed on the ground. Three breaths of time was more than enough.

"Not bad!" Shen Tiannan was pleased to see this.

After the South Mansion ended, the most important part had arrived.

North Mansion!

Shen Tiannan placed the North Mansion before the East Mansion. After the two southwestern prefectures, the North Mansion would be the finale. This was because there was a very famous person in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain in the North Mansion, Shen Yuvyan!

The reason why all the major powers were gathered here today was because of Shen Yuvyan.

When many people heard the name 'North Mansion', they were filled with anticipation.

On the North Mansion's side, they didn't send out any servants. Instead, a handsome young man with his hands behind his back slowly stood out from the crowd.

It was enough for him to represent the North Mansion alone. In fact, everyone was looking at him. Today, he was destined to be the center of attention. He was the main character.

He was Shen Yuvyan.

Shen Yuvyan's eyes were calm, and the Aura was steady. With just a glance, one could tell that this man was young and capable.

"Did North Mansion send Shen Yuvyan out from the very beginning?"

"We only need Shen Yuvyan's help. The others were also wasting their time. They were just there to serve as a foil. The North Mansion doesn't need their servants to show their strength. "

"The North Mansion is the number one, and the Family Head Shen Tiannan is also a member of the North Mansion. I thought that the development of the two southwestern prefectures could catch up. " I never thought that the North Mansion would produce Shen Yuvyan again. This is truly despairing. "

Shen Yuvyan ignored the discussions of the others and went straight to the front of the ten giant rocks.

He didn't have any intention of stopping. He continued to walk towards the thousand jin giant rocks.

"What? He went straight to the front of the huge rocks that weighed one thousand Jin?"

"It has been more than ten years since someone from the Shen Family could lift a 1,000 Jin boulder from the adulthood ceremony."

"More than ten years? It should have been twenty years. It is said that the previous Mansion Master of the East Mansion had lifted a thousand jin boulder from the adulthood ceremony!"

Shen Yuvyan didn't even look at the huge rock. It was as if he had lifted a huge rock weighing a thousand kilograms countless times. He looked very confident.

Raising the huge rock weighing thousands of kilograms created a loud sound.

Shen Yuvyan grabbed it and lifted it over his head.

In the time of three breaths, it seemed that he was still able to handle it with ease, and it wasn't a strenuous task at all.

Seeing Shen Yuvyan's effortless manner, Shen Yih became somewhat interested.

"So that's how it is. Is it because of this special physique? No wonder all the major powers are so interested in it." Shen Yih murmured.

This Shen Yuvyan did have some talent. At least, compared to the other geniuses of Shen Family, he was very talented.

"The huge rock weighing a thousand kilograms was lifted just like that?"

"Shen Yuvyan is indeed a super genius!"

The group of people were dumbfounded. They couldn't believe their eyes. This matter had gone beyond their imagination.


Shen Meng and Ye Baimei could not help but worry.

Seven hundred jin of huge rocks and one thousand jin of huge rocks were lifted up. They were worried about Shen Yih. This year, Shen Yih was facing some geniuses. Could Shen Yih defeat them?

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