Heavenly War God/C4 A Change of Clothes for the Lord
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Heavenly War God/C4 A Change of Clothes for the Lord
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C4 A Change of Clothes for the Lord

Upon his return, Shen Yih was met with the East Mansion’s cold and deserted atmosphere.

Inside the huge East Mansion, nothing valuable was left over. It resembled a decrepit house in the countryside, both dirty and old. Aside from a few treasures passed down by the ancestors of the East Mansion that had been overlooked, the state of the prefecture was enough to reveal how much the East Mansion had fallen over the years!

However, today, the East Mansion had a lot to celebrate over. The mood within the house was even more festive than that of the New Year’s of the past.

Every single guard of the prefecture was drinking wine with flushed faces. They wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders with tears streaming down their faces!

“Old Mansion Master, be sure to watch us from the heavens.”

“Young Mansion Master has not disgraced your honor in the past!”

After learning about this, a few maids also used a handkerchief to wipe their cheeks as tears of joy ran down their faces.

To the side, Shen Meng had pulled Shen Yih to the dining table.

“Shen Yih, I’ve made you your favorite stewed goose dish!” While Ye Baimei was bringing the food over, she wiped away her tears in secret not wanting Shen Yih to see her cry even though the tears falling down her face just happened to be tears of joy. She did not know what to do other than cook his favorite dishes. But the food turned out to be even more delightful than Shen Yih’s talent.

Shen Yih no longer needed food to sustain him. He could use the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth as nourishment. However, considering this physical body, Shen Yih changed his attitude and said, “Many thanks, Mother!”

“You child, you don’t have to be so polite with me!” Ye Baimei said this as she continued to pour rice into Shen Yih’s bowl.

Shen Meng beamed her enormous eyes on her brother like she was looking at her idol. As she sat next to Shen Yih and ate, she would constantly send the most fat and tender meat to Shen Yih’s bowl.

As the only male in the Shen family of East Mansion, Shen Yih was the shining hope of their lives. In their eyes, Shen Yih should eat the meat and they only drink the soup, but they were not unhappy about this arrangement. In fact, they were more than happy to give the best portions of their meal to Shen Yih.

“Brother, you have made a lot of progress. Not only can you use magic, but you can also use Cultivation. At such a young age, you’ve reached the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer. But why didn’t you tell us any of this? Even I had no clue.” Shen Meng was pouting. She just wanted to reprimand him. However, when she brought up that Shen Yih had achieved the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer, once again happiness overwhelmed her.

“Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer, brother, you are a genius!”

In the past, when she went out to play, the others would always taunt her, saying that her brother was a no-good trash. And whenever they would do this, she would fight them, causing her to come back with a dirty body and Mother would scold her because of this.

Now, she could raise her head and chest and tell the whole world that her brother was not trash.

Shen Yih saw Shen Meng’s happy expression and then turned to see the same look on the guards and maids’ faces. It was then that it was confirmed that he was the hope in their lives.

“Mother, Little Sister. As long as I am still standing, East Mansion will rise out of the ashes as a shining new example!” Shen Yih’s voice was as firm as steel.

Try as she might to hold back her sobs, Ye Baimei’s tears would not stop falling. She had waited a long time for this moment, waiting for the day when Shen Yih would grow up and be able to shoulder the burden of the East Mansion, following in his father’s footsteps.

Initially, she had felt that the situation was hopeless. But now, she was glad she had stayed around to be able to witness the hailing of a new age for the East Mansion.

“My son has finally grown up!”

In the evening.

The atmosphere of the East Mansion had quieted down. Because wine had been overflowing from their cups, erupting from every corner was the sound of snoring guards. Only Shen Yih was awake, sitting cross-legged on the bed, still in touch with his Cultivation.

“This Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead is a good thing to have. It can even be considered the most meaningful and valuable thing that this kid left behind.” Shen Yih continued to mutter to himself, “The Demon Spiritual Treasure bead consists of a good amount of Cultivation Spiritual Qi. Although it was tainted by the demonic Qi, cultivators who lean into their ability can extract the benefits from it.”

With his awesome talents, he would have no problem extracting from these objects.

Two hours later, Shen Yih was able to break through to the Seventh Layer of Spirit Opening Stage just like that.

But he was in no hurry to continue using the Cultivation.

The sole purpose of the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead was to refine the Spirit Condensation Pill. This pill could allow him easy access to breaking through to the Sight Stage. This was the main reason why Xue Xiaochai wanted to get her hands on the Demon Spiritual Treasure Bead in the first place.

Xue Xiaochai was very ambitious and wanted to suppress the other geniuses using every means possible.

Right at this time, a subtle noise suddenly sounded in Shen Yih’s ear.

“There's someone sneaking around outside the prefecture?”

Shen Yih’s acute sense of smell could right away tell that something was amiss.

Although he could use the Soul Power Stage to observe the situation within a hundred miles, his keen sense of smell leftover from his past life was still of good use.

Shen Yih’s expression was cold. “Looks like Shen Liufeng won’t let this go. While no one’s around at night, he comes round seeking revenge.”

But Shen Yih was unfazed. He got up with the plan to secretly go and take a look around the area.

However, when he arrived outside the prefecture, instead of Shen Liufeng, he was met with the sight of a relatively weak girl. She was on the verge of collapse and it looked like she was suffering from a serious injury. She had fallen just outside the East Mansion Prefecture. It seemed like she was at death’s door.

“That’s right. Even if Shen Liufeng had the courage, openly causing trouble for the East Mansion should be the last thing on his mind.” Shen Yih muttered this to himself. Instantaneously, doubt flashed across his heart as he looked down to examine the injured girl.

“It can’t be! It’s her?”

At first, he did not pay too much attention to the girl. But when he bent down to get a closer look, the figure became more familiar and matched the appearance of a girl from his former memories.

“Lin Yingru!”

There were three big sects in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain.

These include the Muyun Sect, the Spirit River Sect, and the Guanfu Temple.

The Muyun Sect was the leading power, and the Spirit River Sect and Guanfu Temple were both evenly matched.

As for the Shen family, they were no match for these sects as only a mere clan in the Yangguan Town. Yangguan Town was only one of thousands of small towns in the area and there were countless numbers of them in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain.

In comparison, the Shen family was like a small ant in the eyes of the three major powers.

Lin Yingru was a disciple from the Spirit River Sect. And was as renowned as Xue Xiaochai from the Muyun Sect. As one of the four heavenly beauties of Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, her beauty was remarked on far and wide.

He was unsure why Lin Yingru suddenly appeared here. And he could care less whether she died here or not. However, this girl had a famous identity. If she died on his watch just like that, the East Mansion would never be able to explain themselves in front of the Spirit River Sect.

“The Shen family is no match for the three major powers. This girl can’t die here.”

While thinking this, Shen Yih made the leap and arrived in front of Lin Yingru.

To his surprise, Lin Yingru who had yet to lose consciousness spoke up right then. She said in a weak voice, “Who are you? Stay right there. I am Lin Yingru of the Spirit River Sect. Are you guys low-lifes?”

“Alright, stop this nonsense!”

Shen Yih took off his clothes so that he could cover his face properly, then spoke in a harsh tone, “You even revealed yourself in such a manner. If I had any ill will, I could’ve killed you on the spot without anyone knowing any better.”

“You!” Lin Yingru’s delicate body trembled out of fear. Her face flushed red and there was an indescribable panic rising in her voice.

This was it. She naturally knew what it was he meant.

On Shen Yih’s face was a cold smile. This Lin Yingru was just a little girl. With just the slightest provocation, he could scare her silly and her beautiful face would lose all natural coloring.

“But don’t you worry about it. I am here to save you today. After your wounds have healed, you should leave this place as soon as possible. And don’t bring any more trouble to my Shen family.” It was hard to make out Shen Yih’s expression in the dark night. The tone he used was cold and distant.

After having said that, with a wave of his sleeve, rays of golden light immediately radiated into Lin Yingru’s body.

Lin Yingru was shocked. Her injuries were so serious, it would take at least a few months for her to properly recover. Yet Shen Yih was able to treat her just like that. Never would she have expected that her injuries would heal at a speed visible to the naked eye after golden light blanketed her body.

“How could this be possible?!” Lin Yingru’s delicate body shook. Such a miraculous occurrence was making her excited.

She knew better than anyone else what it took to injure someone with her abilities. And it was very difficult for someone to treat her wounds. But it looked like this person’s means...

“Who are you?!”

Lin Yingru wanted a clearer look at Shen Yih’s face, but his clothes over his features disguised his identity.

Just as she was thinking this, with a flick of his wrist, Shen Yih had knocked Lin Yingru unconscious. But before she fainted, she tried to get a good look at Shen Yih’s eyes, wanting to recognize the look in them.

“Shen family, Shen family!”

Such a thought lingered in Lin Yingru’s mind as her consciousness drifted into blankness.

“My cultivation is still weak. The only reason I saved this girl’s life was because I was afraid of the Shen family getting into trouble. I should use this opportunity to knock her unconscious and send her far away. After the next day, this girl will wake up and slowly recover from her wounds. She should have some other understanding of what happened to her.”

With the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra under his arsenal, curing her illness and saving her would be no problem to him at all.

Soon, Shen Yih carried Lin Yingru to the foot of the mountain where he left her. Then, he quietly made his way back to the East Mansion. No one had any idea he had been out this whole time.

Early morning of the next day, in the East Mansion.

A few maids of the East Mansion rushed to Shen Yih’s room in a panic. They were muttering to themselves, “This is so bad. I overslept today and forgot to change Young Mansion Master's clothes.”

“This is all your fault. Yesterday, you made me drink with you a few glasses of strong liquor. Is that really something girls like us can drink? Even now, I have a splitting headache and the pain just won’t go away!”

“Isn’t it a good thing that the Mansion Master usually wakes up at noon? It’s not too late for us if we hurry now!”

A few maidservants hurried to push open the door, with the full intention to help Shen Yih change out of nightclothes and wash up. But when they pushed open the door, they were met with an empty room with Shen Yih nowhere in sight.

“Where could Mansion Master be?”

The few maids looked around themselves in utter confusion. When they listened more carefully, they could hear some subtle sounds coming not far away from them. It was only at this moment did they realize that Shen Yih had risen early and was cultivating outside in the courtyard.

Their eyes opened wide. Never had they seen Shen Yih in such a frenzied state before.

In their eyes, Young Mansion Master was a loser. Knowing that he could not cultivate, he would have stayed bedridden all day, already having given up on himself long ago.

And now, this Shen Yih before them was full of vigor and vitality!

It was as if he was renewed with the vitality of a rebirth!

Shen Yih stood in front of them, brimming with a charming aura.

At this very moment, Shen Yih’s fist strength was equivalent to that of the Cultivation Reincarnation Diamond Sutra.

“It’s too bad that the cultivation level in Yangguan Town is so poor. If I don’t draw enough Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, it would be hard for me to speed up the process of Cultivation,” Shen Yih was thinking this to himself.

He was still lacking in regards to Cultivation.

If he wanted to fulfill the last wish of the original owner of this body and bring the East Mansion to its glory days, he was still lacking in potential.


Because of his ability, Shen Yih could naturally sense the presence of the two maidservants very quickly. He turned his head to meet their arrival and immediately stopped what it was he was doing.

“What are you doing here?” Shen Yih lifted both his eyebrows. In an imposing manner, he said this with his hands behind his back.

The female servant taking the lead blushed and said in a timid voice, “We are here to help Young Master change out of his clothes.”

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