Heavenly War God/C5 Shen Yih Dares to Fall Asleep in Class
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Heavenly War God/C5 Shen Yih Dares to Fall Asleep in Class
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C5 Shen Yih Dares to Fall Asleep in Class

Only now did the importance of Shen Yih’s identity hit him. As the Mansion Master of the prefecture, he was the hope and future of everyone in the East Mansion!

Unfortunately, due to the cultivation experiences of his last life, he was used to a layer of formality in front of strangers. It went against his ideals and morality to have a girl not close to him help him change his clothes.

“There’s no need for your services any longer. From today and moving forward, I no longer need you to change my clothes and deliver my food,” with a flourish of his hand, Shen Yih said this straightforwardly.

Having heard his words, several of the faces of the maids standing there turned visibly pale out of fear. The female servants all knelt to the ground with their heads bent down. In a shaky voice, they said, “Mansion Master, tell us if we did anything wrong. If there’s a problem with how we’ve been serving you, I hope that Mansion Master will punish us. Otherwise Mansion Master, please don’t just reject us outright.”

Shen Yih said, “Don’t worry about it. You have served me very well, and there is nothing to complain about in regards to your services. It’s just that it’s not uncommon for the people of the Cultivation Martial Path to completely focus their energy on their cultivation, and they cannot be bothered about little things like food. It’s better if you don’t disturb me while I’m cultivating.”

After Shen Yih explained this, did the maids have a better understanding of what was going on, but at the same time, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss in their hearts.

Serving Shen Yih was one of their duties. Shen Yih’s sudden change in character made him more ambitious and even motivated him to act more like a real man. But never did they expect that Shen Yih would forbid them, the maidservants, from serving him.

However, even though they felt this was not right, the maidservants still acquiesced to his demands in the end. “Mansion Master, your cultivation is the most important thing right now. We will do our best to not disturb the Mansion Master in the future.”

After having said that, the maids all turned around and quietly left.

At the exact moment after the female servants had made their exit, Shen Yih’s eyes turned to a spot in the room and slowly said, “Come out! You have been watching from your hiding spot for a while now. It’s time for you to reveal yourself!”

“Shen Yih, to everyone’s thinking, you are only trash. It turns out that hard work and Cultivation are the true culprits. I never thought that someone at your age would have such astuteness with the full understanding of how to properly harness their abilities.” At this time, an old man with white hair slowly stood up from his spot outside the door.

Shen Yih finally got a good look at this person’s face. Memories began to flash in his mind’s eye and Shen Yih was able to put a name to the face.

This man served as a personal servant of the Shen family’s Family Head, Shen Tiannan. He went by the name Wang Zong. He had been Shen Tiannan’s servant for many years, and his strength was reputed all across the land. If Shen Yih were to have a good guess, he would say this man’s strength was most likely at the twelfth level of the Opening Spirit Stage.

At its max, an Opening Spirit Stage had a total of twelve layers!

Every time you leveled up in layers, each ascending layer was stronger than the last. After achieving the Twelfth Layer, one’s consciousness would have the ability to open up secrets to a deeper level. If one advanced beyond this step, he would be crowned a Sight Stage warrior!

As a Sight Stage warrior, one would be hailed as the most powerful fighter in all the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain realm, and his name would be respected wherever he went.

As an example, the Opening Spirit Stage was nothing in comparison.

“Uncle Zong, what are you doing here?” Shen Yih said in a voice that was neither too obsequious nor overbearing. It was a blend of both.

With his hands placed behind his back, Wang Zong’s face did not exhibit any coldness or warmth. It could be said that this was a shrewd old man.

After waiting a while, he opened his mouth and said, “Martial Master Leh is teaching a lesson today. The lesson will be about the Spirit Opening Secret Art and other related matters. I came here to formally invite you to attend.”

Shen Yih could not help but smile. In the Yangguan Town, those who were given the title of Martial Master were people who came with an outstanding background as Opening Spirit Stage warriors. With such rich experiences and strength, it was no wonder they were invited by various races to become lecturers at their lecture halls. Because of this, they enjoyed a very good reputation.

Before all of this, he didn’t have enough qualifications in order to participate in this kind of lecture. It seemed that the stunt he had pulled not too long ago had garnered the clan’s respect for his abilities.

“Remember, it is very important that you attend Martial Master Leh’s lesson in Wu Hall at this time. But Martial Master Leh is not the main matter. The main event is Lin Yingru of Spirit River Sect. For some reason, she has made her presence known at this time. The Spirit River Sect is very proud of their disciple, Lin Yingru. Just a reminder, in case you don't already know, do not cause any trouble at this time.” Knowing full well what he was capable of, Wang Zong was prompted to remind Shen Yih with an earnest expression on his face.

“Lin Yingru?”

Shen Yih could feel a splitting headache coming on.

After he saved her life, Lin Yingru didn’t obediently go running back to the Spirit River Sect. But why would she continue staying here in the Shen family? Wasn’t she afraid of another beating?

After giving this some good thought, Shen Yih finally knew what to do. With his previous inferiority still fresh in the mind of others, if he chose to ignore this chance, it would inevitably cause those around him to be suspicious, so he decided to take on this opportunity.

“I understand,” Shen Yih said out loud.

With a flick of his sleeves, Wang Zong got up and left. Having no particular thoughts on Shen Yih, to him, the Shen family was his first priority. If Shen Yih were to one day prove his worth, then perhaps only then would Wang Zong’s opinions see any change.

After Wang Zong left the room, Shen Yih did not stand idly around. After tidying his things around for a bit, he proceeded to head to the Wu Hall.

Along his way, he was met with people from all four of the prefectures.

Within the four prefectures, only the East Mansion had the least number of people. People could easily tell them apart from the others because the people of the East Mansion were the most impoverished. It was because of this that when Shen Yih was on his way to the Wu Hall he could feel a lot of disdainful eyes on him. Some of the servants in the other residences did not bother to hide their disapproving glances and would even point their fingers at Shen Yih when they happened to see him.

Because of the events that had transpired not too long ago, as Shen Yih was walking to his destination, no one bothered to hide the volume of their voices as they discussed him. The noise level was skirting on pandemonium.

“Did you hear? Shen Yih defeated Shen Liufeng and Young Master not too long ago!”

“Shen Yih has been keeping his skills under wraps all this time, biding his time for the restoration of the East Mansion. Only now is he ready to let the world know the full power of his abilities. The East Mansion will rise to see another day!”

“Hehe, do you really think Shen Yih is really capable of restoring the East Mansion? This Shen Yih is really a fool! I would be surprised if he’s still here in another ten years. Why don’t you take a look at who Shen Yih’s father has offended? Look at how that turned out. Shen Yih is sure to follow in his father’s footsteps!”

“Shen Yih is in over his head. It’s impossible for him to revive the East Mansion in this lifetime.”

“Shh, keep your voice down. What are you saying? How dare you bring up such matters?”

A few servants were discussing these things amongst themselves. At that point in time, something seemed to have occurred to them. Every one of them shut their mouths and kept quiet as if something had scared them into submission.

Shen Yih could care less what came out of their mouths. On the way to the Wu Hall, he discovered that the lesson had already started without him.

On the stage was Martial Master Leh, a burly man with a tiger’s waist. Today he wore a hunter’s leather jacket. One could see from his appearance that he was a veteran who had a lot of experiences with battles and fighting.

It was precisely because of this that a lot of people respected him enough to attend this lecture in the Wu Hall. Many genius disciples of the Shen family were here that day and were listening with rapt attention to his lecture. They took all this very seriously.

Accompanying them was no lack of top geniuses from the Shen family. Their reputations were known far and wide in the outside world. It was said that a lot of them just happened to be super-geniuses with the potential to perhaps join the Muyun Sect in the near future.

Of course, the one person who stood out among all these geniuses was a stranger in their midst.

That person happened to be none other than Lin Yingru of the Spirit River Sect.

Currently, Lin Yingru was in the audience, listening attentively to the lecture in Wu Hall. She did not know why she had bothered to come here in the first place. After all, as a genius disciple of the Spirit River Sect, it did not make sense for her to be here listening to Martial Master Leh’s lecture.

It was because of this that Martial Master Leh felt like he was an authoritative figure in the matter and taught the classroom with a domineering air.

“Look over there. It’s Shen Yih.”

Many people turned around and stared at Shen Yih’s presence in the Wu Hall.

“How could Shen Yih, that trash, be qualified to attend a lecture in Wu Hall?”

“Who invited him here?”

“I heard that not too long ago, Shen Yih beat Shen Chang in a fight. I’m afraid the family gave him permission. Hehe, it seems like Shen Yih is here to turn the tables.”

“Shen Chang is a waste of a human being. He really actually lost to Shen Yih, that good-for-nothing!”

Lin Yingru’s eyes found their way to Shen Yih’s direction because of all the discussions surrounding him. But after just a glance, she looked away, no longer interested.

In fact, she found everything being brought up in discussion today boring, whether it be the disciples of the Shen family or Martial Master Leh.

Only one thing interested her and that was the identity of the person who had saved her life yesterday.

Doubt filled Lin Yingru’s heart when she thought back to the masked man yesterday. If her memory was not wrong, the masked man was very young. He should be a young man from the Shen family.

That was why she took the opportunity to attend Martial Master Leh’s lecture today. She hoped to see the masked man among the faces of those attending the lecture.

After a while, scenes from the night before flashed before her eyes and her face turned slightly red as a result. “This person actually dared taunt me, saying that he could get rid of me on the spot.”

She also knew the other meaning of ‘do it on the spot.’

“This person exhibited miraculous methods just the other day. The Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain being such a small place, I never expected to meet such a powerful person here. I hope my search for him turns out fruitful today. At the very least, I want to thank him for saving my life!” Lin Yingru thought to herself.

“Cough cough!”

At this very moment, Martial Master Leh lightly coughed out loud twice to get everyone’s attention. Then, he turned to look at Shen Yih, expressing his displeasure at being interrupted.

Shen Yih’s notoriously bad reputation spread from the Yangguan Town to all across the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain. Everyone knew about him. Now that Shen Yih was here to listen to his lecture, this did not bother him in the slightest. However, Shen Yih had disrupted his lesson, which he naturally felt very unhappy about.

“Shen Yih, hurry and find a seat now!” Martial Master Leh could not keep his expression from being unhappy as he said this.

Shen Yih could see that Martial Master Leh was displeased. He merely shrugged his shoulders and quickly found a seat and sat down.

While sitting down Shen Yih could not help but notice the cold and murderous look lighting up Martial Master Leh’s eyes.


Shen Yih’s interest was piqued. Shen Yih turned around to meet the eyes of a young man sitting not far away, staring at him with eyes as sharp as that of knives.

“Shen Hong?”

It was then that Shen Yih thought of something.

It was known that Shen Liufeng had three sons. Out of the three, Shen Yingjie was the strongest among them and had already joined the Muyun Sect. Shen Hong was ranked second in terms of ability with Shen Chang trailing behind in third. Compared to his other brothers, Shen Chang was considered a playboy.

Shen Hong’s strength was already at the Opening Spirit Stage Eighth Layer. His awe-inspiring talents definitely had the ability to shock everyone at the adulthood ceremony coming up.

However, it was too bad.

Whether it was Shen Hong or Shen Yingjie, they were nothing next to him. He had low regard for them and did not take them seriously at all.

Martial Master Leh continued his lecture in Wu Hall.

“All of you here today are very lucky!”

With his hands perched behind his back, Martial Master Leh said, “I’m in a really good mood, so I will show everyone the Bear’s Paw that I, myself, invented. In the face of other martial skills of the various clans, this Palm Technique will prove a worthy weapon. Even if I only use a small percentage of cultivation to power this technique, it will prove a formidable foe even amongst those at the same level.”

“Bear’s Paw?”

When they heard those two words, many people’s faces lit up. The name aroused inspiration among those in the crowd.

They all knew the Bear’s Paw was the Martial Master Leh’s secret weapon.

And who was Martial Master Leh?

He was one of the most famous Martial Masters of Yangguan Town. Why else would he have been invited to the Shen family to lecture?

How could anyone not be moved by his ultimate skill?

“Watch carefully and don’t speak!”

Right then, Martial Master Leh released his palm force, and it was like a fierce bear charging at you. Its force contained a thousand jin, and the strength was extremely furious.

Although this palm strike was aimed over their heads, everyone could feel the almighty pressure as it passed over them, a force that could topple mountains and overturn seas.

Shen Yih, who was watching from below, was not impressed. He could only shake his head, uninspired by Martial Master Leh’s Palm Technique.

The demonstration no longer captivated his attention.

He found what Martial Master Leh was going over was entirely useless to him.

Rather than pay attention, he would rather close his eyes and rest. All in all, his cultivation had more practical uses.

After Martial Master Leh struck out with his palm, he retracted it and exhaled deeply. After that, he looked around for Lin Yingru, wanting to see her reaction. The person he wanted to please the most being none other than Lin Yingru.

Yet unfortunately....

No matter how loudly the people around her applauded, Lin Yingru remained unaffected by all the commotion going on around her. It looked like she did not take his Bear’s Paw seriously at all.

This made Martial Master Leh feel a bit of uncertainty in his heart. As he was feeling unhappy, he just happened to see Shen Yih with his eyes closed behind Lin Yingru as if he was fast asleep. Martial Master Leh’s face immediately became red with anger.

Someone was actually sleeping in his class? They simply had to be punished!

“Shen Yih!”

Martial Master Leh called out his name.

Shen Yih slowly peeked open his eyes and saw Martial Master Leh standing before him with an angry expression on his face. Shen Yih looked around him, confused. “Does Martial Master Leh have something he needs to say to me?”

“Haha, this Shen Yih is the same stupid fool he always was. It was not easy for him to get the invitation to come and attend Wu Hall for a lecture. Instead of repaying the favor by paying attention in class, he actually decided to spend the time there sleeping! The audacity!”

“I have long heard that Shen Yih is a good sleeper. Never would I have expected that he would dare to sleep in class. He is too brave!”

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