Heavenly War God/C6 He Proves Himself Again With an Outstanding Performance
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Heavenly War God/C6 He Proves Himself Again With an Outstanding Performance
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C6 He Proves Himself Again With an Outstanding Performance

“It looks like it’s going to be a good show. Martial Master Lih Wuji appears to be very angry.”

In essence, it was very common for people to crowd around when someone was about to make a fool out of themselves. To add to that, everyone present in that room happened to be a young man.

Shen Hong was especially paying close attention. His narrow eyes held in them a look of ridicule.

Originally, he had planned to make trouble with Shen Yih to avenge his brother but never did he expect that Shen Yih would land himself straight into troubled waters. He had greatly insulted Lih Wuji by falling asleep during his lecture in Wu Hall.

Now, he did not have to get his hands dirty. Shen Yih can do all the work himself.

Right then and there, Lih Wuji was sizing Shen Yih up and down. “Demonstrate to me you know the Bear’s Paw that I just showed you.”

Shen Yih had no idea what it was that Lih Wuji had planned.

Once in a while, there would be a student who would close their eyes to rest them for a bit during class. It was not out of the ordinary to have someone take a nap in class and Lih Wuji would not be too harsh on them. However, today it seemed like more than anything Lih Wuji was out to get Shen Yih.

Seeing this, Shen Yih became hesitant.

The more and more he waited around, the more Lih Wuji's heart radiated with anger.

Originally, he wanted to show off his Bear’s Paw to Lin Yingru, but it appeared that Lin Yingru could care less, not even bothering to grace his demonstration with a glance. This had already caused him to feel very angry. Since he had caught Shen Yih in the act of sleeping in class, he decided to use him as an outlet to release his anger.

“Is this something you’re unable to do?” Lih Wuji’s face was expressionless as he said this.

Shen Yih said in a matter-of-fact voice, “The Bear’s Paw created by Martial Master Leh is truly beyond my understanding.”

He could easily harness it, but he was afraid that the results would only hurt Lih Wuji in the end. Lih Wuji’s Bear’s Paw was lacking in strength, so he hoped that Lih Wuji would just let this go and allow everyone to just enjoy themselves.

However, he did not get the results he wanted.

“Stop with your flattery. You need to be punished for sleeping in my class. Otherwise… Following you, students will not think twice before falling asleep in my class. Shen Yih, I leave you with two choices. First, show us the Bear’s Paw. Second, leave the Wu Hall and never dare to come back again for any lecture from any Martial Master in the future!” Lih Wuji said all this in a fierce voice.

A smile teased on Shen Yih’s lips.

This smile shocked the people who had stayed around to watch the show.

Was Shen Yih delirious?

Shen Yih had no idea what was wrong with Lih Wuji. But he knew that Lih Wuji was going to use him to set an example today.

He had no interest in this nonsense class but seeing how it wasn’t easy for East Mansion to gain good press, he didn’t want to be the one who ruined things for them just like that. Initially, it hadn't been his idea to attack Lih Wuji’s reputation in this high-profile way. Then he looked down and could see that Lih Wuji was itching for a fight and realized he couldn’t be blamed for what happened next.

“Alright, since Martial Master Leh wants to see me demonstrate his so-called self-created Bear’s Paw, then I have no choice but to show you what I’m capable of,” Shen Yih said all this calmly.

“Such ridiculousness! You’re not capable!” Lih Wuji’s voice was stern as he said this.

Shen Yih’s smile on his face was faint as he said, “You don’t believe I can execute this Bear’s Paw?”

Lih Wuji naturally didn’t believe that Shen Yih could master this Bear’s Paw. This Bear’s Paw, created by him, was proven to be an unfathomable technique. Unless Shen Yih practiced this method day and night for a whole month, only then might he be able to learn it. Otherwise, it would be a miracle before he could learn it so quickly.

Even though this would be his first time using it, Shen Yih was a genius among geniuses so this Palm technique would definitely come easy to him.

“Are you so sure? Do you want to gamble on it?” Shen Yih said all this with a smile on his face.

“What bet?” As he asked this, Lih Wuji was sounding more and more confused.

At this time, Lin Yingru was hugging her shoulders as she turned to stare at Shen Yih who was not far from her.

Though she had yet to find her savior, this was proving to be a good show. She had long heard that Shen Yih was a trouble-maker. Today, she could see that that was indeed true.

Shen Yih said, “These are the rules. If I can’t use the Bear’s Paw, or if I’m not good enough, I’ll do as you said and leave the Wu Hall and never show my face here again.”

“Alright, you can show us now.” Lih Wuji waved his hand around and said, “I would like to see your skills at this time.”

Shen Yih then smiled. “Don’t worry about it.”

Lih Wuji groaned. “Anything else?”

Shen Yih then said calmly. “But what if I can use it?”

“Ridiculous, you using it?” Lih Wuji did not think Shen Yih could succeed. Not to mention that this was a very high bar for someone like Shen Yih to achieve. He needed to be able to harness the Bear’s Paw power to its fullest potential.

Shen Yih then shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and said, “Let’s make a bet. What do you have to lose? Don’t tell me Martial Master Leh is afraid. Have a little faith and gamble with me.”

“And what is it that you want?” Lih Wuji lazily asked. He was confident Shen Yih would lose to him.

Shen Yih said, “If I can really use the Bear’s Paw, then you will have to call me your master.”

“You!” Lih Wuji could contain his anger at this moment. He felt that Shen Yih was just playing around with him, but when he gave this deeper thought, it dawned on him how impossible it was for Shen Yih to have mastered his Bear’s Paw in such a short period of time, which greatly improved his confidence in his Palm Technique.

Lih Wuji said in a cold voice, “Alright, it’s a deal!”

He decided in his heart before handing over Shen Yih over to Shen Liufeng, he would torture him some more and let him know his wrath.

“A good show is about to start.”

“Shen Yih really wants to gamble with his talents. I really want to find out if he can use the Bear’s Paw or not.”

“The Bear’s Paw is a technique created by Martial Master Leh so he knows what he is talking about. It would be impossible for Shen Yih to use it.” “There are other marital skills better than this in the Yangguan Town. At the very least, it can be used even by cultivators at the Opening Spirit Stage.” “This technique has to be one of the best!”

The crowd was getting rowdy. Shen Yih then made his way to an empty part of the room.

Lih Wuji crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes two frosty points.

It was at this moment that a loud shout could be heard from Shen Yih. Then, he exerted with his palm a force like a giant bear charging at its prey. The power of that palm was also like that of a landslide. A bear’s image started to appear behind his back. A blurry shadow of a bear was brought about from this, causing everyone to stare with disbelief in their eyes.

When this palm strike impacted the air, it made a whistling noise and caused the originally mocking and laughing faces of the group of people there to reveal their astonishment and shock at this very moment.

“How could this be possible?!”

"He was exhibiting such powerful skills!"

Compared to Lih Wuji’s Bear’s Paw, Shen Yih’s Bear’s Paw outdid him considerably.

“I can’t believe my eyes!” Lin Yingru’s delicate body trembled in her seat. At that, she gave Shen Yih a long and deep look and muttered to herself, “It looks like Shen Yih is no ordinary warrior.”

Lih Wuji wasn’t looking good in her eyes.

Lih Wuji had claimed he had created the Bear’s Paw on his own, making the Palm Technique unique. But in fact, this was not the case. Many techniques existed in the world that resembled the Bear’s Paw. Lih Wuji’s self-created martial skill could not be considered original at all.

Lih Wuji could not even practice the Bear Force. This alone made her disinterested in him entirely.

However, it looks like Shen Yih had mastered both the Bear Force with the Bear’s Paw just like that.

“How could this be possible? I am the creator of this Bear’s Paw. How can you be able to harness its powers so skillfully?” Lih Wuji was at a loss for words.

The others had similar thoughts.

Lih Wuji was the creator of the Bear’s Paw.

How was Shen Yih able to master this move?

Obviously, it would be impossible for him to have just learned it right then!

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